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  • Too Tall

    Thank you, Chris!

    • JTC

      Thank you, Too Tall, you picked a heckuva toon to sponsor.

    • WayneM

      Thank you, Too Tall & Chris…

      Jo is right; humans are weird.

  • Grunt GI

    Yes indeed. Thank you.

  • interventor

    Silver shekels, rather than electrum shekels, one assumes.

    • Bob in Houston

      Shekels or Denarii?

  • JTC

    30 pieces of silver…at today’s spot price that’s about $750.

    A reminder to whomever is the buyer that in the end you get what you pay for…

  • formwiz

    2000 years old.

    • JTC


      The price I referenced above is for contemporary one ozt units appropriately imprinted with the eagle and the liberty that Roberts sold out.

      Shekels of the likely original type were half the ASW but would be $1000 or so each for “collectors” like Johnny…but fleabay has knockoffs (from China of course) for a couple bucks.

      What’s that soul worth, $750, $30,000, or <$100?
      I know where I place it.

      Never more true and applicable than here;

      Price, Cost, Value…not the same things.

      You’d be amazed at how many “educated” people have no idea what that means.

      • interventor

        BTW, Trump’s on the new half shekel.

  • Punta Gorda

    Shiny and Chrome. 😀

  • CuriousB

    “Emgrams” – I think you mean “Engrams”.

    • Chris Muir


  • Pamela

    There are some things Jo should never copy…

    • NotYetInACamp

      I concur. Keep it shiny, Jo.

  • NotYetInACamp

    That is quite a hereditary line.
    Mine mostly, fortunately, was peacefully agrarian, and fighting, on the beautiful Emerald Isle, or out about the Urals or sundry areas being plains and mountain warriors while peacefully trying to survive aggression by other tribes while growing food. A little plundering was in order at times. Then they bought the Carpathian Valley 1000+ years ago and after plundering Europe a bit from end to end, peacefully retired to home after 5 nations armies encouraged such peaceful activities. About 900 years on one mountain where the children were all taught what was important in life during the past several hundred years outside of the formal education. My grandmother taught the morality to the little one, including developing their consciousness in doing right rather than wrong. As the family had done before, my mother learned from her mother. I learned from my mother. Others in the family had been University professors in a highly regarded University nearby for hundreds of years. But this is about moral education.
    That 30 pieces of silver has a much different connotation and meaning in his history. One can, when helped, blessed, or trying properly, break from that condition and conditioning.
    A fellow alumni of my University, but in a different school, that of law, is moving to the Court. I believe that she will apply the law as written and intended. A certain certainty will return to the law as interpreted by the Court. The law will make sense and arbitrary legislation from the Court should be reduced. Logic, understanding, coherence, and massive changes in law emanating from the bench should be reduced. Of course, where the law has been corrupted in its application, a return to what the law means may be considered a major upheaval. But such upheavals will be rare and will follow the constitution, which the people are free to have their legislators change by a process. Whole cloth rewrites just because ‘Hey man, it’s the twenty first century’ will not be in order.
    My days of thinking as well as she does as much as she does are over. I applaud seeing a mind and a person such as he advance to the Court. I look forward to the proper application of the law being increased in our nation, which has greatly needed this for so long.
    Yes, America is about to place another brick in the good wall.

    And people say that voting doesn’t count and has no meaning. How wrong they are.
    Take a buddy who is not going to vote, but who would vote for President Trump to vote.
    Grab a buddy and help your buddy off to vote. From my juvenile mind, also take him back home afterwards. Wait for your buddy outside the door, please, if you have already voted or if you are at a different precinct. Thank you.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I missed a comma. Take the proper meaning, please.

      • JTC

        Makes one wonder just what lurks in JR’s family that earned the blood money passed to him…

      • Pamela

        I was looking for a quote about an educated man and came across this: “An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.” ― Napolean Hill,

        As to those persons that claim they are Educated and must be listened to and obeyed , none of them have a scintilla of common sense. Mz. Amy on the other hand will do right and well by Us as she practices Common Sense every day.

        • DCE

          Pamela, I have known more than a few educated people who didn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. ‘Educated’ in no way equates with ‘wise’.

          I think we’ve both known plenty of people with “book-learnin'” who couldn’t apply what they learned in the real world. I’ve worked with more than a few of them, with some of them being paid outrageous amounts of money for what they couldn’t do.

    • Punta Gorda

      Dude! Where’s my ride?

      “agrarian” … the perfectors in the use of pike poles and or sythes.

      Not something a raider on horseback wants to encounter.

      • Randy

        Hopefully we can get the “Proggy” horse (faced) raiders to blindly run up against our conservative pikes this November!

        • Oldarmourer

          The left has already shown it’s willingness to fight the people by proxy in antifa, blm and other upcoming group, soon to be unveiled starting the 4th of Nov. or more likely the 5th…
          Remember, remember the 5th of Nov, gunpowder, treason and plot…

          I found this gem in another comic, Danger Zone One, and I hope it’s alright to copy it here, giving credit to the author of course, because it very well may come to play out as fact rather than fiction…and I’m not entirely sure it hasn’t already started…

          Mercenaries For Hire: Can the World Afford It?
          By Loria Tem

          As of last year, nearly 89% of all countries have hired the services of a private military company. Perpetual war has become its own global economy and for those who enlist the aid of PMCs (and for the PMCs themselves), business is lucrative. According to data accumulated last June by the United Health Organization, 57% of countries have engaged in some form of proxy war which, in turn, has led to profit. With new international laws giving PMCs more freedom, it seems like ‘conflict for cash’ has simply become an accepted business practice. It was recently discovered that certain megacorpations have also been hiring PMCs to conduct operations on foreign soil. Recent changes to international law have created gray areas that allow for megacorps to skirt certain legalities—this has created a newfound ‘war industry’ where countries with valuable resources, geostrategic land, and ‘uncooperative’ political leaders are in the crosshairs of big business. The threat of expansive foreign powers, once a major concern to developing countries, has been replaced by the ever-present whims of wealthy industrials, eager to broaden their reach, influence, and marketplace on a global scale.

          One nation’s act of aggression against another foreign country would, in most cases, lead to retaliation. Yet, the basics of warfare have become murkier than ever. Does a country under attack by a private military force know who hired that PMC? This has created a cover for both foreign powers and megacorporations to act with impunity. To further complicate matters, the vast majority of PMCs operate as independent pseudo-states, not bound or regulated by any one country. Therefore, any direct blowback or wide-scale military counterstrike is often moot. A country being attacked by a PMC typically has one viable option—hire their own PMC to defend their soil.

          Due to the presence and benefits of PMCs, national militaries across the world have decreased. Assigning military operations to private enterprises has also left politicians able to sidestep accusations of war crimes (now reported to be on the rise by 60%), while civilian deaths can be blamed on PMCs instead of national military agencies. As of this writing, not one PMC has been held accountable in international court for alleged crimes, despite overwhelming testimony from victims.

          With the demand for PMCs growing daily, many private contracting companies have become massive corporations in their own right. Death Widow, Inc. is currently the leading private military in the world, with thousands of employees in the field. Cauldron Iron, which recently rebranded themselves as a private security consultant (but conducts itself no differently from any other major PMC), is currently the second-largest contractor.

          With profit flowing in from all sides, analysts and experts are in agreement that the war economy is here to stay, and that the global presence of PMCs will only become more apparent in years to come.

          Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

        • Punta Gorda

          Hmm… looks a lot like a Kaiser Blade.

          • eon

            In Time Enough For Love, speaking of WW1 as experienced by Lazarus Long, Heinlein pointed out that most “bayonet tactics” taught by armies since the mid-1800s were actually degraded and simplified versions of those taught billmen in the 1500s.

            And that a 16th century billman given a modern rifle (think; M98 Mauser or M1903 Springfield), with a bayonet on its business end, once taught the finer points of actually aiming when shooting, would be everybody else’s worst nightmare on a battlefield.

            Even pikemen’s.



      • NotYetInACamp

        I’ll a saddle up ma old hoss and weggen and hed raht ovah theah. Shud be there in two weeks, er so.

      • Kafiroon

        I like the results the Polish Winged Hussars achieved until military tactics made them basically obsolete.

  • Hardball

    Jo has the best set today.

    • 30 pieces of silver, what ever the value of cash, the real COST IS YOUR SOUL, and the REPUBLIC….

  • Pete231

    I’m impressed with the length of the storyline thus far. Hopefully, you won’t run short of pink toned ink too soon. Now, that would be a crime……….

  • Mike-SMO

    “Emgrams” may refer to emotional pattern encoding. Logic, in comparison, is easy. The “dead” have no emotional response. Without an emotional reaction exemplar, Jo would be creating a “puppet” that would be immediately detected as not real.

  • Bill G

    Marvelous images; thank you, Chris. Regarding Roberts, my thoughts don’t tend towards his selling out. I believe that some swamp creature presented him with truly damaging info about someone close to him, and suggested he should modify his stance.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Redemption was (is?) always possible.

    • JTC

      @Bill G,

      Still a sellout, just a different currency.

      I actually think the pos was/is a Trojan horse from day one. Thank God his vote and his influence are about to be cancelled.

  • Mike-SMO


    Speaking of emgrams, I think I have seen Jo’s “pout” previously on a biological chassis. If that is a problem, perhaps Jo should spend more time as a pickup. Or maybe it is digital fem-phermones. She may have “caught” something from the life-form that she/it has taken.

    I was able to deal with the pout on a biological critter, a pout on a liquid metal critter with a nuclear power source might have a different outcome.

    Just sayin’.

  • DogByte6RER

    G.O.A.T. = Greatest Of All Time … but sometimes a GOAT is just a goat.

    RBG went out with hubris, clinging to her SCOTUS seat until there was a POTUS she was confident could appoint a justice to her own satisfaction never materialized. Her last opportunity for such a replacement was some six years ago during the Obama era when the dingey Harry Reid was still senate majority leader.

    In the meantime … the prospect of a SCOTUS with five solid constitutionalists means the likelihood of a return to rule of law, if only for a brief time. The rest depends on the American voters. A Biden win with a turnover in the senate will mean a packed Supreme Court, forever politicized. A Trump victory keeps America on a constitutional course of rule of law.

    BTW … is that a spot of tarnish on Jo’s bumper? I’d be glad to rub that out using my elbow grease …

    • Pamela

      Be sure to blow on the spot first

  • My Way Or --->

    Dumbocraps through their own obsessions into the ring when they were interrogating Barrett. DeeDee F. snorked on an open mike and it was recorded. 🙂

    They don’t want the rule of law/ They want the rule of thuggery. They forget it comes back to bite the source, and they are the source.

    Even LBJ wasn’t tis awful.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Our culture civilization and morals are all that really stand between us and their receiving what they deserve, which is what they are planning for all of us.
      Civilization, morals, and the rule of constitutional law do have costs beside the benefits they result in.

  • Halley

    Roger Simon’s book was quite enjoyable.

  • CaptDMO

    Artistic license.
    Just so we’re clear, there is not now, nor was there ever, “RBG’s seat”.
    “Originalist”? Hardly. The Constitution has been modified fron thefirst edition, via
    proper (if not in error) procedure.
    IMHO “Writtenist” seems a better term for putting liberal progressive “Calvinball” to rest.

    • Chris Muir


  • Sarge

    The Cartoons have always given me a lot to think about…. Both as a thinker as as a man. While I must admit that I’ve had more Trepedation about this election more than any that I have witnessed in my 61 years. I still hold out hope for a return to the United States I grew up in. I also realize that it will not probably be a easy or peaceful journey back …. Maybe I’m just a dreamer….

    • John

      You must take Courage, my fellow NCO.
      The fact is that change must necessarily come so long as there are succeeding generations. Fortunately the newest in the succession are blessed with the means of bypassing the Anointed to get their information, at least for the time being.
      Chaos will be the norm for the foreseeable future, but just as the printing press unseated the arbitrary power of the Church, the Internet is helping us bypass the Progressive Propaganda machine that props up the Elites.
      The Corporate Elitists are presently in panic mode for a reason. The decentralization of both government and commerce threatens their oversized influence and thus their future.
      The unbridled hatred of DJT is merely a symptom of that panic. The Populist movement that put him in the White House is the real enemy of the Corporate Elites who have dominated the Executive since the Reagan Era.

  • Sarge

    Sorry Trepidation …. I misspelled it..

  • Special_Ed

    What I am waiting for, is an ad clone to the 3 am call, except at 3 pm and Joe’s staff answers that the lid is on for the day, and call back tomorrow morning.

  • Oldarmourer

    The ‘temple shekel’ is equal to 11.5 grams (by most sources)
    Thirty 1-Shekel coins would be 345 grams
    Today, silver is listing at 0.79 US per gram
    That gives $272.55 (less shipping, handling, taxes and commission )
    The average leftist politician will roll over for far less…
    That’s US$, up here you can buy an entire party’s votes for less
    We just saw that happen
    The dems got ripped off, not surprising since they don’t care about value
    They don’t use their money, but yours…

    • NotYetInACamp

      Their money is theirs. Our money is theirs. They and the robber capitalists (crony socialists0 both take our money by use of laws, regulations, and outright theft that they never have to pay for. Uranium One. Haiti (Clinton Foundation), the various crime families such as the Biden Crime Family. Private Central Banks are one of those legal theft wealth transfer vehicles. And it costs the thieves nothing of theirs. There is always more where that came from, they believe and act. Besides, impoverishing and de-powering the peasants make them easier to control, for a while. Until …..

      • JTC

        Full agreement with one quibble, NotYet…

        Criticizing/criminalizing the aggressive but legal exploitation of business laws, rules, and regulations indicts DJT who as one of the most aggressive/successful businessmen in the world took full advantage of them to maximize profit…exactly as a purely for profit business should. Then he turned around and told Biden he made the rules and if he doesn’t like them he and his congressional partners in crime should change them. Exactly.

        • NotYetInACamp

          One competes in the environment others make. The environment is most often made by the people who buy lobbyists who buy and so on.
          Laws concerning the environment of business and living are often hard fought for by movements. Then, when things quiet down, the “reforms” are wiped out with a by an amendment attached to a bill passed in the quiet of the night, or an empty legislature.

          The Federal Reserve and the Income tax were laws passed when no one was in Washington except a few legislators doing that precise skulduggery. he laws are ther until the people can rise again.
          I recall a survey that found that 85% of the major laws and issues passed in the past 60 plus years have been done while opposed by about 85% of the American electorate.
          It is a tough row to keep on hoeing. Especially with all of the ho’s in Congress and DC.

    • JTC


      As referenced above, the likely coins used vary somewhat in weight but much more so in fineness or purity. Some like the formerly silver coins of our realm were as high as 90% silver, but some as low as 25%, so current actual dollar value comparisons vary widely. This along with exact troy ounce weight is part of the reason that our quasi-coin .999 silver bullion eagles bring a $5 premium over ASC (actual silver content).

      What they bought however remains constant; the value of a traitor and a soul sold to the devil are the same now as then…zero.

      To reiterate…Price, Cost, Value. Not the same things.

      • Punta Gorda

        Funny that. The silver content of pre 1964 quarters will buy about the same amount of gas as it cost in pre 1964 denomination value…

        • JTC

          Pre-1965, but yes point taken…similarly a dime buys a loaf of bread figuratively now just as it did literally then.

      • Oldarmourer

        Take solace in the most infamous acceptor of 30 pieces of silver
        meeting an end (depending on which version you read) by hanging himself or falling in the field he bought with them and ‘dashing his entrails out upon the ground…’
        ‘The wages of sin’ and all that…either one works for me 😉

    • Pamela

      They will roll over for a line of good coke or the chance to sniff some hair up close. There are no safe places with them.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Impeach Earl Warren

    “In 1953, newly-elected President Dwight Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren to be the Chief Justice of the United States. This nomination proved to be the first shot fired in a judicial/constitutional revolution which continues today. As Robert Bork has stated, “[The Warren Court] stands first and alone as a legislator of policy, whether the document it purported to apply was the Constitution or a statute. Other Courts had certainly made policy that was not theirs to make, but the Warren Court so far surpassed the others as to be different in kind.” ”

    So it began.

    I remember seeing a concrete wall type billboard on US 27 in rural Florida that stayed there for decades.

    • interventor

      Eisenhower said his two worst mistakes were both on the Supreme Court. Earl Warren was one of them. BTW, Gov. Earl Warren was on of principles that convinced FDR to send the Japanese-Americans to the camps.

  • JTC

    New CNN story;

    “Amy Barrett complicates John Roberts’ plan…”

    Yes indeed she does. Thank God and Trump.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Oh, My! Shiny! And add thank the voters who voted for Trump and were not outnumbered by Voter fraud and vote fraud. Thank God.

      Take a buddy for Trump to vote for Trump. Take as many as you can as often as you can. It is a service.

      • John

        And if you know someone who is suffering “early voter’s remorse” just recruit them to recruit voters to offset their own mistake.

  • interventor

    Judas attempted to contribute the 30 pieces of silver to the temple. Priests didn’t want to mix blood money with offerings. They used they money to purchase land for a potter’s field.