Day By Day


  • Kafiroon

    He probably looks like he is wrapped in a web.

  • JTC

    Them little strings ain’t gonna do “it” up right…

  • Pamela

    So where’s Betty in all of this…
    Geppetto would be livid with the bad quality of work in the Oval Office.

  • formwiz

    Might as well admit it. The Demos’ new talking point, they, yeah, they did steal the election, but it was so brilliant because they had to save the country from Trump, is probably the dumbest policy move since Hitler said, “Well, we can’t invade America. How’s ’bout Russia?”.

    • interventor

      Operation Barbarossa, apparently, Adolf hadn’t considered Generals Winter and Mud.

      • Lon Mead

        The classic Russian strategy… let ’em invade and wait for winter.

      • John D. Egbert

        Herr Adolph believed the invasion would be over – successfully – before the “Generals” took the field. He started two months too late.

        • Presbypoet

          Thank the Italian. The invasion was scheduled for mid May, but El Duce tried to prove how tough he was by invading Greece. Greece already had a government friendly with Hitler, but the Italian invaded from Albania.

          The Greeks stopped him cold, and were in the process of driving into Albania. So Hitler had to halt the buildup, and send forces against Greece.

          This caused the overthrow of the Yugoslav government, and set the stage for Tito. It also resulted in the destruction of Germany’s only airborne division taking Crete. They were not available to take Malta, which would have been a much more damaging blow to England. All the army units that were sent south, lost combat effectiveness.

          So I tell people the true person responsible for the Nazi loss was the Italian. History is interesting.

    • cb

      Give them enough rope and…

      TIME Mag: “Trump Was Right. There Was A Conspiracy… Well-Funded Cabal, Powerful People Changing Laws, Steering Media & Controlling Information.”

      • Charles

        Given Time’s usual editorial policy this smacks of FAKE news. I hope that it is true, but without a link to the actual article I stand by my original assessment.

        • Charles

          Found the article. It is NOT fake. Wow – what hubris. “We screwed you over for your own benefit because you are too dumb to choose correctly. And you business leaders, if you want more than just ashes when this is over you WILL support us.”

    • Henry

      Or Son of Sam saying, “Sure, I killed them, but my dog told me I had to.”

  • Annnnnd the NY Times published about the “cabal” that “saved us” from ourselves in the election…. and go Into a fair amount of detail, enough I’d call it a confession for the trial….

  • caved1ver01

    The esteemed Dr Michio Kaku might be insulted pursuant to any “Superstring Theory” connection or reference associated with the current illegitimate, sub-moronic, neurologically-damaged progressive mannequin currently occupying the WH.

    • MasterDiver

      Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation puppets looked more realistic, and had better writers!

      Zar Belk!

      • JTC

        Looks just like Jeff Dunham’s Walter with that perpetually angry squint…

        Walter’s much smarter of course, has a sense of wry humor, and always calls a spade a spade.

        But both of them certainly have an arm up their ass controlling the output.

      • Henry

        I’ve seen Gerry’s marionettes don sunglasses. They were smoother than Biden putting a pen in his shirt pocket.

  • Lon Mead

    I usually just refer to Ol’ Slow Joe as the world’s oldest living brain donor.

    • PaulS

      Two questions:
      What Brain?
      Who could be stupid enough to receive it?
      Seriously, nothing would be better than Joe’s brain. 😉

  • Mike-SMO

    Interventor. Apparently it was a punt situation since the Germans knew that Uncle Joe was assembling people and stuff along the border for a big “visitation”. Rather than try to play it like Finland, the Germans tried for a kill shot and a chance to use some of Joe’s goodies. Didn’t work but I guess they preferred to try an offensive play rather than have uncountable numbers of Slavs in their livingroom. So, yes, mud and winter, and since no one who hasn’t visited Kansas or Pennsylvania had a clue of how much Russia was out there. Maybe if Frank had said that we will help the guys who get invaded, it might have mattered. There was going to be a war, one way or another. Weren’t neither of the teams “nice” people. Bully 1 vs. Bully 2. Maybe if Team Germania hadn’t started with France, the UK and the low countries. No one, except the tweedy or wooly types liked Rodina anyway, but that choice went away long before.

    • interventor

      In one day, the Soviet Union went from having the largest submarine fleet to one of the smallest. After, invading Poland, Germany was committed to fighting the UK and France

    • MasterDiver

      -28 in North Dakota this morning. I remember my tour in Minuteman Missiles.

      Why not Minot?

      Freezin’s the reason!

      Zar Belk!

      • steveb919

        Been there. Done that. Two freaking winters in a row. Had B52’s to mod. Also in Barksdale LA which was 1/2 in summer for two summers and the others were 1/2 in MINOT two winters in a row. My boss must have hated me.

  • Halley

    One certainly has to wonder how much of a Puppet Master Doctor Jill MacBeth has been. She’s no Jill Boardman.

    • PaulS

      You mean The Red Queen?

    • NotYetInACamp

      That already happened with one president. After his stroke his wife relayed messages and instructions from his bedside to direct people in government.

  • Halley

    If the enormity of the Nov. 3 terror attack, as outlined by Lindell (our MyPillow works great, Mike!) manages to reach the public despite Ministry of Truth censors, with the wartime realization that enemies foreign AND domestic were colluding to invade the White House, making the “current administration” not only illegitimate but criminal, the next question might actually be – what do the remnants of the GOP and Supreme Court do before the barricades are stormed – for real?

    After 9/11 we had a president who at least fought back. This time, we have a President-in-Exile… and it could get most interesting.

    And regarding Lindell’s presentation – the Puppet Masters in the CCP are clear enough, but who are the domestic PM’s behind both the Steal and the Xiden farce? Curious minds want names named… big names. Would be the perfect time for informants hiding amongst the Dims to come out and help save the Republic.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have seen nothing of substance to refute Mr My Pillow’s presentation of evidence by others.
      Good work, Mister Lindell and all others who worked to do what has been done to save the Republic.

    • JTC

      Lindell is a true Patriot willing to put it all on the line for the truth, men like him are the bedrock of whatever comes next.

      Enemies foreign&domestic have been and actively are carrying on a very well and effectively organized undeclared war on Deplorables, Trump, and the Constitution for years, and if a major and shocking defense is not mounted soon it will be too late…but not a shooting war, at least not yet.

      I wouldn’t count on the R’s for anything other than running a misdirection hustle to keep our minds off their comrades’ operation and the best we can hope for from the Supremes is to keep to the letter of the Constitution as we carry out the mechanics of a civil separation aka peaceful secession, but they probably won’t as they too are subject to the same pressures and controls and threats as every other corrupted cog of the former republic to stay in line.

      President Trump? Well, exile usually means operating from a separate sovereign country and government so let’s give him one…and that city-state tech biz development incubator thing that popped up again recently In NV was verrrry interesting…

      The Constitutional Republic of America can take many forms in many places.

  • Chezz

    If you read the allegations against Trump for the 2nd impeachment, it includes that he continually “lied,” and “kept to the narrative that he won the election by a landslide.” They say that he used this in order to incite insurrection. This opens the door for Trump to have to answer those allegations. Watch for the major media blackout, when he presents the evidence.

  • Known always, now seen!
    Patron Joes Xistings become visible.
    How many more in DC ??