Day By Day


  • formwiz

    The lying dogfaced pony soldier has lost his mind and does what he’s told, not that his mind was much good to begin with.

    He was always a self-important jerk (huge inferiority complex) who went along to get along.

    I’m sure he thought he was one of the boys in the Senate, but I doubt that was the case when he wasn’t around.

    • John

      I’m convinced there is no “President Biden”.
      The reason his Press Secretary keeps having to “circle back” is because everything has to be run through the DNC before it can be presented.
      We seem to have a committee running the country.

      • Auntie Venom

        Like a central committee?

      • Henry

        A Central Committee, natch. Commies are big on that.

      • JTPatriot

        Spot-on, John. I have stopped referring to “President Biden” completely, and now only refer to “Biden’s Handlers” – that’s who is running this country into the ground.

        At least with Obama, we knew who was controlling his puppet strings. With this guy, we have no idea. They are completely hidden.

        If that doesn’t scare the Hell out of you, you aren’t paying attention.

  • Too Tall

    So, is it the Inductance (L), Resistance (R), or the Capacitance (C) of the Rack that improve antenna performance?

    • JTC

      Gotta be the donkey mouth, that gaping hole could catch anything.

      • John M.

        That gaping mouth would act like a parabolic reflector and would create a directional signal. Depending on where she’s facing it might reduce reception.

      • Wood

        Just imagine if she wore braces…

        • PaulS

          “Brown and Decked her Pecker Wrecker”

          Figured she was a tool! 😉

    • Punta Gorda

      It’s actually a function of area. That’s why tin foil works.

  • John M.

    Body mass is usually the counterpoise not the active antenna and is often capacitance-coupled to the radio, so one would think holding a handie-talkie over the “shelf” would improve both reception and transmission.

    • JTC

      So, can’t cop the signal?

      • Henry

        Something something entanglment something something.

        • John M.

          Can I circle back to you on that?

  • epador

    Well, I get more distance when I hold key fob to my head. Must be from being a fat head. Since Xiden and AOC are airheads it won’t work for them.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

      Air heads….? Or vacuum heads?
      One of my standing family jokes when a family member is REALLY being dumb, I start feeling around their head “looking for the vacuum release valve”.

  • Halley

    if the NeverTrumpers in congress could be replaced with more hoo-hahs, I’d be all for it.

    • JTC

      Asses, boobs, and pussies?

      No I’d say we have quite enough of those in there.

  • Pete231

    Resistance (ohms) is futile…..

    • PaulS

      But hoo-hahs are tactile 😉

  • Pamela

    But their tubes are blown and there is no way they can be recalibrated.
    Plus the main board pathways are fried and aren’t even worth recycling.

    Rabbit Ears. Like pulling those out would help in changing the reception.

  • My Way Or -->

    AOC’s brains ARE in her rack. Did any of you get a gander at her sob story about ‘fearing for her life’ in her office in the Capitol building? Her office is in the Cannon building.

    Ah, well, no brains – no headaches.

    • interventor

      Just another drama queen, that would be better employed at The Spew.

  • Special_Ed

    Some thoughts about using Dems tools on themselves, linguistically speaking.

    Let’s call Shirley Jackson-Lee’s gun proposal a “second amendment poll tax.”

    And let’s add a gun owner application to auto registration form and call it
    “Motor Toter.”

    • interventor

      And, an application for a concealed carry permit.

  • PCChaos

    While in Colombia, Shirley Jackson Lee couldn’t point to where Venezuela is located. And they keep voting her back into office. Same with Mad Max of the Left Coast. How on God’s green earth does that happen? Morons. Drones and morons, morons and drones (boot camp CC’s favorite description for us recruits). When in the course of human events,…Democratically-controlled cities need to wake the hell up and make the change that will eradicate the plantation society they currently exist as. how can people be so, so stupid?

    • JTC

      Follow the money. Always follow the money.

      But if they do smarten up, there’s a whole electorate worth of illegal ineligible Dim voters flooding across into those border states as we speak. And how do we know their fake votes will be for the same old Dims? Follow the money. Always follow the money.

      They ‘re not plantation slaves, but maybe they should be. those people had to work or die.

      • Kafiroon

        Why vote? They have machines that do it now for us.
        Next: they just declare in the media who won.
        Goes along with The Green Steal.
        Saves electricity from running all those voting machines.

      • cb

        “those people had to work or die”

        Those ‘Do Not Feed’ signs serve a purpose, keep the critters busy doing natural things like working for their existence. Having no concern about next meal leads to all sorts of wrong behavior.

        • JTC

          The Law of Nature = God’s Plan…

          Just watch His other animals…the minute one species starts feeding another, either the former has a plan that is not in the interest of the latter and is actually self-serving or it’s Armageddon.

  • Chezz

    How do they keep getting elected? Dominion Voting Systems. 2020 wasn’t the first time this happened, only the most obvious. Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent is just engaging in her usual lying hyperbole. It’s not even news anymore. Like the Hodge twins say, “AOC, you crazy as hell!”

  • I actually saw a tube tester on sale when I went to the k-bid auction site. There was also 8 or ten boxes of misc. tubes you could bid on. They could replace the blown tubes if they wanted to because they are available… Just sayin.

  • Pamela

    I wonder what would happen if all their “Offshore” Bank Accounts and any other items were suddenly made public with where and who put the $$$$$$$ in those said accounts. Then watch as the $$$$$ disappeared right before their eyes.

  • GWB

    I’ve advocated for a while now that we should require gun safety and competency classes to graduation requirements, and should add that qualification to the DL. They take driving lessons in school, they should take firearms lessons in school.

    • GWB

      This was a reply to Special_Ed @ 9:10 am.
      (The system was yelling at me that I was commenting too fast. I haven’t commented in days….)

      • Kafiroon

        Ignore it. It can even say that three times in a row. I think the server hamster wheel needs lube.

  • CaptDMO

    Rabbit ears?
    Nah, fine tuning knobs.

    • John M.

      Tune in Tokyo, tune in Tokyo

  • Pamela

    Wonder if she keep them in a box at night…