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  • JackDeth72

    Sisterly love can be an awful and violent thing…..

    • Interventor

      As opposed to mothers and daughters? Which, I’ve refereed.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Maybe a few videos like this will get the money off her back.
    Maybe it will help stop her Jones to end to see the insanity that she had swallowed.
    A compilation over time of Liberal is a Mental Disorder.
    Unlike the 4 minutes yesterday, this is almost an hour long. Rejoice that you are not these brainwashed new liberals. Not one is a classic liberal as Thomas Jefferson was.

    There is lots of progressive Marxist hate in there. Very little love shows, and all that love is by those not of that evil. Spend an hour reminiscing. Get out the snacks. Popcorn allowed. Lots of material used here over time.
    Rejoice in our thoughts and the freedoms we still have here and elsewhere that we have fought hard to keep.

    • John

      Sorry, I wimped out. I couldn’t stand the video for more than 30 seconds. 🙁

      • NotYetInACamp

        Completely understandable. 🙂 No one should have to be subject to that. But we are. Rather, many are.
        I may have built up tolerance over the decades. I actually listened to and bested the Communist terrorist Bill Ayers in open argument and discussion about his recruiting people to join in his violence that he said was needed to change America, way back when I was a wee 16 year old Freshman. New day. Similar, but new, useful idiots. I do yell at them on the screen some of the time. That is part of my entertainment. And practice. And release.

    • Bill G

      Ramirez was superb in that one, as always.

  • NotYetInACamp

    While waiting for it, two brain cell neurons sparked together and a spurious direct thought formed. (Holy cow)
    De-programing will likely eventually include a visit to the good ole friendly and deliciously cool ole swimmin hole on the lovely ranch’s pastoral settings. Butt don’t tell anybody. Especially Chris. I have been very wrong before, though I can’t remember when. Usually when involved in WAG. And this time it is all the way to pure and plain wild ass speculation. Probably not worth the Tribble of writing it at tall. But we can wait for it. Whatever it turns out to be.

    • JTC

      It is promised, don’t jinx it.

      And tomorrow is Big ‘Toon Sunday. Lots of chances for views and angles…speaking of “wild ass”. 😉

  • Lonny Bridges


    “Hi, my name is Skye, and I’m a Liberal…”

  • eon

    It has always and ever been about hate. As Spider Robinson once observed, it has never been possible to talk to a “liberal” for five minutes without them demanding that something or someone be done away with. Usually without due process, and quite often by extermination.

    Once someone convinces themselves of their own perfection and moral superiority (“We act like we’re better because we are”), it becomes almost mandatory that they regard anyone and anything not exactly like themselves as something to be destroyed.

    Liberalism, by its own definition, is a mental disorder.

    clear ether


    • JTC

      Oh..Liberalism. Thought you were talking about islamicism

      Or were you?

      • JTC

        Based on this quote of course:

        “…mandatory that they regard anyone and anything not exactly like themselves as something to be destroyed.”

        • NotYetInACamp

          “Live and let live” is a basic concept in Western thought and religions. It is almost Jeffersonian Liberalism. It does not exist in Islam, Marxism, Progressives, and such ilk. Those must destroy all that is not like them as a basic part of their beliefs.

  • Bill G

    Common sense, good food, hard work, and an occasional cold one after the work is done.
    Once the eyes are opened and the indoctrination is not re-applied it’s not that hard.
    Opening the eyes has to come first though.

  • How can two such polar opposites have come from the same parentage?

    • Halley

      Uh, it can happen, I can confirm. Been waiting for sis to wake up for over 25 years now…. same genes but different jeans.

    • AlexJ

      The genes are Designer Genes, but its the Chromosomes ya got to worry about…

      Answer follo

      Answer to: Are you two related?

    • Scout

      It happens. My 6 years older sister and I are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum.

  • Catbert

    We need the delicious angels back!

  • Grunt GI


      • Old Codger

        Those asshats may rue the day they clammered for a special counsel and I hope it gets shoved straight up their arse.

        I figure we can look for that to happen about 6 months after the first load of thermal underwear, parka pants, bunny boots and arctic parkas are off loaded at Hell’s loading dock; and a year after the Grant Muftis of both Mecca and Medina announce their conversion to evangelical Christianity.

        • Grunt GI

          Oh, I don’t know…I think the investigation may very well go in directions the DemocRATS didn’t anticipate.

          The whole Obama covert domestic surveillance and unmasking probe could prove very, very interesting.

          In the meantime, we all look forward to some unmasking of our the ol swimming hole.

  • WayneM

    A bitter red pill as opposed to the sickly sweet Koolaid… Can Skye handle the truth?

  • JTC

    Recovery involves withdrawal, pain, introspection, change, and healing. And often relapse. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat. Ask me how I know. No, actually don’t.

    Suffice to say it is a process and it is hard. As most worthwhile things are. But Skye can do it with the support system she has. So might others.

    Trump “approval” numbers are up. Even the MSM says so. Wonder why that is?

    • John

      The numbers are up because the public is finally catching on to the fact that the Russia/Trump connection reporting is an out-and-out witch hunt. It’s already boomeranging on CNN and TNYT.

  • Pamela

    I think Skye is still in Japan, in a medically induced coma in the hospital.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Anticipation. A humorous tease.
    Do not send sis Skye to this dojo.
    I wonder what they were drinking?

    And I’m still thinking. …

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