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  • Too Tall

    Nice rimshot, Sam.

  • DogByte6RER

    That goofball Robert Reich … the Great Maha Rushi would pronounce his name as Robert Reicccccccchhhhhhh on his EIB Network in the 90s during the Clinton era.

    He mismanaged Clinton’s Labor Department turning the bureaucracy into something that does the opposite of its name. In this case, promulgating labor policies that promote more unemployment.

    I think this little dictator was last seen in Slick Willie’s home state, square dancing in “Hillbilly Hare” … check him out here at:

    • MasterDiver

      There is not enough eye bleach in Known Space…

      Zar Belk!

  • NotYetInACamp

    I will indict and convict in many minds their Truth and Reconciliation commission when they bring me before them.
    My Great Uncle Max was almost arrested by the Third Reich Nazis for speaking the truth during a return visit to his original home of Germany. He was an honored German war hero and had been awarded the Iron Cross for actions he had taken as a corporal serving in the German Army during World War One. Fortunately a member of the German Brown Shirts had warned my Great Uncle’s sister, a renowned actress in her own right, that the Brown Shirts were planning on arresting my Great Uncle and my Great Aunt Marie. They avoided arrest. Later, in the USA, my Great Uncle spoke the truth to about 5000 German Americans at Madison Square Garden during a German Bund meeting prior to World War Two. His mother and sister were both thrown in jail for the truth my Great Uncle spoke to the Bund meeting. His sister died in prison before she could be released. His mother was released before she died due to the intercession of the German Ambassador to the USA, who was a friend.
    South Africa had the Bantu and British colony builders run into each other in Southern Africa. Both cultures attacked, killed and abused the Dutch Boer farmers. The British could not defeat the Dutch Farmers in the African Bush C=country that they lived in, so The British captured all of the Boer old men, women, and children that they could from their villages and homesteads. These Boers were placed in concentration camps where there was insufficient food, insufficient clean water, almost no medical care, and overcrowding. Many Boers died in the British concentration Camps. Some Bantu tribes entered into agreements with the Boer concerning ownership of land in various parts of Southern Africa. After the treaties and contracts were made, the Bantu at first killed many Boer settlers in betrayals and traps, for which the Boers eventually retaliated. The British violated their treaties with the Boers and took over Boer land when gold and diamonds were discovered on the areas they moved to after the Britsh conquered Capetown and other Boer land.
    The Bantu will to this day sing about killing the Boer, and viscous disgusting vile evil murders of Boer farmers and their children are a common occurrence.
    Even Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela had been filmed dancing and singing the kill the Boer song. Presidents of South Africa have said they will not kill the “white man”, yet. As well as they demand what they call white men do not own the land they have and must return the land and all wealth to the black man without compensation. And they reserve the right to kill all of the people they want. The New York Times and other communists and Democrats have supported these murderers as well as others such as Hug Chavez, the Bantu communist governments, Maduro, the Castro brothers, and many more like them,How’s that truth and reconciliation worked out in South Africa? Not so well.

    Nice outfits on the girls. More transparency than any Truth and Reconciliation Commission will ever have.

    • steveb919

      Thanks for the story about your relatives.

    • John

      On a side note to this.
      The British invented the Concentration Camp at this time.

      • interventor

        I’d blame such on the Spanish who opened concentration camps in Cuba a few years before that.

    • JTC

      Not Yet, good history lesson and very applicable to today but for names changed to indict the guilty…

      But as to family trees I am a close relative of Roland; me and my “Thompson” are prepared to drive the New Bantu to their knees, thence to their graves should that be required.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Yes. But there were more there, but not enough.

    • JIMV

      “Nice outfits on the girls. More transparency than any Truth and Reconciliation Commission will ever have.”

      I keep hoping that we will have a victory collage of all the characters in the altogether to celebrate the reelection. Just one big panel, all the cast smiling and very naked around the pool….

      Well, I can dream

  • steveb919

    I’m going out on a limb here but I think the Chicoms put out the Corona virus on purpose to give the president a major problems in his last year and really screw things up with his reelection. You will notice it got here in December or January. He has been real down on the Chicoms since he was elected and I know they don’t want DJT reelected as it will be more of the same. They didn’t care about the fall out on the rest of the world either. That is just how they think.

    • PaulS

      In league with the deep state! Notice how they were ready to work against PDJT at every turn, giving him bad advice, criticizing him for following the advice AND for when he didn’t. It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever seen, and I think most Americans are smart enough to see it also, hopefully I’m not too optimistic in that.

      • John

        As I understand it the FBI was given the Hunter laptop back in December and then sat on it.
        No action was taken until Rudy Giuliani launched his October Surprise because the computer repairman who gave the laptop to the FBI also made copies of the hard drive and gave one to Rudy.

    • steveb919

      The first one was a repeat.

  • Lon Mead

    You should know that people who make bad puns are to be exiled to Noman.

    (Noman is an island.)

    • MasterDiver

      Lon Mead: May you be buried in an avalanche peanut shells!
      (And drown in free beers!)

      Zar Belk!

  • Old Codger

    While looking for stories about Reich calling for a “Truth Commission” I came across a column titled “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions? Why not just make ready the guillotine?” By John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. Ladies and gents, when an idea by a Democrat is so awful that a CHICAGO PAPER prints a column against it, you have to know it’s a really bad idea.

    Here’s an excerpt

    Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

    Chew on the chilling, delicious irony as Joe Biden tells us he wants to heal the nation while pundits of the left, backing Biden, seek tribunals. There’s nothing like punishing your opponents in the name of national healing, non?

    Or is that, oui?

    Reich is an educated man. He HAS to know what he’s calling for.

    Read the piese here:

  • Halley

    Now that the DNC/MSM is, for all effects and purposes, exposed as a weaponized gang of fascists, what will they now do to ensure PDT cannot be reelected?

    a. Military Coup
    b. Assassination
    c. Foreign Nuclear Crisis
    d. Systemic Voter Fraud

    I’m thinking, all the above.

  • Grunt GI

    Yea. He’s got short man syndrome. He’s like a little troll.

    Before the ladies get all dressed, can we have a little more Suzy, Naomi, and Jo?

    Please. 🙂

    • MasterDiver

      He’s a small man, not just in stature, for many men of lesser physical size have proven to be great men. No, he is small of soul, smaller of spirit, and smallest of heart.

      Zar Belk!

      • JTC

        I’m sure that’s true but I’m drawing a blank, we’ve got the tiny triplets Reich, Fauci, and Sessions, maybe throw in the CNN dude’s little man for good measure as it were, but great dwarfs?

        • WayneM

          Don’t forget the most monstrous of dwarfs, Jerry Nadler…

        • Pamela

          from an evil small minded imitation of a human man
          ‘116 TH CONGRESS 2 D S ESSION S. 3221 check it out.
          control the food. control the people. conquer the people.
          after all, isn’t that what is all about.
          no hokey. no pokey.

  • JTC

    Call it the “Truth and Retribution Commission“ and he gets the honors of first appearance before it.

    He escapes to a basement bunker (Unca Joe has one handy), I’ll supply the pistol (vintage Luger of course), and Hillz can be Eva. Either the little bitch does himself in immediately to escape that horror, or Hillary finally does one Arkancide herself, followed by one to herself…no she could never destroy The Preciousss, but without the meds and shock treatments, she’ll just have to die in that hole alone.

    I like it.

    • The Nth Doctor

      Oh, he’d almost certainly find himself in front of that Commission sooner or later, if he gets what he wants. And just like every other Useful Idiot of the Left, he’ll be taken completely by surprise when, after they succeed in achieving their Glorious People’s Revolution of the People, those whom they helped put into power turn out to have no further use for them and move to have them eliminated.

      • MasterDiver

        It eventually caught up with Voltaire.

        Zar Belk!

      • Kafiroon

        More specifically, eliminate them before they decide to take out of power, whomever they put into power.

  • GWB

    An unfortunately placed first speech bubble, Chris. *sigh*

    • Pamela

      So where else is he supposed to put it considering the size…

  • Chris, I’m asking for a friend. I think for all loyal followers we should have a secret code to remove all speech bubbles that are placed in awkward places. It makes it very hard to get the full expression of the tune with these disruptive bubbles. I just had to pass this on.

    • Heh. Ima going with the trampoline, in any case.

      • Grunt GI


  • Pamela

    Wonder if little Bobby is mentioned in Maxwell’s paperwork

  • Dread

    Now I know what Hershy’s Kisses were modeled after, little milk chocolate cones that they are. Nice Susie! Nice!


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