Day By Day


  • Grunt GI


    At last, confirmation of Skye’s one irrefutable talent.

    • interventor

      Still, it is a talent sought by those of many political beliefs.

  • timothy

    ROFLOL….that’s just too pissin funny……Skye cracks me up sometimes. I can almost feel a Oscar Myer Weiner Whistle reference out yonder. 🙂

    • Grape

      Unlike that whistle, blow is a figure of speech.

      Chris had it right – suck, suck, suck it up!

  • John M

    Zed is showing remarkable control – I’d have been spewing my sipping whiskey across the room…

    • John M

      …or did you manage to catch the instant before?

      • Chris Muir

        Just before.I woulda blown.

    • KenH

      Why waste good scotch on that beast?

  • Thumb drive is just his hard drive selfie collection prob’ly.

  • Pamela

    Well you can tell Skye did not follow the first rule of vacuuming. Always police the area and remove any possible FOD.

    Chris, did she get her shots prior to starting work? God knows what Weiner carries in his equipment.

    • GWB

      You mean something of an anti-viral nature?

      • B Woodman

        And anti-bacterial.

        • Pamela

          All of the above

  • You can’t mean we’ve lost potentially really good shit?!?!

  • Swansonic

    If I was Zed and heard that from Skye I’d be sorely tempted to gut the room and start from scratch….

  • Pete231

    Is that machine the “Dyson Monica Lewinsky Signature” model vacuum with the “Marilyn Chambers Power Sux” option ? Or just the standard “Traci Lords Reach Around” unit ? Enquiring minds want to know………..

    • interventor

      Are you referencing the machine, or Skye?

      • John Egbert

        D: all of the above.

  • Iconoclast

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since the panel showing the thumb drive under the dresser. It’s not often one can predict the story line.

  • Bill G

    Skye may not know thumb drives but she sure knows wieners.

  • Kip Allen


  • Dastardly Dan

    In all the innuendo (which a) I love and b) does NOT mean suppository in Italian), did anyone notice that at the least bit of trouble, the progressive has to call someone to help?
    Bu the way, the sheriff should be notified, on a personal basis.

  • BlaxPac

    Hmmm. Well, Weiners no “BJ” Clinton.

    Although I’m sure Skye be happy to make an exception.

    Ugh. I need a shower just for *writing* that.

    And probably, a penicillin shot.

    • Pamela

      I understand that doxycycline monohydrate works pretty well

      • BlaxPac

        Meh. I’ll just try to keep the family Wedding Tackle under strict curfew.

        Besides, I HATE needles…with a passion. So there’s good motivation right there as well!

  • Bill

    I think thumb is the operative word here.

  • B Woodman

    After laughing my ass off from the second panel setup and the third panel punchline, and all the ROFLMFAO comments, I think I have regained enough coherence of mind to hope that the thumb drive is ok enough that any data on it is retrievable. Now, the next thing to ask is, “what’s on that drive?”

    Speaking of THUMB drives, this popped into my mind (eclectic dirty old man that I am):

    “I whipped off her bloomers ‘n stiffened my thumb
    An’ applied rotation on her sugar plum

    I poked ‘n stroked till my wrist got numb
    But I still didn’t hear no Dinah-Moe Humm,
    Dinah-Moe Humm”

    Thanks Frank.

  • Ron

    Zed seems to be drinking a lot lately

  • NotYetInACamp

    In Weiner’s fantasy he would have her suck his thumb drive (As Bill point out is operative as such.).

    She did suck IT down. The information is unsavory no matter if it his package or Hillary’s packaged goods. We may think that we want to know what was on that thumb, but, again I’d rather someone else deal with that thumb.

    Spew worthy comments. Like my former Baptist girlfriend who published in the (huge) company newspaper she was editing at the time, a photo at a project with name and logos prominently readable of the charitable club some workers formed named The Bearded Clams. She said that she thought that since all of the guys had beards …. from the mouths of innocents and pure of heart and thought … 🙂 Yes I did completely crack up. She was red faced after her boss told her, and also when she told me.

    • canuck49

      Unlike your former Baptist girlfriend, Skye can use Jessica Rabbit’s defense of “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

      • NotYetInACamp

        🙂 She was just fine reality.

  • Joel

    Are you sure it is a thumb drive ? It could be a recording device to get the goods on their man club. Also, thumb drives are kinda hard to destroy. Unless the vacuum cleaner has a Cuisinart inside it, it still could be intact.

    • BlaxPac


      Weiners a double 00, not 007.

  • Vorlonagent

    Finally! It’s been 8 days since I have been able to read a DBD strip here in the Bay.

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