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  • Of course Skye was too sh@t struck to get what she was sent for. Go JO!

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


    • interventor

      Baby formula,

  • Shonkin

    Baby formula.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


  • Pamela

    1 can evaporated milk. Water to total at 32 oz. 1 tablespoon Karo. Dropper of vitamins. Shake well.

    • Browncoat

      That’s some good information I need to file away somewhere.

  • Oldfart

    I don’t remember my formula but my younger sister and brother did very well on the evaporated milk, Karo, vitamins and water. We don’t have any babies around but others will, so we’re stocking those ingredients for the future.

  • Bill G

    The left’s leaders seem to want to push their agenda to the point of needing Formula .44.

    • eon

      Their “formula” is that of a schoolyard bully who relies on the teachers to punish their victim for attempting to resist.

      Without the “power structure” they affect to despise , and the willingness of their victims to abide by its legal restrictions on their (the victims’) response, to shield them from the consequences of their actions, they are vulnerable.

      This is why whenever they are in power, they seek to disarm the innocent and law-abiding.

      When they talk about “public safety” or “The Greater Good”, it’s their safety and their “Good” they are referring to- not yours.

      clear ether


      • Browncoat

        “Their “formula” is that of a schoolyard bully who relies on the teachers to punish their victim for attempting to resist.”

        Today’s society is partly a product of the ‘zero tolerance’ forced into schools by the Left. When you’re being oppressed by a ‘bully’ and you resist and fight back… you’re punished.

  • Pete231

    What, no 8×10 close-up glossies of the greasy stains on the McAdam ?

  • Paul

    “No witnesses” good answer

    • “No fatalities” bad answer.

      I am a tad disappoint we didn’t get to see bodies flying. I think we’re direly in need of such catharsis.

  • WayneM

    I wonder if getting mowed down by a truck will have any educational impact (pun intended) on the PantyFa marauders?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Maybe teach them (thex, thor, Thaz, Thop, etc) to not get their PantyFa in a bunch? HM?

    • Steveb919


    • JavaMan

      This is why, if I were president, I would veto any bill that contained more than 1 item… It’s a bill to fund the Navy? That better be all that’s in there … and no amendments for funding a study of the wild, Montana Jackalope. If you want money for that, let’s but that in it’s own bill, so it sees the light of scrutiny.

  • Alaska Paul

    JavaMan—I heartily agree. Address the issue with a bill. And go on to the next one. Riders and unrelated subject not welcome. This has been discussed for decades to no result. We have been spending uncontrolled to the effect that we are bankrupt, heading to insolvency. Well, the trajectory is set and we are coming to our Waterloo when the currency collapses.

    Like they say on the cover of the Firesign Theater album, “In The Next World, You Are On Your Own.”

    And that’s the fact, Jack.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Got PMs?
      Gold, silver, copper, lead, brass.

      • JTC

        Got FC’s? According to Pam’s link your silver and gold will be worthless without converting to FedCoin first.

        The others you mention otoh…

  • Buck

    FedCoin is the next iteration of destruction by coinage…electronic control of what you get and what you can spend it on. All controlled by The Fed.

    • Pamela

      Spread the word.


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