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  • Texas is state of Mind

    Where no reporter has gone before….

    • JackDeth72

      Captains Jame Tiberius Kirk or Jean Luc Picard; he AIN’T!

      Tapper wouldn’t last ten minutes outside Washington, DC or L.A.
      Too many people with real jobs to be bothered, And far too many hotel rooms without the proper number of mirrors.

      While Narcissist Jim Acosta would deliberately and immediately injure himself NOT to go,

  • KenH

    They need to thank whatever moon-god savage scum they worship , that their enclave there isn’t surrounded, blown to atoms, and INCINERATED. With them all in it…..

    • Heltau

      Now, this is the way to a clean America.
      No libturds or islams to get in the way of enriching all the Americans that are left.

    • “We have always hated our enemies purely and intensely. They were ‘Japs,’ they were ‘Krauts,’ they were ‘Gooks.’ And we didnโ€™t think twice about dropping bombs on them, to kill them and their wives and children. (As many commentators have pointed out, the distinction between combatants and civilians does not make sense in World War III, and the Geneva Convention — an agreement among nations — is no longer applicable, because our enemies are not nation states.) Hatred of enemies has always been a proximate emotional motive for war throughout human evolutionary history. Until now.

      Hereโ€™s a little thought experiment. Imagine that, on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers came down, the President of the United States was not George W. Bush, but Ann Coulter. What would have happened then? On September 12, President Coulter would have ordered the US military forces to drop 35 nuclear bombs throughout the Middle East, killing all of our actual and potential enemy combatants, and their wives and children. On September 13, the war would have been over and won, without a single American life lost.

      “Yes, we need a woman in the White House, but not the one whoโ€™s running.”

      — Satoshi Kanazawa, “Why we are losing this war: All you need is hate.” (06 March 2008)

      • markm

        Do your think all our enemies live in cities? 35 nukes would leave hundreds of millions of goat molesters alive and even more P.O.d.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Goat molesters molest goats because Allah rewards their righteousness. If Allah permitted others to kill them, then that is the will of Allah. It might show them that they had not molested enough goats and they would then return to the fundamentals of Sharia Law and massively increase the amount of goats they molest while emulating the great life of the perfect man and his life, piece be upon him. Weakness by their enemies and by the goats is always seen as the blessing of Allah upon them. It encourages even more goat molesting. Live and let live is not included in the goat molesters creed. The urges we call evil, such as goat molesting, rape, murder, slavery, plunder, etc, are all considered good behavior by Allah. Allah rewards goat molesters that engage in those behaviors here on Earth. Allah will reward goat molesters for all of those behaviors in paradise. Allah will reward goat molesters who make peace with the infidel and come live with them. Allah rewards goat molesters that then break peace and treaties with the goats and kill, rape, molest goats with those rewards on earth and then in paradise.
          All is the will of Allah. Whether they kill all non goat molesters, or the goats kill all of Islam, it will be the will of Allah. By their creed, anything we do to them is the will of Allah. If the goats ended all who follow Islam, that would be the will of Allah. That would give all those who were sent to Allah the rewards Allah has promised them if they die in jihad. by the logic of goat molesting, all of the goat molesters can be sent to be rewarded by Allah in paradise. It would be the will of Allah as it had occurred. There would be no other way to interpret it in goat molester creed.
          That was a contorted, but valid, exposition of acceptable results under their creed. Fate is always the will of Allah. Any actions tagen against and towards the goat molesters is the will of Allah. Only the will of Allah is allowed in goat molester creed.

          I wonder if the God given right of self defense, or the Allah sanction that all that occurs is the fate sanctioned by the will of Allah would work in a conventional Western or other culturally based court? Would those other cultures even understand the concepts used by the goat molesters. Almost none of those in
          many cultures understand them today. Would they be capable in a more official forum? Whatever occurs would be fate.

          • Pamela

            I guess they need to thank God the the objects of the molestation are goat and not sheep. Sheep clamp down and won’t let go.

          • That was so perfect! Took me a while to stop laughing so I could type!

        • John

          With only each other at hand to kill.
          Destroying the infrastructure would mean the few that were left would not get any of the resources they would need to export their terror. The only reason we know about radical Islam is because we gave them access to us with our oil money.

  • Halley

    One can assume the corrupt, deceitful Enemedia is either stupid, evil, or a toxic combination of stupid and evil. All of the above. But mostly the root of evil.

  • JTC

    Chris. Dude. Not cool.

    Last Sunday June ‘toon, triple digit temps weatherwise and otherwise.

    Need DBD pond beauties, not CNN pond scum.

    Not helping move the bar.

    Yeah I know; STFU JTC. Fine.

    I blame NYIAC.

    • Pamela

      I’d put a picture up from my stash to ease your mind, only I know Chris would get REALLY upset with me.

      • JTC

        Prob’ly spike his fund drive. He’ll thank you. Link it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Do it! Hell yeah!

      • JIMV

        Pictures always say more than the written word…go for it!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yup! All sorts of people get hacked off at me for lots of things I say, do and right, and write. I know the territory. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JTC

        Forgot the ;).

        Just gotta know when to STFU. Yeah, me neither.


        • NotYetInACamp


  • WayneM

    CNN is swirling around the bowl toward the siphon… going… going…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Poor poor Tapper…..all tapped out. Going “bravely” beyond the bounds of “metro” civilization, none of the refinements of elitist living, having to rough it with the rubes. My heart bleeds for him……at six quarts a minute (/sarc).

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Shoot, just have to drive either a hour north, south, or west from Hotlanta to reach “deplorables” country.

      • GWB

        Which isn’t as far as it sounds, given the traffic in Atlanta.
        Especially with that freeway collapse, recently.

      • JTC

        Hit 575N and stop in at Jasper. Deplorables’ and God’s country.

        Headed there the weekend after the 4th; gotta escape Hades (FL).

        20 degrees cooler temps and 180 degrees cooler minds as you sit on that porch with a cold one or three and contemplate those misty mountaintops.

        That’s correct; porch sittin’ gun totin’ bible thumpin’ SWM’s farther than the eye can see. Come on down…er, up!

        • JTC

          Jake’ll never make it up there. Even if he did he wouldn’t “make it” up there…lotta secrets in those TVA lakes and woods.

          • Interventor

            Best to find a river with 3 foot mud bottoms. Add chains, insert SOB.

        • Maj Arkay

          .7 miles walking from CNN HQs is the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons. If he wants to meet some “deplorables,” he can stroll over there.

  • JackDeth72

    Haven’t watched CNN since the Glory days of Desert Storm, Cruise Missiles, Baghdad and Bernard Shaw hiding under his hotel bed.

    Completely gave up when their gutless Australian “reporter”, Peter Arnett wound up captured with the barrel of an AK screwed in his ear, As he broadcast to replace “Baghdad Bob”.

    Why deal with scummy little Minions with a proven BS track record, who despise us, anyway?

  • All too true.

    • And Captain (not) America? Fuck that commie bitch. WTF?

      • CPQA

        I’m not up on this current event. What did Chris Evans say?

        • JTC

          Google him up on the cover of Esquire muzzie version. Just another pussy hatter, but prettier.

          • Pamela

            He’s a disgrace to the uniform.

  • Bill G

    Bwa-hah-haha-ahahaaahaaa! I’m now working on a scenario of Our Intrepid And Heroic Explorer Out In The Wilds, combining western scenarios with Great White Hunter/Explorer scenarios…
    Who (or what) will be his native guide? What savage music will play through the night to cause the comment “The natives are restless tonight” What rituals will Our Intrepid Hero attempt to enact for First Contact with tribal leaders?

    • NotYetInACamp

      (This is pure fiction, Apparently, like their news.)
      I can imagine one scenario where Our intrepid Tapper get lost. While he took an Uber into a hotel with a major name that he recognized, he had an assignment that required he rent a car. Tapper stumbles upon a shooting range, and while he enters it to ask directions he sees a 12 year old girl armed with a GUN! Actual an AR15. He then is terrorized and crouching in fear as he witnesses the child maneuver through a combat training course where she runs off a perfect score. Tapper is so frozen with fear that he overhears the congratulations given the girl for her perfect score, and how casual all of the men, women and children are about the evil weapons surrounding them. (Yet he cannot see all of the responsibility they all take when handling the guns and while around the guns, ammo and people.)
      Tapper screams in holy terror and runs away to his rental car, and after cringing frozen in fear, tapper finally makes an overly hasty exit.
      Tapper, apparently, did not get his name from the common term Double tap.
      So what exactly did Tapper tap?
      (This is pure fiction completely made up as I have no clue as to who Tapper is as I have not watched CNN in years, except this last week at breakfast as there is now a TV at the place I have breakfast regularly with some people, and this time I faced the screen with the subtitles running with no sound. They had it on CNN, for the Northerners, I believe.)

      • Grunt GI

        This is actually pretty funny.

        I wonder what one of these morons would do if they stumbled into a Wal-Mart at 1:00 AM?

        BWAHAHAHA, they would think they’ve been transported to Redneckistan.

        They might not make it out of the Wal-Mart alive.

        • PaulS

          Not that anyone there would hurt them.
          They would probably impale themselves on a pool noodle in their great haste.

        • JIMV

          “I wonder what one of these morons would do if they stumbled into a Wal-Mart at 1:00 AM?”

          They would waste an hour looking for the Juice Bar…

      • Pamela

        If he were that unnerved with that scenario, I’d be curious to see his reaction if he were the recipient of the young sharpshooters cattle castration skills.

  • eon

    Duck. Fat. Fries?

    No. Somehow I don’t want to know.

    The more I hear of the “Lifestyles of the Enlightened Elite'”, the more I am convinced that every single one of them needs to be in a straitjacket and a padded cell, D-Peridol’d to the eyebrows.

    clear ether


    • Interventor

      Duck and goose fat — easy on the arteries.

      • eon

        I like mine baked, anyway. No fat, period.



  • Grunt GI

    The funny part is when these poltroons start believing their own sh1t.

    Megan Kelly is the perfect example….darling of Fox News, becomes major Trump hater, leaves Fox News to adoring fans (ha) at NBC. I give her 6 months (maybe) before NBC cancels her show because…guess what?

    Liberals still hate her.

    This is the funny part about all these RINOs and such that think the left will invite them to the right cocktail parties if they slam conservatives. Then the left turns on them…just look at ol’ John McCain…darling of the left when he bad mouthed W…became Republican nominee in 2008…he’s now SATAN incarnate.

    I think we are seeing the demise of the journalist-celebrity….and it can’t come soon enough. I can find all my news without turning on a TV. Who needs it?

    CNN can’t die fast enough.

    • JTC

      Just wait until the libs and progs that spurn the rinos find out that the eastern mystical enlightened ones they so desperately want to join find out what those EME’s have in store for them. If they had brains they could look at TPWWEUTB to see, but they don’t and they won’t.

  • Kafiroon

    Everyone must be aware that Jake would never report anything like the truth even with a muzzle brake in his ear.
    First, he would have to recognize truth. Then they would not recognize what he reported.
    So it would not get reported or even shared among themselves, the presstitutes.

  • Kevin

    Heh. He wouldn’t even need to venture beyond the ring road. Just visit the construction company that contracted the overpass repair and brought it in early, or swish over to Dobbins ARB and visit its 10,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marine guardsmen and reservists.

  • AA Nemo

    Apparently poor Captain America Chris Evans “feels rage” when he thinks about the Trump Presidency. Boo hoo. I may be in the minority but I think his movies along with most of the Avengers franchise suck.

    • Sam

      Oh, I liked the movies well enough. But we’ve sworn off lining the pockets of any of the America-hating, Trump-hating (same thing, pretty much) Hollywood actors, etc. So, no more Marvel, no more Pirates of the Caribbean, no more Fantastic Beasts. They’re trained, pretty monkeys, and they need to learn that actions and words have consequences. Just like Colin Kaepernick. May they all go broke and whine. And hopefully, grow up and realize why.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I caught a sale in a pawn shop where it was 20 movies for ten dollars fiat. No money to the hollywierd people. Some were multiple disks and episodes and movies. That should not feed the beasts.

      • Interventor

        Marvel made Captain America a Nazi agent.

    • eon

      CA; The First Avenger was a piece of crap. typical post-modern Marvel revisionist BS.

      Cap was safe from the modern Marvel crowd’s dreams of “reinventing” the Marvel Universe in their own progressive metrosexual style as long as Jack Kirby was alive, because he held creator’s rights dating back to the old Quality Comics copyright. Once the King was gone, though, they could do as they liked. And they turned CA into a dancing, singing minstrel. Because to them, a patriot is a fool, unless of course he’s a believer in their socialist one-world Utopia.

      Kirby would not be amused.

      clear ether


  • writeby

    Is there a ticket they can buy that will take them to reality? Because it’s not “deplorables” or any other sort of group with which they’ve lost touch. It’s with reality. They’ve done so because they are incapable of being objective, i.e., reasoned analysis of sense data.

    They’ve been taught, however, by their college humanities profs that objectivity is not only impossible but also undesirable.

    They been taught, too, by their college profs in the sciences that Quantum Mechanics disproves the reliability of the senses, reliance on which is labeled “naive realism.”

    The result: these creatures are either delusional Idealists ofr brutish pragmatists.

    Re: Idealism: See Plato (supernatural realm of “Forms”); Kant (the “Destroyer of Everything”); and Hegel (father of totalitarianism & a fav with the Nazis).

    As for the Neandethal philosophy of pragmatism:

    “Truth [is] a property of the idea [not] something mysteriously connected with the object known” (William James, _The Meaning of Truth_ xvi).

    IOW, truth is not objective–“mysteriously connected with the object”–it’s “a property of the idea,” i.e., with the subject. That means truth is subjective.

    “Truth happens…It [truth] becomes true, is made true by events…”, because “[f]or the feeling [i.e., belief] to be cognitive in the specific sense …it must…create a reality outside of it to correspond to its intrinsic quality….” (William James, _The Meaning of Truth_, 6).

    IOW: If you believe it & act upon it & make it work (for a split second; for a week; for a year), it’s true.

    “The true is only the expedient in a way of our thinking….” (Ibid; James).

    And when it stops working?

    New beliefs must be constructed, followed by new action. “[A]djustment…is a continuous process” (John Dewey; _Creative Intelligence_ 12).

    The crisis today isn’t just a bunch of “elitists” losing touch with the “common folks.” It’s mankind degenerating into primordial being that can no longer thing clearly.

    With the supernaturalist hallucinations of the Idealists & those of the religionist, coupled with the lumbering, bovine, muscle headed imbecility of the pragmatists, civilization is crumbling into the primitive, the tribal & the mindless.

    In a few decades, perhaps less, you won’t believe what will be happening–even as it’s happening to you. It will make the fall of Rome & the subsequent Dark Ages look like a picnic by comparison.

    • JTC

      Speaking of losing touch with reality…that lefty kool-ade (or whatever they’re drinking, smoking, tooting, popping these days) will do that to you.

  • AlexJ

    Tapper got Zucker-punched.

  • Doggo

    What happens if Tapper ends up in the way south of Texas looking for deplorables? While I don’t find the female form (especially Sam’s) deplorable, Tapper with his Metrosexual, Womyn, LGBTQIAEIEIO, Socialist, Feminist, Communist, whatever, outlook might find it deplorable. Or he might get to meet the dogs, Tabasco, and a REALLY pissed off Zed. I vote for Zed.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Zed, a big bore pistol, and a deep hole (dug by Tapper hisself).

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “I need a brave reporter…..”


    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    • NotYetInACamp

      There are no Braves in the CNN reporter Tribe.

    • Pamela

      Properly outfitted for hunting the wild naugha

  • So many there should be a “like” button for. *SIGH*

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