Day By Day


  • Malatrope

    I’m in!

  • Doc Epador

    Stay high and dry

  • Jim

    I LIKE that solution to the NK problem. Though I could understand that Kim might prefer to be nuked…

    For those of you who know him, Jerry Pournelle apparently passed away peacefully this afternoon during an after-lunch nap. Rest in peace, Jerry.

    • JSStryker

      R.I.P. Jerry loved your books.

    • Interventor

      I will miss him.

    • Ozymandias

      I love his books.. some of the best SF I’ve ever read. Chris, I hope you and yours come through the storm okay.

    • eon

      One of the best SF writers, right up here with RAH. the world is a little darker, now.


    • MasterDiver

      Wrote some of the best essays on war and patriotism, and his collaborations with Larry Niven were… (wait for it)… SUPERB!
      RIP Jerry, You will be missed.

    • GWB

      RIP Mr Pournelle.

    • odgreen

      He wrote the forward to the first survivalist book I read, “Tappan on Survival”. So sad to hear of his passing.

    • JSStryker

      Jeez JTC, a little warning there, my eyes bounced off the lenses of my glasses and then retreated back into my skull screaming all the way. Had to give them an entire bottle of eye bleach to return to their normal place!

      • MasterDiver

        A Gorgon has been thrust against the eyes of the nation,
        There is not enough Eye Bleach to wash away the horror!
        (With apologies to Shaka Zulu, and in tribute to Jerry Pournelle)

        Gohd, she was just as ugly(and by reports smelly) when she was in college!

        • NotYetInACamp

          I am glad that i sometimes heed warning. I shall enjoy some eye bleach just from reading what you all witnessed.

          Demons can return. I’ve heard that.

          Larry Nichols, past operator for the Dixie mafia and their handler for the Clinton”s, he said, and the man who ensured his election, told of his first meeting Hillary. The smell.
          One of Bill’s she thought then girlfriend, when she picked Bill and Hillary up at the airport, discovering that Bill had his girlfriend with him, also reported on her lack of hygiene, lack of shaving, and the smell. She worried about her new car. Both those comments have been publicly broadcast.

          Bill and hillary gave the Kim’s the breeder reactor that would make fissionable fuel for bombs. Patriotic Anmericans protested the Clinton’s dangerous actions against the peace of the world.
          Now the NORK quick nuclear tripwire is there for use by the socipath elites that have control of too much of the world.
          FDR: Nothing happens in politics by accident.
          So, too, the Clinton machine sold USA technology by allowing their “friends” to sell the math and programming and techniques to get into orbit and to deliver warheads and multiple warheads in nuclear tipped missiles to the Chinese back when Bill occupied the Oval Office.

          NORK and the Clinton’s deserve each other. Actual impact of Bill on Kim (chee) Un would be karmic. Evil would meet evil.
          Remember, by all appearances, Hillary and ‘Rules for Radicals’ Alinsky were doing the dirty deed. Bumping uglies. (MORE EYE-BLEACH STAT)

        • Interventor

          As I’ve related, I’ve been in contact with the three previous administrations. Hillary could gag a skunk.

  • Malatrope

    Sad about Jerry. I hadn’t heard. He contributed a huge amount to science fiction. Go in peace, man, and rest assured that you will not be forgotten.

  • KenH

    And fyi, cockroaches make nice crispy crunchies at about 10,000 degrees….

  • As for Jerry Pournelle, enjoy Valhalla warrior. As for the strip, I can see orbital launch.

  • And, JTC, YOU ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • NotYetInACamp

        I know that trick. I am not opening any of them. 🙂

        And I am positive that all comments about said perpetrator upon the residen5ts eyes were meant completely affectionately, or something like that. (Eyebleach com net please)

    • JTC

      Thank you Pamela…but yeah he kind of is, says so right there in the “about” blurb at the old blog. I rather embrace it like “deplorable” when hurled by clueless progs, and also when tossed out tongue in cheek by brothers (and sisters) in arms like Mr. Blake and Miz Pam too.

  • pyrodice

    I don’t think you get to come back, if you’re a non-prophet…

  • clayusmcret

    I know we’ve has issues with the NORKs all the way back to before Inchon, but come’on! They’ve never done anything bad enough to have the Clintons dumped on them.

    • GWB

      They cozy up to Dennis Rodman. Isn’t that enough?
      Clintons Away!

  • Bill G

    Dr. Pournelle will be missed.
    Clinton’s and Norks? Not so much.

  • Pamela

    “They always come back”
    Eww. As what, the undead?
    Oh wait a minute. That might explain why Bill has sought others to fulfill his sexual needs for all those decades.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Good talent is always missed. RIP.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Me and kitty have been a long time into the hurricane supplies. We both can still walk. No wind yet. But we may be susceptible to rolling should Irma take its time. that rolly-polly shape develops so quickly. That Mountain House Beef Stroganof is just too good.
    One part of the family gets a reduced impact. I likely will have reduced wind. Another member is in the new direct path in the Tampa area.
    One friend who was going to stay in the keys near Sugarloaf Key has departed as of last night. Fled. He was convinced to leave by others. A storm surge would deluge his home. I remember the stories about the 1935 hurricane that washed away Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway to Key West. Many island were scraped clean and many Keys islanders (Conchs) and the veterans working repairing the railroad were never seen again. Their rescue train washed away. My friend, he has Trump Climate Change Derangement Syndrome bad. The next time I see him I may engage in some mental torture. Some things are just too easy. He seems intelligent and rational in many other ways. There just is this matter. …

  • Wicked Duke

    Dunno man, dropping Ma & Pa Arkancide on the Norks… They’re Norks, sure.
    But do they deserve *that*?

    • Pamela

      Well knowing Bill, I’d say strange bedfellows