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  • Henry

    Never try to conjure up a nonexistent demon.

    • John M.

      Especially not against a REAL one!

  • JTC

    I can’t see talking with them at all…

    Their agenda is far too pervasive and far too advanced for any chance to reconcile, and they will twist and use any words or attempts to reach out against us. Any communications by us and they will have their ChiCom team on the job stealing the tunneling tech and production by next week.

    Save the state secrets and the advanced tools like the Javelon SatPhone that will drive our new economy for our eyes and use only…

    We are already in an undeclared societal war not of our making and they are eating our lunch…we should act like it, and prepare for virtual and/or literal combat sooner than later.

    • Halley

      One is a Democrat because one fears to think freely, or is unable to. But there are thankfully exceptions, and it was dissident Rust Belt Democrats who pushed Trump over the line in 2016 and brave WalkAway Democrats who helped give us the supermajority Electoral Tsunami in November. I’m thinking more than a few right now, despite their silence, are looking in horror at the Demented Fascists criminally usurping the Oval Office. Perhaps like Jan and Skye…?

      • JTC

        “Hell hath no fury like a Liberal scorned…”

        We will welcome them as warriors wherever they may be.

        Jan is reluctant but sees the truth. Skye sees it too but her hopey springs eternal for changey…

        Let’s make both girls happy by giving it to them.

        • JTC

          Of course they are unconcerned as replacements are pouring across the border unfettered as we speak.

  • cz93x62

    I’ve seen the Panty-Fa soy-bois here in Kalifornistan attempt to fight. It is laughable. BRING THAT ON, you anarcho-Marxist pissants. Your “wins” only come because conservatives haven’t put up a fight–yet. Arrogance begets Hubris–and Hubris begets Nemesis. A maxim as old as time.

  • Duke_Digger

    “yes, but we’ll circle back to that”
    Chris, that’s hilarious! BZ

  • Halley

    Democrats know that Donald Trump was reelected in a nationwide maga-landslide on Nov. 3. Democrats know that Donald Trump IS President, and that the corrupt dementia patient is not. Democrats know that everyone knows.

    • JTC

      But they are good with it…

      Are we? Apparently many of “us” are.

  • Kafiroon

    “Democrat” The New word for Pirate!

  • JTC

    Some “national security reporter” taking on NPR about the Canuckistan gov designating Proud Boys a Tango organization, really anything to do with Whitey so yeah, you’re next…but then they start thinking about whether it’s a big mistake to open that can of worms, so funny;

    “…when you look at this type of law, and if it were to be applied in the United States, there’s definitely some fears that it could then be overreached. And while this is being directed at white supremacists and neo-Nazi terror groups, it could end up directed at the wrong people. And I should say as well, you know, President Trump in the summer demanded that antifascist activism would be declared a terrorist organization, which is completely incorrect. I mean, this isn’t a terrorist organization nor is it really a centralized organization. So if the pendulum swings politically, you could see it being applied to the wrong place. And that’s a fear I think a lot of people have, and I think it’s legitimate.“

    Heh. Careful what you wish for bytches…

    • Kafiroon

      Should the ones that are short on the consequences thing, go all in on
      “lets get whitey” they set themselves up as many speaking are white.
      There lies at this time, an unopened can of whupass.

      • Kafiroon

        Also, how old is that “You Know” guy in that screed?
        That’s as bad as the “like” constantly in speech.
        I would like to beat people that I need to listen to, for reasons, that have that disgusting upward inflection to end statements.

    • WayneM

      I’m not sure I’d call what is currently “operating” in the capital of Canuckistan deserves the name “government” as opposed to “oligarchical cabal” but yeah…

  • PCChaos

    A dangerous precedent: scouring the military to find extremists. We are trained to use extreme violence to kill our enemies in extreme conditions with extreme tools. No Celtic crosses, no 3%, no bars, no stars, no daggers, no crossed swords and soon, no us. No rites of passage into extreme and elite fighting units or rescue teams taught to thrive and survive in extreme conditions. We are extreme by training and nature, when called upon to be so, and when not, we are us, you, regular folks. Leave us alone and let us work and be and live. Who thinks of this cockamamie bs? Less than 4% of us, as a general rule (read On Killing) are psychopaths and those who are don’t stay long as they get sorted out. Leave us alone.

    • cb

      Yes – Leave us alone, we understand “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

    • eon

      Every revolutionary movement begins obsessed with power.

      When that is achieved, they become obsessed with purity.

      When they reach that goal, they become obsessed with no one “stealing” their power and purity.

      That’s when the “cleansing”- of “society”- generally begins.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        “Every revolutionary movement begins obsessed with power.”

        Yes, the last movement’s power. Which handily explains the obsession with Revolving Revolutions.

        And there’s always a “steal” in process. We call that “the brink of war,” Which is where we are now. Again.

  • Pamela

    Damon~ Can you please send the drums from the Doctor Who episode “The Sound of Drums” into their collective brains. Then switch it up with bad Disco and Thrash Metal…. Add some Polka music and then the practice sessions from beginner bands.

  • JTC

    Should have had this ready to go on 11/3, up and running on 1/6, and full-tilt wall-to-wall President Donald J. Trump on 1/20…

    Not at all happy about the vibe I get from his nanny Pam by people talking either…or his son for that matter. I did not vote for them, I am underwhelmed by them, and we need to be hearing from the old man right now whether he’s going to be actively in the game going forward or just calling it in from the sidelines, in which case fuck that, time to move on with the hunt for a new CEO for the CRA!

    • JTC

      …his nanny Pam? Ha! That was supposed to be “namby -pamby people”, but nanny Pam is pretty damn funny!

    • cb

      President Trump may be waiting for calmer waters in the congressional swamp to identify future targets of opportunity. IMO

      • JTC

        May be. But sailors will tell you, don’t wait for Dead calm. No future in that.

    • JTC

      Can I…spellcheck has become the editor from hell.

      • John M.

        In Windows you can “rein in” your spellchecker and context editor to a “show me” mode where it underlines what it thinks are errors – a wavy red line for spelling and a wavy green line for context and syntax errors. I can go back and manually correct the error, or right-click on the word or phrase to see what it thinks is wrong.

        Saves a lot of embarrassing “Oops – spellcheck” notes.

  • Kafiroon

    I really like the Shaft look that Chris has Damon sporting.


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