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  • Pete231

    Should we expect anything less from a bunch of rabid dogs who are infected by an uncurable mental illness ? Can’t wait to see what the ‘tards next big issue is after this kerfuffle blows over. Ted Kennedy was framed… Duhbama’s daughter and Chelsea Clinton to run for office on a lesbian ticket… George Soros really is a higher deity… California secedes from the Union and becomes West Tardos…. You know the drill…………..

  • Jan is not a “progressive”, but she awakens too slowly.

  • Fronk!

    The Left compares Republicans and conservatives to Nazis and Fascists yet they’re the ones calling for beheadings, abductions, assassination and child rape.

    What have we learned?

    Liberals are only “progressive” when it’s convenient for them…

    • Bill G

      Progressive is merely their latest choice of branding; they aren’t all ready to come out and acknowledge being socialists.
      (I’d love to see branding, of the old style, applied to some of them.)

      • TomZ

        They just went back to an early 20th century branding.

    • OldGoat36

      The end justifies the means is how their convoluted minds justify their actions. In the end, it really is just plain hate, they might be insane, as they are sure acting that way, but the economic story is showing Obama’s efforts were terrible, while Trump in a short time has job numbers improving at a great pace, people seeing the whole thing at the border with the children separated from mothers meme as the illegal’s fault, the Russia story collapsing under the weight of the IG whitewashed report with true malfeasance coming from the alphabet agencies.

      The only thing missing on the Trump administration side is prosecutions against all these who broke the law to promote and protect the Hildabeast.

      Progressive indeed.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      It’s a psychological condition called “projection”.
      The one who is yelling the loudest and calling names is “projecting” their own traits, and what they would do, onto the innocent person(s).
      But I’m sure you know this already. The DBD group tends to be an intelligent group.

  • Bill G

    The left’s leadership is going snakeshit mean; they thought they had power sewed up, but Trump won. And now he’s showing conservative policies help the economy and the left is seeing the New Media broadcasting that message at a time when more and more people are losing trust in their Democrat Media Complex.

  • Jak

    Them c*ckbiters think they want to fight, but they think a fight is a loud argument. When their numbers are cut in half at the first volley, It’ll be the whine heard around the world

  • eon

    The left is always serious. About inflicting devastation, death, and horror on everyone else when everyone else isn’t kowtowing to the left.

    The entire “progressive” mentality boils down to “Obey Us Or Die.” And it always has, going back to Plato and before him, the Persians. They all want to rule as philosopher-kings and be able to kill anybody who disagrees with them. Not to mention killing anybody they feel like just for their own amusement.

    One side effect of their belief in their own innate superiority is their rejection of reality. When it doesn’t go their way, they deny it and try to impose their own “reality”, or perhaps a better term would be “sur>/em>reality”, on it. Thereby showing the difference between mere autocracy and kakistocracy, i.e. rule by the worst, most unscrupulous, or least qualified;

    There really is no term for “rule by the insane”, but there should be. Because with the modern left, that’s pretty much all they have “left”.

    The difference between an autocrat and a post-modern leftist?

    If you give the autocrat the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs, he will of course seize it as his personal property. He will then order people to take very good care of that goose, deliver all its eggs to him, and execute anybody who doesn’t do what he tells them to re said goose.

    A post-modern leftist will demand that the goose lay more and more eggs every quarter with no change in its care- if any. When it doesn’t deliver, the post-modern leftist will kill the goose, and then demand still more eggs. When no more eggs are forthcoming, it will dig up the dead goose, execute it again, and torture the corpse while screaming for more eggs.

    When that fails, the post-modern leftist will conclude that somebody is stealing and hiding “their” eggs, and start torturing and killing people at random to find the culprit.

    Autocrats rule by absolutism. Post-modern leftists rule by magical thinking. The difference can be deadly- to everyone else.

    Yes, the post-modern leftist has all the worst points of a primitive tribal shaman and a typical Third World dictator, with some Captain Queeg thrown in for good measure. Why do you think they admire primitive tribal shamans and Third World dictators so much?

    As for Captain Queeg, they’d say he was absolutely right to try to wreck the Caine in the typhoon. After all, the ship (as opposed to the crew) wasn’t doing what he wanted it to, so it deserved destruction.

    Never mind what the Duke said;

    “Deserves” got nothin’ to do with it.

    clear ether


    • wotan

      eon > Bravo! Judge Jeanine reinforced your theme last night on FNC.
      Thought this insightful article might give you some ideas about the “mediacrat” subset of postmodern leftist magical thinkers:

    • The 300

      You want a word for rule by the insane? Try trellocracy, from the Greek word “trellos”. Not a real word currently, but neither are homophobia or islamophobia, but that doesn;t stop the left from using them.

  • Delilah T

    Has anyone besides me seen the Crumbling of Ex-NASA James Hansen’s Ideology?

    He’s been turfed out by Obama and GOV Brown. He sits on a bench in Central Park, sulking because his Days of Glory are over and he’s a has-been. Ditto Soros, the Jewish Nazi. I hope his grandchildren piss away every cent he ever made. A few profligates will do no harm.

    The culture of “It IS if I SAY IT IS!” frays more and more. Cults are not a pretty thing. These cults are shredding away. Pray to whatever gods you talk to that the shredding and fraying continue ad infinitum until they are dust, blown away by the West Wind.

    The only thing that is keeping us from being herded into amphitheaters is that Blessing in Disguise called the internet. Raise a good glass of wine and some crusty bread with brie to it, because without it. . . .

  • Grunt GI

    Good morning fellow deplorables!

    I found this article on Instapundit this morning. WELL worth the read. It explains the absolute bat-shit crazy hatred these people have for us:

    This guy is 100% spot on…’s the money quote:

    “If the disease is to be named, I can think of no other more suitable than Civilizational Self-Loathing. Pride in the West’s accomplishments was reduced to guilt for the West’s success. And now the guilt has mutated into self-hate. Ceaselessly, we are bombarded with declarations of how evil we are, how our ancestors did terrible wrongs, and how we are responsible for righting the wrongs, for paying a weregild with the death of our own evil civilization. Anything less is a moral evil, we are told. Give up America. Give up existence. Crawl into a hole and die, and give up everything you own, and even then you are still guilty and hateful.”

    Now I don’t mind if Guilt White Liberals want to loathe and hate themselves as they sip their soy no foam lattes and look up Huffington Post not their iPhones, but these morons must NEVER EVER be let into power again or we are, quite frankly, fucked.

    In the meantime…let’s keep moving that bar….

    I’m hoping everyone comes home to the ranch soon….the swimming hole must be getting lonely.


  • JTC

    I was going to say what eon covered quite nicely, that proglodytes are serious, deadly serious. They are getting more and more desperate and there is nothing more dangerous than a desperate and trapped wild animal (with apologies to actual wild animals for the comparison).

    The real people have awakened, they are seeing the truth coming out every day in spite of the best efforts of the prog machine, they are coming around and will continue to do so based on actual accomplishments and keeping of the promises and American agenda that the current admin was elected for.

    If DT’s tough old 71 year old ass can endure it, by the time the 2020 election rolls around the structuring of the salvation of the USA and parenthetically the world will be in full swing and the destructuring of the enemy will be substantially complete.

    In Jesus’ name we pray, and God Bless America.

    • Lord, forgive me, for such is not Thy will, but I want these filth to die ugly. And publicly. In fact, on PPV.

      • Fronk!


    • NotYetInACamp

      Deconstruct deconstructionism.

    • TomZ

      JTC, one little correction: President Trump recently celebrated another anniversary of his birth and is now 72 years young.

      • JTC

        Thank you TomZ, I knew about the b-day as his on 6/14 is close to my sweetie’s on 6/9, but I was thinking he was 70 and this one made it 71…all the more reason to be impressed and amazed at his energy, stamina and capacity to deal with all of the shit shoveled at him that he has no need to deal with and does so for one simple and incredibly admirable reason, love of America, its people, and a pure and burning desire to help MAGA…dude is flat out awesome!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Wow! Such a gathering of excellent comments!
    My only addition to this august assemblage is this: the Regressive Libtard Left should not be surprised when The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences strikes them hard, and without mercy. Being the demented children that they are, they will be surprised none the less.

    • Karma can be quite the bitch.

      • JJ cooper

        Thank G-d for Karma.

  • WayneM

    Yet the leftists accuse everyone else of being intolerant and violent… 🙁

  • Henry

    Is something going on with your website? For the past two days, loading your strips (both DBD and Redvolution) has been like pulling teeth. I still haven’t been able to fetch the image for today’s strip. All my other RSS subscriptions are loading just fine.

    • Chris Muir

      Anybody else having trouble on this?Seems ok

      • Grunt GI

        I have not had any issues loading the site or getting the daily RSS toons..

      • BNJ

        Had trouble loading on Firefox the last two days, tried a different browser and that worked.

        • Chris Muir

          Thanks for pressing on,BNJ.

      • Arkelk

        I had issues this morning and yesterday morning. Yesterday coming back about a half hour later solved the problem. Today, I came back in the afternoon. Both on a somewhat locked down Firefox and stock Opera browser today, all on Ubuntu Linux 18.04. Almost never had trouble before.

    • Chris Muir


  • writeby


    This is an articulate young man; his analysis of the (New) Left Progressive is accurate. However, the *political* principles in which he says he believes–equal opportunity, inclusiveness, personal empowerment (whatever that is), compassion (as an absolute) & (of course) love–are the very principles which the (New) Left has assifuously practiced & from which results in the (New) Left’s hatred of achievement, i.e., American exceptionalism (each person makes their own opportunities, so they can hardly be equal unless *everyone is identical, i.e., thinks alike, acts alike, etc.*), freedom of association (many folks *don’t want to be “included”*), compassion (whereby the state takes from one & (compassionately) gives to another), etc., etc.

    There is only one political value, individual liberty; and only one politcal virtue by which to achieve it: individual rights. Neither of which this gentleman mentions.

    IOW, he agree with the ends of the (New) Left but objects to their means. He has not yet tied ends to means. He doesn’t grasped that the ends of the (New) Left determines its means.

    What this means is that he–and I’m guessing many Millennials–willeventually face a fork in the road: either they will double down on their so called “ideals” & become even more harshly radical than the (New) Left; or they will come to the realization that one may have equality or one may have freedom, but not both.

    Which is the choice between the American Revolution–or the French.

    “You want – while bringing carnage and fear – to command humans to think like you; You ravage the world, and pretend to instruct it: Oh! If the world allows itself to be seduced by such errors, if the night [darkness] of lies has led us astray, with what horrible torches are you trying to enlighten us?”
    – Voltaire, Mahomet, ou le Fanatisme.

  • Pamela

    The Left and their assorted Ilk forget that payback is a bitch as are her multitudes of creative sisters,

  • Delilah T

    I didn’t have a problem loading the page, using Google, but my hardware is so out of date I don’t get updates any more on the browser. Maybe next year I can get a new computer.

    You keep making sharp, hard points, Chris. Keep it up.

  • Interventor

    No problem loading DBD on Google Chrome or MS’s Edge

  • Kafiroon

    Same problem Chris with multiple browsers, yesterday and today. I keep trying and then wait awhile and try again. Sometimes letting it try to load for a few minutes and then stopping it in the address bar, followed by ‘reload current page’ tricks it through; like I got on now.

    • Henry

      Yup, my syndrome exactly.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    No problem here, and I use Kindle Android and Silk browser.
    Sometimes my comments are a little slow to load, but patience, grasshopper, patience.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I live past the end of the internet. I just thought it came with the territory.

  • Interventor

    As to the proglydtes calling Trump supporters fascists and Nazis, I know a couple of WWII vets who voted for Trump. Every time they hear that charge, the older guys blood pressure goes up and I learn a new (old) curse word.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Above. Why I read this site.
    The artistic expression and so many ideas presented above.

  • David Grimes

    Spot on Chris. I don’t want to live in a world where violence is the way to settle political disputes.

    But I am prepared to if it comes to that.

    .45 acp because it’s just silly to have to shoot it twice


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