Day By Day


  • Tagg

    She looks well reassembled to me! Already reaching critical mass that would set off tbe average male.

    • JTC

      Yes she/it is definitely getting her ‘chette together. 🙂

  • Delilah T

    I see that Jo is outstanding in her field. As are Tabasco and the Dawgs.

  • Big Jim

    Here’s hoping the fletchettes left permanent nerve damage. Pricks for pricks.

    • MasterDiver

      No, she would have aimed higher to hit them THERE!

      Zar Belk!

      • She would have to use a high powered telescopic sight to even find that on these “bois”, never mind the ball bearings that go with the stick shift.

    • rickn8or

      I guess she figures she’s done all the damage she can get away with.

    • JTC

      She’s lucky The Machine didn’t Arkancide her ass for failing to get the commie in. Be wary of what takes her place, that is one insane cesspool of leftism down there, hence they will do it again, harder.

  • kadaka

    Maybe next time, since Jo can change shape and color, the Antifa can wonder why a giant coil of rattlesnakes is suddenly swarming them. “Aw, don’t you have no guns to fight back with? Better get running!”

  • Buck in Willcox

    Would it be too vindictive to present the police with that information before Thanksgiving?
    “Don’t equate saving our army with victory”…Churchill on the conclusion of Dunkirk.

    • kadaka

      Cops like Thanksgiving dinner with their families too, and the Antifa will most likely be at their parents’ houses. Why ruin it for everyone?

  • JTC

    Looks like ice girl has got it together.

    This DNA absorption thing or whatever it is, could be mighty useful.

    Maybe hit up one of them Beta rallies, bet there’s a dark side there.

    The tone-deafness and irony of that one is astounding. Effing racists!

    OTOH, if we can find us a “Donald Trump but black” that would be funny as hell. And I would vote for him. How’s that for some more irony you Alinsky scrum?

    • kadaka

      You mean like Herman Cain?

      • JTC

        Pretty close. There are a handful of OTW’s that might qualify.

        And people think the fabricated and weaponized #metoo shit is something new; they forget about Herman and Clarence.

        But 9-9-9 was DOA anyway.

  • cfm56dash7

    Sure, pose for the mug shots and forward them to the police. A more interesting twist might be Jo’s ability to mimic and go undercover. Would an ANTIFA meeting be a repeat of a Monty Python sketch (I want you to call me Loretta), or just a bunch of shrill bloviating? Try not to think about the opportunities for dezinformatsiyaдезинформация, propaganda, or false flag operations.

    • JTC

      Shapeshifting into one of them would be the whole point. Any mugshots would be of the adoptee, of course there never are any of “them”. But she might pick up enough dirt to change that.

  • Pamela

    Do you think Jo had the fletchettes take a circuitous route coming back home…

    • Merle

      One can hope !!! 🙂

  • Set up a camera, do all the faces. Get ’em! Oh, btw, wordpress has frozen my blog. Guess I stepped on too many of the right toes. Any good ideas for an alternate blogsite?


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