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  • Pamela

    If Bogie were alive, and saw what the Dems have become, he’d turn Republican then start running guns and ammo to the freedom fighters in Virginia.

    • interventor

      Got that right! I assume you recognize my avatar. If, the usual suspects are rounded up, it’ll be filled with Demorats.

      • interventor

        Sorry, Pamela, forgot my avatar was dropped.

  • Virginia National Guard responds after Dem threatens to use soldiers to enforce gun control agenda

    From Adjutant General of the VA National Guard, “We will not speculate about the possible use of the Virginia National Guard.” So basically a big “No Comment”.

    But in 2017 the US Virgin Islands Gov directed the Guard to seize private arms and ammo as needed as Hurricane Irma approached. And we remember the 1992 LA riots, as brave homeowners and shopkeepers stood watch with AR’s and AK’s until the National Guard showed up and could take over, at which point the Guard stood by and watched as the buildings and lives were looted and burned.

    So on a case by case basis, starting with some “hardcore anti-American extremists” to condition and desensitize the units who will eventually later go after Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna, it’s naive to think the National Guard will “uphold the US Constitution” and stay out totally when The Guv orders them to get to the grabbin’.

    • Henry

      During Hurricane Hugo, the National Guard in the USVI actively LOOTED. They get no free pass in my book.

    • 3200

      Point taken. As a serving Guard Soldier (not Virginia), the article you cite is pretty accurate in terms of what the governor is within his/her rights to do. Honestly, it’s a pretty expensive prospect. What they miss is that the governor MUST put each of those ARNG members on order to conduct law enforcement. Good rule of thumb is about $200 per day per Soldier, and don’t forget feeding and housing them. Oh, and all maintenance costs (ie, vehicles used) and fuel burned, that all comes out of state coffers also. Typically the costs for something of this magnitude are self defeating unless lives must be saved.

      Don’t forget, most of us are gun owning citizens, so it’s possible the “solution” the governor gets from the VAARNG might be so expensive as to be impossible to enact. That’s how my boss would have pitched it, anyhow.

      Personally, I have seen better uses for ARNG formations than what you cite. YMMV.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        Well I guess the costs of food and shelter for these troops can be ameliorated by forcing resident to feed and shelter then. I mean if you’re throwing one amendment out, why bother to keep the rest?

        • pyrodice

          I thought we were just keeping that last one because it’s a mint condition antique after all the others are shattered?

  • WayneM

    I see there was a shooter started a rampage shooting in a church in Texas. Armed parishioners put him down fairly quickly. Since it doesn’t match the narrative, I expect it won’t see much media coverage.

      • Kafiroon

        Note the first person shot stood up and took forever (for him) and never did get whatever he was trying to pull out even out.

        Lessons to be learned right there.

    • Punta Gorda

      Tragic…. but friken hilarious.

      He got maybe 2 rounds off before the congregation returned fire.

      • Henry

        “White Settlement, Texas.” You can’t make this stuff up.

        • noy fub

          It’s a largely minority community.

        • Old Codger

          My wife grew up there.

    • Made it on the early morning local news, network news piece. ABC newsreader looked so bummed out when she had to say it was all over in six seconds. Armed citizens succeed fast, liberal media hardest hit.

      • nonncom

        “When seconds count the police are minutes away”

        • Jefferson A Selvy

          They get there just in time to draw the chalk outline.

      • Pamela

        Were more to have been murdered and injured, would she have been gleeful in the telling of the travesty.

    • JJ cooper

      I read an internet report today that Biden thinks the Texas law permitting legal gun holders to shoot back at attackers is “irrational”.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Crazy Joe speaks again.

  • Ol' Country Boy

    In 1968, I was BC of an Army Reserve 155 battery. I privately offered to set up and clear Michigan avenue. I was forcefully reminded of posse comitatus by my lawyer brother-in-law. He explained to me what I couldn’t do. I was confused by my other brother-in-law who was Indiana National guard and was doing riot training at my reserve center. As the rioters broke into my armory to steal the M-1s, I luckily had removed all the firing pins/ It had been decided by my “superiors” that I couldn’t even post a guard on the armory, I assumed because that would be taking sides. Hell my life was made miserable because I removed the firing pins so those poor persecuted rioters couldn’t kill anyone with my stolen rifles.

    I was just a stupid rube. I thought a public political party was constitutionally entitled to meet and select their candidate. I did not (and still do not) understand that some peoples first amendment rights of free speech were trumped by the peaceably assembly right to destroy other peoples’ property. I peacefully soon, thereafter, left the Reserves and peaceably assembled in Oklahoma, not concerned with those in this great country who wanted to kill me. I remain well (privately) armed today and at 79years old have a shooting bunker and can still blow the left wing off a fly.

    • Pamela

      Why do I think that the wing of the fly could be reattached?
      Do you still have a firing pin as a reminder of how stupid people can be?

      • Coeurmaeghan

        He just liked seeing the fly flying in circles, Pamela.

    • NotYetInACamp


      • Raconteur

        Thanks GWB. you saved me the trouble of posting it. It is indeed a good read.

      • shooter 2.5

        Unfortunately, the goa is all talk and no action. They have had exactly one successful lawsuit to my knowledge. They blame the small size of their organization but the Second Amendment Foundation has almost as many lawsuits as the NRA. Instead of giving money to the goa for their lobbying, it is much more beneficial to give directly to the candidates or give money to the SAF or NRA for lawsuits.

        • Henry

          You’re measuring apples and oranges. The GOA was created as a lobbying organization, not a litigating organization. 2AF was created SPECIFICALLY as a litigating organization — their sister organization, CCRKBA, was created as the lobbying organization for that combined group.

          Yeah, it’s great to have an organization that specializes in lawsuits. It’s also great to have an organization that whacks legislators upside the head so hard that they never pass the laws you’d later have to sue to overturn.

        • Jefferson A Selvy

          Considering that every law eroding our rights to the best tools available for defense against an actual army has the NRA’s fingerprints all over it, I am very leery of them.

      • Brilliant. People like this are who actually should be in a position of legal authority.

  • Mike S

    Has anyone noticed besides me that every single shooter with one gun incident, at or near a mall is now being referred tom as a “Mall Shooting” Next thing you know they will be saying that every unexplained explosion is an act of terrorism. I mean even an incident at a gas station near a mall is a “Mall Shooting”. F’in media…

    • GWB

      They’re calling the Hanukkah stabbing “domestic terrorism”, despite there being no apparent political goal. So yes. All the words will be ratcheted up until there’s nothing left when the need finally actually comes along.

  • NEW: Rep. John Lewis diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer

    Alex Trebek, now 79, announced in March he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. John Lewis is also 79. Five year survival rate about 1%, maybe 2 or 3% by some researchers. It’s incurable, treatments are basically for quality of life.

    So who will be the younger generation taking over from the old dying Democrat vanguards? Civil rights activists Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour?

    • shooter 2.5

      If the democrats lose in 2020 despite massive voter fraud, look for them to double down on their leftist views. They will believe they didn’t go far enough. They will also believe the voters didn’t get their message.

      • Coeurmaeghan

        It’s what they always do figuring, mostly correctly, that we ‘normals’ would just finally give in just to have them shut up and stop already. I do believe that this time, they are going to be proved wrong, massively wrong.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        If they don’t win, there will be blood in the streets. I fully expect democrat politicians and pundits to call for full scale riots.

        • Heh heh heh, let’s party.

  • Kafiroon

    They will loudly claim the media was biased hugely to the republicans.
    As some of them have already done.

    • John

      Truly ironic considering the Democrats literally _own_ the media, both social and news. There are even reports that Google thinks they bent their search results enough to move 2 to 12 million votes into Hillary’s column.
      But their messaging is so far removed from reality they’re losing market share to people who have just thrown their hands in the air and walked away.
      That group is so big Fox is scooting to the left to pick up the stragglers.

  • ROB

    I suspect most of the VANG is comprised of idealistic young bureaucrats from Occupied Virginia and they’ll gladly do their masters’ bidding.

    • ROB

      Evidence for my above opinion: My experience with the Feds is that they love double-dipping Fed bennies with military ones.

    • Kafiroon

      So it just means they will get a history lesson.
      Recent History. AKA Afghanistan.

      • Chris Muir

        He’s copying Skye!

      • John McCain wanted Joe Lieberman, considered an “Independent Democrat” when he endorsed McCain at the RNC despite remaining registered Dem.

        What spiteful semi-qualified anti-Trump Repub could Biden pick up, Jeff Flake?

        It’s a tragedy we just missed a Biden/McCain ticket.

      • Henry

        At this late date, if he thought there were ten votes in it for him, Biden would probably consider a Tide Pod as a holiday appetizer.

        • Punta Gorda

          Hell, I’d vote for him if he ate 20 or so.

          As long as he got well above above LD50.


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