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  • Too Tall

    Can Tabasco bat clean-up? Asking for a friend….

    Sheriff Tucker needs to conduct some OJT on the incompetent, “tame,” police officers. Beginning with “You’re fired! Give me your badge and your gun….”

    Or send in just one Texas Ranger….

  • Kafiroon

    All that thing needs is a great diesel train engine air horn as it homes in on them.

    • Vince


      • GWB


    • John M.

      I would think that one of Jo’s capabilities would be the ability to simulate a three- or five-chime railroad “whistle” at proper volume…

  • NotYetInACamp

    Nice truck.

    Very useful temporary modification.

  • JTC

    If in spite of my very strict situational awareness I find my road blocked I will try every way to back up or go around but I guaranfuckingtee you I will not be stopped and dragged out and beaten to death by these fucking criminals, and I won’t be using a cow catcher.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “One riot, one Ranger.”
    Still true? Or living off of past laurels?

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    A mega decibel air horn to accessorize that cow catcher.
    And don’t even slow down.
    Clear the path, Suzie Q comin’ through.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    With obstructions like that, and the inner city roving rioters, best bet would be to adopt a sniper’s hide, and pick these outlaws off at a distance starting with a low caliber round. Not enough to deliberately kill, but enough to make ’em say “OW!” , and possibly perform some…….shall we say……… “acupuncture”. You may have to escalate as required.

    Between Zed and Naomi, they could clear each city in about two weeks.

    • Oldarmourer

      “low caliber” might be adviseable anyway… a .22 is fairly quiet
      A lawnmower muffler or an oil filter makes it even quieter
      and at 100 yards, a half decent .22 match rifle makes a very tight group
      Most Olympic shooting is done with .22, watch biathlon sometime
      The nice thing about no flash, no noise is that you can stay still
      Not as much need to keep changing position
      .22’s have enough energy to enter a skull..not enough to get out
      Complete energy transfer to target, no waste, very ‘green’ 🙂

      • interventor

        Or, those rounds the OSS used to use in their silenced .22 rifles and pistols — hollow point filled with potassium cyanide.

      • Ill-Educated Deplorable

        I used to have fun with shooting 22 cal CB caps. The sound of the round hitting the wooden target was louder than the report of the rifle.

      • John M.

        I don’t know about small caliber or sub-sonic rounds – you’re not trying to make a “discreet” kill. I think the psychological effect of seeing someone’s head disappear in a pink mist, immediately followed by the sharp crack of a hypersonic round. would instantly convince al lot of the people in the crowd that maybe they’re in the wrong place. You target the idiot with the bullhorn that’s leading the chants. Everyone’s looking at him (her? zher?) anyway. Remember how fast the Kent State demonstrations ran out of steam?

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Something to consider if/when approaching a hostile zone; remove/cover license plates and all other identification (decals & stickers).

    • Precision270

      and / or apply conspicuous stickers that are VERY easy to remove

      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


  • Merle

    a quad .50 would clear the road…… 🙂

    • Too Tall

      I like the way you think!

    • John D. Egbert

      Would a “Chicago Piano” (quad 20mm AA weapon) be considered overkill?

  • Mike-SMO

    Is “Tame” like “Target”? Asking for a neighbor…..

    “Bright lights” are blinding. How would anyone know there were “tame” amongst the :threats”? Just saying……

  • Atweber

    A “pilot” in the vernacular of we steam engineers.

    • jdow

      Would you settle for “Cow Slicer?”

  • Calvin

    Chuck Norris…nuff said.

  • Punta Gorda

    So.. “beefarillo” is ahead? Gonna be hilarious watching it bouncing across the desert.

    Give it a shot of NOS abs it will be quite entertaining…

  • Punta Gorda

    So.. “beefarillo” is ahead? Gonna be hilarious watching it bouncing across the desert.

    Give it a shot of NOS and it will be quite entertaining…

  • Punta Gorda

    So.. “beefarillo” is ahead? Gonna be hilarious watching it bouncing across the desert.

    Give it a shot of NOS and it will be quite entertaining…

    ( couple of hundred horse power at the flick of a switch… as long as the heads don’t melt or the engine doesn’t detonate)

    • JTC

      Listen PG, I have done the double-tap several times here in the DBD peanut gallery (that’s so racist!), but I don’t recall ever doing or even know how to do, a quadra tap!

      What did you say you were doing with that NOS? 🙂

  • Sarge

    How about a air horn like from the movie “The Car”

  • shooter 2.5

    All conservative have all the answers to the riots since we already know right from wrong. Ask any conservative how to handle the miscreants and you’ll get the same answers. Mayor Wheeler begged the rioters to quit rioting because he finally came to the conclusion it was helping the Trump campaign. That revealed the true reason for the riots. They were designed to make the Trump administration look bad. Now he’s begging them to quit NOT because businesses were destroyed, lives ruined, the city economy destroyed but because it’s helping President Trump. Covid deaths in nursing homes and the ignored hospital ship was designed to make President Trump looked bad. It didn’t matter lives were lost.

  • Bill G

    Perhaps one or two protestors (or tame cops) will get tossed into Tabasco’s pasture.

  • My Way Or --->

    How about The Scoops from ‘Soylent Green’?
    Or spiked armored fuel truck from ‘Road Warrior’?
    “Tame: cops in Texas? I don’t THINK so. How about infiltrators instead, to get names and images….
    Any city official who condoned those riots and is now regretting it (see Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot – oh, the embarassment!!! – and Portland’s whiny Maire Forgettable – NYC’s Idjit de Blasio) should get no sympathy from anyone.
    Trump is giving them enough rope to hang themselves from lampposts.
    WE are about two generations away from complete chaos, including total loss of Wifi and telecom stuff. Don’t kid yourselves.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Unfortunately, there are, indeed, tame cops in a few of our larger cities, Houston, Austin and Dallas in particular. San Antonio cops were kinda tame, until the Alamo Cenotaph was vandalized, and then it was game over.

      • WayneM

        Police services tend to accurately reflect the demographics of the local population. The days of white male only cops ended in the 60s. If the local population is left-leaning, the odds of the cops being right-leaning is slim or nil.

        That’s why it’s so ironic when BLM get raging on against cops. Is there anything funnier than watching white BLM soyviet wankers raging at black cops who are likely at least partly in agreement with the politics of the SJWs?

    • JavaMan

      Forgot that waste of taxpayers salary dollars mayor in Seattle – she who was horrified when the mob showed up to protest at her house.

      They are all a bunch of nimby’s

      This summer has made me long for the days of Mayor (king) Richard J Daley the first. He might have been a ‘D’ but he’d look more ‘R’ today that most of the actual ‘R’s.

    • Pamela

      But would you want to fertilize anything with the result?

      • John

        Bacteria are the great equalizers.

  • ottersmith

    So that’s why in August here in Minnesota I’m seeing trucks with snowplow and lightbar already mounted. Peel-off temporary advertising stickers?

  • Old Codger

    Sorry folks, but while obstructing a public passageway or road is an offense under Texas law (misdemeanor) vehicular assault = assault with a deadly weapon and is a felony! 2nd degree worth 2 – 20 in the loving care of Texas Department of Corrections.

    I figured Suzy would just engage the 4-wheel drive and baha cross country to the DD.

    • JTC

      In TX as in FL your vehicle like your home is your castle. As I said above I will NOT be stopped by a mob, dragged out and beaten and I WILL use a deadly weapon to prevent it if they invade my sacred space, and if a 9mm or 30 ain’t enough to stop the zombie horde, I WILL convert my FORD to a PLOW faster than Jo can do a cow catcher. And if I get prosecuted for that? All is already lost at that point so fuck it, might have to take out a few more deserving ones.

      • Kafiroon

        Used build them things onto trucks all winter at the marina I worked at in Mpls. We bought the blades, cylinders, valve body but the installation was “whatever it takes”. We did a LOT of snowplowing too. You can do that. Your skilled.

  • Oldarmourer

    Striking an unexpected object in the road is “an unfortunate accident”
    something for an insurance company to handle 🙂

    These ‘protests’ will die down once winter approaches and the snowplows start to make their appearances…probably around Nov 4th…unless Trump wins, but then the rules of engagement will change radically so it balances

    • Punta Gorda

      Winter makes water cannons much more efficient crowd dispersal tools.

      • Punta Gorda

        You don’t even need solid stream to break up a crowd.

        • interventor

          I remember them used during winter in West Germany.

      • My Way Or --->

        Hope for a highly isolated and nasty cold front striking certain areas of the USofA, such as NYC, Portland, Seattle, Chicago.

        And put those so-called protesters on the road to Alpine, TX, willya? It gets really cold and snows down there. Easy to get lost and wander aimlessly in Big Bend Country….. 🙂

  • You know, I could imagine a scenario like this in one of the big cities, especially Austin. But in Big Bend country? It stretches credulity. But I suppose the joke requires it, so …

    • MAJ Arkay

      You’re right, Scott. They’d have to drive to Austin. Folks in El Paso can’t be bothered to riot or support a riot, normally, being they see so much nasty violence daily across the river, with bullets flying into town from said violence. Midland-Odessa is all about the oil, so not real friendly to lefties, and San Antonio folks would just as soon run over road blockers to get where they want to go (and it IS “Military City,” so the local Democrat leadership is far more careful than Austin or Houston types).

      But, hey, a good story is a good story, eh?

    • JTC

      “Have riot, will travel.”
      If they can go to Sturgis they can go to ranch country…in spite of, maybe because of, what might happen to them. Do you think the common protest thug knows what being martyred actually is?

    • My Way Or --->

      Someone should lead them down to Alpine… in the fall before the snow flies and the winds start to howl through the arroyos.

      I would not with to get lost in the Land of Big Bend country, but it would serve them right.

      Oh, and guess what: the Maire (not Mayor) of Chicago is upset because Those People (see recent looting and pillaging) got into her neighborhood and she didn’t like it. She’s all ‘testy” about it now.
      Poor thing.

      • JTC

        Delilah, that you?

    • Punta Gorda

      Not that long ago… a popular republican president was slimed by the Democrats, who ran an ex VP with a female running mate. Both promising to raise taxes. Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale and Ferraro in a massive land slide.

      • JTC

        Similar in that way yes.

        But that was Reagan. Coming behind Carter.
        Trump ain’t no Reagan. Obama ain’t no Carter. And this ain’t 1984.
        Yuge difference in dynamics.
        Mondale was a sacrifice and I don’t know what the hell Ferraro was…female you say?

        Anyway, I wish it was then again.

        • JTC

          Speaking of the days of Reagan…

          It was him that made me Republican at 26, after an earlier life of being a union member and son of one. He had a hand from Jimmah, for whom as a Southern boy I had such high hopes that were crashed on the rocks of an earlier brand of socialism, including gun control.

          And now this shit and these shits who call themselves R’s, has made me an Independent conservative Deplorable.

          I am without a party. But I am not without a cause. And my cause is not without a CEO. I am a Trumpian.

  • Pamela

    Is the the Grinder Attachment with the BBQ feature or the Flick and Toss

  • Halley

    They really really want them some deaths so they can scream “Kent State!!!” again and flood the net with Kathy Griffin-inspired decapitation pics while ramping up the riots, arson and murders. We should be very careful not to give that to them.

    • John D. Egbert

      However, if it can be instantly, conclusively proved where the fault actually lies . . .

    • GWB

      I disagree.

  • Majer

    RE: an earlier comment, The Israelis use suppressed Ruger 10-22’s to kneecap “Persons of interest” that are rioting,throwing stones at their soldiers. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    • JJ

      Of course it was a good idea. Israelis have them often, you know.

  • CaptDMO

    The Minutemen.
    Round here we have snow.
    Folks clear the roads, drives, and parking lots for a living.
    MOST have setups to remove the plow rig for summer use of the (ALWAYS) pickup truck.
    Those setups have ALL become referred to as (Trade Name) Minute Mount .
    Just sayin.

  • Greyone

    Back in the 60’s here in Texas, there were a number of pickup trucks mounted with under frame agricultural flame throwers. Saw one lit off, pretty impressive. Might be a good idea out in the country, help keep the weeds and cactus burned back.

    • GWB

      They had those in South Africa for a while. Maybe they still do.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    “Riot Grenades” are easy to make- – – – – -use a quart Mason jar filled with fish guts and minced garlic, topped off with urine, and set out in the hot sun for about a week. Open the window a bit, toss out a few, and be sure they shatter far enough away from your vehicle that you don’t have to make several trips through the car wash!

  • GWB

    One thought….
    Think of all the ‘sampling’ Jo will get to do as they plow through the imbeciles.

  • I really want to see what comes next!


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