Day By Day


  • Greg B

    Zed got a backhoe Travis can borrow?

  • KenH

    Hogs gotta eat
    Buzzards too

    • JTC

      That’s cannibalism!


    • Merle

      what have you got against buzzards & hogs??? 🙂

  • Yep, them hogs is damn fine cleaning machines.

    • Greg B

      But who would want to eat them hogs after Tapper had been run through their system?

  • JSStryker

    Tapper is going to get hurt bad if he calls Anatoly a Russian…would be fun to see Tapper walking around with his backside at the same level as his head.

  • Travis exposed the peadophiles back in DC, and fed Intel to Zed. That’s why he’s chillin’ at DD. ‘Toly is flat out krazi Ivan, even if he’s Ukrainian. Something about that chopper pilot shit. And Naomi is a stone Mossad assassin, who loves her man. Plus, Zed and Sam. Yep, Tapper’s screwed seven ways to Sunday. Oh, and he’ll prolly piss off the Sheriff. So how does he get back to Noo Yawk alive? Honey, make the popcorn, please….

    • MasterDiver

      How does he get back? Afoot, alone and minus his ba…, no wait, he never had those, to begin with…

      Zar Belk!

  • Polly Cy


  • Polly Cy

    Oops! doggone cataract surgery – guess I should have waited a couple more days. What I wanted to say was, Travis v Trapper? And we get to watch? Cool!

  • Halley

    CNN earned the trust of the American people when they did all they could to recover those 30,000 accidentally BleachBit-ed emails about yoga, instead of colluding in a cover-up for the wanted felon. Honest, investigative journalism at its finest.

  • Bill G

    The Big Guy from Certifiably Not News investigates the DD?

  • Dread

    A Ukrainian girl works in my dentist’s office. I donated to Trump’s POTUS campaign. I imagine this will be in the news as a “possible Russian collusion”.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Some local from Deliverance”.

    I hear banjos……RUN!!
    But that’s the way of Libtards, never learned history, no sense of history.
    That’s what will make this fun. Unfold the lawn chairs, chill the libations, pop the corn, sit back and watch as the show unfolds.

    • John

      History is the cure for Progressiveism. If they allowed themselves to examine the devastation their emotions have bestowed on those they wished to help it would be the end.
      The only way for them to survive is to avoid history like the plague.

    • Pamela

      You think Travis has the bbq set up for grilling or smoking….

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Why pollute a perfectly good BBQ grill with the likes of Trapper? Either feeding or on (ugh!).

        • Pamela

          I was thinking more scorpions, snakes and skunks

  • WayneM

    Somehow I don’t see Tapper being brave enough to saunter into the DD Ranch. He seems more the “curl up in the fetal position” beta type.

  • Pamela

    Care to lays odds on how fast Skye tries to jump Yapper Tapper….

    • JTC

      Nah, she likes it hard, part of why she broke from the pussy-hatters.

      And there’s plenty of testosterone pheromone ’round that ranch; the root as it were of some past family problems as we know.

      Give her time and she’ll get some proper penis for her venus.

      • Pamela

        Well then she had better hope no one has gotten down and dirty in the delta…

    • JSStryker

      I’d like to see Skye riding Tapper around the yard of the DD a whipping and spurring him…

  • Spin Drift

    “Deliver us from evil,” oh the irony, it stings. As to CNN their butt hurt must sting something awful. As Granny used to say when we were whining about a scraped knee, “put a little Tabasco on it, you’ll be feeling it good.”

    They’re playing our song, Dueling Banjos.

  • Halley

    I am frankly shocked at how much mocking disrespect the objective, honest, hard-hitting investigative journalists of the MSM are shown on this forum! After all, they are well-intentioned professionals running very legitimate businesses, and the least we can do is respect their efforts to keep us informed every day.

    NOT!!!!!!!!! (tears of laughter)

    • Sam

      I am shocked! Shocked do you hear, to learn that there is mocking going on in this establishment.

      • MAJ Arkay

        (sotto voce) Your winnings, sir…

  • Laura D

    I like the direction this is going. Perhaps Travis can ensure that Jake gets some Tabasco to go with his ribs – or will it be Tabasco getting some of Jake’s ribs? And I can just see Zed and Mr. Elliot standing there watching, with sardonic grins on their faces. Maybe even a comment by Wade’s ghost about fools or city slickers or some such things…

  • DonS

    I thought it might be in the title, but then I was sure someone would play off it in the comments, but no… guess I’m nominated by default: it wasn’t accidental Chris put “tight” and “gas” in the same sentence in a ‘toon referencing “Deliverance…” LOL!!! Pass the mind bleach, please.

    • Pamela

      That’s what happens when there are blowhards involved with anything.
      It will end up totally FUBAR.

      $20 bucks. Talk about a cheap date.

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