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  • Greg B

    Ya know, I’ve not figured out how those little magnets can keep those under control.
    Voodoo Magic?

    • And, yes. Voodoo.

  • Yep. I see the theoretic comparison. Sort of. The CCCP realized that the capitalist thing actually worked.

    • Bill G

      As a service member, and especially as a pilot, Anatoly basically HAD to join the party to get where he was and to have any chance of advancement.
      Many ‘Nazis’ and ‘Communists’ had no interest in their national delusion but had membership in the party for the advantages it brought.
      This included some insurance against being declared an enemy of the state.

      • nonncom

        Best example of that was Von Braun….all he wanted to do was build rockets….he didn’t care what ideology provided the opportunity, which was a shortcoming in itself….lack of integrity….so what if the evil empire killed millions…

        • That empire may have killed millions, but the American empire has murdered 55 million human babies. Some of those millions could have and did defend themselves. When was the last time you saw a baby delivered with an M1911 in his/her hand.

      • SteveInCO

        How fast time flies.

        The USSR/CCCP collapsed 24 years ago. Unless Toly is lot older than he looks, he never had to join any communist party.

        • Chris Muir

          They age 1 year for every 5 of mine.

  • And they came to the conclusion about capitalism by the fact that all the shit you couldn’t get in the government lines could be had on the “black market”, i.e., capitalism.

    • I heard somewhere that when the Berlin Wall fell women of East Berlin discovered that women of West Berlin had never had to stand in line for hours to buy cotton wool and ribbon so they could make their own sanitary pads, as the East German women were still doing.
      Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

  • Bill G

    Yes, at present we are a Constitutional Representative Republic only in theory.

    • nonncom

      We are a democratic republic in the fact that we can only vote for the choices we are given, hand picked for us by the elite higher ups….in a way, the Republicans are flying in the face of that by giving us more choices…. in school in the 50’s and 60’s, that was what we were taught that they did in the socialist democracies, limit the choices to who the elitists in the party wanted….the closest thing to having a common man be a choice right now is Dr. Carson, a quiet, soft spoken, honest man who doesn’t stand a chance because of the media, IMMHO….

      • Actually, the number of hats in the ‘pub ring right now has no bearing on the number of choices that we will actually have, and yes, the elite of that party and the grunts in the other one (media etc.) will hand pick the ones that make it through their gauntlet. Might not be the same methods of the *other* socialist democracies, but that’s how it’s worked for quite some time now in this one. As your last line states, any actual threats to the above factions don’t stand a chance…and as a result, neither do we.

        • Bad Cyborg

          ” the grunts in the other one (media etc.) will hand pick the ones that make it through their gauntlet. “

          I disagree. I don’t believe the grunts pick the Dhimmicrat candidate. Grunts don’t decide, they do what they’re told. As for the difference between the US and other nations, our elites just make a show of doing things “democratically”. The media have nudged the electorate along to ensure that the elites’ choices are nominated for BOTH parties for some time now.

          • You misunderstand…it’s the pub nominee we were discussing; the dim nominee is preordained.

            My definition of dim grunts is the media and other minions who definitely do play a major role, in collusion with the wingtip faction of the pubs, in deciding the nominee(s) for the disloyal opposition, just as they have for at least the last few cycles. The rest of your comment reinforces exactly that fact.

  • Doc Epador

    Meybe we’re relegated to a re:Public for now. sigh.

  • Pamela

    Being on the wrong side of the Lefts Technicalities can get you killed

  • B Woodman

    Weiner? Support Israel? I thought he only support statism (Socialism, Dhimmicrat, communism).

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