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  • Too Tall

    Chris draws this as humor, but this is the reality Progtard DildoCrats truly believe.

  • JTC

    Well, “The Sacrifice” would be when he traipses up on his first Deplorable porch, pounds on the door and demands he be given their AR-15…and they give it to him.

    Brave/stupid…blurry line sometimes.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      At what speed does he want the first “part” of that AR15?

      • JTC

        He’d prob’ly get the first 30 parts pretty quick.

      • MasterDiver

        He’d get mine butt-first!

        Zar Belk!

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    We “deplorables” wish that you would be brave enough to sacrifice yourself just a little bit more. Here’s a knife, here’s your throat. Now tilt your head back and say, “aahhhhhhh……” .

    • Henry

      ….lahu… ackbar!

      • Hank : Aloha SnackBar !

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Ummmmmmm…….I thought grassfed WAS organic.

  • interventor

    The demand that New Jersey dwellers turn in their high capacity magazines has, according to the state troopers, been observed in the negative. They got butkiss.

    • GWB

      That’s “bupkis”. “Butkiss” is something totally different…..

      • JTC

        He was probably just confusing Little Bobby with Buttgiggety but you never know if Amy is just a cover for the fay little feller.

  • No. Very simply, no.

  • kadaka

    Of course this beef is organic, it’s made of carbon-based molecules.

    What, didn’t you know that cows are self-filling sequesters of carbon? They’re better than trees since they can run away from fires and avoid having that retained carbon being accidentally released. Wearing leather actually helps fight global warming because that’s stored carbon not from fossil fuels. Really, to save the planet we’ll need lots more free-range grass-fed cows.

  • WayneM

    So stunned… I mean stunning…
    So brainless… I mean brave…

    • interventor

      NO! Sam is stunning!

      • Henry

        Yes! More Sam, less Mistah Rourke!

        • John M.

          More Double-D Ranch, less Maryland swamp…

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have been listening to this type of insanity and delusion since I was about 8 years old starting with the Communists at the hall across the street. I outargued Bill Ayers as a Freshman. I was a born Democrat. there is honor in trying to do good things. That party moved away from me. I have lost my tolerance for stupidity at this stage of my conversations with that type.
    That loss of tolerance extends to all, not just communist dupes.

    The good artwork and ideas presented here continues.

  • Halley

    Democrats care so deeply about so many deep things. That’s why they’re so morally superior to the rest of us.

  • Bill G

    Ah, yes; the wonderful depth of giving in our elite betters. Always willing to allow us peasants to give up everything we have for their deep, deep love of others.

  • Badger

    Noteworthy that the original quote (a party-level “deplorable” moment captured in perpetuity) used the form, “We are …”
    While they may wish he hadn’t said that, not one has come back with “What d’ya mean ‘we’ ?”

    Curtain continuing to be pulled back is not a bad thing.

    • JTC

      Yeah that was my first comment…just hoping the answer includes him personally so that his “sacrifice” as mentioned above can be real.

  • gafling

    The really sad part of this kerfluffle is that the Texas Congressman Briscoe Cain who responded with “My AR is waiting for you” is being attacked for threatening Beta. Exactly what word in that comment is a threat? However the left went nutz totally inferring the worst. What if the tweet said “My sister is waiting for you”? Is that a threat? Only if the ‘sister’ is known to be an assassin for hire.

    • Henry

      The Second Amendment is a threat. That’s the entire reason it was written.

      • Merle

        yes indeed!!! 🙂

  • That was a good one today !!!
    Love it !!!!

  • Craig

    Lmao! You’re on a roll. Thanks!

  • Old Codger

    I’m so glad Beto was specific about coming for my AR15 and/or AK47. I don’t have either one of ’em. Now when they come for my beautiful FNAR . . . that’ll be a whole ‘nother ballgame. Then he’ll be looking at 160 gr of dear-stopping .30 cal at 2700 ft/min.

    While doing minor maintenance on my AC t’other day it occurred to me that all that blown-in insulation I have in my attic space would make for a right nice place to hide stuff. Whatcha think folks?

    • JTC

      Well, not now…”they” are watching this here DBD den of Deplorables y’know. Anyway, can’t deliver that .30 in a timely manner if you gotta dig for the delivery system.

    • The 300

      They’ll have metal detectors to sweep the property with. Best stash is buried somewhere on the property after you’ve seeded it with old car parts to give them multiple false alarms. They’ll eventually get tired of digging.

      • kadaka

        The ground penetrating radar will see the difference long before they do any digging.

        This is a time to be glad how when the plumbing was updated to PVC waste pipe they largely left the old cast iron 4″ pipes in place, too much trouble to dig it out of the walls. Yep, the exterior of those old empty heavy metal tubes will show up on the scanners very well. Never updated? Guess that plumbing went to an old bathroom or kitchen they took out in the past.

  • Kafiroon

    See. That’s why I had to sell off the few weapons I had, because I blabbed on line what I had. So since I believe some entity in the Govt. has a record of what I bought, when and where; I expect them to come see me when they start red flagging us. Then at 0-dark what ever, if they Don’t come in shooting, we may survive.
    Now as dumb as most these gun grabbers are, some LEO’s or other skilled searchers will have the smarts to think of how to find things.

    • JTC

      Of course if you insist on or if the time comes when you have to hide shit, and speaking of PVC there ain’t a much better or more water and weather proof way than a length of 4″ Sch. 40…seal it up, use a threaded plug adapter on one end, do a leak test, then slather your junk with lube and sink it in various bodies of water where you can pull ’em up but anybody else finding them even with an underwater metal detector would be cost and labor prohibitive.

      Myself I’m keeping my shit where I can get my hands on it along with proper food for it, and God forbid when the Commisar’s men come it’ll be me, them, and my tools in a fight to the end. I mean it’ll probably be my end, but at that point it won’t really matter how I check out as long as it’s not on my knees.

      • kadaka

        We have spray-on foam insulation available nowadays. Rather than something that’ll notably show up on a fish finder sonar, you could build forms and encase weaponry and other things in decorative shapes that are easily ignored. Alternatively cement mixed with high amounts of perlite is used for casting lightweight lawn ornaments like boulders and statues.

        • JTC

          All moot for real gunnies brother…as noted in my last para above.

  • James F Gemind

    More proof that the man(and I use the term loosely)really should be put in an institution for the criminally stupid.

    People have real problems, like this;

    Maybe as many as 400,000 to 2,000,000 people did not get paid by direct deposit, and are looking at serious hurt in the coming weeks. Worse than the Government Shutdown the Democrats were squealing over last year.

    • kadaka

      Michael Mann – famous writer/director/producer known for stylized crime dramas like Miami Vice and Heat, well respected in Hollywood.

      Michael Mann – famous Climate Scientist™ known for long scaring the masses with his “problematic” Hockey Stick that he willingly horribly lost a libel case over rather than produce the data and code that made it.

      Michael Mann – mysterious CEO who’s seemingly vanished after one-time payroll theft of up to $35 million. Obviously a novice, hasn’t figured out to stick to the long term casual grift that’s common in their social circles.

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