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  • Merle


    • John M.

      Double agent…

      • eon


        clear ether


        • John D. Egbert

          A female Herbert Filbrick . . .

  • Delilah T.


  • JTC

    We will see who is actually playing who.

    I know where my money is.

  • Shonkin

    My guess is she’s setting the FIBs for a fall. Cleaning house (0r swamp-drainage), you might say.

  • sgtcpt

    Our favorite curvy T1000 in disguise?

  • S Hooks

    *Note to fed agents, “It’s a trap!” – Admiral Gial Ackbar

    • GWB

      I always think everything could be a trap, which is why I’m still alive.
      — Prince Humperdink

      • Browncoat

        Most excellent!

  • TomZ.

    From Sunday, Zed talking about a backup plan.

  • Every comment so far has something I want to say. Just wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • James Gemind

    She is more than a simple FBI agent. Not all agents are SWAT trained, and if she is the team leader for a Texas detachment, She was actually playing nice with Naomi…

    • Too Tall

      SWAT trained FBI versus Mossad and IDF trained sniper? It is still no contest. Suzy got off light on that FUBAR.

      • Old Codger

        I gotta go along with that. Suzy really did get off light. I always heard that if you gotta choose between pissing off a SEAL or ISF, choose the SEAL. You’re dead either way but the ISF won’t finish you until you ask to die – NICELY!

        • Too Tall

          Well, there was this one Marine, who was a third-degree black belt in Shorin-ryu (martial art from Okinawa), who clearly got the better of a member of the IDF with a black belt in Krav Maga. It wasn’t exactly a sanctioned sporting competition, and I wouldn’t have characterized it as a “friendly,” either.

  • Calvin

    She went skinny dipping with the ladies…

    • GWB

      Maybe she will again. Soon.

      • JTC

        Or she may go for a float. Solo.

  • Punta Gorda

    …so the “Total Myth” comment makes you wonder…

    For the unsuspecting, this could turn out quite shocking. Remember, Jo can be anything. Even J Edgar Hoover if she could get a sample… or DNA residue from some discarded heels.

    • Punta Gorda

      Speaking of contact DNA, if she could sample the squad she could be any of them.

      • Too Tall

        Jo (T-1000) is going to make a guest appearance as PDJT to welcome everyone to the festivities.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          I wonder how fast Jo can transfer her cold to a weapon when she touches it? Render them unusable, and too cold to hold.

  • Fox2!

    Speaking of which, where is our favorite Sabra? Off in BA with Jan and company? Remember, there are two snipers associated with the Double D. And I wouldn’t put money on which one would come out on top in a friendly contest.

  • Ultracon

    All I can is “WOW”. I can’t wait for the rest of the story!!

  • James Gemind

    It ends with an FBI agent being spanked… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Too Tall

      Probably with a lot of “English” on it this time. (Obscure reference to “Miss NoPants in the barn with the PingPong paddle.”)

      I wonder if Travis is going to lead the local Pantyfa chapter into the center of this circular ambush?

      Meanwhile, Tabasco is warming up in the bullpen. He is ready to go the distance.

  • Pete231

    Even money says this ain’t gonna end well for a certain group of federal employees…..

  • William Ewing (Bill)

    Everyone knows what happens when ‘assumptions’ (neutralized robots) are made.

    The Vigaro is cocked and locked to hit the Mix Master.

    Ignorance is bliss, you poor illegitimate spawns of DC.

  • Bill


  • Bill G

    I sense another myth conception is on the way. I wonder how many cameras will be going during this flustercluck.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “Well I got friends in low places…..”

  • GWB

    This could be partway through a short story. Or it could be the beginnings of a months-long story arc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Redleg

    If it took almost 30 FBI agents to apprehend Roger Stone, how many will be deployed to apprehend Zed and Sam?

    • MasterDiver

      They don’t have enough on the payroll!

      Zar Belk!

      • Too Tall


  • PaulS

    If you know theyโ€™re coming, donโ€™t be there. Or have that T2000 claymore ready. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Halley

    The Gestapo-ish apprehension of Stone is only one of many such anti-American outrages being allowed to take place or go unpunished under Trump’s hawk-eye watch. Surely (Shirley?) there is good reason why he’s letting these clowns(D) and thugs(D) have at it with nary an uncouth tweet in reply, much less the deserved handcuff or life sentence. I believe those in despair now about MAGA are going to be quite happily surprised later this year… the President is a very patient man when needs be, methinks.

    • rickn8or

      Perhaps he’s building evidence that the current FBI Director needs to be fired or indicted.

    • JJ cooper

      Don’t call me Shirley!! One of my favorite quotes.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Speaking of Mr Stone, he’s saying that at the time of his arrest, the KGB (errrrr….), Stazi (ahhhhh…..), FiBbIes (yeah! dem’s da ones) DID. NOT. READ. HIM. HIS. MIRANDA. RIGHTS!!!!

      Ball’s in your court, Muler.

  • Saturn V

    What are the feathery white โ€œemblemsโ€ on their utility vests? What am I missing here?

    Love this toon!

    • Chris Muir


      • GWB

        Loops of oodles and oodles of zip-ties

        For 2 people. Unless they’re extra special ones for robotic dogs. But I don’t see that being the case. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Too Tall

        Officially known as “flex cuffs.” If you are close enough to Zed, or someone who is dear to him, to contemplate trying to put them on the individual, you are already dead.

        If Zed installs them on you, his minimum tension setting is “gangrene.” The standard is that the individual should be immobilized for a minimum of four hours. Zed’s standard is that within four hours you are permanently crippled or dead.

        The children in their dress-up costumes should not be playing with as toys, the tools of the Master’s (Zed’s) trade.

        Karma will ensure they are removing flex cuffs from places they did not know had places.

        Life’s tough enough, but when you have to go through life sans hands, feet, and other appendages we will not contemplate here, it REALLY s*cks!

        Bonus: The sight of a simple twist tie on the plastic bag containing a loaf of bread will give you nightmares for the rest of your short, brutish, miserable, life.

  • Tagg

    Obola ran on hope and change. We got stuck with dope and chains. Under Trump we have hope and are praying desperately for the change to follow.

  • Pamela

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen… Get your favorite comestibles and beverages of choice, get comfy, lite a fire, hit the record button and watch the coming show with the ensuing fireworks and various levels of Awe.

  • Never trust a cop of any kind.

    • JTC

      Extensive biz and personal interactions over nearly 50 years indicates you are about half right…only question is which half.

      In this case we might be needing Kindergarten Cop on our side, in one of his (it’s?) other guises. But yeah, Ahnold might be on the wrong side of that line.

  • JTC

    WOTD: Comestible.

    Not what I’da thunk considering the source. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks, P.

    • Pamela

      Most welcome JT

  • Punta Gorda

    Can’t recall if Jo ever met Suzi. She might actually believe it’s a myth. If I remember, Jeeves wound up as a Mopar hybrid. I can’t wait to see what the pink APC is packing for defense, or if it is still an APC.

  • WayneM

    Long time, no see for Suzy Q. Picture my surprise to see you! After the early morning ambush… I mean raid… time to wash off the sweat at the pond.

  • Spin Drift

    “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.” Don Vito Corleone.

    Somehow I’m seeing all the FBI agents rounded up and naked in the barn. A burn pile of equipment going up in flames all being live streamed to a certain former FBI Director. Then stuff gets serious as Zed realizes that a line has been crossed and it’s time to hunt.

    Dip in honey and stake em out.

    • Pamela

      Dip them in oleander honey…

  • John

    The real villain here is the judge who signed the warrant.
    Judges are not supposed to be that clueless, and if you can sue a ham sandwich, surely you can sue a judge for conspiracy to false arrest.

  • Fronk!

    Great plot twist! We’ll see what happens…

  • Spin Drift

    Oh and one more thing, the next few days are going to be more fun than a bag of dicks on a feminist cruise.


  • kadaka

    Today is a great day for Democrats to pass border wall funding. Once-in-a-generation great. Tomorrow also.

  • M’Kay, there is so much more here than so many see. That, or I’m giving Chris Muir more credit than he deserves. I don’t think so.


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