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  • Maletrope

    I was wondering when you were going to get around to this! I await with relish the remaining story arc. Imagination, Mr. Muir? Fail ye not!

  • Kevin M

    This is going to get seriously interesting!!!

  • Oh boy. Don’t know how Big Hair and Long Hair are gonna hit it off, but it’s gonna be fun to find out!

  • Grunt GI

    Kinda makes me wonder how Chris will handle the Donald’s infatuation with YUGE things…

  • Pamela

    Wonder if Naomi is sharpening her knives….

    • Only to prepare him a truly special meal…of all the denizens of the Double Down, Naomi would be the most pro-Donald. His stance re Israel/Iran et al is the closest to Netanyahu’s this side of Bibi hisownself.

      The 0 has almost single-handedly turned one of the largest liberal blocs in this country into one of the strongest support groups for DT, possibly offsetting the Hispanic factions that would use his hardline stance on immigration against him.

      I gotta tell ya, if he keeps to his guns, the boy might win me over. I was a hard-won Reaganite too (yes I voted Carter in ’76; I dearly wanted a non-lawyer Southron to succeed, but by ’80 he had proven he was as weak of will, mind, and conviction as he was pure of heart). Now Trump ain’t no Reagan by a long shot, but so far, he might be the closest thing.

      Cruz? I like him, but I just don’t see it. Trump/Carson? That might be the ticket.

      • Pamela

        Should be an interesting meal.

        You don’t think he will be muy macho, rip of his shirt and shoes, grab a knife and head out to run down dinner?

  • Methinks a confrontation twixt Donald and Skye could get EPIC……

  • Cliff

    Had to get on the SC ballot. He is in it to win it. This is not a joke.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hmmm, Ted Cruz coming in next? That’s my team.

    • I’m with you on that team.
      David Clarke for Atty General, Carly for Sec of State and a whole bunch more conservatives across the board for the rest of the posts !!!

      • Gina

        Gen Mattis for SecDef, work in a place for Ben Carson and Allen West…then sit back with some popcorn and beer and watch Progs come down with a permanent (and hopefully fatal) case of the vapors!

        • Immanuel Goldstein

          Sarah Palin for Secretary of the interior AND energy, which she could handle from both Alaska and Arizona. And start moving governmental agencies out of Washington DC. In this age of instant communications, the government should be decentralized. Let’s kill the DC beast!

      • billf

        Nope,I think Trey Gowdy for AG ,Jeff Sessions for Sec of State….lets turn this thing on it’s ear!

  • Grape

    Here come the band. Beat the drums, hear the trumpets,

    Ta Trump, ta trump, da trump, trump, trump!

    • Alex J

      Sound the Trump-ettes? Does that sound correct?

  • Bill G

    Be interesting to see how Trump is shown dealing with someone in the real world.

    • GWB

      You obviously don’t mean Skye.

  • eon

    He’ll want the state renamed. “Trump”, what else?

    A giant ego seems to be inherent in politicians, but modern ones (not just DT) seem to have egos that are slightly larger than the known Universe.

    Whether or not they have anything to justify it is another matter entirely.

    clear ether


  • B Woodman

    OOhhhhh, let the fun and confrontation begin. Mr Donald, meet Skye. Skye, meet The Donald.

  • B Woodman

    Yes, Mr Trump is loud and bombastic (I’d LOVE to see Trump and Rush together. hehehehehe), but I’m sure that he is as gracious a guest as he is a demanding boss.

  • Unca Walt

    Actually, ALL the Rep candidates signed that same pledge. At first, The D hesitated (just enuf to get the DC/NY crowd really panicky), and then went ahead and joined all the rest.

  • Uffdaphil

    I want to see the Don ride an ornery horse. And go on a night hog hunt.

    • Immanuel Goldstein

      I doubt that that prissy New Yorker with soft, uncalloused hands would stand up too well on a Texas ranch.

  • nonncom

    Nice back view of the redhead….sometimes clothed can be sexier than naked…

  • rooftop voter

    I’m thinking a little Wade and Donald interplay could be good for all, Instruct the Donald in the finer points of Texas talk………….

  • So how much does a weekend at the ranch run anyway? I want to start saving up…

  • Yep, while others here expect conflict with Skye, D will see her for what she is and call her what she is and that’ll be that.

    My Big Hair/Long Hair setup at the top was referring to The Donald and The Wade. There will be no dismissive talk or behavior there, and neither will tolerate any foolishness; I’m expecting a pretty good real world exchange.

  • Fred

    I’m with Mr. Bultitude, When is the real ranch opening, and how much to attend?

  • I’m seeing loads of fun and deep exchange.

  • BlaxPac

    Notify the Control Tower – EGO-1 is coming in for a landing! :o)

  • Pamela

    Wonder if he is bringing the WIFE.

    Her snatching Skye bald headed would be worth watching.

    • B Woodman


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