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  • Delilah T

    Perhaps we could start with finding a new job for Holder… something that lets him make daily statements released as jabberwocky and blather. Now THAT would be awesome.

  • John M

    Oops, WBTV in Charlotte NC refused to hire him – he had been suspended by WDBJ-TV in Roanoke VA…

    • Chris Muir

      Thanks for catching that error,John!

  • “If Obama had a son…”

    He does indeed have many sons, and they are all Vester Flanagan.

    Powerful shit there, Chris…you ever thought of doing a political cartoon? 😉

    • Chris Muir

      😉 only for my friends.

      • And a finer friend and advocate one cannot imagine…I am happy to sponsor such powerful, hilarious, and utterly un-PC truth.

        James Curtiss

  • Kafiroon

    If they are going to give you trouble about the content here. It is about the politics. If this is “Art” you can display and say anything!
    More Art Please! Love the strip. Thanks

  • Pamela

    A million more just like him.
    Ehem, Barry, the only way that could have even been possible is if you were a sperm donor from the time you were first dating the five sisters.
    And weren’t too discrete or picky on where it ended up.

    • Yeah, and as a sperm donor you can have whatever fantasy you wish as you and the test tube meet. Facepalm.

    • Alan

      A million more like Vester – and even journalists would start carrrying!

    • bill

      Five sisters?

  • Spin Drift

    At what point does the zero, his fellow travelers, handlers, the lame street media and the cabal of SJW’s realize that the white man is not going to take the bait. We don’t riot-out our aggression’s and consume ourselves in violence. Constructive solutions should be the order of the day not destruction. Rebuild the family unit as the basis for community. Where does one begin?

    Spin Drift
    Molon Labe

    • H_B

      In order for “reconstruction of the family unit”, you would first have to dis-assemble “Great Society” socialist institutions that undermined and obviated it. And doing *that* would consequently remove elective support from the politicians who farm votes from it.

      Not going to happen. At least not through polity debate.

  • KenH

    I hope I live long enough to see both those scumbags hanging from a lampost and set on fire…..

    • H_B

      An “Il Duche Special”, hunh?

  • Gunner Asch

    That time is fast approaching. Stock up on beer and beef for the BBQ…its gonna be one hell of a show, so they say.

  • Allan E.

    o’s Islamic cousins will eventually saw his head off and stick it onto a post for not following their exact brand of Islam. I hope that I live to see the day. Until then, Impeachment, forfeiture of all government pensions, and stripping of his illegal U. S. citizenship, would be a good start.

    • interventor

      Every branch of Islam believes it’s the true kne. Most are willing to give the others a beheading.

  • I do wish there were a “like” as well as a reply. So many good comments.

  • As for this Flanagan POS, how terrible not to be able to use this for gun control, eh? Gay, Black, Ovomit voter, passed the NICS check.

    • B Woodman

      You left out gay prostitute.

    • interventor

      Shouldn’t the rainbow flag be hauled down.

  • steveb919

    If my mother had named me Vester, I would be so pissed by the time I got his age. No wonder he turned out gay.

  • ” you promised me a million like him.” Jeez, even Calypso Louie only expected 10,000 of them. And their all named “Black lives Matter”. DEF-CON 1, Ladies and Gentlemen . Until further notice…..

  • NotYetInACamp

    Obama’s son did not have an alternate path after his glory days as a young male whore had come to an end.
    The Chicago bath houses had a path out for the one that The DC general area did not have, at least for Vester.
    Life often is not kind to the whores in it.

    Holder and Soros are working on the milluion more hateful disgruntled loser killers. BlackLivesmatter is desecrating the meaning of the words with mobs chanting various ‘death to cops’ bleatings.
    His destruction of stable society in the Middle East and North Africa has sent millions of murdering haters on the loose there and pured millions of haters into Europe to destroy it. Those two racist haters have accomplished much. Soros has helped much. Socialists and marxists and Muslims have helped that happen much.
    I expect at least a drum-head trial for them if they do succeed in their plans to set fire to the nation.

  • Bill G

    Ayup. Judged by actions instead of words, one could believe that Obola wants his legacy to be race war in the U.S. after the collapse of our economy, the destruction of Israel and nuclear terrorism from Iran.

    • eon

      Post-modern progressive dogma calls for the end of Western civilization and its replacement by a mystical, Eastern, “enlightened” culture, run on “feelings”, living “gently on the land”, and ruled by self-anointed “philosopher-kings”. “The Hunger Games” accurately depicts their dreamed-of Utopia.

      They don’t realize that their dream clashes with that of the Islamists. And that the latter will, in the end, behead the “enlightened” post-modernists with the same enthusiasm with which they do everyone else.

      And no, The One does not understand this, either. Reality gives him cognitive dissonance and as such, he simply cannot process the data. Any more than any other “progressive” can.

      The problem isn’t The One. It’s the cultural movement he is just the latest banner-bearer for.

      clear ether


  • B Woodman

    Pardon the mixed sermons:
    Yep, looks like the prodigal son DID return (to his own vomit), and killed his own fatted calf.

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