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  • JTC

    Not going to tell you your biz Chris, you’ve been successful at this for years…but if ever a toon should be a link, it’s this one, a click takes you straight to levels, ta-tas, and the cookie jar. I’ll wait to see how you do it and I’ll be kicking in my pay to play tokens, just thought a hot linky here could have jump started it.

    • B Woodman

      I’ll bet Chris designed it that way, it looks like it. BUt somehow it didn’t “catch”.

    • Chris Muir

      I used your idea,JTC, thank you!

      • JTC

        y’welcome, but the thanks is to you! 🙂

  • Bill G

    Forward into battle, see our banners go…, ah, er, waitaminnit, Thermopylae was a touch earlier than that.

  • Bob

    There is a link. Click on the panel.

    • JTC

      NOW there’s a link…’tweren’t there last night…

      I’m in for a Benjamin; let’s go ya deadbeats! 🙂

      • JTC

        Well, I guess I’m in for a Ben AND a Ulysses…gotta have that DD pass, and it IS an upscale exclusive joint, so…

  • Master Diver

    Is that THE Bar Sculpture of Sam? MAGNIFACENT!!

    • Grunt GI

      The bar sculpture…brilliant…hadn’t even considered that…good catch.

    • GN

      It’s unclear; remember, the original Sam sculpture was reclining on her (right?) side; maybe The Great Creator can tell us…

      • Chris Muir

        Damned if I know!

        • Grunt GI

          Well, let us dream about it, at least…it would be an awesome backdrop for thebar.

          • Chris Muir

            Oh, it will be there.

  • I’m in for a Lincoln AND a Grant. Because Union.

    • JTC

      Yeah, Abe won’t get you in the door at DD even with U.S. help.

      Go Ben, because Founder…of the Republic and of the DD. 😉

      • OK, I see your $150 AND raise you another Abe. Because honest. 🙂

        • JTC

          Excellent. Now they can make change for the Hamilton I tossed in the pot. Because another Founder.

          Call, raise, or fold?

          Next up: Jackson, because Founder (of my home state and my current one). And, because union…honest!

          • Call with 3 Washingtons AND a Jefferson. Because Founding Fathers of Union.

          • JTC

            Calling my AH (which is already in Chris’s pot) would take 6 GW’s and 2 TJ’s…or you can always fold I guess.

          • You tossed in an AH, adding $10 to your previous total of $150 (for a Ben and a U.S.). My arithmetic makes your total $160.

            I have donated: Abe+U.S.+$95+Abe+3GW+TJ = $160 total.

            I think we’re even?

          • JTC

            Yup, even. Thanks TBH it was fun, and all definitely for a good cause. See you at the DD grand opening!

          • Enjoyed it, too. Ya’ll be cool, JTC.

          • Swansonic

            Interesting game of poker, especially with potential arrowheads in the pot…

  • Spin drift

    I’d would have liked to see two things:

    A copy of the cocktails menu at the DD and a t-shirt for same. Maybe next year.

    As an example of guerrilla marketing, I had a friend who used to advertise his BMW tuner shop with a t-shirt that said “BMW’s are Tits” and had a pair of nipple size roundels about where Sam’s apparitions would be. Very, ahem, eye catching when my double D sueeze used to where it at car races.

    Spin Drift

    • Chris Muir

      I’m putting this into the idea bin.

  • writeby

    Uh, just an aside: Sparta was a militarized, socialist state in which male children were separated from parents and placed in military academies for training, giving new meaning to the term, from cradle to grave..

    Spar·ta (spär“t…) also Lac·e·dae·mon (l²s”¹-d¶“m…n). A city-state of ancient Greece in the southeast Peloponnesus. Settled by Dorian Greeks, it was noted for its militarism and reached the height of its power in the sixth century B.C. A protracted rivalry with Athens led to the Peloponnesian Wars (460-404) and Sparta’s hegemony over all of Greece. Its ascendancy was broken by Thebans in 371.

    If we wish to draw inferences with any ancient Greek polis, my suggestion would be Athens.

    • Chris Muir

      Uh, I knew this.Lighten up, have fun, think generally.

    • Foolio

      The Spartans were pretty bad by today’s standards (the best description I’ve heard of them is “like North Korea, only less quaint”) but they were better than the Athenians in some ways. For instance, their helots were better treated than Athenian slaves, allowed to have families and communities of their own and able to buy their freedom. In fact, only about one of every six Athenians was a citizen – women, foreign-born people, and slaves could never hope to participate in Athenian democracy.

      The ancient Greeks weren’t perfect, and it’s important to recognize that. But we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, as liberals would have us do.

      • Foolio

        Oh yeah, and as long as we’re nitpicking, the Achaemenids were better than the Greeks in a lot of ways – allowing a remarkable-for-the-time degree of independence for the satrapies (state’s rights!), emancipating slaves and permitting religious and cultural freedom (e.g. the Jews, who were allowed to return from their exile in Babylon and rebuild their Temple), developing impressive roads and a postal system that could get messages over across the Empire in as little as fifteen days. In a lot of ways, the Achaemenids were more like modern Westerners than the classical Greeks were! But – and here’s the point – 300 isn’t supposed to be real history. It’s a fable, and an inspiring one at that.

  • Immanuel Goldstein

    The Greeks are our true cultural ancestors. We are both Spartan AND Athenian in our civilizational DNA. And we are set to do battle with the Persians one more time.

  • Foolio

    I wish I could afford Don P level, I think it would be funny if Skye started a Communism-themed camshow, and only a Sunday strip could really do it justice. (The show would, of course, be called “Hot to Trot.”) But I’m just too poor right now, alas.

  • Funds being what they currently are, I can’t do the Jan/Damon or Skye High level (that Double-D Club card and Bronze Patron Award medal are quite fine, though).

    Might do the Sam/Zed Level as my first donation to DBD.

    Must calculate finances…

  • formwiz

    You might want to consider offering an hour of nude hot oil Greco-Roman wrestling with Sam to the highest bidder.

    Call it Leonidas level.

  • formwiz

    One other thing, where’s Kimiko on that masthead?

    She’s a looker, too.

    • Grunt GI

      True dat. Kimiko is a definite GILF.

  • Swansonic

    Sent my support – Thank you Chris, for providing great observations, illustrations and ruminations…

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