Day By Day


  • Pamela

    Playing through on the back Nine

    • J


  • Craig

    lmao…. too funny! And right on the money.

  • Kafiroon

    Sounds like Pinky and the Brain.

    • interventor

      Except, Pinky possessed average intelligence, knew he was doomed to spend his life with a megalomaniac. Best to play dumb and survive, in his case.

    • WayneM

      They’re Pinky and the Brain, yes Pinky and the Brain
      One is a genius; the other is insane

      It’s canon to never establish which is the genius. Inasmuch as the Brain is the one who always comes up with mad doomed plans, he sounds more insane to me than happy-go-lucky Pinky…


    • Pamela


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Funny. TY for the humor. Much needed right now.

  • Jim

    Dune buggy (with apologies to Frank Herbert)

  • DogByte6RER

    DJT was prescient to create Space Force …

    • Jeremiah Boyd

      Amen! Lol

  • Still waitin’ on that Fat Lady, she’s warming up for Dec. 9th…. keep yer powder dry.

    • John

      Good advice.
      It’s been a long opera, but there are going to be sequels.
      I’m actually of two minds on the outcome.
      If PDJT wins we get a lot more what was promised.
      If he loses the Left, including the Lame Stream Media, will self-destruct making the job of getting us back on the rails that much faster.
      The joker in the deck is Section 230. What if our Cyber Masters can foul the political waters enough to maintain their power?

    • Bill

      Excellent! But isn’t he the Supreme Dark Lord?

  • Mike-SMO

    Vox Day (Teddy) programmed RPGs (Roll Playing Games) during an earlier life time. Wonder if he did work for Dominion.

    I’d guess not. The election simulation was a massive multi-player operation with inexperienced players and an unbounded environment. Chaos that was obvious in the output to even a casual inspection. [e.g. natural votes don’t decrease over time.]

    Like socialism, it’ll work better next time. But it is all good. With all the CBD being sold, hemp fiber costs will be down…….

    • John

      It has a nice ring to it and describes what the Democrat Party has become.

  • Old Codger

    Thanks, Guys. Just . . . . Thanks.

  • woolly

    Checks out

  • BK

    So the man his enemies call The Supreme Dark Lord decided he takes Italy instead.
    U can expect the mountain of sculls in Vatican.
    Good times.

  • tuberman

    The Dark Lord can help the God Emperor plans for his own castle built with the skulls of Globalists. Maybe several, as there should be plenty of skulls, especially from Yale.

  • SouthRon

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning. It was much needed.

    Vox Day humor at Day by Day. That’s great.

    • The Bubba Man

      It made me laugh.

  • Martin

    Bounce the rubble?

  • ScuzzaMan

    He doesn’t call himself (the) Dark Lord.

    We do that.

  • Ingot9455

    Well pl;ayed, sir; and hail to the God Emperor AND the Supreme Dark Lord.

  • Robert Mitchell


  • TD

    Brightened my day!

  • thalios

    Very funny.

  • Lissa

    Love it!!!

  • Karen took the Kids


  • Jason

    Very nice, fun read, going to go through some of your backlog now! Not every day people properly capture VD’s sentiments, so well done 😛

  • Ron

    He won’t come back; but it’s fun to imagine … which post would he be best suited to take?

  • Brett Baker

    Best cartoon on this election. Oh, also, it’s the Supreme Dark Lord.

  • furor kek tonicus

    Supreme Dark Lord!

  • Dick Rahl

    Very funny.

  • Agent Justin

    This was humorous and nice work capturing the true essence of both men. I noticed you didn’t draw The Dark Lord which probably spared his enemies a wicked tremble.

  • GregMan

    Wonderful crossover. Ave Caesar Trump and the Supreme Dark Lord!

  • Bronx

    Great stuff – good call and well done.

  • VFM

    The Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, Master of the Vile Faceless Minions, and First Among the Dread Ilk (long may he reign), and the God Emperor.

    I can only imagine the amount of winning that would ensue.

  • Infinite Banking

    GEOTUS might have had a chance if he’d opened negotiations offering a Throne of Bones.

  • James Dixon

    That’s Supreme Dark Lord.

  • Smartacus 2.0

    Amen brother! Defeating PedoCrats by understanding their tactics and hubris makes the “winning” even better.

  • gina

    That would be an unbeatable team!

  • phil carson

    as tacitus said along time ago in rome during a very similar stage of the roman republics pivotal conflicts with its out of control ruling political class:
    its seems the secret had been revealed that indeed a god emperor could be elected by the little people outside the ruling class control

  • Chris Gallo

    Good stuff.

  • Red

    Hakkaa Päälle to the enemies of the Republic.

  • Vox Day called the Trumpslide a long, long, time ago. It happened. Just getting a few technicalities out of the way first.

  • Tommy

    The ride never ends

  • FA Bear

    Well Done

  • Frosty the Bear

    The minions of the Dark Lord offer a hearty congratulations to the God Emperor on his victory over the servants of the evil one. We stand ready to serve the rightful ruler of the galaxy.

  • phil carson

    very intriguing how connections of such a positive nature are being realized.
    always believed it is the dirt people, who constitute everyone not of or co-opted/servents of the #globo=pedo and its amerikan #pedo=elite elite, are all who ever effect positive change in this world.
    that vox day is such a revered and honorable leader as is president trump, as respected leaders of the grass roots open source unorganized resistance of the deplorables speaks volumes to the motive power and audacity of the legion and its zeitgeist.
    andrew breitbart would have been an even greater force of god and alt-right with such contemporaries to fight the good war untying this gordian knot and chopping their fucking hedious institutional order into a millions pieces to be cast into the fires of mount doom.

    • JTC

      “Andrew Brietbart would have been an even greater force…”

      Than Trump?

      No. A great writer and idea man does not = a great leader.

      • phil carson

        Well smell me! While I avoid your stink of not invented here sour grapes.

  • pyrrhus

    So many skulls to collect, so little time….Hail the Supreme Dark Lord!

  • Vox Day’s a smart guy. Been reading him for decades.

  • Pamela

    I’ve been pondering the hi-jinks being utilized to place the figurehead puppet at the helm. Thereby seizing power and raping this Nation and her People of all Freedoms. and Assets. With all of the assisting trolls in the various counting houses, I wonder how many would pass the truth-telling machines the Hide-in-The-Shadows services have in their arsenals. Messing with any Election is still a crime is it not?

  • DCM

    I recommend Vox Popoli to anyone who enjoys Day by Day.

    • DCM

      But with this proviso from a recent post:

      Dear New Reader,

      If you are someone who “doesn’t want to get your hopes up” or “is afraid to be disappointed” or “is concerned that it might be a trap” or “seriously hope you’re wrong”, or sees doom in every direction, then this is not the place for you. I’m not saying that you’re a bad person or that anyone here wishes you ill. I’m simply stating a simple fact: this is not the place for you.

  • Lucas A.

    Skulls for the Supreme Dark Lord. Cucks and speakers of the House for the God Emperor.

  • @Codger, We are still praying for you and your son. This community doesn’t quit after a day. We are like the energizer bunny. I am only a 50% disabled vet, but I lost my oldest son to suicide 23 1/2 years ago. The anguish subsides but a pain filled hole that only God can fill with his love is always there. I find if I keep it filled with love, I don’t notice the pain, just remember it.

    Know you are loved by us and God loves you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have so hoped that we are that smart, wise, intelligent, skilled, good, fair, and tricky.

  • Steve Samson

    Great to see the most invisible thought leader in the universe referenced somewhere new!
    One place bans you, another puts you in a cartoon. Strange times.

  • KoalaVampire

    Hail to the God Emperor and his Governor of Italy, the Supreme Dark Lord!

  • Robert


    • Halley

      They’ve learned via decades of experience that they will never, ever be held accountable for their crimes(D). Either that changes right exactly now, or the Great American Experiment inserts itself into the dustbin of history…

  • Tanker

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. It brings a tear of joy to the eye. I can only hope it brings tears of rage to the SJWs, cucks, and other useless personages.

  • dani

    Nice one brother!

  • Hail Our God-Emperor

    Ave Imperator Trumpus Magnus Rex; Ave to the Proconsul of Italy, SDL. We look forward to the growing pile of skulls.

  • Flecktarn Bear

    Hi I’m here to leave a positive comment.
    Nice Comic!
    Now I’ll go back to being a lurker.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Flecktarn B,
      Stick around for awhile. Comment when you want, always room for one more. Don’t be a stranger……..well, any more stranger than you are now. Actually, be as strange as you want.

      And don’t be put off by my name. Those are a collection of past insults by politicians and “elite” that I “wear” as badges of conservative honor.

  • Spin Drift

    Couple of things:

    1) Codger, prayers for you and yours. May the Good Lord, bless you, hold you and keep you.
    2) Lost in all the Election Fraud is the emergence of a New Red Dog Democrat and that is scaring the bejeebies out of the crooks who lead the current Democrat party. The NRDD sees the writing on the wall that their party abandoned them to the hordes as led by the NWO and the Marxist/CCP mofo’s. They realized that 4 years under a Trump administration was better than 8 years under Obama. Will they become permanent converts, only the ham handed handling by the GOPe will drive them away. It will happen that the RINO’s will help get them back across the line where they belong (back on the reservation).

    To determine the Effect of the NRDD is too look at the split baollots in heavily Democratic enclaves. Split votes is indicative if they still cling to party but wanted Trump as President. Non-splitting is a true convert.

    We live in interesting times.


  • NoobishTitan

    All hail the SDL

  • Halley

    Speaking of lists, I’m keeping one of every “conservative” pundit & pol referring to Dementia Joe as “President Elect”, though he obviously is not. In an already far-far too long list, some very surprising names. Startling, even. Anyone else noticing?

    • Spin Drift

      You did it again, you misspelled Prisoner-Elect.


  • Thinker Bear

    That’s hilarious! On point! Hail SDL

  • JTC

    I am not surprised as I have carried a strong suspicion of the real motives and loyalties of many if not most notable conservatives since 2016. There’s a convenient if incomplete list on the cover of that infamous National Review issue.

    • JTC

      Meant to put quotes around that “notable conservatives”…

  • Kafiroon

    So this is worth a look. For what it is worth to you.

    The author also claims that the data is from Edison Research and it is the same data that is used for election coverage by at least ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News.
    It is also used for the website of the NYT, and probably others as well.

    Votes Switched from Trump to Biden and Votes That Were Lost by Trump
    OVERALL TOTALS 512,095 2,865,757

    Based on this initial analysis over 500,000 votes were identified that were switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.
    In addition to this another 2,865,757 votes were deleted.


  • Hauen

    You nailed it, good work!

  • Delaware Blue Hen

    The God Emperor should nominate the Supreme Dark Lord to be the US ambassador to Italy. The resulting confirmation hearing would be priceless.

  • Moor

    Just a note of support. It’s a rough world out there, keep your face to the wind.

  • Eric R. Ashley

    I enjoyed it.

    I’m a fan of the GEOTUS and The Supreme Dark Lord, and I used to see DBD often, and enjoyed it.

    Eric R. Ashley

  • doug whiddon

    Love it. As a Vox Day reader, I’m saving this one.

  • Chris Muir

    This was interesting:

    Hope springs eternal

    November 10, 2020

    Here is an interesting update from a retired US Navy commander who worked in DC and still lives in the DC area. He has close ties to many conservatives and people who understand the election laws. Let us hope this information is correct.

    This election is going to the Supreme Court. They will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail-in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the Congress and Senate for a vote. This is where it gets good. The House/Sente votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar event will take place. This is The Law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen. So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President.

    Another fun fact, they called Gore the President Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of Bush’s legal team were none other than new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed?

    • Pamela

      Go NAVY! says the Navy Brat

    • Kafiroon

      I can live with that. I would prefer to see some Fed. Recreation Camp time for a large number of guilty officials though.
      Thanks for that comment, Chris.

  • Bobiojimbo

    Super funny! Keep up the good work!

  • wreckage

    Reality just gets more and more like a comicbook every single damn day!

  • interventor

    There are two paths. If electors are not appointed in time for them vote, the state legislatures may choice a slate of electors. As the states in play have Republican majorities, Trump would be elected, If, that scenario isn’t competed, its thrown into the US House of Representative as of 2 January 2021. Each state has one vote. As sufficient states have Republican majorities, Trump would be elected on 6 January. Senate chooses the VP.


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