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  • epador

    I prefer my salads naked without any dressing.

    • Pamela

      I prefer men that way.

      *note to self. more than two drinks removes the controls*

      • Be sure to consult the Iron Fist Rule:
        “If you think you are too drunk to post, you ARE too drunk to post.”

        Rest in Peace, Iron Fist!

      • JTC

        Self-correcting dilemma.

        Failing to set parameters (lack of controls) on one’s preferences can result in compliance by random unparametered man, and that can sober your ass up right quick.

        Bright side: that sobriety returns one’s controls so as to set parameters along the lines of “Zed-like”. Which random unparametered man is decidedly not.

        Life lesson. 🙂

        • Pamela

          Macker and JTC

          I haven’t been that inebriated in decades.
          Merely a written observation regarding the memory of a man the controls could be dropped with.

      • interventor

        Dorothy Parker. One martini at the most. For two she was under the table and, three, she was under the host

      • Grunt GI

        Ahh, Pamela, your comments continue to inspire my imagination…


        • Pamela

          Having an active imagination keeps life interesting

  • I hate to bust your bubble, but this is nothing new. This is not owned by dhimocrapts or repubs. The State Department has been called with the epithet “Foggy Bottom,” for the last hundred years. This is an art form for them. And, I might remind everybody, that this evasion and doublespeak is often required internationally to avoid conflicts with nasty countries. However, they are NOT supposed to use it on their own country’s citizens.

    • Kafiroon

      Does anyone remember anytime at all when the USA State Department worked for or supported the USA?

      • NotYetInACamp

        Not personally.
        I recall people saying that it already was lost back in 1946.
        There always were patriots in it that would lose jobs, I heard, when they did the right thing and it was too much the right thing. Quiet retirement often was forced. But those were just stories from older people back then.

    • Bill G

      It’s not just their Modus Operandi, it’s their physical location. D.C.’s Metro has a Foggy Bottom Station.
      In regards to these clowns, I’ve heard that they deem themselves to be the true source of our Nation’s Foreign Policy as opposed to the elected officials, referring to POTUS as ‘the summer help’.

    • MasterDiver

      The unofficial Foggy Bottom Motto:
      When in trouble, delegate; when questioned, obfuscate; when in doubt, mumble.

      Zar Belk!

  • JTC

    Why am I unable to work up a good empathy for the vegetables and toadies of the MSM being unable to understand nonsensical agenda’d gobbledygook?

    • eon

      They don’t want to understand it, or more exactly they don’t want anyone outside of the centers of power to understand.

      They see themselves as the guardians of The Utopian Dream. The ones who tell everyone else how wonderful the world will be once progressivism has become not merely the dominant culture, but the only culture that is permitted to exist.

      As such, they will lie, misdirect, and do anything else needed to protect their Fearless Leaders from the consequences of their own insanity. (Everyone else can go hang, as far as they’re concerned.)

      And if you dare to question their godhead, they will demand the removal of your head, ASAP.

      So not only won’t they ask hard questions, they don’t want anyone else doing it either. Hence their savage attacks on any “reactionary” who isn’t onboard with the agenda.

      They have played Marat to the left’s Robespierre and Talleyrand for so long that they are incapable of anything else, and wouldn’t want to do it even if they could. Byron’s comment on Castlereagh accurately defines them, and they don’t even realize it.

      Then again, some of them (the more “feminist-male” types) might consider being called an “intellectual eunuch” a compliment.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Yep, I’m thinking that was more a how-to workshop than pressie.

        Down the hall is the one where Abadaba or whatever that mystery-gender bitch’s name is, pounds into the presstitution ring:

        No matter what Trump says or does, the headline is always:

  • MJ Larkins

    There are salads where the vegetables are tasty and interesting.

    Progressive salads are neither.

    Call it tofu journalism!

    • Call it tofu journalism!

      Love the quote, but the thought is much distasteful.

  • Pamela

    They feel. The left always feels but they never think about the truth or consequences (and I’m not talking New Mexico) of their actions.
    The costs are insurmountable and they want the tab picked up by the rest of us. Bollocks.

    • T or C is much too nice a little town to be dragged into such as this. Mind you, it is in the “left voting” section of the state.
      My question is, have “they” ever wondered where all their goodies come from?

      • Pamela

        Well you see there are these wonderful creatures called unicorns…

      • Old Codger

        I’ve never been impressed with TorC (My son lives just south on Caballo Lake) myself.

        As for it being in the “left voting” part of the state, I wasn’t aware that – apart from a few scattered pockets – there were any significant “right voting” (and you can apply more than one meaning of “right” there) parts of the state. I’m surprised they don’t have unicorn races in Santa Fe.

        If my son didn’t live in that benighted place I would NEVER go there. If I died in Arizona, I would leave explicit instructions requiring that when my remains were shipped home to Texas that the transport detour COMPLETELY AROUND the place.

        My son describes New Mexico thusly:
        “Welcome to New Mexico, land of entrapment. Set your clocks back 100 years.”

  • Heltau

    There IS something wrong here. You do not say a lot of hoke-dokey to a question if something is correct.
    Fracken libturds!!!

    • NotYetInACamp

      They are dissembling.



      Next they might start with statistics.

    • So, you’ve never watched Alan Greenspan natter on for up to two hours over what the Fed (FRB) is doing/how it’s doing, and say absolutely nothing? He was an expert at deflection.

      Yellen (current FRB chair) only wishes she were that good. And Greenspan? Well, he makes these people look like pikers.

      Doublespeak and obfuscation are nothing new in WDC.

      • Bill G

        They have no diamonds to dazzle with, so they attempt to baffle with bull***.

  • I’m not sure what the appropriate term is, for the talking heads of the Main Scream Media. I can’t quite decide between “presstitutes” and “gerbilists” (the latter in honor of the “gerbil-stuffing” jokes of days thankfully gone by.

    • Brasspounder


      • B Woodman

        Nice one. May I?

  • You know it’s all bullshit when the babble goes on and on, but absolutely nothing is said.

    • Pamela

      Like a cocktail party where the only attendees are asses and geese.
      Trash the place, poop in the pool and leave the host stuck with the hazmat cleanup and the bill.

  • B Woodman

    Sounds like Statist Department is pars-nip-ping their words into the Progtard vegan word salad.

  • Find an old video of Alan Greenspan doing one of his reports on the Fed. He was so good at avoiding direct answers to all questions of all sorts….

    • eon

      Like the ambassador in Asimov’s Foundation , he could talk for hours without actually saying anything, and do it so cleverly that nobody in the audience noticed.

      That’s beyond simple verbal ingenuity. That takes a certifiable sociopath.

      clear ether


  • WayneM

    I usually associate “word salad” with the nonsense noises made by individual afflicted with significant mental health issues… So, yes, this fits perfectly…

  • LifeofTheMind

    Oy Vegan Journalism.

  • Pete 231

    Enough is enough ! Time for the gloves to come off ! As H. L. Mencken said : ” Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    • eon

      The left are panting for the opportunity.

      clear ether


      • Kafiroon

        I rather suspect the left has not thought through the end results if they tried slitting many throats.

      • JTC

        They should be careful what they pant for. Flyover Country is decidedly NOT a train in Germany or Switzerland.

  • Bill G

    Ah, well … much of the left is adept at what they refer to as ‘salad tossing’.

    • Pamela

      I thought that only got done in prison, jail or backdoor deals

      • DASY

        No, it also happens in the finest kitchens. The very finest.

  • Kevin M


    Navy SEALS have them. And they’re armed to the teeth.

    What does that tell you?

  • MasterDiver

    The Army Values, but held by all servicemen:
    Selfless Service,
    Personal Courage

    The bureaucrats need to be taught these.

    Zar Belk!

    • PaulS

      “The bureaucrats need to be taught these.”

      That would require a 180 degree shift for them on all counts, and they don’t want to be taught.

      I’d argue that you either have the qualities or don’t after the first few years of life, and it stays that way until the end of life. Unfortunately, the reproduction possibilities for those that pass on the good qualities, are slowly falling behind the others because of the very qualities they each possess.

  • JCTPatriot

    “Should I send this to Tapper to air with the piece or wait until we are asked?”

  • V328

    If the state department personnel were Daleks they’d be running around shrieking “Obfuscate! OBFUSCATE!!!”

    • Pamela

      Now I know what’s going on with the Hildebeast. She’s a Zygon.
      A red slime sucker of life. No wonder she’s malfunctioning.
      Two different operating systems vying for control and a minder with a needle to keep her from shifting out of phase.

    • Maj Arkay

      My Halloween costume for this year: Dalek costume with classic diplomatic coat/hat. Each time someone approaches, yell OBFUSCATE! OBFUSCATE!

  • DASY

    And we always thought of vegans as so non-threatening.

  • Old Codger

    Bureaucrats – too stupid to live but illegal to hunt.

    Q: What do you call 500 bureaucrats (the word “lawyers” could be substituted here) scheduled for execution?
    A: Too little; too late.
    Q: What do you call 1,000 bureaucrats scheduled for execution?
    A: A start. Not an especially GOOD start, you understand, but it would be a start.

    Those who can, do. Those who cannot, go into civil service so they do not HAVE to.

    Have you ever meat a “civil servant” who was either? Me neither.

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