Day By Day


  • JTC

    “They deride.” Yep, everything.

    Even worse. They decide.

    Makes it easier to “report” when the story is already written.

  • Too Tall

    Fox – Another contribution to the dustbin of history.

    • WayneM

      It’s ironic how the leftists still deride Fox as being far-right. If they have the capacity to learn (and the jury’s out on that) Fox is about to learn how trying to appease the leftist mob doesn’t work.

      Get woke; go broke strikes again.

  • JTC

    Zed with the Big Book again…looks like a plan book, dude plotting something?

    Whatever it is it makes him happy, looks like he’s got a raging hard one going on, needs to put that thing away and button his fly…if he’s got pants on.

    Lord what kind of planning book is that?

    • Too Tall

      Zed’s “Big 10-Inch Record?”

      And then “He Flips It Sam Over and Plays the Other Side?”

      • JTC

        Poor sore happy Sam.

        Lucky ducky Zed.


        • interventor

          If, the guy is careful and lubricates, a lady may enjoy, as well.

          • JTC

            That’s the happy part. Without that and the synchronous gyrations and sound effects the “flip side” is just a broken record.

          • JTC

            …Based on the general but enduring principle that in certain endeavors, Pain is Pleasure.

            But in that particular endeavor, I have NO personal experience so I wouldn’t know but (butt?) for said accompanying sound n fury on the receiving *end*. 😉

    • John M.

      Uh – I think that’s Sam’s pinky-finger wrapped around the phone, but one never knows with Chris…

      • JTC

        Shut up John M, old guys need their fantasies too!

        • John M.

          Now wait a minute – I’m in that “Old Guys” batch (74 today) but we gotta keep our heads in the right place…

          Like that opening scene in “Redvolution.”

          • JTC

            Happy B-Day!

            Hope you get lucky and it doesn’t kill you! 😉

          • Henry

            Local U-store business puts inspirational messages on their street sign. Today’s was, “I’m not counting 2020 against my age because I never got to live it.”

    • Henry

      That’s Sam’s little finger — her hand is in the foreground.

      Luckily, there is still the first panel, where we can see that Sam is still fair and balanced.

      • GWB

        Yeah, I wasn’t seeing that either until it was pointed out.

      • MasterDiver

        You sure you didn’t mean “FIRM and balanced”?

        Zar Belk!

        • Henry

          Fair. Redhead, sunburns easily, all that stuff.

    • Dastardly Dan

      That’s Sam’s finger holding her phone

    • interventor

      Several reports on the net concerning US Army and polizei raids on Scytl in Frankfurt am Main. Anyone on the ground can confirm this? Lived there for three years during the cold war.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Great. I hope the evidence securing continues.

    • My Way or -->

      There is an ad on that link that says ‘Should AOC resign. Wants out’

      Her plan didn’t work – no instant karma there – and she’s been whining recently. Real work takes a toll on some people…. or their egos….

    • Punta Gorda

      Fk apple.

      • JTC

        Well it was a CNN “report” via Apple News…but yeah, Fk Apple anyway.

  • Blackrifle081

    FAUX News. When you pull the trigger on a deliberate self-inflicted wound, you don’t get to cry about how badly it hurts.

    Take your “other than honorable” discharge, and get out of my living room. Dismissed.

    • Punta Gorda

      Years ago I sat a board that was to determine a future ex service members separation status. His lawyer was there and sang his good points with great zeal.

      I and and the rest of the board didn’t buy his bullshit. Bugger was busted trafficking drugs on board. We voted accordingly. Big Chicken Dinner.

      • Old Codger

        Bad Conduct? Why not vote for full-on Dishonorable?

        • Punta Gorda

          I voted the worst that was available. Shit ton of years ago…..wasn’t that memorable other than the lawyers blathering.

  • Halley

    Not being allowed to talk about the corruption at Fox on air makes Sean, Tucker, Lou, Laura and Jeanine look like they’re being used. It makes us wonder why they’re choosing to remain. But maybe they haven’t, now…

    It seemed obvious years ago that the hostile takeover was meant to lose viewership, not gain a new audience. Any institution that allows in the Left inevitably crumbles, as destruction is all the Left is able to do.

    • Old Codger

      Any institution that allows in the Left inevitably crumbles, as destruction is all the Left is able to do.

      Except that Fox News didn’t “let” anything happen. When Papa Rudolf passed his sons took over and they make AOC almost look like a moderate. It was inevitable.

      Look. Fox news was never “conservative”. At best it was centrist. It only appeared conservative when compared to the rest of the media. The presence of people like Gretchen Carlson, Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Alan Colms and Chris Wallace (the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree there, did it) evinced that. But since Rudolf’s passing the boys have moved the organization increasingly to the left. This election merely made it apparent just how far left Fox News has migrated. When the anchor cuts away from a spokesperson for the administration solely because she is about to say something leftists would not want to hear you know that the jig is well and truly up. The Fat Lady has finished her solo. It was nice to have a news source that wasn’t – quite so – far left but that period is over.

      • John M.


    • John

      “Get Woke Go Broke” is not a joke.

  • Mike-SMO

    Having the Green machine or SOF serve a warrant must have been “interesting”. Probaly allowedby one of those treaty clauses back on page xx in the micro-print that only a Nu Yawk developer knows to read. Bet Team Ghetto thought that all the details were scattered beyond reach. Osama probably thought that he was in the clear, also. “Knock, Knock….”

    No wonder Rudy was smiling……

  • Old Codger

    OT: I figure you guys can use a chuckle: Headline from the Babylon Bee:
    “Septic Trucks Arrive In Washington To Begin Refilling The Swamp”

    This was the accompanying graphic:
    (Ain’t it the truth?)

  • Larry J

    Fox, like many Democrat voters, is dead to me.

  • Halley

    I have loathed Big Media for a quarter century, but now they are just plain creeping me out. Their inner fascist is showing and they seem unperturbed by it. The Enemy of the People – eagerly erasing the First Amendment as we speak.

  • My Way or -->

    Someone should remind the Enablers that Stalin and Hitler both killed off anyone they were done with. Hitler killed off the Sturmabteilung and Stalin ordered the executions of Red Army officers. (The numbers on Stalin’s executions are under debate but no one is denying he did it. The graves are being found and excavated and recorded.) Need I bring up the Holodomor in Ukraine?
    The people who want a dictatorship should try a few months in the UK right now. The electricity goes offline on a recurring basis, especially in cold weather. Boris Johnson’s lefty Greenie wife has him convinced that Greenism is the only way to save the Earth from exploding into flames.
    These lefty people are all as near nuts as you can get. I hope they enjoy the cold when the power shuts off in a blizzard, because that’s what happens. They should be careful what they wish for.

    • Henry

      Why travel overseas, when you can have the same experience in California, plus better weather?

  • JTC

    The few remaining Corp. holdouts are getting on board the boxcars…

    When I bought a new truck in 2012 I deserted my lifelong Chevy after they sold out to become GovMotors under Zero and got an F150. Still have it and it’s been great but was thinking about trading for a new one. Not now.

    New teevee ad I saw as wife was watching one of her house flipping shows has the narrator saying Ford embraces “change”. Where have we heard that before? So it shows a pickup zipping along and says “soon our most iconic vehicle will be all-electric!” And “we are committed to zero whatever in 20whatever and we love our yada yada yada…”

    Playing to the new old world order.

    Fuck ‘em. They join the garbage bin of former American history and greatness along with GM, NFL, NASCAR, and FOX.

    Running out of alphabets. Oh well I’m old. But I sure hope I live to see the truth of this election claw it’s way back from the edge of Mordor and blow up in the faces of the commies who thought they “won”, and all the quisling companies and entities have bowEd down to.

    • John

      Don’t sell Ford short just yet.
      Technically speaking they’re right.
      We are going to have an all electric future, not because of the Green New Deal but because of the solid state battery and 4th Generation nuclear power.
      It will come in spite of AOC&Co. for real world economic reasons, and I’m going to laugh all the way to the bank while the Woke scream their newest nonsense trying to oppose the future they themselves desired.

      • JTC

        True battery development has gained hugely…mostly at the hands of the Rocket Man (not the little noko one, the crazy Tesla one).

        Still dependent on dinosaur juice to get going, just faster and longer in between.

        Nukes OTOH would change not only transportation but ensure life and growth and economic strength for the future as it should have the past.

        Wonder what happened? More to the point now, wonder what *will* happen in that sector under a New Green Regime? Right.

        • JTC

          Well yes the aforementioned Tesla claims a 600+ mi range for its Roadster along with 0-60 in 1.9, the quarter in 8.8 and a 250 top end.

          But then there’s the affordability factor. If you go around turning off LED’s to save $ you wouldn’t like the price of 250K even if you could find one.

          I still wouldn’t buy one either though. I’ll die waiting for the nukes and/or my effing Jetson flying car I was promised fifty effing years ago!

          • JTC

            That last comment was intended for you OC. And speaking of range etc. anything new on your son?

        • Henry

          I treasure my copy of a collectible(?) book called “Yesterday’s Tomorrows,” which documents and illustrates are the wonderful products they lied us into believing were right around the corner for America’s Ward and June Cleavers. The nuclear-powered car is one of them.

          As for the electric car, until AAA is prepared to deliver me a gallon can of amps when I’m out of fuel by the side of the road, I think I’ll pass, thank you.

      • Old Codger

        It will come in spite of AOC&Co. for real world economic reasons,

        And if it does come that way then I am all for it. I got rid of incandescent bulbs (first for CFLs then for LEDs) in my home years and years ago. Not because the replacements are any “greener” (CFL’s are more polluting AND require more energy to manufacture. LEDs also require a shit ton of energy to produce as well as requiring some really nasty chemicals to manufacture.) but because they use FAR less electricity and so cost me less money (plus I can use the equivalent of 100 or 120 watt bulbs without exceeding the 60 watt rating on most fixtures). The local electric utility includes household usage comparisons to the average in our neighborhood. We have consistently been running between 1/2 to 3/3rds of neighborhood average since just a couple of years after we built the place. I am very conscientious about turning off lights when not in a room. The same goes for water usage. We usually come in at or below 1/2 of neighborhood average. Again not because of any “green” impulses but simply to save money on the water bill.

        I do not expect electric vehicles ever to become mainstream simply because no electric storage medium can have the energy density (available KCals per unit volume/weight) of fossil fuels. Plus, how are you going to generate the electricity to charge those electric vehicles? Now an electric vehicle may be okay for commuting and even travel in some parts of the country but I live in central Texas. My son lives in New Mexico –OVER SEVEN HUNDRED MILES AWAY! No WAY an electric vehicle is going to allow me to drive out to see him and the nearest airport (El Paso) is a good 120 MILES from where my son lives. Any electrics YOU know of with a 120+ mile range? There is a reason the world runs on oil and it ISN’T simply due to the greed of oil company execs.

        • Kafiroon

          In my sordid past, I built a Formula V with a friend that was in
          R & D at a large well known Battery company. He, of course, could not help but install, one after the other, of a series of “very powerful, very small”, batteries “that are used in satellites”. NONE of those suckers could start that ‘V’ at the track. They worked just fine starting it at home in the garage though.

  • Halley

    The sneering condescension and arrogance of the “woke” is the veneer beneath which hides unimaginable ignorance and moral cowardice. And under that, the bad intentions they won’t even admit to themselves.

    The ones able to be converted to reason and decency surely did so before the election and were part of the glorious Red Wave landslide still purposefully hidden by the toxic Voter Fraud Tsunami. The ones remaining on the Left are, by the looks of them today, a nasty, ugly hybrid of hyena and lemming.

    • My Way or -->

      The “Woke” are those who will never move outside cities that become walled prisons. My only concern – a valid one- is access to food resources, but I’m beginning to think that it’s possible that cities may get less per person and we on the “outside looking in” (and don’t WANT to go IN) will get the better quality stuff.

      • Kafiroon

        Not sure why we are concerned whether the “woke” ones get any thing to eat at all. Let them try their “organic” gardening for food.
        Vegan style. They will die before they manage to grow anything.
        Maybe they are good at growing weed though.

        • My Way or -->

          Oh, I was just being a tad humane there, Kaftroon. It is possible to produce enough vegetables to feed a city population, because it is underway now in Amsterdam. It does not mean it will become a universal thing. Animal protein is still necessary for proper growth in a human. Fruit & veggies won’t do it, and no, soy protein is not adequate at all.

  • JTC

    Which are the converted to reason ones again?

    • Halley

      Blexit and WalkAway, the 20% of Dems at the MAGA rallies. All erased by the satanic Voter Fraud Coup.

  • Browncoat

    FYI… Currently there are ‘Stop The Steal’ rallies scheduled to begin at noon in every state capitol today. There was one, very impromptu, last Saturday in Baton Rouge but the news heard about it as did about 200-250 others.

  • Please post a list of websites with a very similar point of view and something to say.

    • JTC

      There IS nothing with a similar point of view as DBD.

      Oh you meant political not voyeur view didn’t you? 😀

      Still. Make your own list then report back; interested to see what you deem similar.

  • DogByte6RER

    Some good news here on the Left Coast … California gun rights groups are looking to outfox the CA Attorney General by suing to overturn California bans on various type of common use firearms.

    I think a constitutional case could be made to overturn these firearms bans not just on 2nd Amendment rationale, but also for violating the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

    Read more at:

  • JTC

    Well when I heard the sound of a distant angry bee swarm at the start of the race I was thinking I would have liked to see Mario as marshal. giving the start command, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Great Race wherein he came from behind TWICE in an unfamiliar Ferrari ( but still, you know, a Ferrari) to pass McQueen for the win.

    But even that is not worth covering up in a mask OUTSIDE IN THE 80 DEGREE SUNSHINE to see a glimpse of history.

    Man they fuck up EVERYTHING!

  • Sarge

    I am getting OLD. I can’t remember the name of the other strip that Chris has running. Can you help me out !!! Thanks

    • Holy Tera but it’s not up yet.

      • Sarge

        Thank you Chris.

    • Halley

      but still cutting edge

    • My Way or -->

      I truly do want to see the dumbocrats “like the engineer, hoist (blown up) with his own petard.” (petard: bomb).
      I truly do, and I want to find them so mired in their own conceit that they fail to notice the recession they are making worse. They will never live it down.

      Was that mean of me? Yah? Okay, then.


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