Day By Day


  • billf

    Chris,I know I’ve said this before,but I love how you draw Sam,in any of her poses,and I know she’s only a cartoon ,but she turns me on every time.
    (Is that wrong,somehow?)
    Oh,and fuck Obama,and fuck Hillary.

    • Otto Didact

      “Oh,and … fuck Hillary.
      They ain’t enough beer and vitamin “V” to make THAT happen! Nosiree!

  • Pamela

    So he shook his groove thing at Skye…

  • John M

    Umm – where are Skye’s tats? (maybe I better spell that out – tattoos)

  • John

    Her tats are with Zed’s scar lately, MIA.

  • Chris Muir

    her 2 black bands of her left arm are covered by her shirt.zed I just plain forgot!

  • Badumbump, tssss.

    • Unca Walt

      Ming… If Audie Murphy had become a Repub president, the libs and those who swallow everything (*ahem*) would have found him to be an arrant coward who wasted ammo and showed no mercy to babies in grey uniforms.

  • Allan E.

    Ming, your anti-Bush bias is showing. Unless an eye witness comes forward stating he saw what happened when Bush Senior bailed out there is no way for us to prove one way or the other. God knows and will make the final judgment.

  • Dread

    Weiner / Clinton? EWww!

  • Toldja it was his junk collection. But his handlers (ugh) might be smart enough to use it for camo, bookend hillz sooperseekrits between hundreds of wiener shots…who could stomach searching through the junk to get to the stuff? I’m feeling a little nauseous just typing this.

    • Pamela

      Hide in plain sight. Isn’t that what the sand riders of death did. Put highly classified battle plans and location information in vcr tapes of various types of porn.

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