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  • Mike-SMO

    Real-Schmeal. It is all smoke unless Team Trump can get the Electoral count. They depend on someone to stand up and say, “Fraud”, in a court or a legislature. One, to break the jamb and be a hero and/or a goat.

    “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

  • Kafiroon

    He will always have the twit addicts and never Trump soi bois that would shrivel up and die without their fix of that toxic site. And they talk about echo chambers.
    An original thought is not allowed to be expressed there. It would bounce off those rock for brains anyway.

    • JTC

      True but that’s the intended audience…see my chess comment at 1:04 below.

      It’s a plan that he’s been working for four years. Drives ‘em crazy and helps Yugely with their exposing themselves. Brilliant.

  • interventor

    “Jesus, is anyone there?” The Son certainly isn’t! Jesus James Angleton has experienced his Come To Jesus moment.

  • JTC

    Very appealing point of view there Red…

    And your political insight ain’t bad either.


    (Beautiful penmanship Chris).

  • DogByte6RER

    Since tonight’s strip has a ZZ Top theme, I dedicate the following song to Sam …

      • DogByte6RER

        “Legs” leads right into “Tube Steak Boogie” …

        Sort of like those public warning signs at some bars, usually posted by the ladies restroom, that read something like “Warning: Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages May Lead to Pregnancy”

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    ZZ Top?
    more like Rasputin…

    • GWB


    • JTC

      I was hoping for a Van Winkle…

      We could get a lot done in 20 years now just as they did then. But this time when the townsfolk hear the distant thunder, it ain’t nine-pins, it’s freedom.

      • The Real Paul Bunyan

        has anyone seen Dorsey and ho chi min (yes I know he’s dead) in the same room?
        the beards are exact

  • Halley

    Beauty and ugliness – what Nov. 3 was really all about.
    Some very ugly people threw br’er rabbit into the briar patch….

  • Punta Gorda

    According to Giuliani, they only have to win 3 of their 5 lawsuits and its a lock… and 2 more are in the works.

  • steveb919

    If you want the straight scoop on what is happening go to “USTVGO.TV” in your browser and pick “ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK” from there lineup. It is all free, no sign up and has 93 channels to pick from including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and many more to pick from. But President Trump praises OANN so it cant be that bad. I watch it all the time and got rid of cable TV. Just a little hint for y’all. As a disclaimer, I do not own stock or am I affiliated with USTVGO.TV. This has been a public service announcement.

  • Bill G

    I have to disagree; the left’s deepest fear is not the 74 million Americans supporting Trump. They’re true fear is loss of control of the voices to the rest of the Nation, so that the ones now believing their lies could hear the truth.

    • My Way or -->

      THIS! and they won’t stop believing those lies until they are cold, wet and hungry and find out that nobody really cares unless it’s election time. Ask anyone who managed to escape East Germany before the Berlin Wall was torn down.
      On a side note: the UK government is already considering that. Not a joke:
      Out in the sticks where I live (not UK, USA), not as likely, when you have a backup. But if you think it can’t happen, think again.

      • JTC

        Electric companies here (Fl Power and Light and Progress/Duke Energy) have had smart meters (aka remote control) for years. Peak load shutdown of high-load circuits and monitoring of usage etc.

        A little Big Brother-esque but only with prior approval which gets you a small bill credit. No issues but yeah I guess that could be weaponized too if it came down to it.

        Backup yeah, but gens are only good for a few days after a hurricane etc, not so much for an attack of endarkenment.

  • eon

    I notice that now Slow Joe’s side is claiming 79M votes, up from 72.5 and then 73. It looks like as more authenticated votes for Trump are verified, they’ll just keep “manufacturing” false votes for Biden until everyone gives up.

    Let me know when the vote total for The One’s rubber stamp exceeds the total number of registered voters. My guess is it will be about next Tuesday.

    clear ether


    • PaulS

      Pretty sure that has already happened in several of the States being looked at.

    • Roland Deshain

      No need to wait. The “vote” count in many areas, such as Detroit, have already exceeded the number of registered voters. The two council members that pointed that out were completely torn to shreds by the local pols and media as racists because Detroit is mostly black.

      • JTC

        They rescinded their rescission.

  • John

    Even Dorsey has no faith in the future of his creation. He now owns only 2% of it.
    Twitter will, for all intents and purposes, die if Donald John Trump quits it, probably to take up residence on Parler.
    It will be good riddance to bad rubbish on that day because it will leave the Left to shout in its own ear with no one else to hear.
    Not that they _can_ hear.

  • Pete231

    Time to take away the Section #230 privilege that these bozos have abused for so long. Enough is enough, bring on the pitchforks and torches. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” -Orwell-

    • I share your frustration but don’t mess with Section 230. That would kill ALL social media, not just Big Tech. Including discussion sections of web-comics. A better approach would be anti-trust. The best approach is for conservatives to abandon Twitter and Facebeef for greener pastures.

  • clayusmcret

    Pictures of him and Zuckerberg on the zoom screens together looked like a preview of “Antifa Meets I Robot”.

  • Michael A Crawford

    Since we seem to have the actual vote count numbers, I have a question: Did any of the states report their actual numbers? If so, which ones? I think that would be a good “draw” as dwelling places for proud, real Americans! Keep up the good work y’all!

  • Spin Drift

    Hey, Jack, Zuck, Elon and any other of you technocrats who think of skipping off to a non-extradition country. Special Operators are standing by.


    P.S. What about the felony warrant for Slow Joe out of the Ukraine?

    • JTC


  • JTC

    Trump won’t be leaving the Twit.

    He ain’t really talking to you, he’s talking to them, and the content warnings only enhance the exposure and the outrage…and maybe even turn some of their flock when they see A) The truth and B) The censorship of it.

    Just another tool in the kit of the consummate 4D chess master.

  • Roland Deshain

    The commies are all in on this attempted over throw of our government. I can honestly not say what I would do if my life and the lives is my family we’re in danger from the various criminal enterprises currently masquerading as political organizations. There is no confidence that “law enforcement” will do anything to protect them either. I pray for their strength and fortitude to stand up and continue to fight for the rule of law and our freedoms.
    Bill O’Reilly has already surrendered. He has announced on his morning update that Joe “China” Biteme will be inaugurated in January.Just when I started to like him again.

    • JTC

      That blowhard is afraid they will take away his meal ticket again.

      He should retire to the Dittohead rest, retirement, and hospice home for former loudmouth fake patriots.

  • interventor

    Watching Giuliani and company drop what I hope is a tactical nuke in journos lap. Finally, getting interesting, evidence presented.

  • Pamela

    I’m surprised Jo-Jo is still upright.

  • JTC

    Female Trump campaign lawyer in PA under official threat protection.

    The party of peace, love and equality.

  • Halley

    Look: guilty-as-sin Big Media/Big Tech desperately covering up their complicity in the criminal cover-up of the Crime of the Century. Orwell could not have made this up.

  • JebTexas

    Fricken LOVE Whittle’s name for this douche-canoe… Trevor Bin Laden!

  • Ill-Educated Deplorable Dreg of Society Chump

    Somebody should kill that thing that got ahold of Jack Dorsey’s face before it multiplies.


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