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  • kadaka

    I still have concerns about Dem identity politics for determining who is white and non-white. But it’s becoming clearer why some want to ban not just plastic but brown paper shopping bags. Why pass when you can claim to be a victim instead?

    • WayneM

      Isn’t it fascinating how the “progressive stack” resembles a form of victim hierarchy given how strongly the leftists protest against any form of classic hierarchy such as meritocracy?

      Perhaps the “progressive stack” is really just an anti-meritocracy… where the more disabled & victimized are elevated as progressive heroes?

      • eon

        No, just sock puppets. The real leaders, and the ones intended to benefit, are and always will be the most rapacious, conscienceless, soulless, and power-hungry among their ilk.

        They see themselves as Platonic philosopher-kings, around whom the universe revolves.

        Star Trek; The Original Series accurately defined and depicted what happens when you give people with that mindset absolute power, several times. See “A Taste of Armageddon”, “The Conscience of the King”, “Dagger of the Mind”, “Whom The Gods Destroy”, “The Way to Eden”, “Patterns of Force”, and especially “Plato’s Stepchildren”.

        And of course both pilots, “The Cage” and “Where No Man has Gone Before”.

        Considering what those episodes had to say about power in the hands of a self-anointed “best and brightest”, it has always amazed me that they were ever made by a major studio and broadcast by a major network.

        Hollywood rarely allows itself, or its political/social allies, to be criticized, even in SF allegory.

        clear ether


        • Old Codger

          “it has always amazed me that [those episodes] were ever made by a major studio and broadcast by a major network”

          I suspect it was because the big wigs at both Desilu and NBC, being essentially trumped up bean counters, were simply too literal-minded to realize what the message of those episodes was.

          • Faith Clendenen

            The original series was during the Viet Nam war so criticism of “the man” was A-OK, and that was how criticizing those in charge was seen. McNamara and Bundy were these intellectual geniuses, or so they sold themselves as such. The ’68 Chicago riots were all about opposing “big government.”

        • Fronk!

          Well said eon!

        • JTC

          There is way too much ‘splainin’ (speaking of Desilu above 🙂 ) going on here, both in the ‘toon and the comments…

          The appropriating and inventing of cultures as is playing out in the clown show under the pretense of embracing and protecting them is purely part of the show. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything or anybody except as useful idiots.

          eon above is correct that “they” are the the hidden leaders and all the various sock-puppets -aggrieved classes, bought souls, signallers of virtue, even their various operatives in gov, media, and academia- are a means to achieve their imagined utopia where they and only they rule and then they are enslaved or expended like everybody else. The only real question is who is “they”?

          They are not the selfless, benevolent, and omnipotent philosopher kings that Plato imagined, and hardly Platonic as they aim to fuck any and all for their own gratification…though it is hilariously and terrifyingly ironic that his utopia was called Kallistan or something like that. But that must be hidden for now as it would not go over well with the puppets, so the clowns on the stage are deployed to promise eternal bread and circuses, entertain and divert attention from what would be for everyone a dark and deadly reality under this radical regime.

          I’ve said several times that I hope against hope that they are not smart and diabolical enough to be running this game to install the anointed one at the last minute…one we all already know would be the most destructive force to ever hit the Republic, and would certainly result in full-on insurrection, and none of us would wish that for our children.

          One more irony that eon mentioned is that the forces of Hollywood and Infotainment would allow the prescient truth to be told in their Sci Fi productions. Two explanations: one is that they have such low regard for the audience as to openly and intentionally taunt them with the true future they envision as a joke and a parody. Two is that in their haughty superiority to the puppets they don’t realize that’s all that they are too.

          If such a plan exists and is pursued we are in deep shit. We should all pick one of the clowns and hope it is the real candidate and not just a Manchurian one.

          • NotYetInACamp

            We are being replaced because, like the Swiss woodsmen, we will not accept feudalism.
            Workers of the World Unite! In Poverty!
            Socialism is the new Feudalism.
            And all that entails.

            We are in that war now.

            And they did not know enough to realize that they should have told Lucy, who loved Star Trek if I am correct, that she had some ‘splaining to do. 🙂

            Lucy was more than just one of the many dumb hot studio contract actors doing the set studio controlled movies as they all did back then under the studio system.

  • JTC

    He draws talent…and also burns it, or more exactly the left flames it.

    Probably the most worrisome thing for Trump admin. part two.

  • Indeed, sir. You do draw the extremes. This is what I love so much! Make them show themselves!

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    The DildoCrats are coming full spectrum. It was started by whites against non-whites. Now the non-whites (of spirit, even if they’re white in body) are acting out against the whites.
    Confused? If you ever figure it out, try to explain it to me. I may not understand, but it will be nice to have the company.

  • Alaska Paul

    I will need a Cliff Notes equivalent for keeping up on all the jive a$$ dems. It is like watching the inmates taking over the asylum.

    • Too Tall

      Alas, Cliff’s Notes are concise, logical, and meaningful.

      The Progtard DildoCrats, not so much.

  • Pete231

    Can’t wait to see their response to LaMars and Dunkin’s white powder donuts. And, what about all that white stuff that falls from the sky in the winter ? That’s gotta drive them batshit nuts………..

    • MAJ Arkay

      White clouds in the sky, white automobiles, white shoes, milk, ice cream, cauliflower, popcorn, onions, cotton bolls (they already have gas over these), limestone, glaciers, the North and South Poles — so much whiteness, so many “victims.”

      Gotta pop more corn and make another vanilla milkshake — this show is gettin’ real entertaining.

  • Fronk!

    He-heh… Good one today!

  • CaptDMO

    Toxic Deplorable B Woodman
    Jul 12 2019 at 12:47 am

    Confused? If you ever figure it out, try to explain it to me. I may not understand, but it will be nice to have the company.
    Well, I might have said full circle but…..
    Answer’s easy. “Should have picked your OWN cotton”

    • NotYetInACamp

      If only Eli Whitney had not invented that efficient cotton gin and vastly increased the demand for cotton, and the abuse of humans that certain people always will do for the evil produced piece of silver.

      • JTC

        Or worse, those certain people who pretend to speak for the “abused classes” as a pretext to take what they want and destroy the rest.

        Now that’s evil. And yeah, follow the silver. Always follow the silver.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The purchase of slaves from black Africans and Muslims increased dramatically as the demand for more cotton being grown to feed the cotton gins to feed the Northern states fabric and garment factories expanded greatly. A large proportion of the slaves came because of the need to feed the gin.

        Follow the silver.

  • JTC

    An important aside; with ten days to go in a 50-day campaign that twenty percent to go blurb puts us dead on track, but talk about waiting until the last minute…

    I will watch the bar going forward (it would be helpful if Chris keeps the days/percent to go graph up), and if necessary on the last day I will toss in a few more coins…please to others to do the same, gotta keep this light on.

    • Indeed.

  • kadaka

    Just heard on CBS Nightly News:
    Forecasters think the worst of Barry is the backside.

    Get your supplies on hand, keep the ammo dry, be ready to move, stay safe.

    • Punta Gorda

      Yeah.. this thing is ass backwards in its development. It’s trying to adopt the large level flow of a large cat 4 or 5, but with no eyewall or core structure. It wasn’t until today that there was any convection near the core.

      Natch the weather retards are running around shoving microphones up people’s arses in and around New Orleans. Many of who bitch that the levee repairs aren’t completed. They can thank the Corps of engineers for that. They have a history of screwing over contractors.

      Back before Katrina, I pissed away a couple of days reading about an arbitration case over the 17th street levee.

      The contractor had sued them over cost over runs because they kept having to redo a section of that levee wall. It kept shifting out of alignment.

      Their argument was that the subsoil geology was not as stated in the soil study provided by the Corp of engineers.

      The arbitrator, a Corp of engineers judge. Ruled against them and they had to eat the cost.

      And wouldn’t ya know it? That was one of the main breaches when the levee failed.

      • NotYetInACamp

        That decision is incorrect. Any deviation from ground conditions that are meant to be relied upon result in the contract giver being responsible for alternate ground conditions, as a rule. But so many decisions in law and arbitration are beyond reality,, but real for those screwed. The contractor must have filled the letter of the contract, cut his losses, and got out of there. And that was a federal contract. That area beyond his contract responsibility sounds like what failed.
        I should not even mention a contractor friend of mine who designed, won a contract, and was building a development after Katrina. The hands out after getting all permit approvals became so great that he cut his involvement and sold out to a local who was embedded in the local color.


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