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  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I didn’t realize that the swimmin’ hole had a platform.
    Just waiting patiently……..

    But speaking of “rounds” what caliber are we talking here?
    And we’re going to need more than two against this much mass of stoopidity. Except for the cell cameras and jail, I’m almost for taking it personal. That opinion could change at any time. I carry a short cudgel in my SUV for such purposes.

    As for donations, I’ve shot my round. I wish it was at the Don Portago level, but it was definitely more than last year. And EOM payday is next week. I expect to see that red bar move substantially by next weekend.

    • wotan

      DBW > Spent my allowance TWICE already here for DBD! C’mon people, read & heed those words above – they are true and timely! p.s. Don’t forget “” website.

      • Unca Walt

        There’s a blue jillion Muir fans — and Trump has added to their paychecks.

        Time to help and give, fans.

    • Grunt GI

      If the swimming hole had a platform I’d vote for it!!

      Twice if I lived in Chicago.


      • Deplorable B Woodman

        (snicker) And how many times would you vote if you were dead and in Shit-cago?

  • JTC

    “Platforms like this one” indeed.

    BTW SH Sanders’ tweet of her discriminatory, racially, culturally, and politically motivated refusal of service is being claimed to be an ethical breach on her part, as if those scum have any idea what ethics actually are, and proving in the process they have none.

  • S'aaruuk

    Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals states simply: (Paraphrased)

    “Always accuse your opponent/enemy of doing exactly what YOU are doing in the first place.”

    Facts be damned, it’s the optics and emotion that counts most.

  • Pete231

    Sarah H.S. should call the IRS and have them do a 20 year back tax audit on that place. After all, it worked for Lois Lerner……….

  • War Pig

    Perhaps is is time for the Red to get a bit more militant. #FIGHTBACK!

    Protest for protest. Infest the restaurant with a hundred conservatives and chant “FIGHT BACK! FIGHT BACK!” No service – no peace!”

    From now on, an eye for an eye.

    • wotan

      This is coming to businesses near you. Tacky? Yes. But effective as most businesses don’t want that kind of publicity. Note *LMFAO* Starbucks “Long Arc of Historical Decline!”

      Dick’s ain’t far behind and the little guy’s businesses will smell this trend in the wind … and avoid accordingly!

    • I get that but I refuse to sink to the ‘standards’ of the Left in cases such as this.
      If a bakery can reserve the right to refuse to bake a wedding cake based on religious views, a restaurant should have the right to refuse service to anyone they deem fit. But then let ‘nature’ have it’s way…

      • Bill

        While it seems silly to me you’d purposely run off paying customers, if I was asked to leave for this reason I would. Why would I want any of my money supporting these dolts? This is very different than the cake guy who would sell them a cake, he didn’t want to decorate it for a wedding between two men because of religious beliefs regarding marriage. Again in a sane world why they wouldn’t go someplace else to spend their money isn’t a surprise, they wanted a cause of action to sue and make a political point. To my knowledge SHS has moved on living her life.

        • Alan

          Exactly. Also…Blue haters gotta hate – when they’ve run off all their Red customers, they start in on other Blues that aren’t sufficiently like themselves, and chase them away too. “Get woke, go broke” ain’t just a saying!

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      Sadly, Our side’s protesters tend to have to go to work 9-5 Mon-Fri where as theirs are usually Trustafarians or on the dole.

      • Grunt GI

        This, of course, is the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth…while deplorables are actually working to MAGA, these whiny little shits are still living in their mama’s basement and whining about why their tattooed, pierced selves can’t get a job as the CEO of a SJW internet startup.

  • Delilah T

    I’m in the corner that says the restaurant owner has a right to refuse service to anyone. No need to explain herself, but she should post a notice at the entrance door to avoid embarrassing herself any further.

    I thought these things were settled a long time ago, long before the idiot PC crap became part of the discussion. The Colorado bakery owner’s “slap” was overturned by the Supremes because the state of Colorado exhibited religious hostility toward the baker.

    “The opinion stated that although a baker, in his capacity as the owner of a business serving the public, “might have his right to the free exercise of his religion limited by generally applicable laws”, a State decision in an adjudication “in which religious hostility on the part of the State itself” is a factor violates the “State’s obligation of religious neutrality” under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution.[22] Kennedy’s opinion stated that the (Colorado) Commission’s review of Phillips’ case exhibited hostility towards his religious views. The Commission compared Phillips’ religious beliefs to defense of slavery or the Holocaust. Kennedy found such comparisons “inappropriate for a Commission charged with the solemn responsibility of fair and neutral enforcement of Colorado’s anti-discrimination law”.[23] Kennedy’s opinion also cited the three exemptions the commission previously granted for the non-discrimination law arising from the William Jack complaints. The opinion also noted differences in handling previous exemptions as indicative of Commission hostility towards religious belief, rather than maintaining neutrality.[24] Kennedy’s opinion noted that he may have been inclined to rule in favor of the Commission if they had remained religiously neutral in their evaluation.[25]”

    The gay couple had plenty of other options available at other shops, but chose to inflict themselves on that shop owner, He went out of the wedding cake business.

    The owner of the Red Hen restaurant has let everyone know she’s as prejudiced as she thinks Ms. Sanders may be (with no actual proof), so let her rot.

    This, too, shall pass. The more the lefterds scream and throw tantrums like overgrown spoiled brats, the more votes will slip from their greedy grasp.

  • WayneM

    Businesses should have the right to do business with whomever they wish… and to refuse such as well… and governments shouldn’t interfere with the natural consequences thereof.

  • eon

    There’s really no difference between refusing service to Sarah Sanders because she works for Trump and refusing service to someone in, say, Memphis in 1960 because of the color of their skin.

    Of course, the people discriminating now are the ones who demanded that discrimination be outlawed back then. Meaning, “It’s not wrong when we do it.”

    Hypocrites always consider themselves to be on a higher moral plane than everybody else, thus justifying their hypocrisy.

    I’d say that the restaurateur could and should be prosecuted under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but that’s just me.

    clear ether


    • Fronk!


    • TomZ

      Eon, your first paragraph is spot on.
      Your second paragraph, not so much.
      Politically it is the same people doing the discriminating. The democrats.

  • Unca Walt

    “There’s really no difference between refusing service to Sarah Sanders because she works for Trump and refusing service to someone in, say, Memphis in 1960 because of the color of their skin.”

    Nobody could have said it better.

  • Arkelk

    I have to disagree a bit. I think the restaurant does have the legal right to choose its customers so long as the determining factor is not something immutable like race or national origin or, to some extent, religion, so long as there are other options in the town. It is not wise, however, to do too much of it. As Delilah T suggested above, a notice should be placed at the entrance to the restaurant (and on its web page) of the owner’s prejudices for customers so that this kind of incident will not be repeated.

    I am surprised that such a lefty place is in Lexington, as that town is the home of the Virginia Military Institute, with a fine military, and Confederate, past. I had not thought the other university in the town, Washington and Lee University, was that lefty.

    I agree that the Supreme Court cake decision was based on the Commission’s hostility toward religion. But then, the Supreme Court always tries hard not to establish sweeping precedents with their decisions. I think the baker should have the right to follow his religious beliefs. And I can’t see why anyone would want to have a product made at the point of a gun, as the cake would have been in that situation.

    For my part, if I am ever in Lexington, I shall make sure I do not eat that that restaurant, nor anything else run by its owners.

    • JTC

      Apparently in this case the determining factor was sexual orientation as the owner stated that several of her employees are gay.

      Is that not an “immutable factor”? If not, all these pride parades and cake baker protests are moot, are they not?

      Of course as others have said of the various iterations of leftylunacy, it’s not discrimination when WE do it.

  • Grunt GI

    This lunacy, being fanned by morons like Maxine Waters will end badly.

    There is NO scenario where this ends well for the looney left. Another lefty nut is gonna kill somebody like that BernieBro who shot all those Congressmen. Then Trump would be well within his rights to go after all these stupid fucks like Maxine, the SPLC, and even the DNC.

    But of course, would the FBI investigate their fellow lefties? Who knows. They may need to be purged first. Damn did I just use that word? Yes. Yes I did.

    Or worse yet, some moron gets in some Trumpians face who had a concealed carry and gets shot. That will get the shit hitting the fan.

    Like I said this will end badly for the left.

    Gonna be a long hot summer.

  • Kafiroon

    There are articles on the net and most who read here of like mind, have probably already read them. It is suggested that it is not wise to go around calling attention to yourself by dress or loud statements that can obviously “trigger” the weak minded proglodytes, Thus bringing all their venom spewing forth on you. Sooner or later, they will start something they cannot finish.
    In the mean time, IF, I were a policeman/fireman or a known political person of the President Trump persuasion, I would not eat at ANY public restaurant. Note how many stories in the last number of years police alone have been denied service.
    Are you going to trust what these emotional/mental wrecks can do to your food? EHwww!

  • DonS

    From yesterday’s comments:
    Eon and 300, how about parafronocracy? Has a nice ring to it, I think. From παράφρων
    (paráfron, phonetically) meaning “insane.”

    cmblake, I think David, who was “a man after God’s own heart,” expressed similar sentiments in many of the Psalms, e.g. Psalm 139… “Oh, that You would slay the wicked, O God!” “Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate You? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them my enemies…”

    God is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9), but for those who will not accept his infinite grace and mercy, he has infinite wrath and judgement. He would not otherwise be perfectly just.

    • Bingo.

  • Pecan Scandi

    Had some bad luck the last couple of years and things have been tough (allover). But I am finally in a position where I can spare some cash with you Chris. I thought you’d never forgive me calling you a “Moron.” IYKWIM. 🙂

  • Grunt GI

    Yea, it’s a hat trick for me today. Sorry
    Been watching the #civility on twitter. WOW there are some really unhinged people there.

    So clearly the left has devolved to calling anyone they disagree with Hitler and Nazis. They have completely lost their minds and somehow consider themselves virtuous heroes saving the country from tyranny and death camps. Really?

    Here’s what I see:

    * Both sides are playing to their base and talking shit. Let’s be real. Trump is not a politician, he is a New Yorker, a celebrity, and someone who thrived in the New York real estate market. Therefore he will not allow anyone to publicly trash him or his associates. That’s the New York way right?

    * I mean, let’s be real. Obama talked shit to his opponents too…BUT he had the minions of MSNBCBSABCCNNBC to actually do his dirty work, he didn’t need a Twitter feed. Don’t kid yourself, NO political wants to get trashed talked…the Democrats just have the mediataninment complex to be their dog soldiers.

    * But Trump talks shit…they left actually goes out and gets in peoples faces and HARASSES people. How is that going to GET VOTES…let’s be real, getting more liberals to vote Democrat in Seattle or Los Angeles isn’t hard, but it also isn’t relevant. Thank God for the Electoral College elections by state and district. I don’t see all these idiots getting into the faces of elected officials or Cabinet officers gaining any Democrat votes in Ohio, West Virginia, or Michigan.

    * In fact, if the economy keeps improving, North Korea stays at a low simmer, trade deals get struck (and they will), and once the faux rage about immigration dies down, the Democrats will probably fail to gain control of the House, or even if they do, the Senate will stay in Republican hands, and lets be real, no matter how squishy the Repub Senators are, it would be political suicide for them to vote against Trump…except for squishes like Flake that aren’t going to run again anyway, and they are not enough to get to 2/3…the Democrats have SO politicized any potential impeachment bullshit that it will DIE in the Senate and they they will go bat shit crazy.

    WHAT will get out voters is a platform and a plan…and this is where DEMOCRATS have NOTHING…zip, zilch, nada. Hatred, loathing, and condescension are not a policy.

    I am really, really hoping Trump runs and gets reelected in 2020…just to watch those loons lose their shit…I mean lose their shit….and if they try and start some sort of street coup d’etat…well, Starbucks will not have enough bathrooms to hold all their lefty casualties.

    Ok, that’s enough…my final observation….does it seem to anyone else that Sam and Naomi are sitting on a fence? Perhaps by the swimming hole?


  • NotYetInACamp

    June 25, 2018
    Insurrection is Here; How Long do We have Until Civil War 2.0 Starts?
    By Peter Barry Chowka

    Organized lawlessness is spreading to cities across the United States but the news is almost totally ignored and blacked out by the mainstream media.

    These ominous uprisings are taking various forms but the most visible and aggressive ones involve Antifa-style “occupy” socialist and anarchist street mobs dedicated to taking down ICE – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal government policing agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The impetus for these actions has been the anti-President Trump Fake News psy-op meme that claims minor children of illegal immigrants arrested for crashing the U.S./Mexico border are being separated from their parents, sent to “Nazi”-like “concentration camps,” and systematically mistreated.

    Far left groups whose rag tag appearance belies their sophisticated networking skills, including Direct Action Network and Democratic Socialists of America, are behind the actions. The Hill analyzed the radicals’ agendas after a group of DSA activists loudly confronted DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she was having dinner at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

    Though the protests are not led by any one group, the Democratic Socialists of America are involved in most states, alongside groups … article continues …

    and about 900 responses so fartoday .. . people are considering ……

    I’d vote for and support those girls platform up there at the top every day, all day that I am able.
    Obama’s type of people still fill the halls of our government buildings…

  • You have the optimist, the pessimist, and the pragmatist. So what if you are red, or blue? Money is green. These people on the left are pure idiots.

    • And the funds from me will be there Thursday.


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