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  • What does it say when the LIVE FREE OR DIE state has a commie in the lead who tells them they can really live for free, and the party of the Constitution has a cartoon
    character in the lead who probably can’t quote the preamble?

    Yep, I’m afraid it does say we’re living the idiocracy…

    • Ming the Merciless

      The cartoon character care for his country…the rest has pretty much proven that they are all rotten bastards…as Fidel Castro said:”Same dog, different collars” Trump could hold his own in a parliamentary democracy…I’ve never seen one other American politician that could so far…can you name one?
      You know, can justify himself under questioning…Remember Clinton’s disaster, the meaning of “is”, “is”!!!…

      • S Hooks

        Trump could hold his own in a parliamentary democracy…I’ve never seen one other American politician that could so far…can you name one?

        It’s understandable to be frustrated with the vapid, scripted pablum which characterizes the speech of most American politicians, and I agree that most of them are utterly incapable of talking “off-script”.

        There are, and have been some, however. Ted Cruz could certainly hold his own in a parliamentary system. So could Newt Gingrich. Rudy Giuliani is another. It is a tragic flaw in our system that it gives cover to the pathetic “useless speakers” who populate our so-called leadership class.

      • rooftop voter

        Ming, well said.

        I am no Trump fan at least of the man, but he is the only one on the stage that has a proven track record of negotiating, and overcoming adversity to get the job done, PERIOD. His companies are a how many Billion dollar a year concern? I would think they are greater then the budget of some states whose Governors are running excoriating Trump for his lack of “Executive” experience. The delicious irony is if he screws up, there are no taxpayers to bail him out.

        S Hooks, I will give you Cruz, I would be inclined to support him over Trump IF he could keep his mouth shut about Evangelical issues. I have no issue with his take on religion, but his electability goes straight out the window when the Democrats can make you look like a nutcase.

        • S Hooks

          Don’t put me in the Cruz camp just yet, nor any other contender at this point. It’s way too soon to make any sort of definitive decision; I’m merely trying to analyze and evaluate them all as objectively and dispassionately as possible.

          In fact, our whole electoral primary system sucks. It’s as if it’s designed more to generate $$$ for various constituencies and to sow confusion and divisiveness among the people than to allow them to make informed choices.

          If I had my way I’d ban all campaigning until 180 days before the election and mandate an official voting holiday where people did not have to take off work, etc. to vote, just for starters. If candidates can’t explain their positions and ideas in six months they have no business running.

    • Iconoclast

      Please remember that NH borders on the deep blue sewage lagoon of Massholia and we suffer a biannual influx of same day registrants. We proved there were numerous cases of voter fraud involving same day ‘residences’ which were empty lots or ‘housed’ dozens of registrants in the homes of dimocrap politicians. These facts account for a goodly portion of the tipping point demographic behind victories by the likes of Ø_FusterCluck, Cankles, shaheen, hassan, etc. It’s nowhere near as bad as jurisdictions long under the thumb of the leftist corruption, yet it is still enough to throw offices into the progturd column more often than they are won honestly. If NH could rid itself of the illegals which stream over our southern border alternate years, our political offices would be much more likely held by Americans than by liberals. Of course this is true of the nation as a whole, also.

      • “…the illegals which stream over our southern border alternate years, our political offices would be much more likely held by Americans than by liberals. Of course this is true of the nation as a whole, also.”

        That has been true domestically since at east 1865, and the dims have adopted the carpetbagger strategy on a much grander scale, hence my comment yesterday:

        “If “from each, to each” is the platform of the left, it becomes just a game of numbers to pick a winner, which is why gun rights and immigration are the only real keys to the future. The left knows that; Trump knows it too, I’m not sure any of the others do…yet.”

      • The Old Guy

        It’s not that simple, Iconoclast. What you say is obviously true (just read the crime reports from Manchester & Nashua in the Union Leader), but the problem goes deeper than imported Massholes. I live “above the Notch” (for those of you from away, there are three notches [notch=gap=pass] separating northern New Hampshire from the populated southern parts of the state. We barely elected a conservative Governor’s Councilor. Our Republican State Senator has been replaced by a liberal Democrat. Our Congressperson is a Democrat (although most of her support in the Second District comes from the Keene area). I cringe every time I go into the County Seat on shopping expeditions and see all the Obama stickers on Prius bumpers.

        And our neighbor to the west (Bernie’s home) is economically in the same shape as Greece. To quote a friend from there, “If I was goin’ back to the America we knew, I wouldn’t start from heah.”

  • Blue Quasar

    We live in interesting times.

  • Rick

    Uh, New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” state. Bernie lives next door in Vermont…

    • Was. The appropriate term is WAS.

    • Uh, NH has its early primary in which it was just reported Bernie has a commanding lead over the Beast.

    • Remember, Vermont was the state that refused help to Lieutenant McDonough during the battles for Lake Champlain during the war of 1812. Even refused to send food to his troops.

  • Ming the Merciless

    You voted Barry Hussein in TWICE, a Kenyan mud-slime jihadi homo…
    anything after that is an improvement, even Bernie the Bolsho!

    • Iconoclast

      **WHO** voted for Ø_FusterCluck? I would suggest most of the folks here never voted for the jug-eared jerk. So, unless you’re calling in as a Martian citizen or otherwise as a non-American, Ming, ‘you’ are part of the populace which did elect the foul worm, even if you were not one of Bawwy’s brain-washed supporters.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Hey, not from planet Mongo, no Husseini crowd here!(Just sitting between chairs) Yes, there’s also a lot of decent Greeks and Argentines, but look at who these populations elect! All the Venezuelans I know are decent people loathing the communists but Chavez and Maduro are far worse than Barry Hussein…Whoever get elected this time will have a lot of de-nazification to do or the demon-rats will get right in after Obama is forgotten.

    • It wasn’t voted, it was appointed.

      • NotYetInACamp

        As the great (former) Muslim Reverend God Damn America Wright, the spiritual guidance for Barrack Hussein Obama and family for nigh on twenty years said, Obama was selected before he was elected.
        For what it is worth. By the way, lying and fraud upon the infidel is a demand of Islam.
        They do laugh at us and think that we are retarded for not just doing what we must do. That lets them do what they believe that they must do.
        I don’t have to see the movie now, to see Idiocracy. We live much of it. Progressive word control does much of it.

  • RegT

    I didn’t realize “The Story of O” took place in a Chicago bathhouse. Incredible to me that America was willing to settle for a Zebra instead of a real black man. An illegal alien, communist (like Mandela), homo. Based on his limp demeanor (except when he’s throwing a tantrum), I’m certain he’s a catcher rather than a pitcher. Pretending to be married to a steatopygous, chimp-faced twit who loves spending the income of working Americans on herself and her vacations. (I’m sure she laughs at how gullible and willing to be abused most Americans are.)

    Nero fiddled. Barry plays with his putter. The results will be similar.

    • You talking about Michael, the “First Tranny”?

  • Kevin M

    After 6+ years of DogEater, Trump would be a GIFT.

    Personally, I miss Teddy Roosevelt.

    • Teddy, yeah. Franklin? The early communist front? No.

  • Just a guy

    I thought donations were to keep the site Ad free? Why am I blocking “Ads by Project Wonderful” on the top of this page and the left and right sidebar? (I just noticed it today)

    There is some sneaky “provider” crap that places like Godaddy have done where they make it an opt out to not get redirect ads or the like. It might be that, I just wanted to point it out to you in the event that you didnt put them on yourself. (If you did I dont care, Im blocking them anyway but …. donations…)

    • kadaka

      “Why am I blocking “Ads by Project Wonderful”…”

      Oh, but they’re wonderful ads! And at $5.10 a day (currently displayed price) they’re just a small buffer against the growing horrors of Obamanomics.

      I’m enjoying the mastery of the top ad placement, “The Worst Things for Sale”, which is set for the site’s “safe-at-work” tag instead of the homepage. These people must be raking in the dough from “protest buying” with their Amazon affiliate links. Note the second item that shows up when clicking on this ad selected for here:

      The creepy eyes of My Parents Open Carry seem like a hallmark of bad drawing, but there’s a deeper truth here. Anyone who wears a gun on their belt when they go to the store is an insane, creepy asshole. Without dipping into the pool of argument that constitutes firearm politics in the United States, we can all agree that a dead-eyed couple wearing guns on their belts in the bologna aisle at Wal-Mart are assholes.

      Don’t you want to click on that link and buy a copy just to spite that moron?

      Or for $5.10 you could replace it with your own ad. I’ve seen some sites so cheap I’ve considered buying “Good Job!” not-ads to show support.

    • Chris Muir

      The Annual Fundraiser is what keeps me employed.The PW ads replace the Google ads I used to have that helped pay for the hosting.

      • bill

        Hmmmmm…. So you get $5.10 every time I click on that ad? Hmmmmmmm…

        • Chris Muir

          No,an advertiser pays 5 bucks to have his ad there for 24hours.Clicks are like .03 cents,I think.

          • Just a guy

            Thats fine, its not a criticism of the use of adds. I never noticed it before and though someone was pulling a fast one (that you werent benefiting from).

  • Now, for something other than a reply: Once upon a time, we had a saying in the USAF: “It’s only a movie”. You had to be there to understand.

  • Skye loves The Trumpet? OK, Chris, then is she attracted by deh stupids, or money/power, or both?

    • interventor

      Skye, a strumpet for the Trumpet.

      • Bad Cyborg

        You DO realize that you have mortally insulted strumpets everywhere, don’t you?

        • Ming the Merciless

          Strumpets or not, a quick overview of the Donald’s record show one of the biggest promoter of women…contrasting with the libber movement which mostly promote homosexuality and marxism.
          Ironic, when you also look at Sappho of Lesbos, who was a lifelong married woman with many children and who fought strenuously for her husband…no libber or carpet muncher there…

  • Bill G

    Money, power or fame would be an aphrodisiac to Skye.
    An Rx of reality would be useful for her, and for most of the left. That’s reality, not some TV show pretending to it.

    • billf

      Sure it’s the money and power,remember how quickly Skye enmbraced becoming the Queen of Argentina and being waited on hand and foot.She would identify with Trump’s wealth and petulance-politics or not.

      • interventor

        Argentina is being ruled by its third presidential bimbo.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The people I have spoken with lately seem to support Trump’s ideas much more than they support Trump.
    How that plays out may determine a lot.
    I have not yet met a rabid person caught up in Trumpophilia.
    The dude did graduate first in his class at Wharton. I have several classes taken in our business school which was outside my major and college while I was at my university. That adds more knowledge about this nation than all of Obama’s community organizing and Alinskyite practices ever could. His Lawyer also gave a good interview on Hannity the other day.
    That Trump Show has more under there than we know. Most support the ideas and the man’s abilities, and not the man as a personality.
    But we do not live in garrisson Keiler’s home town where all of the kids are above average.
    The Democrats have won because they do not concern themselves with facts. they zero in on the feelings, thus trumping truth and showing that truth means nothing. They have consistently won that way, with feelings.

    • rooftop voter

      NYIAC, again, well stated.

      We don’t care for Trump the man, but the America he proposes……

  • Pamela

    The FL at 1600 now is no prize, but I’m not sure if the Swan’s other half would be any better. The saying if you put it up on the net, it stays there should be a clarion call for DON’T do it.

  • Joel

    Be careful, someone might use this as an actual Trump quote and repeat it.

  • writeby

    Trump is a demagogue. Beware.

    “A demagogue is a leader who obtains power by means of impassioned pleas to the emotions and prejudices of the populace. A populace who elects him, deserves him.” – Anon

    Sanders is an old left Marxist, refrying a 150-year old pot of ideology.

    As for idiocracy:

    “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.”

    – Aristotle

  • “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.”
    – Aristotle
    Superb choice of quote, and it’s crawling up our ass as we sit watching. We have the ability to save this nation, if we get off our backsides and do same. And one of the biggest must-do’s of that is to say “screw political correctness” in the electoral field.

  • Erik

    So glad to see DbD hasn’t jumped on the Trump bandwagon. There is almost no circumstance where I would support any of these candidates, so this is mostly just amusement for me, but the Trump fans sort of kill my faith in humanity a bit. Especially the notion that “unlike the other candidates, he says what he believes.” This appears to be based on the notion that he’s politically incorrect and willing to say things other candidates will not – which is fun to watch (even when I disagree with him), but has nothing to do with whether or not it’s what he really thinks. Trump is a spectacularly gifted salesperson, and on top of that he’s put serious effort into developing those gifts. He is to sales what Michael Phelps is to competitive swimming – a freak of nature (in a good way) plus a lot of hard work. He’s used those skills to massively increase the personal fortune he started with and has also leveraged them into being a very successful entertainer. So good for him in those regards…

    … but that doesn’t make him honest. If you look at his history, he’s flip-flopped enough to make Mitt Romney look like a model of consistency. He’s pals with the Clintons. Just five years ago, he said he was very satisfied with Obama’s initial performance and “would hire him” to fix the economy. He uses illegal immigrants on his projects. He rants on and on about American jobs, but produces his own products in other countries. He’s for gun control then against it. Etc., etc., etc.

    It seems to me that Trump is playing the same focus-group tailored message game that all of the other candidates are playing, the only difference is that he’s really, really good at it (which his extremely successful career would explain) and that he’s willing to go “outside of the box” in the way that other candidates aren’t.

    In my mind the two most likely reasons Trump is in the race are:

    1) He’s trolling the Republican nomination process to pave the way for his long-time friend Hillary Clinton.

    2) The whole thing is another one of his vanity projects and a sop to his ego. In which case, hey, maybe he can bankrupt the country just as efficiently as he’s bankrupted several of his other vanity projects.

    The worst case is that he’s actually sincere – his economic philosophy seems to have more in common with Mussolini than with Hayek (I could also use Mussolini’s infamous ally, but there’s too much rhetorical baggage there – but if you look at from a purely economic point of view there’s a lot to be said).

    Even if all of my worse conjectures above are true, that still doesn’t make him much worse than any other candidate – except for that fact that he might actually screw things up in a more efficient and forceful manner.

  • You know, when I first saw this lead from wapo,

    I was inclined to say the Donald should lay off such internecine attack; there are an awful lot of little l libertarians who are very attracted to the little g gov that is the basic plank of paul’s platform, and an awful lot more who rabidly support a flat tax…myself ever since Reagan I’ve spouted off at every chance about the “tithe” model that RR talked of, and that one of the wannabe’s, Huckabee I think, stole and discussed at the “debate”.

    But after reading the article through, it was apparent that Rand opened fire first, said and quoted some dumbass things, then had his mouthpiece respond to Trump’s predictable and scathing rebuttal. So now I say, let them play; taking a loyalty pledge to the pub party is what got us Romney and McCain, so eff that. If intramural battle that mortally wounds the weak and unqualified, and scares the crap out of the wingtip wing of the RINO party so that MAYBE they will come to realize that party affiliation don’t mean SHIT if your guy keeps coming up LOSER, then HAVE AT IT BOYS!

    And anyway, what’re the chances that you’re going to get the Trumpster to wear a muzzle and adopt the circumspect demeanor towards their esteemed colleagues that has worked so well for the stupid party these last dozen years (not)? Like I said, eff it, let ’em play…and if somebody gets a little bloodied so be it, it’s for a good cause no matter the ultimate outcome.

    • And maybe that’s just the Rx that Chris’ toon is calling for.

  • Delilah T

    It’s $5.10 per day to advertise? That’s affordable, but I have to finish my current project before I do any of that. You guys will like it. It’s women with gunzzzz.

    But I digress.

    As far as Trump clearing the way for shrillary is concerned, I disagree completely. He’s a self-serving, arrogant, blowhard, he’s rude as hell to anyone who disagrees with him, and he’s perfectly willing to run roughshod over anyone who gets in his way. He’s got far more money than the clintoons, so what in the blue-eyed world would he need from them? Nothing. He can buy and sell them, and they know it. They suck up to him, which is what he wants.
    That said, I don’t believe he has what it takes to get this country back on its feet financially unless he says – and can prove – that he can get the Fed to raise interest rates and get companies to drastically drop the price of consumable commodities. If you don’t get the connection there, you are not paying attention. They have to be willing to take a profit hit.

    All of the bigger cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) are in serious financial trouble. Chicago’s bond rating is now officially ‘JUNK’ – not worth the paper it’s printed on. The US bond rating is nearing that level. Do any of you have the faintest idea how much US treasury debt the Chinese government holds? Or why the Chinese yuan is being devalued now?

    These are the things that matter. Someone like Trump might be able to take a stab at fixing the problem without compromising the US’s economy, but it is a helluva a long row to hoe and when you have moronic Socialists butting heads with you, you may get nowhere.

    We’re in serious financial trouble in this country and someone has to have the chutzpah to fix it, or we will go down the same path as Greece. The Chinese bailed us out last time. They may not be so willing to do it a second time.

    • Ming the Merciless

      What’s fundamental about the markets is they tell the truth on long term…and what is happening to the renmimbi and the US dollar?
      Basically, as bad as you thing the USA is, it is FAR worse elsewhere.
      You need one to have the guts to let the bums get their haircuts.
      Anybody that is idiotic enough to buy bonds from entities that are as bad as Detroit, Chicago or Greece deserve to be homeless begging on sidewalks!

      • Delilah T

        Well, I should have actually said ‘the Chinese may not be willing OR ABLE to do it next time’. That would be more accurate.

        Yes, it is far worse. The Greeks are now on an austerity program, willy-nilly. Russia’s economy is deteriorating so badly that Vlad wants to claim all the Arctic space he can get.

        These are the things that need to be looked at and discussed, and why we should restore the ‘welfare to work’ policy that Reagan initiated and Sickslick Willie destroyed. And yes, we need to have a hard-assed, knock-down, drag-out argument about immigration. Period. All those uncomfortable things that the lazy libertards don’t want to discuss or even look at have to be brought to the table. I don’t care what those marones want. They are overgrown, lazy, childish slobs who want everything handed to them on a platter while someone else pays for it.

        Sorry, but I think those days are coming to an end. At least, I hope so.

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