Day By Day


  • Caging that pig? He’s on it!

    • He’s already got the pig on the run (ya’ll ever smell a scared sweaty hog? Stinks to high heaven from a hundred yards away).

      Gotta remember though, those things can turn around when cornered and tear up some pursuing dogs. Best thing to do, clamp down on the throat and don’t let go. Might be this particular pit bull can hold on ’til the thrashing is done.

  • John M

    Which pen? Leavenworth?

    • Kevin M


      • OpenTheDoor

        Leavenworth doesn’t house women, go with Tallahassee, they do.
        It’s not the heat, it’s the haughty hubris, hilarious humility and high humidity for her highness Hillary.

        • “Leavenworth doesn’t house women…”

          And your point?

    • Alex J


      I thought the reason that Obama was clearing out Gitmo was so he & Hillypig could be exiled there? Think about it – wonderful climate, a true & proven socialist cou try to live in, great golf course…

      Did I miss something?

  • Doc Epador

    Back to Chicago stockyards I say

  • interventor


  • Pamela

    Are we going to see a greased sow race?
    If so, who gets to slather the grease on Hillary?

    • John D. Egbert

      EEEWWWW . . .

    • John M

      “Gets to” or HAS TO?

    • markm

      A 2-gallon bucket of lard and a big rag mop with an extra-long handle…

      • SteveInCO

        A big rusty wire brush would be less unpleasant…for me, anyway, if I had that job.

        More seriously, I am starting to see more and more liberals come to the conclusion that Hitlary shouldn’t be their nominee; her noxious character is too much even for them.

        • Pamela

          Noxious Character. Like poisoning pigeons in the park when you are touting saving the planet

          • B Woodman

            Didn’t Tom Lehrer have a song by that name?

  • Calvin

    You know this is totally unfair to sows. They actually serve a useful purpose and they will fight to protect their young. They also don’t take payoffs from foreign governments.

    • Kevin M

      There’s more femininity in Miss Piggy’s snout than in Hillary’s entire carcass.

      • Grape

        Can you imagine a NFL football made from Hillary’s face?

        • gafling

          Hm-m-m-m … only the kickers want to handle it …

      • B Woodman

        Hmmm. . . . carcass. . . . from your mouth to God’s ears. . . . .

  • H_B

    I thought the quote was “at this point, what difference does it make?”

    • Grape

      The truth makes a difference!

    • ExNuke

      You have to be careful of copyright laws, quotes that are too accurate can get you sued.

      • John M

        Public speech – copyright doesn’t apply…

  • Good start, keep going!

    • Grape

      The beatings WILL continue.

      • nonncom

        Until moral improves…

        • John D. Egbert

          Also morale . . .

  • Bill G

    Just remember that, if you decide to wrestle with a pig in the mud, you will find that the pig enjoys it.

  • eon

    Wherever, if she’s not in solitary, it will be cruel and unusual punishment for every other inmate.

    clear ether


  • Bill

    YES! WE’RE ENTERTAINED!!!!! Man those magnetic clippythings were a genius invention!

  • They are going to have a lot of fun trying to put lipstick on that hillary pig. Sarah, Sun Tsu says that if you wait long enough by the river, you will see the bodies of all your enemies come floating by. Revenge is best served cold.

  • B Woodman

    Oh, this is funny. First, to see The Donald (sounds like a Scottish Highlands clan title) caught up short (wait? what?), then switch gears (help with who?). It will be fun to see Trump (tomorrow?) in a messed up suit, actually having gotten his hands dirty with messy manual labor.

    • Pamela

      It would be more fun if Hillary the Sow takes a real shine to the Donald and sticks to him like glue. Follows him around, nuzzles him everywhere and squeals if she can’t be near.

  • Matthew F.

    I bet Donald Trump could be useful to us (I mean, Wade) if Trump had a great pig call… Sooo-eey! That would make it easier for us (I mean, Wade) to put Hillary back into her pen. Kinda like a matedor to a bull – but that would be an insult to the bull. But, does Trump have the political sophistication to pull it off?

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