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  • Guitanguran

    Can I assume that no animals were harmed in the creation of this cartoon?

    • Chris Muir


      • Guitanguran

        Well, were they at least well prepared and tasty?

  • Killing an animal and not eating it is a waste of good meat. A person should not hunt unless he intends to eat it or feed it to the animals who serve him. The same thing applies to Planned Parenthood.

    • Just a guy

      As someone that has eaten meat from predators, I can tell you it doesnt taste all that good. People dont kill lions for meat unless they have no other alternative.

      Even hungry people will turn their nose up at that meat. Yes, people WILL voluntarily choose to starve rather than eat something that they consider unpalatable.

      • nonncom

        The trick is to trap the lion and corn feed it for about a month before you slaughter it….gets all the gaminess pout of it…./s

      • RegT

        I was told by my step-grandfather (who was in Germany during the Occupation at the end of WWII) that many Germans (and perhaps other Europeans?) refused to eat corn even when it was the only food available because it was food for livestock. It would have been like eating dog food (which a number of elderly folks here in this country have done when money was short).

        • Ming the Merciless

          Pig’s corn is not edible unless soaked in lime like the ancient aztecs did…then it was eaten with the meat off limbs tossed off the truncated pyramids…human meat…along with chili peppers and tomato sauce and beans…a meal for the Gods, apparently…500,000 people a year were thus eaten…No wonder Cortès has such an easy time conquering Tenochtitlan(Mexico City)…The Meat “cattle” revolted, each Spaniard had the help of 20,000 Central Americans….Today in Mexico, there is not one single monument in memory of the liberator from the cannibal Aztecs…Heartless and stupid Mexicans thus richly deserve all the shit they are getting!

    • Insomniac

      So you’re saying PP should be eating the babies they kill?

  • Grunt GI

    Well done. The absolute lunacy of the progressive left has never been on display more than with this damn lion bullshit.

    I mean selling baby parts. Wow. Bet Joseph Mengele would be real proud. But then again Planned Parenthood believed in eugenics as much as the Nazis.

    And, on a lighter note..luv the underboobeh….teasing but not too much.

    • Calvin

      The Nazis came to the United States to learn about the eugenics program founded by both Margaret Sanger and the Cold Spring Harbor group.

      • nonncom

        What about the underboobs?…

      • RegT

        And eugenics was practiced by the State of Maine on the Micmac indians and the mentally disabled before the Nazis started their program. The Nazis were simply much more efficient about it, developing an industry of genocide/democide.

        • Ming the Merciless

          Today’s Xi Jinping still maintain the practice of killing “dissidents”
          actually people seized at random in the street to remove and sell all their organs…the meat is dried and sold in pills as “potent vitamins”…Same as for the billions of forcibly aborted fetuses…nothing is wasted…Thus the communist party is more and more labeled as “cannibals” Explain Xi Jinping panic at the stock market collapse…the meat slaves might revolt…

          • Ming the Merciless

            Scarlet Memorial
            Tales of Cannibalism in Modern China
            This compelling book provides a meticulously documented account of officially sanctioned cannibalism in the southwestern province of Guangxi during the Cultural Revolution. Drawing on his unique access to local archives of the Chinese Communist Party and on extensive interviews with party officials, the victims’ relatives, and the murderers themselves, Zheng Yi paints a disturbing picture of official compliance in the systematic killing and cannibalization of individuals in the name of political revolution and class struggle. The treasure-trove of evidence Zheng Yi has unearthed offers unprecedented insights into the way the internecine, factional struggles of the Cultural Revolution reached a horrifying level of insanity and frenzy among the ethnic Zhuang people of Guangxi. Profoundly moving, acutely observed, and unflinchingly graphic, Scarlet Memorial is a shining example of a genre of investigative reporting that courageously and independently records obscure and officially censored historical events, revealing hidden dimensions of modern Chinese history and politics.

  • formwiz

    Does that include the baby?

  • John M

    Naomi’s not playing with her food, she’s messing with Skye’s head! Gotta love it!

    Hell of a thing – I’m almost 69, and been all over the world, but I’d never heard of a Tourtière until today. I guess I should start paying more attention to our Northern neighbors rather than all those folks across the oceans… the description of them on Bingsounds marvelous…

    • RegT

      Being of French Canadian stock, toutiere (not tourtiere, although some spell it that way, too) was as common as turkey, especially since we made those meat pies every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My older sister still makes them for those holidays which are spent with family and friends. Our version is made with ground beef, ground pork, mashed potatoes and spices.

      • RegT

        I stand corrected. My family always spelled it “toutiere”, and there are many recipes on the ‘Net spelled that way, but running a “translation” check on a couple of sites, it appears that “tourtiere” – which means a pie dish or pie plate – is indeed the proper spelling. I guess not all French-Canadians (peasant stock at least 😉 could spell.

        • Ming the Merciless

          There used to be billions of “Tourtes”, a sort of colorful dove, of very aerodynamic built…it succumbed to a determined extermination campaign by farmers of the eastern coast…last bird died in 1914…
          Also the deforestation killed them too, as farmers had almost made the east a desert(until most farmers migrated west, then forests re-grew), but them the “Tourtes voyageuses”, “Passenger Pigeons” had perished…
          The flocks were so numerous as turning day into night…and they are all gone

    • bill

      Tastes like chicken?

    • John M

      Yeah – the heck of it is, my paternal grandfather was from Newfoundland, and even today I have cousins that live in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and I’ve never heard of one before!

      • Iconoclast

        I’ve Canadian connections as well, John. Spend as much vaca time as I can in the Atlantic Provinces. And have been low level gourmand for much of my life. Never heard the term before, either. Then again, it’s out of PQ, which could explain why the term is alien to our Anglophone ears.

    • Bad Cyborg

      When I first read the strip, at first I thought that “tourtière” was a word Chris had made up as a play on both “steak tartare” and “torture” (since what the abortionists do to the unborn would be a horribly torturous process). I’m 64 and, like John, had never heard of Tourtière. Being a life long southerner with no Canuck connections, I suppose it is understandable. Anyhow, I googled it and found the wiki article. At first it sounded like a pot pie (which my wife uses to take care of leftover roast or turkey) but then I read about the cinnamon and cloves and the maple syrup on it. Not sure about a sweet meat dish …

      • bill

        You’ve never had mincemeat pie?

  • Blue Quasar

    Outstanding strip for today.

    We do seem to have inverted our moral priorities.

    • billf

      I second Quasar’s opinion;excellent strip,Chris.
      I can’t believe the misplaced (fake) outrage over one guy killing one lion.How many abortions were performed that day?All the innocent people murdered by illegal immigrants,or muslim terrorists,or generic bad guys around the world,and whining progs have the gall to weep over one dead animal.I agree it wasn’t the most sporting thing to do.So what? How was your burger for lunch?That wasn’t killed by fair chase either.I’ll bet a lion died today,too.But people didn’t hear about it because some naïve dumbass didn’t take it’s picture and give it a name.
      Let’s worry about crimes against humans before we worry so much about animals.And lets worry more about the mess,both morally and financially we’re leaving for the next generation before we worry about ruining the dentist’s life.

  • This lion thing made me remember the random question blogger posed when I did my profile on there years ago…

    “Lionesses have no mane; how do they know when they’re grown up?”

    It happens that I had watched a Nature episode not too long before that, wherein the Cecils and the Leos lazed in the shade until the girls dragged in the meal on which the boys got first dibs.

    So I answered…

    “Boyfriend growls, Babe I’m starving, grab me a zebra and a beer willya?”

    Heh. Lotta truth in the animal world.

    • interventor

      Male lions preserve the hunting territory from rival prides.

      • No shit, Bwana. Get some humor.

    • RegT

      Also, I’ve read that if a male takes a female for a mate that already has cubs, he kills the cubs. Supposedly an instinctual response toward improving the gene pool. The progs probably don’t care – it’s simply post-partum abortion, which they approve of anyway.

      • Ming the Merciless

        The females of the lion pride do the actual hunting, but they too can be prey to packs of FEMALE hyenas…females versus females…and the female hyenas are the nastiest creatures there is. They even grow bigger penises than their males!
        However, the male lion have huge canines and they will massacre the hyenas in seconds by busting their brain case with their canines…They move so fast than the eye cant see!

  • Sorry for that little tangent.

    But as to Cecil, it’s no different than everything else about the “progressive” mind, it’s really all about them.

    The projections they spew about that poor noble beast, or those gays just wanting to love, or the poor downtrodden minorities…it’s how they feel good about themselves and tell themselves how good and caring and empathetic they are.

    But hey, if a baby has to have its brain sucked out with a tube, that’s just Woman asserting her right to her own body, and if some of those sucked out cells can further the “life” that they lead, well that’s awesome, because, after all…it’s really all about them.

  • capn

    The whole “Big Game Hunter” meme is about ego stoking.
    There used to be a day when the big game hunters only hunted the animals the locals needed for their sustenance.
    When there would be a rogue lion who, for whatever reason, had turned to hunting humans then the lion became the target.
    Since about 1900 the whole schtick is about “proving one’s bravery” or idiocy in the most public way.

    I heard today that the Dentist who offed Cecil is now whining about losing most of his clientel at his dental office. Act surprized.

    To take a full grown African Lion Boar with a bow is a feat of bravery IF THE LION INVOLVED ISN’T A NEAR PET OF THE LOCAL HUMAN COMMUNITY.
    Sheesh didn’t he even ask about the permits and fees and such?
    He claims to be the victim of an unscrupulous guide service who lured Cecil out of the Preserve where he normally lived.

    Ego Stroking pure and simple. Disgusting. And Now he wants sympathy for his business. Yeah, Right.

    • True, capn. Killing big game for fun? Not much fun now, eh?

      But, the point of the ‘toon is misplaced priorities, and the tendency of progs to pretend to champion the defenseless in order to spotlight themselves.

      Reminds of the dipweed that went to observe and commune with Alaskan brown bears, filming himself emulating their fishing and behaviors until he said they had accepted him as one of their own.

      Then they ate his dumb ass. Poetic.

        • Thanks for digging up that link, sgc. Fascinating read and maybe the only factual synopsis. I had forgotten a lot of those details, including that the dipweed had dragged his girlfriend into his insanity and got her dumb ass eaten too.

  • interventor

    Killing Cecil violated the fair chase rule. A lion, rather used to humans, was lured with bait off the game reservation, wounded with a crossbow quarrel, stalked for 2 days and finished off with a rifle. Legal big game fees pay for wildlife preservation in poor countries. Safaris discourage poachers by their presence.

  • interventor

    President (for life) Mugabe has a lion killed and stuffed for his birthday. Then dined on baby elephant. Dimocrats, he ate Dumbo..

  • Iconoclast

    The lion, at least, had some congenital means to protect himself & had some small chance to get in a few licks. Regardless of one’s position on abortion, it’s clear the organism killed by an abortionist has no means to speak or act on its own behalf. Therein lies the difference the Perpetually Self-Righteous cannot comprehend.

  • Allan E.

    Progs could care less about all the children in Africa who are starving, or the ones who are being killed by Islamic Terrorists. Not trendy enough, I guess.

  • Such a terrible tragedy for the PP information. 56 million babies aborted, chopped up and sold for scrap since Roe v Wade.
    Margaret Sanger has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. 60%= of all black babies in NYC are aborted…
    So much for #BlackLivesMatter…

    • Bad Cyborg

      I ran the numbers from the report produced by the NYC Department of Health and Hygiene for 2012 (the latest year published) and it was actually 52.6%. That’s still more than the total of live births and miscarriages combined. Combining miscarriages with abortions yields the startling fact that in NYC a black baby, once conceived is 40% more likely to die in the womb than to be born. A whopping 70% of black babies die before they draw a breath.

      But “Black Lives Matter”. Doesn’t look like it from where I sit.

  • Calvin

    Growing up in the country we had some “wild” animals for pets. Bimbo the deer, Jimmie the coyote, and Robbie raccoon. There is something wrong with a hunter going up to a “pet” deer and cutting it’s throat and feeling proud of his kill. Same thing for stalking an injured lion (or any other animal) for two days. If you can’t do it right the first time then take up sky diving.

    • ExNuke

      Wounding an animal and abandoning it in the bush is pretty bogus.

      • Faeroe

        ExNuke has the truth of it. Leaving a wounded animal to suffer is shameful and, perhaps, illegal.

  • Just a guy

    I think the real relevant issue is that this Lion wasnt a “pet” its was tagged and being monitored.
    I read an article yesterday where they were trying to get quotes of outrage from the loacals (not attached to the park or the research project) and no one even knew or cared about the lion.

    This whole lot of noise is a “First world problem”, most of the locals are far more concerned with not being killed, raped or starving because of the actions of other HUMANS. They dont understand why people are outraged about a lion but not about those issues.

  • How far we’ve fallen when too many focus on Cecil the lion instead of Cecile the president of Planned Parenthood.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Excellent strip. Excellent points in it and the comments.

    Some friends liked my suggestion for those seeking the Thrill of The Hunt. There is other game that needs management, or predators that are killing the villagers, so to speak.
    Provide Hunting licenses for Boko Harom and such. There the game will attempt to hunt the hunter and kill the hunter. A legitimate challenge is presented to kill the ultimate predator itself. All while doing the world and the local communities a service.
    No bag limit and bonuses for confirmed kills.
    No Tourtiere.

    The ultimate type of hunt. Better than an acclimated lion. I saw part of two of the videos on that pride. People do get attached to those almost anthropomorphic presentations. It also shows what most of the world will do for money. Anything. Those guides wanted the cash. Most social constraints, especially Western ones, are meaningless over most of the world.

  • And finally a recipe for the now world famous Tourtiere, Canadian Meat Pie.
    Sounds delicious.
    I think we will have to have a Day by Day party once we get rid of these stupid libs and eat Tourtiere made with Texas wild hogs, pork and beefsteaks, wild animals and even lion steaks.
    And we will also have a gallows built for the first idiot that asks where the tofu is…

  • Bill G

    “Stop playing with your food” may indicate Naomi doesn’t consider Skye as having any use other than as a few servings of long pig. Well done, sir.
    I’ve been wondering if the left’s need to ignore these films is based on all the discussion of parts. The common talking point for the left concerns ‘a few undifferentiated cells’, or some such phrase.
    And now here is actual talk from PP about hearts, lungs and other organs; a small mass of cells is not what is being aborted.

  • Calvin

    Stop playing with your food…more like a cat with a mouse. Naomi is going to figuratively gut the leetle sister at some point and there is little that Skye can do about it.

  • The question though is would it be kosher

    • Pete in NC

      Given what Skye has been up to, and with whom, Definitely NOT Kosher!

      • John M

        Skye, the Baby Tourtière, or Naomi’s cooking in general?

        • Pete in NC

          Well, Skye anyway. I wasn’t considering the other two.

  • Pamela

    All of those souls rejected, ripped apart for fun and profit because they are deemed inconvenient at this time. And the left is outraged they got caught.
    Ah Cecil, your genetic code was passed on to future generations unlike those bits and pieces of little humans. Bits and pieces chipped away from the foundation of this nation.

  • eon

    What’s gotten lost in all the hoohaw over the lion is that the hunter (dentist) was on a guided hunt with government-licensed “professional hunters”. Who were local, supposedly knew the area, and still guided him into taking down a government-tagged animal on a nature preserve that was supposedly off limits to hunting.

    The fault lies with the guides, not the client. And the government that licensed them to begin with.

    Of course, this is Zimbabwe. So it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. Screwing up, and then blaming everybody else, is an old story with the government there.

    The best solution would be for tourists, etc., to simply not spend money in the country. Which would probably deprive the economy there of about the only actual source of hard currency it has left after a generation of “enlightened” socialist rule by Comrade Mugabe and his clique’.

    clear ether


  • Neil Frandsen

    Heh. This Albertan has been surveying for Geophysical Companys along the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, and in NE British Columbia. Grizzly Bear country, where a fellow Surveyor had his Rodman’s scalp lifted by an hungry Grizzly. The youngster survived, and the Doctors used leeches to keep the swelling doen, on his reattached scalp.
    My 2 Catskinners, another time, told the tale of the previous winter on the frozen ice of the Mackenzie Delta, where they used their power-shift D6 and D7 to chase down a Polar Bear, who was slowed by his Cook’s Helper prey. Bear tried to get 2 catskinners for dessert, but Cats were too nimble, the D6 managed to clip Bear with corner of blade, D7 drove on top, and did a power-spin on top of Bear. Eskimo Hunters, on-site as Polar Bear killers, teased Catskinners about _ruining_ the polar bear’s hide…
    I either carried a Helicopter Pilot’s survival rifle (once, and I doubted that a Savage over and under’s .410 slug, or .22 Horner bullet, would do more than annoy a Polar Bear), or had an experienced Eskimo Hunter hired to guard me and my Survey Crew.
    I suspect that the outraged confused wool would pee themselves, at the idea of hunting a Lion using a Bow & Arrow. Yup, not a crossbow & bolt, but an Human-powered Bow, sending an human-aimed Arrow, at a skilled predator. Altho the Hippo holds the record as the top human-killer in Africa, much better than the land-limited Lion, or the land and water based crocodile…

  • B Woodman

    Two radio hosts subbing for Glenn Beck have come up with a new term: juxtiprogressive. This is a perfect example; boo-hoo’ing over Cecil the lion (even the South Africans are saying, “who?”), yet excusing Planned Parenthood over the abortions and selling of unborn body parts. Libtards boo-hoo’ing over the killing of a 13 y.o. lion, yet those same Libtards wanting to kill (draw, quarter, hang, etc) the hunter THAT WAS LED TO THAT LION BY HIS HIRED GUIDES.

    And good for Naomi for upsetting Skye’s stomach. I was ROFLMFAO. I like to think, in the third panel, off panel, that Skye’s in the bathroom hukking her guts out.

    Yes, that’s the very definition of a Libtard; the ability to hold two diametrically opposed viewpoints without having a synaptic meltdown (hence, the new term, juxtiprogressive). Example: Pro, Planned Parenthood abortions, yet anti death sentence for duly tried and convicted murderers.

    • steveb919

      Your last sentence says it all B Woodman.

    • I like their term, though it would more correctly be “juxtaprogressive”.

      And as I’ve mentioned above, the worst part isn’t that their priorities are so skewed, but that the whole SJW thing is more a way to bring attention to themselves so that others will say “what a good boy you are” than any real empathy for animals, gays, blacks, etc. etc.

      Which is how they are so blind to the juxtaposed issues re: lion v. baby. Only those things that get the attention and outrage of the prog crowd is of import to them; they adopt the agenda of newsies, celebs, pols (the Zero is looking into the lion thing too. Why? Because his peeps are outraged) because they so adore them, and because they so want to be them.

      Brainless, soulless sheeple. And they are the electorate. We are fucked so bad.

      • B Woodman

        My fault. JuxtAprogressive it is. Thanks for the spelling correction.

    • John Greer

      So what you are saying is that the progs don’t even have enough brains to suffer Cognitive dissonance?

      • B Woodman


  • JIMV

    I swear these cartoons are politically more spot-on every day, though the cast remains overdressed, sadly.

    • Chris Muir


  • B Woodman

    Don’t ever, NEVER, fuck with a chef in their own kitchen. They know where all the knives are hidden. Especially one with Israeli Mossad training.

    • Pamela

      Need to watch the Chef’s hands if the knives aren’t used. The “Here let me get that kink out of your neck” can leave you breathless….

    • John M

      I forget the story line… is Naomi ex-Mossad, or ex-IDF sniper and that’s how Zed met her?

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    The snake has one deadly line to use; it is to endlessly, boringly, uncreatively, repeat his opening line to mankind “Yea, has God said…?”

    Indeed, God has said.
    Give the snake HIS due- your deaf ears.

    Lion? What LION? Oh, a lion. Boo-hoo.

    A crunch, preCISELY here, and Voila! just the little body part our (profitable) paying customer is waiting for. Thanks little feller! You can stop screaming now. Oh, and YES! Your little black life did matter, to us, panned parenthood, to our bottom line, life’s over for you now, ka-ching!

  • Leon

    If the Left was not desperate for distraction because of the investigative videos that reveal Planned Parenthood as monsters, we would never have heard of the lion. The licensed guides on that “hunt” of course have a lot to explain.

  • Spin Drift

    I just got a solicitation for a South African Safari, the price fell from $9,200 to $2,000. An 8 day guided hunt you only have to pay trophy fees. I love a truly free market. The thing is that the locals will now have a very difficult time, no guide fees, no trophy fees, no wages for the staff, no protein. The SJW’s just f’d a bunch of African Africans.

    Spin Drift

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    The SJW, one would think, don’t care one whit about the things that they carry on about. They are all just tools of distractive destruction used against their mortal enemy, human liberty & freedom- in every place on earth where they are found. It’s just that the USA is the big prize and has been under domestic and foreign attack since about, oh, July 4, 1776.

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