Day By Day


  • JTC

    No Zed would never lie to get brother to murder brother just to steal their shit.

    And he sure as hell didn’t marry Mary.

  • Henry

    When in the course of humina-humina-humina…

  • epador

    -I think I’m calling in hung over tomorrow, thanks for the help Chris…

    • John M.

      Just tell the boss something came up…

  • Kafiroon

    “Points of Her Own
    Way Up Firm and High”

  • DrUrchin

    Thank you. Things are looking up.

    And I really need some bright points in the world right now.

  • Fox2!

    Is a recent record that the last nudity was 26 days ago, on Oct 25th), Sam, Sky, Jo, Suzy, Naomi, at the swim in’ ‘ hole?

    Not that I’m counting or anything.

    • JimV

      In these trying times we most assuredly need more naked hotties. perhaps a visit to a nudist political resort to hear a guest speaker.

  • Pamela

    Sam…remember your PPE

    • PaulS

      Perky Pose Exercise?

      I think she nailed it. 😉

      • GWB

        Would love to nail that.

    • nonncom

      Sam always has a couple of great points….

  • Punta Gorda

    “Ready on the right! Ready on the left, all ready on the firing line…”

    • John

      “There he goes.
      Little Joe comin’ atcha.”
      It was a while before I figured out that “Little Joe” referred to Stalin.

  • Pete231

    And, I still claim that CM was not a bottle baby. The man just knows what he likes…

  • steveb919

    Nice set.

    • Punta Gorda

      You miss the good part. That’s a 3/4 view. Not the easiest thing for an artist to successfully draw.

      CM has SKILLS!!!

      • NotYetInACamp

        So we are coming here for more than the politics, camaraderie, intellectual discussions, and family friendly ideas and positions!

  • Halley

    Gettysburg. Civil War. A Time for Choosing.
    But when it comes to Sam, we can choose both sides ; )

  • Tom

    Now every time I have coffee, I’ll be thinking about this cartoon…

    • GnomeKing

      You recognized the BRCC (Black Rifle Coffee Club) t-shirt as well? ha.

      • John M.

        Who was looking at t-shirts? Took me going back 3 or 4 timed to even SEE a t-shirt, but I am a definite fan of BRCC.

      • PaulS

        There’s a shirt?!? LOL

  • Paladin

    To quote John Wayne: George Washington McLintock : I’ve got a touch of hangover, bureaucrat. Don’t push me.

    • MasterDiver

      Gotta remember that one. maybe build a meme );-D

      Zar Belk!

  • grunt GI

    Thanks for reminding us there’s more that brings us together than divides us…

    like boobehs..

  • Halley

    Given the sinister tone now coming out of every corner of the Coverup Media, just wondering if, should they deem it “necessary”, it is within their power to effectively shut down basically all dissent? Could they suddenly deplatform DBD? Could they remove ALL conservative accounts at Twitter? Could they ban anything at YouTube or Facebook exposing the election fraud? Could they up and fire the few remaining truth-tellers at FoxNews? Remove conservative bloggers from the internet altogether? Etc? It feels, based on the desperate egregiousness of the lies now peddled about Nov. 4, that the Coverup Media has no intention of having its complicity exposed. Desperate men = desperate means. They feel too ominous right now for comfort..

    • DBD and its email is firewalled in many ways from fuckery. The advantage of being a 1 man operation.

      • Henry

        Hm, my experience is just the opposite — you have to hire an extra man just to keep up with all that armor plating.

      • Merle

        Now that is good news… 🙂

    • NotYetInACamp


      • NotYetInACamp

        But they won’t. For many reasons. But the gov and agencies. They can do anything to the net. So I have heard hinted. Hearsay and rumor I’m spreading now, I tell ya. Hearsay and rumor. Cover your backyard and be aware when needed. Conclusion: I know nothing. I am nothing. I exist.

  • epador

    /my eyes were a little fuzzy last night and I didn’t catch the BRCC logo on the shirt. My sig other lives on Murder Out, tho an occ. Blackbeard’s Delight keeps things going, and going, and going…

  • Gus Bailey

    I dunno, Chris; maybe your game is slipping. I totally picked up on the Black Rifle Coffee Co. logo on the T-Shirt.

    • Gus Bailey

      oh /sarc…

  • JTC

    Somehow I think it ain’t the truck she’s about to crawl under…

    • JTC

      Some work on the stick. Maybe a lube job.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Nice truck …

    • Grunt GI

      Truck? Or some other word that rhymes?

    • Pamela

      So is it a lube job or a full overhaul of the pumpkin…

      • Kafiroon

        Pumpkin. 4.11s to really start diggin’ in on the low end.

        And I type that with a straight serious face.


        • Punta Gorda

          4:11… thats a blast from the past. And a pretty good hole shot if you’ve got the ponies and rubber that can handle it.

  • My Way or -->

    Regarding “could the media block stuff they don’t like (i.e., disagree with)”, since Facebook is a publicly traded stock company, Zucki can be voted out by shareholders and yes, it can face a class action-level legal fight for blocking 1st Amendment freedom of speech.,will%20become%20significantly%20more%20expansive.
    But remember, Zuckie is an arrogant snrrkk, who will never admit that he’s a control freak. Amazon does have rules, e.g., won’t sell porn (can’t say as I blame them for that) and won’t sell guns (go to a gun shop, silly!) and Facebook, too, but that whole thing about freedom of speech and press, etc., is starting to loom over their heads.
    Amazon is a marketing center, nothing more. It’s only “product” is the self-publishing arm. Everything else is sold by “other” through Amazon.
    Twitter is publicly traded, also:,)%20and%20Square%20(SQ).
    So can these icons be subject to class or individual legal action? Yes, but they also have a right to set rules for usage, just as your bank has a right to set rules for account usage. But they aren’t really the media in the sense of reporting the news. Remember that kerfuffle when the New Yawk Slimes dissed/slandered some 16YO kid because a drunk old Indian pounding a drum got in his face for simply existing. Cost NYT and Bezos $250 millions because they flat out lied when they slandered that young man.
    I hope that answers the question about “can they be sued’ – yes, any company, including privately owned companies, can be sued. Whether or not a libel suit against the alleged “news” media will ever happen is another matter. And Covid-19 is changing a lot of things, too, because many people no longer believe this dangerous virus (which has picked up since the weather got chilly) is really any worse than the flu. Really stupid idea on their part: even the flu can kill you. Ask the nurses and doctors who cared for victims of the Spanish Flu from 1918.

    • JTC

      You really seem to not grok the whole freedom of speech thing and how it is reflected perhaps more than any other way in gun rights. And yes, porn too…even prostitution and drugs.

      Freedom means freedom.

      • GregD

        JTC, it seems to me that “My Way” has it down pretty good. The way that you’re writing is very, very Libertarian oriented. Which, being a Constitutional Conservative and believer in Law AND Order, rubs me and many a free American the wrong way.

        These many states that are freeing up the so-called legal usage of smoking dope, are completely ignoring the vast majority of their citizens that do not want this shit being anywhere them or their families!

        Frankly, when I see the law-breakers rioting, destroying businesses and people’s homes, burning police offices, and even throwing molotov cocktails at police officers and other citizens, and so on and so on and son, I DO NOT SEE citizens practicing their Constitutional Rights. What about the rest of us Citizens who just want to live peacefully?! Personally, I would have shot every single one of those rioting, looting, bastards!!! There’s supposed to be Law AND Order in this country. Not freedom to do whatever the hell you want to, no matter if hurts your fellow citizens.

        That’s my 2c worth, thought I could write many $$s worth, as well. To all of you here, take care! Remember that the flu of any type is quite real, and fatal to many, so protect yourself, your family, your old ones (I’m a 61 1/2 year old Army Vet), and those who are sick with ailments that any flu could push over the edge, etc, etc.

        I really like coming here every day and absorbing the thoughts behind the toons, and reading all the great comments (I especially like your stuff, Pamela. And hey what happened to Delilah?!). My days would not be complete without your wit, Mr. Muir! Never give up; Never surrender! Thanks. -Greg

        • JTC

          Greg, you seem to not know much about (little l) libertarian principles, or for that matter the Framers of the Constitution who embraced them.

          And, pretty sure that My Way IS Sweet Delilah. But she won’t say. 😉

      • My Way or -->

        And you, JTC, do NOT get that having a marketplace to sell products gives you the right to refuse to carry a product that you may consider potentially harmful and may make you legally liable for carrying the product.

        It has zero, zip , nada to do with 1st Amendment rights re: freedom of speech or gun owner rights. Forcing a company to carry your product when it does not want to sell your product for you is what the Mafia used to do to people. Is that where you want to go?

        Has ZERO, ZIP, NADA to do with 1st Amendment at all. People have the right to refuse to buy a product they don’t want. They also have the right to file a complaint about being forced to buy something against their will. Are you suggesting we return to the heyday of Al Capone (buy my beer or else) and the crap that evolved out of that era? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

        • Kafiroon

          Ummm, Obamacare?
          “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,”
          Lots of people were forced to buy.

          • My Way or -->

            Difference between a Congressional law and a private enterprise not clear, Kaftroon?

        • JTC

          Delilah…I mean My Way, are you familiar with the truism, The Second Enables and Defends the First”?

          You do know that Bozos owns the WaPo commie rag right? Tell me again how he’s just an innocent third-party seller trying to keep his reputation and morals squeaky clean?

          And BTW your rather snide parenthetical comments and personal preferences after dismissing the free legal rights of Americans as mere case of “no shirt no shoes no service” is unseemly and incredibly naive.

  • Halley

    No wonder PDT was comparing himself to Lincoln so often during the campaign…
    Gettysburg 2.0 is now being waged in the trenches of cyber warfare.

    The Coverup Media is trying to gaslight everyone into believing opposing The Inevitable Biden Presidency is only the kookiness of dangerous extremist conspiracy theorists. When in fact what we now know from the un-tampered-with 2020 votes is that WE ARE THE VAST MAJORITY. MAGA is the SUPERMAJORITY. They know it, and underneath their tyrannical talk of suppressing the MAGA Army, they are wetting their already soiled pants.

    • JTC

      The only comparison to the 1860’s is the issue of secession, some version of which is what we may need and what is coming.

      Have to be prepared to stop the oligarch from preventing it this time and we are far better armed than before to do so.

      A more direct and accurate comparison is to the 1760’s.

    • Pamela

      Bookmarked. Thank you Good Sir.

  • GregD


    It’s really something. I feel quite a kinship with you. I find myself thinking a thought about something, then I read one of your comments, and I realize that you wrote EXACTLY the same words that match the th0ughts and ideas bouncing around in my brain! Please keep at, and don’t every be discouraged by what is happening all around us these days. I know that the pandemic and other illnesses scare the bejesus outta me! And the fact that the Trumpster won be a very serious majority of votes at night, but then by morning, something happened changing everything?! I’m still flabbergasted by it all. How could they get away with this?! Thank God for these attorneys and others working with Trump to set right what was turned onto its head overnight and the days following the election.
    Keep on keeping on, Halley and the others here!! Stay Safe as best you can. And let us hope and pray that it all won’t come down to another civil war, of any type at all. – Greg

    • My Way or -->

      Greg, I only have this to offer: two financial analysts, using different methods, have forecast nearly a identical prognosis for the recession we’re in now: that it will continue and get worse and we won’t come out of it until mid-2024, So it won’t matter who is in the White House, it is going to happen, period.
      Now, who would you prefer to see blamed for it?
      The spendthrift, inept, incompetent Democrats?
      Or the other people?
      Choose wisely. If it’s the Dems that finally “win” by cheating or otherwise, they are liable to bankrupt this country. Very few of them have fiscal acuity.
      GOPers? Not so much. More likely to find a way to moderate it.
      Who would you rather see blamed for it?
      If FDR were alive today, he’d be too Centrist to be a Democrat.

      • Halley

        Dems are never, ever blamed for anything.

        • My Way or -->

          Not yet, but there is always a first time.

          • Halley

            We’re about to find out.

      • JTC

        Heh. Thing about analysts is, they do rear-view prognostication. A lot easier to be right if you just wait for shit to happen before you predict it.

        Today their method got them a twofer, we hit a recession like a racehorse hitting molasses, damn near a full stop oh, about Marc, and still in deep. And then if one (or two (‘cause I’m sure these analyst types are progs) believes their own leftist reportage, the commies won so we’ll be in it if we live, until about that time in ‘24.

        Man those dudes are sharp.

        Wait until the election is called by the state delegations and the created recession ends instantly the very next day though…and the actual winner breaks character and turns toward the camera, Analyze this bytches!

        Oh well McD’s is bumping up their burger-flipper wages.

    • cb

      From the web: What I find interesting is behind the trash cans. Notice the name OPEX on the boxes behind them.
      I looked up OPEX Turns out, in addition to large scale scanning of documents they provide “Vote-by-Mail Solution Automated Ballot Extractor“
      Now, that just opens up a whole lot of questions right there.
      Given what they do, why does the Cobb County elections office have stacks of boxes from this company?