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  • Merle

    if boobs were brains…..

    • MasterDiver

      She’d still be an idiot!

      Zar Belk!

  • JTC

    If that’s the doc for 45 couldn’t he inject it with something to humanely put it down before it puts somebody’s eye out with those things?

    Or hell, writhing and screaming in real (not imagined or triggered) pain, I don’t care…

    • JTC

      I mean the doc for 45 was a studly military doctor dude and 46 is…fauxci.

      She would probably prefer 46 because I think fauxci is actually Bernie in drag, and she really likes him.

      • Pamela

        I hope Victoria’s Secret doesn’t allow it to try stuff on

  • Halley

    Would she agree to do a centerfold if told it was “for the cause”?

    • ExNuke

      Only CNN would publish it if she did, it’s not like anyone would see it.

      • ExNuke

        Or want to.

    • John M.

      Paint her green with scales, and have her pose in snake-like positions to personify the Green Nude Eel she’s always talking about..

      • Fox2!

        Eels have slime, not scales.

        • John M.

          OK – she’s slimy enough… they don’t have small scales like fish?

    • JTC

      Print that out for some great targets…

      Centerfire to Centermass of Centerfold.

  • William Henry

    She would be better off doing a Mexican donkey show, she has a face only a ass would love.

    • MasterDiver

      Dem females all seem to have faces made for radio.

      Zar Belk!

    • Too Tall

      That would be inhumane to burros everywhere.

  • Pamela

    So a 2 page spread in the Progressive Farmer showing all her attributes…

  • Kafiroon

    Since they all seem to be losing their heads…
    Her centerfold photo should be minus the “head”.
    Whether anyone looks is not my problem.
    Just saying.

  • Pete231

    How about some provocative calendar poses while mounting the latest offerings from from the Rigid Tool company ?

    • Pamela

      ER, I don’t think there are enough little blue pills in DC and its environs to help even with mechanical assistance.

    • Merle

      now that brings back memories…

  • Randy

    Ummm…EWWWWWWW! The way she thinks the outfit will likely feature copious amounts of black leather and silver lightning bolt shaped SS.

  • Dread

    Another butter face… And but what she thinks, and but what comes out if her mouth, and but what she does. Besides, you don’t know where thats been.

    • Auntie Venom

      “Idiot wind
      Blowing like a circle around my skull
      From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol
      Idiot wind
      Blowing every time you move your teeth
      You’re an idiot, babe
      It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe”
      ~ B. Dylan

      • JTC

        Dylan? Huh.

        Coulda swore that was a cover of John Anderson…

        “Blow blow Seminole Wind…“

        Appropriate for a culture pretender like this pig.

  • interventor

    Its not whether her boobs are real, or not. For all know she is a complete and utter boob.

  • Halley

    The most troubling thing about Dear Leader Barack Hussein was that there were such huge flocks of sheep eager to fall for the scam and vote him into power. Same with AOC. It’s her comatose voter base that’s disconcerting.

    on the non-existent bright side:

    “he’s on top of everything” may not mean what I hope it means, but I’ll grasp at anything these days…

  • markm

    Are those real? She didn’t buy implants on a barista’s pay.

    OTOH, for someone that knew how to use them, implants are a smaller investment with a much higher payoff than AOC’s college mis-education. Even a waitress gets bigger tips with bigger tits.

    • Punta Gorda

      This was proven on Mythbusters…. plus they found that women had the higher shift it tip amounts for larger chests.

      My interpretation is that women subconsciously tip greater for what is subconsciously perceived as a lactating mother.

    • Arkay

      Remember, she may have been a bartender, but her family is loaded. She could easily have had implants.

      • Punta Gorda

        Bartender hell, she isn’t that smart. Her job was to shuffle drinks around and flirt for tips.

  • Drew458

    You guys need to get out more. AOC is not hot. She has OK hair and eyes, but that’s it. She has plain legs, no ass, really floppy tits for someone her age, and then there’s that face. And those teeth in that mouth. Run away!! Run away!!!

    • JTC

      She is perfect to hit on as mentioned above…

      Centerfire to Centermass of Centerfold…

      (Paper targets we’re talking about here, for any spooks that might be lurking here in America.)

    • Punta Gorda

      That’s why God made beer.

  • Punta Gorda

    And the Kangaroo court clown show continues.

    They are using the impeachment precedent of BRITISH Parliament (against Warren Hastings) as their basis that impeachment of a former President under the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION is allowable.

    Not to mention that the Chief Justice (as required by the Constitution) is no where to be seen.

  • Punta Gorda

    Essentially these Senatorial CLOWNS are trying to do is implement a bill of attainder. Which happens to be in DIRECT VIOLATION of the US Constitution.

    • Punta Gorda

      Now you know why they don’t have the Chief Justice there. (Also requires by the Constitution)

  • James Gemind

    Hi guys.

    If AOC is is the ‘Face of America, Someone out there may shoot us on the grounds of being rabid.

    On to more important matters.

    It seems the Officer who died, may have died from a pre-existing, Non-COVID-19 condition.

    Ashli Babbit’s killer will not be charged apparently.

    The Capitol Building may have come under initial attack prior to Honestly and Duly Elected President Donald J Trump even starting his speech on Jan 6th. Also, there is no phrase or list of comments he used, that the DNC/PLD themselves have not used while claiming no harm done, and a great many phrases the DNC/PLD have used that the President hasn’t used, phrases which the DNC/PLD used in order to create and incite violence.

    Chris, think you could do a few strips on Jen Psaki, and how she’s competing in the 1,000 Meter Stupid? Last week, she couldn’t stop talking about Biden’s Great big Package(Hand to God, she said Big Package, Huge Package, and ISTR Enormous Package. 3-4 times for each), and this week she got bushwhacked by a Fox reporter about the ELEVEN THOUSAND Workers being fired from the Keystone XL Pipeline being shut down by Biden-Harris.

    Biden-Harris. Because it Wasn’t Trump-Pence, it wasn’t Obama-Biden, it wasn’t even Clinton-gore or Bush-Cheney(okay, maybe a little). It’s Biden-Harris, with Biden as a mere figurehead.

    • cb

      Maybe they are against ‘us’ not pipelines? The Dailywire has an article about construction on the Russian led Nord Stream 2 pipeline resuming. And a Washington Examiner article details Taliban involvement in a new pipeline across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.

  • Pamela

    Does Jen have first hand knowledge of Biden’s HUGE ENORMOUS Package?
    Maybe that’s the reason he can’t walk or make a damned bit of sense.

    • JTC

      The silly bytches so badly want these pods to be CJ and Jeremiah…

      Confirming Halley’s analysis above as to “comatose sheep”.

      And, for that matter, as to the “non-existent good news”. 🙁


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