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  • formwiz

    You float better.

  • Henry

    It’s not so much that they demand we believe it, it’s that they don’t really care whether we believe it or not, because they know there will be zero consequences for them. The transparency of the lies is just getting outrageous.

    • Chris Muir

      There are consequences already, Americans are awake and MAD.

      • GWB

        Yes, they don’t care, as long as we comply. Because, no consequences.

        But, yes, Chris, maybe this time there will be consequences. Though I doubt even this time they will be what’s necessary (those involve some very personal, very dire consequences).

      • JimV

        “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country…” – Thomas Paine

        • GWB

          It’s not so much the summer soldier and sunshine patriot now. It is more the mortgage-and-a-barcolounger patriot and the mortgage-with-kids-and-a-college-plan soldiers.

    • Halley

      Fantasizing various “what if?” scenarios… how about this: PDT has intentionally strung them along for years, “catching” them at every crime (Mueller, Spygate, Shampeachment, Covid Apocalypse, Race Riots Forever, countless media/Big Tech corrupt DNC collusions – all the while with no legal repercussions whatsoever (to our astonishment) thus making them believe they could actually get away with (and thus luring them into) The Great 2020 Election Fraud – which he has carefully planned to expose and trap them in.

      I know. I’ll adjust my tinfoil hat…

      • NotYetInACamp

        Halley. I use a stainless steel hat. It is more effective at blocking thei rays.
        I Gave that answer to a person I know who labeled me a tin foil hat conspiracy whatever. I had to correct her. I have several. Old Sunbeam mixing bowls work well. The industrial mixer bowls can give one a Dark Helmet type of impression. 🙂 Spaceballs!

  • Too Tall

    Toxic, Deplorable, Unbelievers RISE UP! (Tip of the hat to B. Woodman)

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Reminds me…….I need to get some rope. Good thick rope.
      Meanwhile, I carry everywhere.

    • JTC

      Hey now. I gave Woody the Toxic thing.
      Prescient, eh wot?

  • Kafiroon

    Daydream Believer
    Also known as: the presstitutes, academics, blm, antifa, progressives, dnc, democrats and other poor deluded peons.

  • DogByte6RER

    Gaslighting: NOUN

    Gaslighting is a term, often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy.

    Gaslight: VERB

    Gaslighting (present participle)

    To manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

    Example: “In the first episode, Karen Valentine is being gaslighted by her husband”

    • Eh, Wot?

      Stealing this for Vocabulary Section of my newsletter!


    • NotYetInACamp

      Lie to the people who do not believe. Say anything necessary to get them to believe or vote the correct leftist Democrat way. Such was taught in a Democrat class a relative went to on the 4th day of the class. She questioned the lying they taught was necessary. She left.
      Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein had both talked with her in a San Francisco meeting, back in the day, and thought she would be a wonderful addition, and asked her to attend a Democrat leadership class that was being held.
      Don’t give up the scam, is how it sound. Lie until you win.
      Same Democrats. Same liars. Still liars.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Then I saw her face,
    Now I’m a believer……”

    • MasterDiver

      “Man does not behold the face of the Gorgon and live”
      ~E. Morbius

      Zar Belk!

    • Marionette


  • cb

    The resounding cheer that went up nationwide from the left when msm announced Biden ‘won’ was an all time perfect psyop.

    • John

      They’re all proxies for China, as is the UniParty that owns the MSM.
      The President needs to dump Twitter for Parler _stat_.

  • Larry

    Chris, so I can show my friends some accurate data, where did you see the results you mentioned in the Veterans’ Day cartoon showing Trump ahead of Biden?

    Thank you,


  • Pete231

    Yup, make a clean breast of it…….

  • WestCoaster

    I saw the fraud, I’m not a believer!
    Without a trace — of doubt in my mind.
    Biden lost…oooh, I’m believer, he better concede ‘er
    cause he lied.

  • Bill G
    There are a lot of links to interesting material in there. It also includes these words:
    “Dear reader: this isn’t about Trump anymore. He is now just the object. This is about whether the US is a representative republic that democratically elects its chief executive — or an oligarchy where a Nomenklatura of party power brokers, Big Tech barons, and financiers get to select the candidate that is most congenial to them and, when they fail to stampede you into voting their choice, will retroactively ‘correct’ this.”

    • Old Codger

      From the article Bill G linked to comes this sage New York Times quote:

      “For the conservatives who are mad about this: yes, it is possible for a story to be factually accurate *and* for it to be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in an election.”

      I can see it now. The Red Queen is kneeling and bowing and repeating endlessly, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

      What kind of a mind is able to generate such nonsense?

      • John

        The Mind that is founded on The End Justifies the Means, no matter the End and no matter the Means.
        The very definition of Barbarian.

    • GWB

      this isn’t about Trump anymore. He is now just the object.
      It’s never really been about Trump. He was just the particular man who threw their smooth glide to utopia off track. And, of course, that he isn’t “one of them” – but that’s just added resentment, not the actual target.

      Now, they made it all about Trump so their cult followers could be swayed into vehement opposition. But it was always about crushing the limits on their power so they could rule in perpetuity.

  • NotYetInACamp

    …Not a believer.
    I couldn’t be if I tried.
    Uncle Joe was not elected.
    His handlers are not in power.Be careful out there on all fronts.

  • Halley

    Is it me, or is the tone of the MSM these last few days increasingly threatening? Any mention of Voter Fraud is apparently to be met with a jackboot on your neck, if I’m reading the latest from the Science, Tolerance and Unity mob correctly.

    Feels creepy, and desperate. They know full well what they’ve done.

    • JTC

      “Creepy and desperate”

      And dangerous as I say below. And of course it’s not just msm; here’s an example of their scary desperation:

      Bloomberg says in their piece entitled Election Most Secure In American History that in a letter signed by elections officials and by “officials from the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council, which includes election infrastructure owners and operators (!)“ that they have utmost confidence in the security and integrity of the Nov. 3 vote which was the most secure in American history and there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way. compromised, acknowledged the many unfounded claims and misinformation about our election process, and urged Americans to listen only to election administrators and officials for accurate information.”

      This was signed too by many gov employee election officials cohorts which the Trump admin has identified and given the boot.

      Man that swamp is really something.

      But I smell fear…doncha smell it? To paraphrase Lt Col Kilgore, it smells a lot like napalm in the morning…smells like victory.

      I love it.

  • JTC

    There are many believers/minions and they literally live next door to you. Here in this quiet conservative central fla town (2 to 1 R to D in this election) the so-called NextDoor app is an open local discussion board that got pretty heated yesterday, initially about masks and segueing into mandates, that Biden is the new president etc. and then to saying Trump is out of the Oval Office on 1/20 “one way or the other”.

    I usually ignore the crap which is mostly mundane neighborhood info about a bear or bobcat venturing out of the adjacent State Forest and digging into trash etc. But this thread lured me in and let’s face it, as is apparent here in comments I do tend toward verbosity and while civil, a bit of what the “about” blurb on the old blog calls “contrarian”.

    And while my radically conservative 48 yo daughter (the one married to the gentle giant redneck black guy) had already ripped some old progs new assholes over their virtual screaming for all to wear masks everywhere, for it to be mandatory and for Biden to do that by immediate EO, I couldn’t resist when the one guy made that “one way or the other” comment. So I asked him to elaborate and he said “voluntarily or escorted”, to which I answered “that will be fun”…and so it snowballed from there into others chiming in revealing the depth of anger and hate among the minions who in this area tend to be older and mostly upper middle class transplants which means mostly retired with income not dependent on and unaffected by business shutdowns but just their own perceived safety of masks, even inviting violence against those who don’t/won’t wear them. That led me to the firearms parallel of potential mandatory bans etc but none of it connects with them that they are inviting and even demanding socialism for us all, even right here in this quiet little town.

    Point is this…the “believers” are equal to us in numbers and they have have drunk the koolade , their immediate self-interest is their only focus; they don’t want to hear about election fraud or cdc manipulations and scare tactics. And they are not just in the shithole cities and in the streets…they look like you, and they are right next door.

    If the election can be righted and our President extends his employment and his plans, they will be pissed and they will be dangerous and all of this bodes for violent conflict. Be prepared, and don’t focus just on outside threats but on your own neighborhood. Whatever happens it probably won’t be pretty.

    • WayneM

      Yep… A frightening number of them are highly educated and affluent but I still think they lack the raw numbers to be able to impose their utopian system on the rest. Otherwise they’d have no need to bother with the ballot manipulation and other assorted frauds.

      The Soviets used to call them the “useful idiots” and that seems appropriate.

    • JTC

      And nowI’m banned from NextDoor for violation of their “standards”…:)

  • Halley

    So, The Monkees did TWO songs about Believers!?
    We will need a replacement for YMCA…

  • Pamela

    Any State that thinks there was Voter Fraud should have all the behind the scene counters, operators, delivery drivers and Officials given specialized polygraphs that the clandestine services give to potential hires and those that might have been Compromised. Any ballots that appeared out of some butt need to be fingerprinted.

  • PCChaos

    A complete and total recount in each and every location. End it. Execute a plan. Why should anyone refute the opportunity to end speculation? Churchill on truth:
    Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is. Where are our heroes? Oh, and Happy Birthday to our beloved U.S. Marines.

    • JTC

      Yep. I said it about PA when that big DT lead started shrinking…hand recount.

      And it needs to be expanded to every state using the suspect system, even ones where DT is presumptive winner to ensure fairness and credibility. They will fight that all the way to scotus and that is just what we want; it is a perfect issue for them to review, hand recounts up or down yes or no with no chance of claims of partisan leaning.

      And a yes to hand recounts will keep DT in the big chair where he rightfully belongs, guarandamnteed.

      Right now they are after the senate where they themselves demanded and got a recount In GA that you know they plan to “win” just like they did the presidency. But by doing that they created the perfect precedent for the above.

      This is perfect.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I am amused about you tearing up that neighbors app. I just read about t recently and about how it had recently become contention.
        Now U get the pleasure of knowing someone who had torn one neighborhood Dems new ones. It was done politely and honestly, I am sure.
        I have been advocating quietly and reasonably (with screaming thrown in) for hand recounts of many random precincts after all elections as an honesty check.
        Also, the paper ballot needs to be the only type ballot allowed. It reduces vote fraud to the old fashioned way of buying the people counting off. A paper ballot caste in person by a person with an acceptable picture ID also reduces the percentage of stolen vote. You can never get rid of the parasite. But what would we do if all of the Democrat parasites went extinct? How would it effect the ecosystem? Would we then have enough wealth produced that a tribal national spreading of wealth and responsibility would be possible? Would their theft reductions enable forms of socialism that socialists could never enable?
        It seems that parasites world wide are said to be dying off. So my Democrat extinction scenario is not that far of a wild as$ fantasy. There might be similar genes across all of the species considering how prevalent parasitic species are as a percentage of life.

        And, I have to reread the Constitution, but don’t the states actually have the power to be the only Presidential voters. It’s one of those little things one reads that pop back up almost to be in my conscious thoughts. As every possible and some impossible paths that could bethought of to eliminate the choice of the American people last Presidential election, so it is fair to use every possible path in the US Constitution and laws to have the choice of the American people continue in office. That it would severely frost the other side is just the bonus.

        And my questionable brother called again on a Friday offering me tickets to the 24 Hours of Sebring. Much as I enjoyed the Sebring Races over the years, I don’t drive 200 miles then back for the tickets these days. I would think that the lovely sounds of the race cars don’t reach your home. There are few things like those sounds. The shrill shrieks of your other thinking neighbors in coming days as truth reaches them will be discernible at your home in your neighborhood. Enjoy the party.

        • JTC

          Hey, NotYet…

          Yeah the fun part of watching daughter disassemble a prog is the measured and factual and devastating debate devices and language she uses in doing it.

          The race is a non event this year like everything else, changed date and just a framework for the racers and minimum spectator involvement. No free tickets for cops from whom I always got mine or even for track volunteers, Meh.

          But that haunting sound will be the same; from eight miles out it’s like a swarm of angry bees with the occasional blast of the Vipers and Vettes as I sit by the pool where both you and Chris have sat before…I wrote about that before back when CM reminisced about Sebring race trips with his Dad. I offered to call in a chit and get premium law enforcement access tickets for them to make one last great trip but it just seemed to Chris like too much for Dad to handle.

          Maybe next year you can make it down, my treat if the world doesn’t end before then.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Sounds great.
            My father took all 4 boys to the races. We had a van or truck depending on the years that we made a wood platform on the top depending on the race. We could sleep in the van. Refreshments and food were brought there also. When older I would go with other people. I had many people sto by the house facing the sunset on Lake June that we also had as a vacation / summer place. So friends going too the race could shower and eat and rest afterward. Some great times were had on race weekend. Stories. ‘
            And you and CM like the race weekend, too.

          • JTC

            Shit, I’m coming to you lake house!

          • JTC

            I think I found your old fishing cabin NotYet, nestled on the eastern shore of Lake June and complete with that gorgeous sunset over the water you remember so fondly. Nice.

            Those old 50k former fishing shacks are now listed at 530k but we can probably get ‘em down to an even half-mil. We can pool our shekels, I can sell the old motor home and the motorcycle, you can get rid of your squatter and sell your extra trailer, and we’ve got Punta Gorda and I think Halley? and some other Floridiots here who might pitch in, that should bring us to about 100 🙁 But then we have Chris; do you know what a barrier-island OldFlorida CBS home hard by the intracoastal and walking distance to the ocean will bring from a shithole city covid escapee right now? Yeah I know, he ain’t selling the family homestead, but can you say Cash-Out Refi? Probably pull out the whole 400k balance needed right there.

            Nice place, look at that wood interior and porch view!

            So who’s in? Hello?

  • JTC

    Gandhi’s version of the Seven Deadly Sins reads like a credo for leftist/socialist life:

    1. Wealth without work
    2. Pleasure without conscience
    3. Knowledge without character
    4. Commerce without morality
    5. Science without humanity
    6. Worship without sacrifice
    7. Politics without principle

  • Halley

    Go see Jon Voight’s latest video message at Twitter. Now.

  • JTC

    So what the hell is Zed reading there, the Big Book of Leftist Evil?

    • Doggo

      It would be bigger than that.

    • JTC

      And yet it worked so well that they have now used the exact same methods to steal Georgia…DT was crushing them until the absentees come in in a blue wave…from Atlanta of course.

      Now to take the senate they are calling for all their operatives including Andrew Yang to come into the state and lie that they plan to be a resident, show an out-of-state ID and they’re a Georgian.

      And they don’t give a shit what you think about it.

    • WayneM

      Finding it vs proving it beyond a reasonable doubt…

      I would dearly love to see a bunch of these evil characters doing a perp walk but they always seem to skate free…

    • WayneM

      Almost seems too much to be coincidence…

  • JTC

    Not co-incidence, it’s re-incidence.

    A 70 year old playbook lying dormant until the time is right.


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