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  • Oo-f&cking-RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Awwwwwww……… I loves a love story with a happy ending. Especially a snarky happy ending.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Way past time to re-impliment some old voting requirements. Don’t care about male/female. BUT……….in order to vote, you must show some “skin” in the game. Be a citizen, verifiable. (Co)Own a home, property or a business (with a bank). Be in the military, or show honorable release. Paying taxes. NOT be on welfare. NOT be (only) a student.
    I think that would take care of the blue/purple/red problem.

    • kadaka

      So old retired people who rent or live with family, who may even qualify for food stamps, and aren’t paying taxes, don’t get to vote. Especially if they take some college classes.

      Don’t trust anyone under 50,

      • Norm

        Did you miss the “be a citizen” part?

        • kadaka

          That was a primary requirement, then came additional requirements or disqualifications.

  • 15Fixer

    Suzy is on our side now??? What about the FBIncompetence raid on Zed and Jo?

    • TomZ.

      It was a set up that she was in on.

  • John M.

    Is that a couple of the dawgs in the last frame? They’re at the Double D?

    • Oh yes. The dawgs are primary security at the Double D.

  • interventor

    Two tours in Nam, saw a lot of good looking ladies, Tucker, you’ve got a good one, there.

  • Calvin

    I believe that Suzy was actually Jo.

    • Suzy and Travis are zed’s fbi moles.

      • cz93x62

        OK–things make more sense now. Thank you.

  • WayneM

    Nice to see Travis & Suzy finding some joy… It’s a beautiful thang…

  • Bill G

    Love it; especially the finale. Wasn’t it General Sherman who said that if he owned Hell and Texas he would rent out Texas and live in Hell?

    • Old Codger

      If he did say that then he hadn’t seen East Texas around Nacogdoches. Or the area around Gonzales. Or a whole lot of other places. Sure, there are parts of Texas that have aptly been described as “miles and miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles and miles” but there are also places like Palmetto State Park where the Creator goes when He wants to get away from heaven for a while.

      • Brad

        Too many people that ain’t Texan don’t comprehend just how massive and varied Texas is. They come from places that have two, maybe three types of terrain. Most every state but Texas, Alaska and Kalifornia has only ONE type of climate and many have only ONE type of weather across their whole state at any given moment. In Texas it can be 100 degrees in Houston while it’s below freezing in the high plains. The hill country or north Texas may be suffering drought conditions while east Texas is having a record wet year. El Paso is closer to San Diego than it is to Houston. Pretty much no matter what no matter what terrain or climate you favor, some place in Texas can be a paradise for ya.

    • John

      It was Gen. Phil Sheridan, a cavalryman of the same era.

  • Too Tall

    So much history, so much truth, and a great ending!

  • GWB

    She’s ridin’ bareback. Nice.

    • Brad

      At first glance I thought maybe she wuz ridin’ barefront too. 😀

  • CaptDMO

    Can GO to hell ‘cus we’re stayin’ in Texas?
    CLEARLY he’s never done any roofing around Houston in Summer.
    Grown men opting out of beer in favor of that gallon jug of cheep cold lime-aide!
    OTOH, of the few folks I met in Houston that were actually FROM Texas, they seemed to agree…Houston ain’t Texas.
    (35 years ago-Damn good Vietnamese BBQ though!)

    • gafling

      “Houston ain’t Texas” …

      Many folks that I know refer to Houston as ‘Washington DC on the Brazos’ … the implication being the majority percentage of very high melanin population resembles the racial blend of DC on the Potomac.

  • NotYetInACamp

    That Alamo shindig set up the big shindigs later.

    Love is all.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Magyar, an ancient tribe and culture, are all for you, Travis. Win.
    We used to be in Asia/Europe. The tribe moved into Europe in 900.
    Magyar: Fighting to defend Europe ever since after they stopped plundering it.
    (There are beautiful women everywhere that should live in peace and love rather than the globalists’ planned hellholes and slavery of various types. The Chinese have been using the IMF, World Bank, Banksters, and others methods as described in the classic book The Economic Hitman. )
    I thank my mother for her values that she taught me which the Magyar share.

    (*The Mexicans in Texas supported the separation of Texas from the ultra corrupt governments that run Mexico. Mexican governments for well over 150 years have desired to take a large part of the USA for their corrupt government’s use, rather than the use of many in our corrupt government. Harry Reid was selling deals. We know of many of Hillary’s corrupt deals. )

  • kadaka

    DNC Chair Tom Perez to Speak at ‘Is Texas Turning Purple?’ Election Panel Co-Sponsored by the Mexican Govt
    by Kristinn Taylor March 5, 2019

    Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is scheduled to appear this Friday at a Texas election panel in Austin, Texas co-sponsored by the Mexican government.

    The panel titled, Post-Midterms: Is Texas Turning Purple?, is co-sponsored by CasaMexico, a promotional group set up the Mexican government for the annual SXSW festival, as well as the Mexican Consul General in Austin. Perez described the discussion as a talk “about Democrats winning in the Lone Star State.”

    • NotYetInACamp

      BNC Chair Tom Perez is legally a Mexican citizen, by all that I have read or heard. So, it is withing logic that the country that his parents had allegiance to when he was born would sponsor the event in the land they would love to do a reconquista on. What was that San Diego Plan? Or was it the Plan of 1916? or thereabouts? So many public statements of ownership of much of the USA by Mexican government people and taught in Mexican schools.

      And Democrats are now the party committed to the destruction and conquest of the USA. Fundamentally change the USA. It is not the party of JFK. No way. No how.

  • Bill

    Damn right, we are even if we’re overrun.

  • Browncoat

    Austin is ‘DC on the Brazos’ but because of the urban skew of things, Houston is a close second. Hell… even Billy Gibbons came out as a ‘Beto’ O’Rourke supporter against Ted Cruz. Willie Nelson didn’t surprise me but, ZZ Top? How disappointing…

    • Bill

      Austin is situated on the Colorado River. Just sayin. And thankfully I totally missed Sandy Cortez’s appearance at SXSW.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Without capitalism there would be no profits, errrr, pardon, surpluses for the steally yoursey lefties to take from those who produce, and then give to those who don’t produce on the basis that they have convincing themselves that these people they give to need care that they want to give to feel better about themselves giving and that the steally weelies can steal that money from the evil hoarding producers. Then the producers money runs out, even after a Wiemar Republic, Zimbabwe, Argentinian or Venezuelan massive printing of that valuable money.

          Like, WOW!

  • JTC

    In the context of that last panel, Texas=America. We’re staying.

    If like the Alamo that means a fight to the death, so be it…

    We will die with honor intact.

    • kadaka

      If that’s the case then this could help. Could be useful some day.

      Don’t forget to ask your kid where the camera lenses are on that Macbook Air so you know where to put the small pieces of electrical tape, unless you want the feds or whomever to see where you are whenever they want.

      • interventor

        Lake City Army Ammunition Plant — contractor operated.

      • JTC

        @kadaka, just linked that for you the other day, didn’t I? 3/6 10:13.

        Fibbies and/or other sickos will be mightily disappointed when/if they check in on me, but whatever floats their boats. But yeah even gates does the high-tech tape thing I hear.

        • kadaka

          Nope! That was the 55gr, and they still got that deal too. This is the 62gr as is more proper for 1:7 current mil-spec barrels.

          Use electrical tape, usually peels off good and clean.

          • JTC

            Looks like they dropped the free ship on that one, spendy.

            55/62 irrelevant for spray&pray usage where 99.99 of 5.56 goes, also for the cheap but actually very decent starter AR’s like the S&W Sport or Ruger, under five bills sometimes.

            But keep a decent custom-build and better food around for more serious intents and purposes, God forbid.

  • Brad

    Being Texas is analogous to being a Jew. We are the only state that started out as a nation that won its own independence. That heritage affects who a Texan is at heart and the basic makeup of our character. Even if I moved to Europe to retire (God forbid!) and even took citizenship in some foreign state, I’d ALWAYS be a TEXAN.

    • Punta Gorda

      Maybe so, but Texas has a MAJOR immigrant problem… from California.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Dang Lefty Coasters!

  • NotYetInACamp

    I hope that you all survived this anthropomorphic tragedy today. I wonder how AOC survived, or if she did? It’s a government plot.

    • JTC

      “It’s a government plot.”

      It is. And a crime against man and nature.

      Okay maybe not all of that. But it’s stupid and I hate it.

      • JTC

        Speaking of which, as I recall DBD runs on perpetual unnatural time, hence the 11:00 est changeover, guess we’ll have to actually wait until tomorrow for tomorrow’s ‘toon now. 🙁

        • kadaka

          It was an hour ahead, like the site wasn’t reset last fall. Guess we’re back to what should be normal.

          • JTC

            Like I said; was/is unnatural.

        • TomZ.

          You can’t access the comments yet, but the 11 Mar comic is on the site if you know how to fin it.

          • TomZ.

            find not fin.

          • John M.

            I finned it! 😉

        • John M.

          Oh well, like Chicago said “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

          • Swansonic

            it’s 25 or6 to 4.

            They told you……


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