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  • Light ’em up, SIR!

    • Deplorable B Woodman


      • MasterDiver


        Zar Belk!

  • Interventor

    Love watching the journos attempting to explain Trump. It’s like the tale of the blind men and the elephant.


  • NotYetInACamp

    President Trump can give something, but he must get everything that Americans (like him) expect from that moment on. That is the deal.
    No DACA citizenship, ever. Maybe all deported? No birthright citizenship to any but the children of USA citizens. No chain immigration. No people advocating individually or in groups attempting to conquer the USA. Expulsion of those. Then some of the stuff discussed in the wnd article, and more. The field is open to America being Great Again. No citizenship birth trips to the USA by anyone.
    A new great America arises. We have an American President. He will unveil matters as they can be done. The Resistance of the Deep State is still strong in them. But they reflex jump REAL high. He knows their nature and is in control, as much as anyone good can be. And Trump is not nice. So very wonderfully and beautifully and yugely, not nice.
    I wonder what happens when the President decides that it is time to snap his fingers? What that man is doing good for the American people and the nation!

    • Henry

      “President Trump can give something, but he must get everything that Americans (like him) expect from that moment on. That is the deal.”

      Ouch. That’s what Reagan did on amnesty. Once his concession was committed, he never got what he was promised.

      Never, ever, deliver first to these soulless liars.

      • David Lang

        Put the budget for the wall in the same bill.

      • Brasspounder

        This. The same thing happened when Reagan capitulated on taxes when promised a future budget cut. The cut never happened, of course.

      • NotYetInACamp

        – ” Never, ever, deliver first to these soulless liars. ” –

        You are correct, sir.

        He has given a position in negotiation, so far After the other side as fully delivered, THEN he will deliver whatever SMALL concession that he may have made. I believe that the President knows that there is an ABSOLUTELY HUGE GREAT TREMENDOUS ALMOST ASSUREDLY EVIL OCCURRING UNRELIABLE LYING SURELY TO ACT AGAINST THEIR HONOR AND OBLIGATIONS COUNTER PARTY RISK involved in any dealings with the honorable members of the distinguished Congress of these united States of America. History has shown such perfidy to be true and reliable to occur.

    • GWB

      First, before doing away with birth citizenship, eliminate dual-citizenship. Period. For everyone. Force a choice: American or something else.
      Then eliminate birth citizenship for any whose parents are not citizens or full-rights residents.

      First, though, he’s going to have to eliminate the technocracy. Otherwise, it’ll never happen.

    • JTC

      “He knows their nature and is in control, as much as anyone good can be. And Trump is not nice. So very wonderfully and beautifully and yugely, not nice.”

      As profoundly hopefully accurate as a statement could be right there.

      Reagan too knew their nature, but he was if not nice then at least somewhat confident in their dedication to America.

      That is not the case with the enemy now both within and without our party and our country. Trump knows it and puts no trust in anything they say. He will deliver on his side of any bargains, but he will damn well collect on theirs. That is the art of the deal and of politics; nobody does it better. Prayers for him and us all.

    • Pamela

      I see a Zoo with endangered species. In one habitat is a RINO.
      In another some inter-bred LibProgDemSocComm.
      The last of their kind as they are unable to breed.
      Quel dommage!

      • Halley

        And in every genetic generation a few (very very very few) Roarks and Maureen Johnsons, making the rest worthwhile…

        • John D. Egbert

          Is that the Roark who had the impossible;y good sense to wed Detective Eve Dallas? If so, — AMEN.

          • John D. Egbert

            Damn fumble thumbs: should be “impossibly”. . .

  • KenH

    Hate to crush your tiny widdle minds, GOPRINO bitches, but you are about to get your asses kicked so far they’ll need a telescope to find your corpses

    • AlexJ

      Electron Microscope, is more like it.

      But what happens when Dem-Vermin gain a majority?

  • noncom

    McConnell is a dick….with apologies to all dicks….

    • March Hare

      To all DBDers in Irma’s path, including Chris–stay safe! My prayers are with you.

    • JTC

      Yup, first us then you…potentially down to a cat 2 by then, but getting nailed by the eye means a double whammy with wind direction both ways, hard to shelter from both…still the biggest issue is water, if we don’t flood out we’ll get through, son’s house and business in Palm Beach will get nailed bad on the right side but he and fiancé are here with us, daughter on the St. Pete coast is getting inland with friends by Tampa Airport, best hopes and prayers for all in the bitch’s path.

    • Pamela

      That is one kind of danger close everyone needs to be stay safe from.
      In God’s Safekeeping to everyone.

    • John D. Egbert

      Check in with a guy named Joe Bastarti (sp?). He’s probably the best hurricane guy out there in the NWS. Hannity gets him on-air and the t5rack looks good. Hmm. . .Nashville by Wednesday means Clarksville soon after. Guess I better get busy and caulk the basement . . .

  • WayneM

    Stay safe, everyone…

  • Unca Walt

    It looks like the worst will miss me; the latest path of the eye is now at least a full MILE from my battened-down chateau here in West Palm Beach. Jeez.

    • NotYetInACamp

      A full mile. Wow. It’ll miss you. Lucky. Buy a lottery tickey! 🙂

      • Pamela

        NYIAC~ Can I pet the kittiez fluffy belly? Please.
        Where did you get that cat…
        Totally fluffy and cool

        • NotYetInACamp

          The picture is taken from the internet.
          That is a great cat.
          I had to use it.
          You reaction is joined by mine. I would love to scratch the kitty’s fluffy belly.
          It looks like kitty has joined me in a prolonged breaking into the hurricane supplies.
          The original picture had the fluffy kitty looking up at a plate of froot loops in the person’s hand. That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest kitty pictures around. I would rather have my Maine Coon Cat that adopted me still alive. But this is a great kitty picture. It would be a cat to have around. Expensive, maybe? But great to have around.

          • Pamela

            Both of my Orange cats were and are Maine Coon.
            Be safe and think about fluffy bellies needing scritches.

    • JTC

      Be aware though, that a mile to the right, or stronger side, of the eye will still get hit hard, and the Loxahatchee area is mostly low-lying(whole area and Wellington too, is a former marsh and recharge area…for decades nothing could be built there, now look).

      Does seem this storm will dump less water which is good but oddly enough the area further east away from the eye (son’s jewelry store is at Military and Northlake, about ten miles from Seminole-Pratt) and much more so another four miles to along the intracoastal, are in much more jeopardy of flooding due to the push of water onshore.

      Whatever happens happens, just have to be as ready as possible, have a plan, and for ask God’s help.

      • John D. Egbert

        Beat me to it — grr-r-r-r . . .

    • John D. Egbert

      Which way? The worst part of a hurrilady is the northeast quadrant – especially close to the eye . . .

  • canuck49

    “Any government big enough to give you everything you wan, is also big enough to take everything you have”

    Gerald R. Ford

    • John D. Egbert

      First said by Thomas Jefferson . . .

  • Grunt GI

    Ok, gonna try not to be long-winded here, but maybe someone can explain this whole DACA thing to me.

    So these “children” are here illegally because their parents came here illegally, so maybe they were born here, which does, whether we like it or not, gives them citizenship, but many were not BORN here, so they can’t even claim that.

    So they are here illegally, yet the left considers them above the law, and virtually untouchable. Now I get it, this is liberal dogma 101..immigration and US citizenship are human rights that can’t be regulated, but WTF?

    In the cold hard light of truth, Trump merely did the right thing and undid an unConstituional Executive Order and punted this shitball to Congress, who should be addressing this. PUT those bastards on record for either voting for a country with law and order, or allowing a bunch of bleeding heart whiners decide our immigration policy based on their feelings. Congress should either have the balls to pass amnesty or a real immigration bill and then face the voters. Cuz they didn’t, Obama filled in with his Imperial edict.

    OK, done….but it’s gonna be a shit storm to watch…just saw this headline.

    UC sues the Trump administration for rescinding DACA protections for immigrant students

    This article is so full of crap, it makes me cringe:

    “Napolitano said in statement. “They represent the best of who we are — hard working, resilient and motivated high achievers. To arbitrarily and capriciously end the DACA program, which benefits our country as a whole, is not only unlawful, it is contrary to our national values and bad policy.””

    The level of mental masturbation liberals have to do to justify breaking the law is just staggering.

    But yet it isn’t, which is sad too…liberals want what they want and if you don’t agree then you’re just a xenophobic racist who hates children.

    ok, rant done…be safe…really, really looking forward to REDVOLUTION…and maybe some more swimming hole…anything to escape this insanity.

    • John

      What it really boils down to is Rule of Law.
      The cause of DACA program has been in place since the Reagan administration, with subsequent POTUS sweeping it under the rug until Emperor Obama actually stuck the problem on a piece of paper. Now it can’t be ignored.
      But now we have a culture of pseudo-law in place in Washington that won’t acknowledge the slightest hint of taking a stand on anything.
      Being a businessman, our new POTUS has served notice that pseudo-law is intolerable. There must be something solid both Law Enforcement and the Courts can unequivocally enforce and everyone, including business, can rely on.
      I’m hoping this President Everybody Seems to Hate will shame everybody in the Hill into Doing Their Dammed Jobs!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Well put.

      My opinion of current law and law by Supreme Court decisions finds no law that gives the child born here of illegally present foreign nationals, or any child of foreign nationals with any legal issue about their parents presence in this nation any legal right to claim citizenship in the USA. They are in the jurisdiction of the USA rather than subject to the jurisdiction of the USA as discussed but not decided by the US Supreme Court. The only citizenship they have, if any, is gratuitous citizenship that is not backed up by law, but by the blind eye of what progressives have changed many people’s thoughts to be by language manipulation and propaganda and appeals to the misdirected well meaning of Americans.
      DACA’s were born in another country. They are not citizens. They and their parents are subject to immediate deportation excepting an illegal Presidential directive (EO) by Barrack Hussein Obama.
      No case directly on point has been brought to the US Supreme Court. candidate Trump brought this issue and others up during the first Republican debate. His discussion of this issue differentiated Trump from all other Republican candidates, AND, pushed him into the lead and the nomination. he knows it. he all but said so in his speech at the rally in Phoenix recently. Trump said that the US must apply the law and consider some new law. President Trump’s DACA decison is applying existing US law and dropping the concept of making any new law exactly where it belongs, in the Congress of the United States of America, with the approval of the President should he find their law presented to him acceptable for him to sign.

      Liberals are working to fundamentally change the United States of America into part of the globalist slave system to be ruled by a global elite. Replacing Americans is part of the plan.

      Also, this is grest, the United States Supreme Court discussed the fact that nowhere in law does an invader, the invader’s entourage, nor the invader’s children EVER get citizenship in the invaded land that the child is born in.
      Again, in my interpretation, Mexico is a nation (among others) that has publicly advocated and has sent its people into the United States of America as an asymmetric army intended to plunder and conquer all or part of it. This position has been publicly stated by their presidents for generations as well as by other government officials, and taught in Mexican schools.
      Also, look at Sharia Law. Those who follow it or advocate it cannot become citizens by that concept of law as well as by US Code written in the 1950’s and at other times.
      Apply the law. Americans first. If we do not retain and increase our power, our natural inclination to help the world will end, and th globalist world slavers will take complete power. “They” thought that Hillary would ensure slaver control of the world by the elitists. And that pedophilia found in elite around the world (The UK is awash in it. So is Islam. Pedo Island (wrecked), Bill Clinton on pedo flights (27 at least), Pedogate, over 5000 pedophiles arrested in the US since Trump let them arrest them, industrial level pedophilia in the USA and across the world. And so on.

      Yup. The swimming hole is a nice mental diversion back into good things and good thoughts. What is out there is insanity. Unfortunately too much of that insanity is reality.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And of course we do know that the mental and governmental gymnastics around the whole debt ceiling thingy is exactly what they say it is. It is a distraction so the PTB in Washington can continue to drain the wealth out of the USA for the politicians real rulers, while feigning fighting for their glorious and faithful voters. Typical lies of the politicians. You nailed it there quite well, also.