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  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Can’t say as I blame R100 for grinning like that. I would too, if I had Sam dressed like that in front of me. I would most likely have an extra “proturbance” that R100 doesn’t have as well.

    • Paul

      are you sure it doesnt ??

  • Tom Paul

    Bare it and grin. Damn. There’s gotta be a Barrett Light 80 joke in there somewhere.

    • Bill G

      Well, the answer to some problems is ‘Grin & Barrett.’

  • Pamela

    Do the R100s dream of an Electric Sam…

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Bravo! Well played! You win Teh Interwebz for today!

  • Too Tall

    Need more progress on the Red bar….

  • James/G

    Give R100s a ‘protuberance,’ teach them to say ‘I have something for you. Come here.’ And the Double D’s illegal aliens problem will be over…

  • Wood

    Hmm- how bout that scene from the Cowboy Way? Got enough calves to take on the invasion?

  • Halley

    I’ve scoured my RAH library for an instance of human-robot sex, but can’t find one, so it hasn’t happened yet (Minverva became flesh before partaking). On the other hand, our grandchildren are sure going to be experiencing some, uh, most interesting things.

    • John

      The future of the human race is looking downright weird.
      On the one hand we’re making advances in stem cell research that promises perpetual youth that would doom us to massive overpopulation, and on the other we (and especially the Japanese) are hard at work developing Asimov’s humaniform robots that promise to bring procreation to a near-total halt.
      Oh the times we live in!

    • cb

      Japan has about perfected the nonhuman partner. Need to work on their sandwich making technique vs sushi for more western acceptability.

    • James/G

      ‘Friday’ by RA Heinlein was bio-engineering as I recall, which is about as close as to playing God as I never want to come…

    • Henry

      I immediately thought of “Friday,” but I guess she was an “artificial person” and not a robot.

  • Andy

    Read Isaac Asimov’s “Robots of Dawn”.
    You’ll find it there. If memory serves, the human woman’s name was Gloria and she was indulging with her male robot domestic.

    • WayneM

      An excellent series of novels… the lovely Gladia Delmarre…

      Imagine a planet where people live in socially constructed agoraphobia… so they don’t… perhaps can’t… abide being in close proximity to each other… yet they remain human; social creatures.

      Instead, they use technology to communicate almost exclusively… but, of course, their technology is advanced enough so their holograms are nearly indistinguishable from humans… And, of course, they have robots including some nearly indistinguishable from humans…

      • Andy

        Thanks for the correction. Been a LONG time since I read the series.

    • Henry

      Don’t I recall that Hari Seldon’s wife eventually turned out to be a robot?

  • JimV

    Still hoping for the celebratory family naked BBQ at the skinny dipping pond.

    • They are half-Japanese, after all.

      • Grunt GI

        So they are.

  • Jay Eimer

    Heinlein’s “Friday” – doesn’t make it past the end of the 1st chapter before the protagonist discovers his girlfriend is a robot.

  • Doubt that our half-japs need a metallic protuberance to keep them happy. Well, maybe Skye, as she ain’t having much luck with the meat people.

    For Sam though, she’s totin’ the perfect anti-voyeur tool right on her waist; couple good whacks on those little beady red cameras with that claw hammer should do the trick. Couple more could nail down any nascent protuberances too.

    Eunuchs been around forever, for much the same reasons as for Red ‘s harem servant here. But who knew that would carry over to the bot bois of this brave new world?

  • Pamela

    They can look as long as they don’t try to sniff the Ladies hair … on any part of their bodies

  • Kafiroon

    If that R100, by the look of that evil grin, was steam powered, the pressure relief valve would be wide open venting. If there was a whistle attached, it would be deafening.

    • Pamela

      It’s not like R100 can put lips together and whistle

  • Polly Cy

    Reminds me of my frequent “No Fashion statements!” warning to my students who wanted to write their papers on, “The Right to Bare Arms.”


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