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  • WayneM

    Each and every election… and it’s been that way for decades…

    Educators push Marxism day in & out while either neglecting academics or “deconstructing” subjects to find new ways to avoid standardized testing… tax rates keep skyrocketing… infrastructure is crumbling… medical care is going off the charts… jobs are either being outmoded or shipped offshore…. unfettered illegal immigration… SJWs, BLM and other extremists rage openly in the streets and law enforcement is ordered to stand down… Lamestream media spews a 24 hours cycles of fake news and dhimmi propaganda…

    Pundits wonder why people aren’t turning out in droves to vote when all evidence points to voting being a waste of time. Meet the new boss…. same as the old boss…

    Except the latest new boss isn’t…

  • JIMV

    Sadly, election fraud requires competence and the GOP has not been very competent these last few decades…

  • Ozymandias

    It’s easy to tell when a politician is lying.. their lips are moving.

  • JTC

    Oh no.

    “My Bernie”?

    Say it ain’t so, Skye.


      Give her time. Old engrained thought patterns take time to die


        Too much blood in my coffeestream

    • MasterDiver

      Has she heard that Bernie and his wife are under investigation for Bank fraud? And take it seriously enough to have hired some VERY high-power lawyers?

      Zar Belk!

  • NotYetInACamp


  • So, when do WTP fix this shit?

  • Bill G

    Instead of Promise her anything, but give her Arpege, both parties operate on a theory of Promise’em anything but give’em the shaft.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      And it ain’t the gold mine, either.

  • eon

    Well, yes. Every election they claim that they are not Democrats.

    The rest of the time, they admit that they really ARE Democrats, the more statist, elitist, and arrogant the better.

    We have two parties that try to outdo each other in demonstrating their contempt for those they rule. The Democrats do it because they are convinced of their own innate superiority (Khan Noonien Singh, call your service), the Republicans do it because they desperately want to be liked by the Democrats so they can party with the Cool Kids from The Only Places That Matter (NY, LA, etc.).

    Everybody else can STFD, STFU, and do as they’re told. Or else.

    I think the only difference between the two parties today is that the GOP don’t generally want to kill everybody outside of their Enclaves of Blue Enlightenment “just because”. They at least vaguely grasp the fact that one cannot live on imported arugula alone.

    The Dems would NBC everything between Manhattan Island and East LA if they could figure out how to avoid the fallout.

    This is what happens when the Jacobins become the Estates-General. Pretty soon, tumbrels and the National Mistress are no longer exciting enough for their jaded palates.

    And they’re all about the kicks.

    clear ether


    • GWB

      You forgot that the Republicans want to rule us more cheaply, eon. They would like to only spend about 20% more than they take in, rather than 100%.

  • GWB

    Chri, I gotta ask…
    Are those hearts on Skye’s dress? Peppers? Hats? Or vag’s?

    • Browncoat

      I enlarged my screen 400%. I think they’re raw steaks… 🙂

    • Chris Muir


      • Pamela

        They look like dark red/purple Calla Lilies which are poisonous.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Georgia O’Keeffe

    • PaulS

      Rhorsach test 🙂

      What dress?

  • noncom

    No shit, Chris….

  • Bill

    True, but political Fraud isn’t against the law.

    • John

      By consensus of the lawmakers.

      • Interventor

        Actually, the Supremes.

  • JTC

    The D’s and the R’s are the not-so-loyal opposition.

    The show is being run by the Pragmatists, as contracted by the Deplorables.

    Or as some closet leftist/intellectual said here yesterday, the Neanderthals.

    It is a battle to the death. Good.

  • markm

    Every politician that runs against “big government” but supports the war on some drugs is a fraudster.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Grand Old uniParty

    • Pamela

      Waxing is supposed to help rid a person of the excess (insert here)

  • Grunt GI

    The Republican Party needs to stick to a genuine conservative, small government platform…but here’s the dirty secret…they need to be bold and different like Reagan was, and stop trying to be “Democrat-lite” politicians…how does the old joke go–“Hey, we’re Republicans, we’re not as bad as you think.”

    What do I mean by this…well, Republicans can never out Santa Claus the Democrats…anytime the Republicans try to use government to help some problems, the Democrats can always trump them (no pun intended)..examples…

    Republicans- “We need intelligent immigration reform to help protect our borders and provide a path to citizenship.”
    Democrats- “IMMEDIATE AMNESTY! And sign them up as Democratic voters!”

    Republicans- “We need to reform our student loan system to help ease the ability to pay them back.”
    Democrats- “FREE COLLEGE FOR EVERYONE! And sign them up as Democratic voters!”

    Republicans- “Welfare reform helps put people to work and improve their lives.”
    Democrats- “MORE FREE STUFF PAID FOR BY RICH PEOPLE! And sign them up as Democractic voters!”

    Now I exaggerate a little bit….but not much… Democrats have an instinctive, permanent ability to propose government as the cure for all of society’s ills, as long as they are in charge and can tax the crap out of everything…and the money doesn’t run out.

    Unfortunately, it’s like today’s GOP doesn’t even want to TRY and explain it as well as ol’ Jerry Ford–“”A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.”

    • eon

      Margaret Thatcher explained it simply;

      “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money to spend.”

      clear ether


  • Spin Drift

    Watched “First Contact” with my special snowflake before she goes off to law school. The parallels between The Borg and The Prog are amazing. A hive mind to rule, no discussion, no wavering, no free thought, all for the one continuum of perfection. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile. And this is just from the Republican Party.

    From my cold dead hands…

  • Halley

    Deplorables are keeping track of the Rhinoceri who are not resisting the Resistance…

  • DonS

    Chris, Would you mind adding the “previous post/next post” links directly under the ‘toon? I often miss several days and need to skip back to the last episode I’ve read. Though I love reading the comments, I’d like to navigate backward and forward to catch up with the story arc without having to scroll to the bottom of each page to find the links. Thanks!
    DBD On! Don

    • Chris Muir

      That will be done after the fundraiser, when things settle down.:)

  • DonS

    …and dear Pamela, I’m channeling Van Morrison about a certain Brown-Eyed Girl, but PhotoBucket wants to sell me a premium service membership and slaps a popup ad right on top of your… wait… I couldn’t close the ad in Explorer, but there you are in all your glorious pulchritude now that I tried it in Chrome; lovely!

    Full disclosure: the certain brown-eyed girl on my mind is my own dear ginger haired wife, who, except for the shade of red, has the same curls and curves. You might pass for sisters, and she would get along with you a WHOLE lot better than her ultra-liberal sister, who like Skye, is the black sheep (goat?) in a conservative family.

    Thanks for sharing; you always add spice to the flavor of the DBD family discussions.

    • Pamela

      DonS ~ I thank you Good Sir.
      Red Heads need to stick together whether we are in real life or lovingly drawn as is one of the good ladies who resides here at DBD.

  • NotYetInACamp

    There was so much to write. So I spared all. 🙂

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