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  • Atweber

    Hi Chris. Can you send me an e message with your P.O. Box address. I’ve been candy stripper to my wife and her knee replacement. Missed your annual fund raiser. Still a foot stomping fan.
    Best to you and all the regulars freaks.

  • Atweber

    Ha. Make that striper. Duh.

    • PaulS

      Ha! It was just about to get interesting. 😉

  • pyrodice

    Remember Remember, the uh….
    Early bird gets the worm or something, since we don’t want to wait til the 5th.

    • J

      Remember, remember the fifth of November
      Gunpowder treason and plot
      I know no reason the gunpowder treason
      Ever should be forgot.

      Remember, remember the Third of November
      Progressive treason and plot
      I know no reason progressive treason
      Ever should be forgot.

      • eon

        Everybody remembers Guy Fawkes, the hired hand.

        Everybody somehow forgets Robert Catesby, the planner and payer.

        clear ether


        • James McEnanly

          Most people probably know Guy Fawkes from the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie. Natalie Portman seems to have this thing for guys with capes.

          • WayneM

            An interesting part about the “V for Vendetta” movie is the Wachowskis created their screenplay without input or approval of the author of the original author, Alan Moore.

            Much like “The Matrix”, the Wachowskis succeeded but not as they intended. While they wanted to push leftism and/or caution against populism, the audience got the opposite message.

            I, too, asked about Guy Fawkes Day and no-one had a straight answer.

        • Oldarmourer

          Guy Fawkes:
          The only man to ever enter Parliament with honest intentions

          • interventor

            I’ve asked my Brit friends, why do you celebrate Guy Fawkes day? Is it because the plot was thwarted, or because he nearly succeeded? Answer is usually, they’re a bit conflicted.

      • Excellent. Well written.

      • JJ

        I would expect nothing less from someone with the initial J

    • ExNuke

      Just proof that the worm should have slept in.

  • cz93x62

    No judgement.

  • Too Tall

    The lesson of Trenton and every other battle this nation has fought is that regardless of the outcome on November 4th, only the dead have seen the last of war.

    Suzy, we will never be rid of the communism virus. In your words, “sloth is an easy sell, and envy has no expiration date.”

    Which is why eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

    • WayneM

      The dead haven’t seen the last of war until they stop voting Democrat.

    • Bill G

      But, but, but, … all it will take is just a little change to human nature! And then everyone will be willing to work together for the common good, instead of themselves and their families. Yeah, right.
      “The only question now is how high a butcher’s bill will we have to pay.”
      The left wants blood in the streets. How much has to flow?

      • S'aaruuk

        If the left wants blood in the street……I’m fine with that….and let it be theirs.

      • Peregrine John

        According to historical precedent? Depends entirely on if it’s theirs. If it’s others’, quite a bit.

  • Halley

    The commievirus, unlike the more benign coronavirus, aggressively attacks brain cells, leaving its victims utterly unable – unwilling, rather – to utilize any common sense or reason remaining inside the cranium. When combined with the dreaded TDS19 virus, the victim’s brain actually leaves planet earth and commits to voting for Joe/Ho.

  • Mike-SMO

    Watch out for the Green Lights. Counter-Battery fire, and all.

    • MasterDiver

      Put some snipers on the roofs, then you can reach the “Bomb Throwers” without shooting thru the human shields.

      Zar Belk!

      • Jason

        Why would I want to avoid the human shields? It’s not like they’re hostages.

      • S'aaruuk

        See now, I like how you think, although the weapon needs to be suppressed. Sub-sonic ammo not really necessary. Surgical removal instead of indiscriminate kills. Also, when the adjacent pantifa’s see their “comrades” head turn to pink mist, being the cowards they are, will scatter like roaches when the lights are turned on.

      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

        Why hasn’t anyone gone “Rooftop Korean” yet?

  • Chezz

    Preferably, theirs.

    • Chezz

      In response to Bill G’s post.

  • Brian McLean

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. November 4th is the Wednesday after Election Day. Or were you trying to make Skye seem ignorant?

    • Chris Muir

      This is interesting-I’m the ignorant one and got it wrong, not Skye. But the toon reads better with Brian’s take, so I’m leaving it as is.

      And, Tuesday, November 3rd is vote day. Thanks, Brian!

      • Kafiroon

        “Close enough for Government work”
        I thought that covered it.
        I my young’un days, that was a statement of accuracy for some of the work we did.

        • JJ

          At 86 I use it regularly. Its just perfect for its type.

      • Browncoat

        Had a friend post a comment on Facebook reminding Democrats to vote on November 4th. FB police took note LOL

      • Nov 3rd indeed. My vote will be in a few days prior. Something tells me, in my neighborhood, there’s gonna be a helluva line on THE DAY.

      • John M.

        Haven’t you heard? So there’s no overcrowding at the polls, they’re asking Republicans to vote on the Third and Democrats to vote on the Fourth!

      • J

        Actually, I thought you planned it that way.

    • Oldarmourer

      If it goes anything like the last one, there will be no shortage of false dates and addresses of polling places being passed around…
      sometimes by the ‘news’ media

    • JSStryker

      Skye is ignorant, no need for anyone to try and make her appears so.

  • Halley

    “The virtual Democratic Convention is a literal rally in support of hate and fear. It’s an attempt to keep people angry and/or afraid, because people overwhelmed by their emotions don’t think or act rationally. And people being rational are kryptonite to the modern Democratic Party. I don’t like to use the word “evil,” though I do use it from time to time. But until a better one is invented, evil really is the perfect word.” – Derek Hunter

    “Confederacy of Dunces” might also apply..

  • All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal (Huxley). How can people be so stupid? Never-ending. If we could legislate stupidity we wouldn’t need EMS for about 50% of incidents.

    • John

      The quote is actually from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
      Orwell was a lifelong socialist, but his observations of his fellow socialists are eye opening. For instance in his work “The Road to Wigan Pier” he observes that his fellow socialists don’t love the poor, they hate the rich.
      And Hate is the key word here. Socialists are addicted to it. It feels good. And reason too often will not penetrate it because reasoning is such hard work.

      • Yep, wrong author and I’m reading the book now. Uggh.

  • Vote, people. Get off your ass and VOTE! “They” for damn sure will.

  • gduke2

    George crossed the Delaware Christmas Night; USN did it from a boat on Easter Sunday 12 April 2009. Gotta love the holidays. Guy Fawkes was a patsy. And no matter how hot Skye is, she sometimes needs a mute button.  I lose brain cells and dollar bills following her (and other strippers)

  • John

    If Jordan Peterson is any indication we may have an out.
    As he points out, the lessons taught in the Judaeo-Christian Bible solidly reflect human psychology, and Peterson is first and foremost a clinical psychologist.
    Hopefully, at some point, the cult of socialism and the nihilism that drives it will be generally recognized as the mental derangement it is.

  • Pamela

    The Left is never satisfied, nor are they happy. The emptiness of their collective souls will never be full of anything except envy. This Planet could be in total cinders and ashes by their hands and they would complain the lack of bars on their phones and that a certain woke coffee drink was not available. They are parasites.

  • Pamela

    From Ace of Spades
    Lori Lightfoot Defends Policy of Outlawing “Protests” On Her Block and Her Block Only, Stating That She (Alone) Has the Right to Be Secure In Her Home The flaming skull is rather pretty

  • NotYetInACamp

    Austin city council candidate who “lost” her race when she polled at 2 to 1 lead by 2 to 1 loss. The Texas Secretary of state had placed himself above the state law and excused or ordered all of the proof of vote, copy of votes, etc, to not be collected. Also how to reprogram the vote using the vote counting discs. Much other talk of vote changing. This does not require illegal alien voters, dead voters, multiple voters, etc. Just old fashion steal it where they aint lookin’.
    I first saw what seemed vote stealing way back when I just got out of college and volunteered as a poll watcher. You might not believe where my personal Florida election monitoring led to, and where I was and what I did. But I should write a book. Maybe not. It could be boring. That is not the attitude to have.

    Watch the votes all along the path.
    a Ark Midnight #40On free video Voter Fraud
    The woman is a scientist, physics and chemistry. A Texas A&M graduate.

    • interventor

      Besides the Mirage, this rocket could be fired from an F8 Crusader

    • JTC

      Unarmed practice piece, still potentially dangerous. Tons of that stuff around here.

  • Mikey72

    My observation every Election Day is that due to our efforts (or lack thereof), we will wake up with the government we deserve.


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