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  • B Woodman

    “Give it a rest, sweetie.”
    Yes, give the nice (hac! hac!) socialist a rest. A nice, permanent dirt nap rest. Don’t forget to plant’em deep, very, very, deep. They (and their ideas) have a tendency to come back to life, if fhe proper Constitutional incantations aren’t read over them regularly.

  • KenH

    Give it a rest??
    How about giving the bitchbeast a .500 Magnum in the face for some eternal rest??……….

    • Robert Lowell

      Isn’t .500 magnum a bit excessive. Last I checked they were about $4.00 a round. I’d prefer using one of them curved swords from one of her Arab friends At least you’d have a souvenir of the event.

      • Joel

        Wait a minute, are you talking about the sword or the head as a souvenir?

        • B Woodman


      • John M

        $2.65 for a LRN…

  • No worth the powder and shot. And don’t bury it, fer gawd’s sake, think of the polluted ground water . . . . .

    • GWB

      Deep six in the Marianas Trench.

      • Bad Cyborg

        So you’d rather pollute the planetary ocean than the ground water in a limited area? You know what I call Hildabeast’s remains in the Marianas Trench? Green Peace’s WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

        Hey! some of us swim in that ocean!

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    This comprehensive, economic, ecologically, multi-culturally, psychologically & sensitively sound analysis is quite endearing, encouraging; hilarious to boot, if I may add.

    Maybe The Worm-Tonguess herself can leave off the whispering campaign and scuttle back to her masters in Isengard, leaving the cobwebs to fall away from the U.S.A.

    Conserving ammo and the ground water.

    There’s a time for her at Sharkey’s End when the little people wake finally.

  • eon

    “You’ll still be voting for me a century after you’re dead, and you won’t be consuming resources.”

    Rank-and-file progressive types apparently can’t grok the fact that not only are they expendable, their leaders consider them significantly more useful after they’ve been “expended”.



    • “Rank-and-file progressive types apparently can’t grok the fact that not only are they expendable …”

      Funny you should say. Hitler, the world’s premier psychopathic personality, destroyed his opponents and his supporters similarly, and brought the German state to ruin.

      But Germany rebuilt as a productive member of the community of nations, and only the remaining Marxist-model and militant Islamist psychopaths remain. There is a lesson to be learned here.

  • Bill G

    Any chance she’s a descendant of Countess Elizabeth Bathory?

    • Pamela

      Would anyone, especially a young maiden, want to get close enough to find out? Though with modern science and all that squirreled away ill-gotten gains, it appears she has been able to put forth the illusion of a youthful countenance.

      • Bad Cyborg

        Not in the pics I’ve seen. I’m surprised clocks don’t stop instantly and mirrors don’t explode when the old bag walks into a room. And to think that once upon a time she was almost (ALMOST, mind you) cute when she was in college.

        • B Woodman

          It’s just the physical outside reflecting the spiritual inside.

          You can take it any which way you want from there. ;P)

  • PaulS

    I Swear Nekkid Sams artwork is improving once again.

  • JTC

    Ever wonder why the Clintons, darlings of the MSM and Hollowood for lo these many years, are being given the harsh spotlight lately?

    It’s because 11/16 is a year and a half away, and far from the evil HBeast being buried, it’s the plan to let the myriad rats and skeletons out of the closets now, to run their course and be long buried by then, so that then they can say: “That’s old news, give it a rest…it’s time for the Coronation.”

  • teodoro

    A Blue Meanie reference wouldn’t be too far out of character. 48 years ago yester(today) Sgt Pepper

  • Oliver Heaviside

    I’m in. Step up, fellow DBD fans!

  • Grunt GI

    Gotta say, that last panel seems to be a pretty good commentary on Obamacare/socialized medicine in general.

  • Spin Drift

    Has anyone else noticed that the Baltimore uprisings were staged specifically to put a fork in O’Malley if he runs against the Hildebeast. He was the past Mayor of that cesspool. Kinda of convenient don’t you think.

    Hold Fast

    Spin Drift

  • FatCon

    Hey now! I’m a fat, white and old and a conservative.

    Can’t we just pick on the ideas?

    • Chris Muir

      And I’m a fat, old, white cartoonist!

      • capn

        I’m coff coff …. slightly over my ideal weight … ahem and white and a has been ship captain But I’m … In.

        Don’t plan on any new cars or sailboats Chris. My ex and her shark got me pretty well picked clean. Still … I get by.

        “Gettin’ by by gettin’ by’s my stock and trade, livin’ it day to day, pickin’ up the pieces wherever they fall.” Jerry Jeff Walker

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