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  • NotYetInACamp

    Biden’s legit as resident of the White Hospice in DC.
    Now where did I hear that?

    Never would have needed a ‘300’ Wall if the laws had been enforced. But they were not. The laws were intentionally ignored, evaded, broken, and denied to even exist.

  • formwiz

    Sam is outstanding, as usual.

    At the OH rally last night, the crowd started out yelling, “Trump Won!!!!”.

  • Guderian

    DJT can say the same thing at each of his rallies (and pretty much does), but it never grows old with me. Someone promoting America instead of ragging on it just does my soul good. Assuming he runs in ‘24, let’s make sure he wins for the ‘third’ time!

    • James/G

      Need a shirt that says precisely that, too. Drive the message all the way home.

    • NotYetInACamp

      3 in ’24!

  • Punta Gorda

    Turned 60 yesterday and the wife took me our to dinner this evening. Waiter kept fking with me so I left rather than facing an assault charge.

    Was I wrong? Both my grandfather or my uncle would have laid him out for his bullshit. Does that make me a pussy?

    • James/G

      Need more info before commenting, like why he was fu@#!ng with you. Were you dressed nice, in suit and tie? Were wearing MAGA/KAG apparel, or a Warrior XII shirt? You know they Soy-people don’t follow the rules of polite society but the mandates of Maxine Waters…

      No, you were right to leave. Better to write areview that lists the place’s failings in detail, to include the server’s name and actions.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Think of the two lawyers prosecuted by a vengeful antifa and blm favoring prosecutor for showing that they would defend their home from a mob of mostly peaceful protestors that had broken down a locked gate that the mob then used to enter em mass into the community.
      We have a duty to ourselves and the nation to remain calm and not strike back unless we have already been struck, and a use of force is required. The second foul gets called you may recall from basketball and other sports as well in staged enemy and political events. It is a war that is occurring every day. This war has cost the nation and the world much so far.

    • No assault charges.

      No, it makes you smart.

    • CaptDMO

      Yes. It makes you a pussy.
      The APPROVED Modus operandi is to stand, and loudly project
      “I DEMAND to speak with you manager!”

      • Punta Gorda

        Already have me family treating me as personal non grata.

        I think I’m done with this shit.

        Fk em all.

        • Not this family Brother PG.

          And you need to get that down and done shit back up and running. I mean I understand totally and firmly believe I would rather go be with God and see my Daddy and Grandmother again, but as to family it’s not the upthread but the downthread to be concernd with; in my case I just can’t leave my babies and grandbabies behind without me to help them to the best of whatever ability I have left.

          Turned 60 huh? That might have something to do with it.

          Didn’t hurt your judgment though; yes you did the right thing as evidenced by the fact that you are writing about being butthurt by a pos servant rather than figuring out whether Tyrone or Bubba is the best bunkmate tonight down at the iron bar hotel.

          Lots of ways to deal with petty lowtones (and idiots on the road) than taking it violent…save that for the coming armageddon that those babies and grandbabies will be needing you for.

          Happy B-Day Bro! About 2 or 20 more to come depending…

          • Punta Gorda

            My general method is to relish when said off-spring need help and get reminded of their attitude.

            Note: a reasonable estimate of Mortality is the average age of your parents at death plus about 3 to 5 years.

        • Punta Gorda


          My daughters ex husband, who attended despite her not making it, was of my opinion in the jerks actions.

          Yeah. I have strange family.

      • Punta Gorda

        According to the Mgr this is not the first time they had issues with this piece of shit.

        Never returning there.

        Either way, I avoided an assault charge and did not have to mortage my house to make bail.

    • Pamela

      A tip to the City, County and State Health Inspectors should do.
      Mention the cutlery did not appear to be clean, the water tasted funny and the ice looked rather sketchy. And the salt and pepper shakers were encrusted.

    • interventor

      Leave him a one cent tip, plus a note. “Place this in a savings account. By the time you learn your job, it will be a small fortune,”

  • Paul

    I also think a “note” to the manager would of been appropriate

  • A “tip” of one penny and a note to the manager should suffice.

  • Halley

    Which would you rather:

    – a Democrat with a pistol at your head forcing you to say ‘Biden’s legit’

    – a skinny-dip date with Sam down at the pond

    Life choices can be difficult.

    • Dastardly Dan

      The first one you could be forgiven for
      The second one would result in an encounter with Zed. No thank You

  • Halley

    Re the MAGA rally – I was frustrated and dampened (more of the same old, no urgent question answered) but then near the end PDT strongly implied that the coupsters and their election fraud are not going to be allowed to stand (“by 2024 we won’t have a country left!”), so that flicker of hope was given some lighter fluid. We’ll see.

  • DogByte6RER

    Ranch Thermopylae?

    The Spartans, though valiant, went on to lose that battle only to go on and win the war …

    • CaptDMO

      Awww crap!
      Am I the LAST moron to arrive at the Bris to not “get it”?

      • Too Tall

        CaptDMO, you are in good company, primarily because I see Zed as someone who mastered the lessons of Thermopylae without having to experience the consequences first hand.

        OTOH, your comment of “last moron at the Bris to not ‘get it?’” is SO stolen and completely culturally misappropriated by this Irish Catholic.

      • interventor

        Just don’t choose a mohel with the nickname “Shakes Cohen.”

  • John

    Not to get our hopes up, but someone pointed out to me that although the Speaker of the House is elected by the House of Representatives by simple majority vote, the person being elected does not actually need to be a House member.
    Wouldn’t it be the height of irony (and a real “barn burner”) for the next House of Representatives to break with tradition and elect Donald John Trump as Speaker?

    • It’s a good idea, but between his verbal Tourette’s and being a Narcissist, I don’t thing they would be able to compose a Bill to go to the Senate… Just thinking out loud. If he could be silent for a minute or two, and listen to his advisor’s, he might just get the job done. With more than 51% of the public’s approval. He could probably even run off some of the career politicians.

      • Roland Deshain

        He was quiet for a minute or two and listened to his advisors and we ended up with the country shut down. You can’t always trust advisors. They might not have the best intentions.

    • Henry

      Too many RINOs in that pot of soup.

  • JTC

    Underwhelmed by the rally speech as I have been by every DT communique since 1/20. I think we are wasting MAGA in hanging on to him when he should be hanging on to us in a leading CRA capacity. Same for Gov DeSantis, solid as a rock the both of them but not ever going to lead the charge as the figurehead and CEO as Trump once was.

    So who/what is the right candidate for CIC? Haven’t seen him yet. Need to soon.

    • Kafiroon

      I still do not see any way to win an election.
      The so called republicans are rolling over like dogs to get their bellies scratched by the Jobama and the Ho administration.
      They would have to grow a backbone over night to get all the fraud LEGALLY exposed so it could be stopped before the 22 elections.

  • Dastardly Dan

    Consider a DeSantis/Haley 2024 ticket.
    First ‘hispanic’
    She’s of “Indian decent” can probably claim “woman of color” title as legitimately as Kneewalker Harris.
    What’s not to love?

    • JTC

      And DeSantis is not Hispanic. Italian heritage but he would challenge you to a bare-knuckle fight if you hyphenated him; he’s an American, pure and simple and through and through. A Patriot.

    • Exgunman

      Haley is NOT to be trusted, She is Rino/Estab clean thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • interventor

        Unfortunately, true. Best advice I’d give her is to run for the House and spend the next 10 years becoming a true conservative. One must believe in redemption.

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