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  • William Henry

    The demented sock puppet in the white house is gonna make some fine TV ads for every pro-gun organization in this country.

    He has no f***ing clue what the Constitution or Bill Of Rights is.

    He should be in the nursing home drooling and shitting his depends.

    • Too Tall

      As opposed to sitting in the White House drooling, shitting his Depends, squandering our money, selling out to the Nation’s enemies, with his finger on the Button.

    • the Chicken of Depression

      I’m real sure the likes of MSDNC, ABC, CBS and to a degree FOX will get right on airing pro-gun organization ads , yeah, right. on. it.! All the Dems know what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are about, they just don’t agree with any of it and want it gone, but none of that means he shouldn’t be in a nursing home with his pot of paste drooling and shitting his depends.

  • JTC

    Yikes. Them there overalls work a lot better as hot couture coming rather than going. Not a good look. And I’m an ass man. Either she’s worn out after a hard day or Chris is. 😉

    • Too Tall

      Oh, IDK. That hammer is holstered and it still appears to have some schwing in that still shot. Art is in the eye of the beholder,

      (Cue the “What hammer?” crowd….)

      • JTC

        She unholstered more than just the hammer in front, don’t that damn denim bag have strap buttons in the back too?

    • Too Tall

      In any event, increases in artistry are strongly correlated to increases in the red bar.

      • JTC

        Heh, first read that as “increases in the red hair.”

        Which might also be true as that gorgeous mane looks cropped, but is just tied up I guess.

        Thought we were gonna have to pay extra for that sexual organ (oh yes it is) as well as the others, all coming together beautifully and artfully and titillatingly down at the pond…

        I think she might be headed that way now…or is she watching that damn slow-moving bar too? Hurry up and move it y’all!

    • Capn Jack

      That view does look a little misshapen It must just be the tools she is carrying in her pockets

    • the Chicken of Depression

      I am digging the the new hair updoo.

      • JTC

        Well shit, no wonder your chicken is depressed! 🙂

    • Shooter 2.5

      I can’t picture Red as a hard working Texas woman with secretary spread or bubble butt. No thanks. The rest of her is just fine.

    • John M.

      Overalls, including that pair, aren’t normally skin tight. Give Sam a little slack,just like Chris and those overalls are! What hammer?

  • Halley

    Joe and Kamala know they are America’s Least Wanted, so their vengeance on the plebs will be massive.

  • Punta Gorda


    Trying to avoid tequila tonight. I prefer to have at least one clean day to detox…

    Still pissed off. Left a single star review….noticed that I am not the first. Karma already seems to be in play.

    • Pamela

      Well at least there wasn’t a worm involved. As to Snausages, was that on the menu? I know in the coming months with the deliberate meat crisis shortages to take most of America into a worm, bugs and fake meat future to protect the planet, those might be considered a fine meal.

  • Tom Stockton

    Well, Sam is on MY Most Wanted List! 🙂

  • Bill G

    ‘Asset Seizure’. What an appalling program. OTOH, those overalls hold assets I’d love to seize.

    • Eh, Wot?

      Truly spoken, Sir!

  • eon

    Believe in a “Master Race” theory and various primitivist pseudo-sciences- check.

    Hates Christians- check.

    Really hates Jews- check.

    Bromance with Islam- check.

    Uses organized gangs to terrorize the populace- check.

    Wants to disarm the populace- check.

    Wants a “non-aggression pact” with the largest Communist dictatorship on the planet- check.

    And wants endless wars to spread its theology everywhere else- check.

    Germany under the Nazis, 1935.

    United States under the Progressives, 2021.

    We seem to have to learn this lesson over and over again.

    clear ether


    • Frank James Gaughan

      You nailed it!
      Very scary…

    • JTC

      Debate it ‘til the cows come home, but yes indeed there IS, for lack of a better term, a Master Race.

      But it ain’t them.

  • Wood

    There IS no Democrat party. The Communist party took over, and people are still fooled by (D) vs (R).

  • Halley

    I still think there are enough obvious big, big questions no one is asking since the infamous events of Nov.3-4, that we can safely assert that this so-called political reality is in fact still somewhere between Makes No Sense World and The Twilight Zone. I cannot shake the suspicion that the big, big things that are happening are way below the surface and hidden from our view, like Sam’s underalls covered by her overalls…

    • cb

      “below the surface and hidden from our view” Expressed by many. For some reason I place it in the ‘cryptocurrency’ category. I know I’m old fashioned, but if something doesn’t throw a shadow… it ain’t there ~ imo. And yes, my dog tags read ‘Agnostic’.

      • Capn Jack

        In my day, they just filled in Protestant on your tags. I still haven’t bothered to figure that one out.

        • cb

          Capn… They asked me ‘religion’, when I hesitated they asked ‘what church do you go to’… of course I said ‘depends which girl I’m going with’. I had to go look up ‘Agnostic’.

      • When I went in, it wasn’t agnostic it was none.

  • James/G

    Eighty. Eighty million MAGA/KAG Voters. Get it right you FBI wuss…

  • Pamela

    It will not end well for many that still think they are above any Law. “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

  • JTC

    Once again the can of right or wrong is kicked down the riad…

    And once again the conservative minority of Clarence and Samuel are silenced by the “conservative” posers who have joined the ranks of the bought and paid (looking right at you Brett and Amy, and of course the Trojan horse Roberts).

    • Halley

      One could suspect that The Godfather movies explain the behaviour of the Supreme Court better than anything else could…

      One also wonders how much a complete exposé of CCP spies and informants would reveal about the current state of the former USA?

  • Pamela

    How in the hell did they fold the DD into the town?
    I thought it was protected by Don Portago?

    • Embassy revoked a year ago. But, they haven’t folded it into town limits-yet.

      • Pamela

        Ah crap. Hmm. Javier , care to have some wicked fun>
        Sounds like some Origami needs to happen to the town.
        Tie them up in knots. Spankings will commence soon.

  • Too Tall

    Regarding the last panel: My working definition for “Stupid” is – You really don’t want to know what the inside of a 20 gallon sh*tcan of Whoopass looks like, but go ahead and open it if you must.

    And no, I won’t hold your beer.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Anything more than one or two “visitors” from any three-letter-agency should be considered an invasion by enemies, foreign and domestic. Shoot to kill, let none escape, bury all bodies and evidence.
    Fortunately the DD Ranch has a backhoe and lots of “back 40” .


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