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  • MasterDiver

    Exercise your First Amendment rights!

    Zar Belk!

  • Tennessee Budd

    Tucker said “y’all”–so who was in the car with Sam?

    • PaulS

      Y’all is singular, plural is
      “all y’all”. 😉

      • JTC


        Y’all never addresses the singular, except as with Tucker here as a general salutation to an uncertain audience, it’s fine.

        All y’all otoh, addressing several occupants or vehicles displaying the universal finger, might have him stomping away from the group exclaiming, “ALL y’all can just kiss my ass!”

        Pro-tip: never attempt to school someone in the particulars of Southern vernacular who has Tennessee right in his name!

    • John M.

      Sam and her “I.D.”

    • John M.

      The twins. but we don’t find that out until Tuesday’s strip…

  • “Murika indeed! Oorah!

  • JW

    I see what you did there. The universal ID is recognized everywhere.

    • eon

      Serious question;

      Down South, is it “up yours” or “up yers”?

      clear ether


      • JTC


        That is a yankee (New York) expression.

        Southern invitations to self-sodomize are much more colorful.

      • MasterDiver

        The proper expression is “Bless yo’ heart”. For someone who has REALLY pissed you off it’s “Bless yo’ little ol’ heart”. (“Bitch” is implied, but NEVER spoken. We are, after all civilized Red Staters, are we not?)

        Zar Belk!

        • interventor

          “Bless yo heart, ” if said in a heart felt way is a good statement.’ If, stated in a treacly sweet voice. she’s telling you to go to hell and stay there.

  • Petey


  • Old Codger

    “Land o’the free an’home o’ the brave.”
    Says so right here on the label.

    • John D. Egbert

      Roger That!

  • Oldarmourer

    Hence the afffectionate appelation for our southern neighbours:
    “you-alls” 😉
    Southern Ontario has the copyright on “youse guys” though, not Joisey…

    Downhome we just say “wanta beer, Bud ?” everybody’s your ‘Bud’

    • formwiz

      “youse guys” is spoken from every place south of New England to every place north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

      The Canucks have no claim whatsoever.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        That reminds me. How to tell when you’ve drifted too far north? Brown gravy on chicken fried steak

        • WayneM

          Given that I’ve never had chicken fried steak north of Texas… and the gravy was white… that sounds about right. Mind you, when I knocked together a brown gravy for my bride, she said she might be converted… but not for on the chicken fried steak.

          She also heartily approved of my breakfast biscuits… although I actually made them for supper… but I digress…

  • Bill

    had to come to the site, since my daily comic wasn’t delivered to my inbox this morning. DEEPLY DISTURBED ABOUT THAT!

    Hi. My name is Bill, and I’m a DBD addict.

    • Chris Muir

      Yup, I screw up sometimes, Bill!

      • John M.

        (See my note on yesterday’s page) Gave up finally about 0045 local. I was more worried that “The Virus” or something equally horrendous had happened to you. Glad to hear you were just being human…

  • Pamela

    Well, if I drank Beer, I would say Hold my beer, but I do not. So Hold my Tequila.
    The One Finger Salute works though in issuing it be careful as some would think it an invitation for sexual congress. Especially in some circles of power.

    • interventor

      Beer with Indian or Mexican, otherwise, no.

  • Kafiroon

    You vill chshow your papers. Now!

    • interventor

      The original was more, “Ihre papiere, bitte!’ Never knew who one was addressing.

  • cz93x62

    I’m glad all is well, Chris. When the comic didn’t “cycle up” for the 4/20 posting, I was a bit concerned.

    The 4/20 content brings up a point I would like to emphasize concerning a couple Kalifornistan sheriffs that have DEFINITELY and PUBLICLY stated pro-liberty sentiments concerning the nanny-state refried Bolshevism that has been a feature of this Worker’s Paradise for far too long. Sheriffs John McMahon of San Bernardino County and Chad Bianco of Riverside County have both railed against Health Department over-reach and against the release of both state prison convicts and pre-conviction detainees from jail as a part of the COVID-19 response.

  • JTC

    Crude oil went sub-zero today, and I don’t mean the temp…That is some crazy shit. Gotta be a way to turn a trillion or three on that. Donnie?

    • formwiz

      It started making a recovery late in the day.

      I guess somebody told Poot about overreach.

    • interventor

      Futures trading.

  • cz93x62

    DJT today mentioned that he would be topping up the nation’s strategic oil reserves, given the bargain prices currently holding sway in the markets.

    • Oldarmourer

      Didn’t he already try that once and the dems threw the compulsory fit ?

  • JTC

    Speaking of giving ‘em the finger, DT announces his new EO for a full-stop on immigration…

    The commie complex ain’t the only one that can twist lies and fake news to suit an agenda!

  • Bill G

    One finger, two words, one message. Tucker, of course, realized the message was for the individuals issuing the order.


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