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  • S'aaruuk

    AOC ain’t got the proper hooters to work at Hooters. And that horse-face grin plus those ‘crazy-eyes’ of hers bringing my meal would kill the appetite of anyone.

    • interventor

      Might encourage customers to drink more beer.

      • nonncom

        “And the waitress is practicing politics….”….

        • Browncoat

          Nice comment!

  • Too Tall

    Starbucks might have been sufficiently demented enough to hire AOC, but on their worst day, I can’t see a Hooters hiring her.

    • JTC

      God forbid the others of the squad try out for that job…

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Dunno? Is Hooters still in business? There was one in the city that recently closed. So, if there’s no more Hooters, there’s no place for AOC to show off hers.
    Sounds like the makings of a silly rhyme;
    “How much hooters could an AOC hoot, if an AOC could hoot hooters?”
    (thank you, I’ll be here all week)

    • interventor

      One in Huntsville, AL

  • kadaka

    “Maybe ‘The Squad’ should go back to the broken crime-ridden places they came from and fix those first.”

    That’s racist! They’re from Detroit, Boston, New York City…!

    “That’s the point.”

  • Pamela

    Her next job is cutting hay?

    • eon

      Slopping hogs would be more like it. Cutting hay correctly and safely requires some actual intelligence. Remember, there are nasty sharp objects involved.

      I suspect Potty Peake would score higher on a test than Ms. Crazy Eyes, and I wouldn’t trust him with a pair of elementary-school scissors.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        Mucking out the piggery would be better.

  • pyrodice

    TECHNICALLY a set of hooters are childish things. Downright infantile. A poll of local infants confirms they’re useful.

  • Pete231

    Better yet, cut all their hair and “butch” them up a bit. That way they can apply to the Lingerie League football as tackling dummies. They’d all fit right in what with their latest diatribes and blitherings. I’m sure Big Nan would approve…….

  • Bill G

    I’ve seen her group referred to as ‘The Odd Squad’; it seemed fitting.
    I suspect Sam’s “Hey” was a warning not to step in something as common in Texas fields as in the area around Occasional-Cortex.

  • Halley

    We are enjoying watching the Enemy of the People, uh I mean the objective and full of integrity Free Press, embrace ultralow-IQ enemy-sympathizers Omar and Cortez as if they were the noblest civil rights heroes since ever. Here’s hoping each time PDT asks the “media” lemmings to expose themselves like this that they keep on following orders…

  • kadaka

    CBS News morning weather person just pointed to the heat waves and said how this is Climate Change according to the Union of Concerned Scientists which he described as “a very serious group”.

    This is the activist group that accepted Anthony Watts’ dog Kenji as a member, all they needed was a name and a valid credit card for the annual dues.

    Here’s fresh information you’ll need: Extreme Fraud By The Union Of Concerned Scientists

    Frequency and intensity of hot days has actually gone down across the US except the Northwest and Southwest regions however most to all of those increases were over a hundred years ago and it’s been stable for the past century. So with soaring atmospheric CO2 levels, US weather has actually moderated to cooler and steadier.

    Meanwhile China has twice the carbon emissions of the US and is building many new coal plants while we are cutting emissions by switching to natural gas. None of the four ‘climate action’ accords has done anything to slow the rise of atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

    • John

      I ran across the Union of Concerned Scientists back in the 1960’s.
      The subject was nuclear war and the nature of “the bomb”.
      I discovered two things about them.
      First; they invariably are making comment on subjects they know little or nothing about. With a minimum of research as a high school student I discovered they were blowing smoke.
      Second; they _don’t care_ that they are willfully ignorant of their chosen subject of comment.
      In other words they are activists without a clue and should be summarily ignored despite (or perhaps because of) their PhDs.

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        “Educated beyond their intelligence” .
        If that’s not a Southern Thing, it should be.

  • interventor

    Sam looks a bit disheveled — a little splendor in the grass?

    I refer to the four as the squat. Before any nasty thoughts, if asked why? I reply, “because they don’t know diddly …!”

  • James F Gemind

    Funny, I thought she became a politician because she couldn’t handle working in a bar…:)

  • Paul Austin

    Might encourage her to study the polls!

  • JIMV

    Well she would make a good pole dancer…she has the talent for it and might be just bright enough to pull it off…

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      I’d rather make her into a pole ornament, a la “Vlad the Impaler”.

  • Kafiroon

    They are promoting themselves as: “women of color.”
    As I am as “colored” as they are, Florida Sun, I take offense because their think ability
    shames every last one of us.
    They seem to present the IQ’s of some shiite hole countries.
    Who Me Raaaacist? Meh.

  • JTC

    Man, I chime in late and all the good shit has done been said…

    Specifically, noncom 8:56 at and kadaka at 12:32 were absolutely brilliant…

    So I’ll just sit here quietly, and try not to nod off before midnight again.

  • atweber

    Hi Chris, I just paid for my subscription @ Anatoly’s level. I hope this helps. Sorry to have missed last year as I was in Europe. Your devoted foot stomping fan.

    • JTC

      Dang A.W., Anatoly thanks you, Chris thanks you, and I sure as hell thank you for helping make it so that Sunday can indeed be a celebratory Fun Day down at the waterin’ hole.

      All y’all, when we get to Saturday and we need just a bit, even if it’s ten bucks toss it in…I mean think of it as a choice between the ‘toon here and six of Shiner Bock…okay maybe that’s not a fair choice. Still, you blow ten on nothing in a day’s time…here you get SOMETHING for one day’s time (FunDay) and awesome entertainment and discussion for a whole year’s time. I’m committed to another fifty on Sat. if needed, any that can do that or more or less…

      Just Do IT! No wait a minute, don’t want any words of mine associated with that shit. So…Git ‘er Done! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Chris in NC

    AOC’s not smart enough for Hooters.

  • JTC

    You know what is fucking pathetic?

    That little twat could quit the gov today and tomorrow she would be swamped with hundred-grand “speaking engagements” and a million dollar book advance. Maybe wear that tight West Side Story jacket and break a few dance moves at her signings.

    It’s not like having no ideas but bad ones and basically doing nothing but soak up the adoration of the stupid ala Slick and Zero hasn’t been done before.

    • JTC

      Man, cut off the end of both paragraphs.

      “…break a few dance moves at her signings, they be throwing cash at her faster than any pole dancer ever…and not one dollar bill’s either.”

      “”…the adoration of the stupid ala Slick and Zero hasn’t been done before…and she HAS boobs while they ARE boobs.”

      I’d beg again for an edit function but the truth is that only ijits really need one. 🙁

  • JTC

    While I’m admitting to my ijit status I might as well beg for a search widget also. Sure would be cool and easy for my lazy ijit self, to punch in a few remembered words to bring up history and references here in this multi-paralleled DBD universe.

    In fact, once the regular pay for play is done in a few days so that Chris is well-fed and can keep the intertoobz on, I’d be willing to see a little specific fundraiser sidebar to pay whatever the cost is to make those search and edit tools available.

    Unless y’all -and by y’all I mostly mean Chris, would rather keep it simple, and I’m okay with that as you usually get pleasantly side-tracked as you plunder the archives for something your old brain can’t remember, or remembers wrong.

  • JTC

    What does the squab, I mean squad think of Trudeau’s Canada?

    Here’s what their realist Mr. Wonderful thinks…in an extensive interview with the large precious metals broker Kitco (also Canadian, and how much closer to the heart of anything economic can you get than the big-time gold traders?), notice that he can’t make a single point without recognizing the actions and the brilliance of the Artist of the Deal in all of it…

    Wonder why we don’t get to hear any of that from our media?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ijyits everywhere 😉
      Trudeau is extending Islam inside his “post nation” nation faster percentage wise that the Muslim from Kenya or Hawaii did in the nation he hated and was trying to fundamentally destroy.

      Eisenhower in a small fishing boat with the then Canadian Prime Minister.
      The state of the art better than the world (USA included) bomber and high altitude interceptor fighter, the Avrow Arrow, was cancelled. The incredibly useless Bomarc, or something, missile was sold to Canada. Canada lost its lead in certain high tech businesses, and lost its people to the USA and the UK when Avrow closed the production line.
      Yet not only is Canada getting snookered by the act President Trump talked them into, they are importing economy draining Muslims who believe that Canadians are their slaves and must provide them the jizrah tax to pay for their invader and obvious to the Muslims superior conqueror’s lives in Canada as they subdue Canada and bring Canada the love and peace of Islam, or they kill Canadians who do not submit. Something like that in the ummah’s military colonist invaders efforts.
      So much for Canadian wheat and lumber sales to China.


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