Day By Day


  • JTC

    Hittin’ the ‘7’…come on ‘8’!

    Don’t know if ol’ Jake is gonna do it for ya though… πŸ™

    • JTC

      Maybe if Dee’s Place was one o’ them nekkid waitress places…(scrolls up to take another look)…oh, never mind.

      But while we’re on Dee’s, what the HELL is that apparition above the Dr. Pepper sign? I mean, this is Texas, maybe Waco (aka Whacko), but that couldn’t be an muzzie thing could it?

      • Dee’d place w/lion art

        • Dee’s I mean

          • JTC

            Now I see! Thanks CM.

        • Plasticman

          So, Chris, you been to Corsicana? It’s a stop on the way to see my oldest daughter in Waco.

  • Kevin

    Maybe Me-again Kelley- in the right light.

  • Indeed, it could well be that he’s had enough. For all of us. Load him up, and send him off.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Yes, we’ve had enough of Jake and his kind. Send them off……into space. Let them breath vacuum, to match what’s between their ears.

      • Henry

        Y’all aware that Tapper cut his career teeth serving as a publicity flack for Handgun Control, Inc.? I bet you never would have guessed that!

  • DBD Rocks

    Nice touch! Great way to ‘splain them Beltway types!

  • Unca Walt

    As long as we are on the subject, I just read that the Deep State leakers are going to face felony level stuff. Comey’s self-immolation with the NYTimes was mentioned.

    • WayneM

      It’s amazing how little airtime was devoted to the announcement of classified content in the memos leaked by Comey. I guess it’s like a “dog bites man” story…. single paragraph, page 9…

  • MasterDiver

    The Red Bar advances. C’mon, people. We can push it over the edge!

    Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    Rather than too much coffee, perhaps Tapper suffers from hallucinations as a result of lack of oxygen from the rarified air at the top of his ivory tower?

  • SgtCpt

    Ok I kicked in my two cents to the cause. Not much but on the plus side I’m paid by the federal government so in a way Chris is getting back some of his own confiscated tax dollars.

  • Pamela

    Donny’s fat finger texting mistake has given the misguided so much to keep their little narrow minded minds occupied. Thank you Mr. President.

    Now as to Jakie-Boy there, the Lady needs to 86 him and call Tucker. Tapper is obviously heavily under the influence and needs to sleep it off in the drunk tank.
    Maybe even a 5150. He is not making any sense at all. Might want to include the rest of the MSM with him come to think it. Yep. Probably a good course of action. Unbridled insanity has infected the MSM.

  • JTC

    So hilarious that the mediots who accuse the right of paranoia are so preoccupied with one non-word…and DT and staff just smile coyly and let them obsess.

    Trump could drunk-text a whole series of full 140-character drivel posts and keep them going crazy like a cat with a ball of yarn while he carries out the business of the office of the POTUS…hey, wait a minute!

  • Ah, but covfefe IS a word. Google can be your friend. πŸ˜‰

    • So, looking there now we find more bullshit about it. What it meant was, in the Egyptian, “I Will Stand Up”.

    • JTC

      What it actually means is, “covfefe”. πŸ˜‰

      What it means to mediots is, AHHHH! SECRET CODE!

      What it means to Trump is, “Snerk!”

  • Texas is state of Mind

    For better photo of the Lion at Dee’s Place Corsicana, Texas, go to:

    Nice sign

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Jake: Alex, for $10,000 I’d like to buy a clue.

  • R Daneel



      Well done, Friend Daneel Olivar

  • Pamela

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  • Bill

    Jake’s definitely had enough coffee
    He’s shit most of his brains out by now because of it. At least that’s the only explanation that I can come up with for his idiocy

  • NotYetInACamp

    Dee’s place. That is what those international liberal democracy order types do. Dees types believe that the liberal democrat champions must find their voice and act with more conviction.
    Yet those such as macron, Obama, Hillary, Merkel, Pelosi, and so many others have no souls left.
    The names, the motivations, the good desires, the love they claim, and more, are all laid out on the path they want to control all to follow. Yet, all the good has been deesplaced by the evil that is the fruits of what they have done and do.
    Illiberal democracy may be the repository of all the good that the liberal democracy control net that the Western world and other cultures have worked to impose on the world as they can.
    So, too, is the conservative and alt-right world the depository of all of the good that the classical liberal worlde espoused by Thomas Jefferson and many others sought to build.

    The evil effects of the self desiring god’s can be seen in the evil that they have lipstick on and a pancake so thick that they believe it is the good they call it.
    The liberal international order has already been destroyed by those who claim to be fighting to defend it. The claimed desire to establish an international system based in openness, cooperative security, and social and economic improvement has already been put to waaste and shown a lie by those who act in its name. North Afric, the Middle East, and Europe have sufferred genocide based upon acts purported to advance those ideals. The good of helping those in need has been perverted by bringing in a genocidal army that has its own rules to conquer all that the “good” international order arrests and ravages any who question the invasions.
    We are at a deesplaced time where some are forced to answer “correctly” the question by the inquisitors of ‘How any fingers am I holding up?’

    Jake has had to much covfefe. Double Tap could not even comprehend it, much less see it, hear it, or know what truth means. FNN’s best man. (Or whatever)

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