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  • Henry

    Have you heard the word? T*rd is the word!

    • MasterDiver

      Thanks, Chris. Good to see him back!

      Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    The voters & taxpayers of Seattle should take a long, hard look at what their mayor allowed to happen then kick each & every politician involved out of office… but they won’t… In fact, I suspect nothing will change and AntiFa-stan will remain until they get bored and move on.

    If the voters & taxpayers did get red pilled, they would perhaps be the first Democrat-dominated city to awaken to the self-induced madness of leftism…

  • Time will tell…
    But that’s not the way to bet.

  • Mike-SMO

    Why would the voters and taxpayers complain about an amusement park downtown. They can drive by and throw bananas at the monkeys. It’s all “Free”, “Free, I tells yah.”

    And it is probably an improvement on the existing zoo in City Hall.

  • DogByte6RER

    In Seattle … the turd is the word.

  • Bill G

    If there is a next election there, and the opposition is allowed to run ads, it needs to be hammered into the people that their Tyrant, er, Mayor would not allow a free zone near his home. Such expressions are not allowed when they impact the elites.

  • steveb919

    Seems Seattle is getting what they deserve. A crappy smelly city.

    • DCE

      Seattle seems to be vying to out-San Francisco San Francisco. Will they be measuring their success by the height of the poo piling up in their streets?

    • MasterDiver

      And there I thought “I-Zombie” was just a ludicrous comedy!


  • Halley

    The Democrats need to modify their national symbol. Instead of just a donkey, it should be a jackass on a port-potty.

    So much more descriptive of who they are.

  • Jerseygirl Angie

    All that needs to be done is to shut off their water supply .

    They’ll get thirsty real quick .

    • John

      The problem there is that they are holding the regular folks in “their” zone hostage to that kind of thing.

  • Kafiroon

    In a First World country, Seattle, among others, is going for Turd World.

  • JTC

    “Street Crud”

    Fixed the title for you Chris…

    Much more accurate description of the pieces of shit on the ground there, in piles and on legs.

  • Pamela

    If the Bolt Brothers were around they would clear all the dead wood and burn it.
    Then take the ashes and bury them. You don’t want to use any of that dross to make things grow.

  • Unca Walt

    Well, the inevitable (and supposedly “impossible”) has happened: 2 shot, 1 dead.

    And there is a nutty video of some black female speaking ebonics trying to explain to the crowd what they are going to do about it…

    …Like, ask around to see if anyone knows who they are. That was it. They cannot very well call the cops in, considering. And what will they do with the dead body?

    Doncha just love liberals?

    • John

      A number of people have decried the Republican reluctance to intervene in all of this.
      I for one think it is wise to abstain.
      The Public must be made aware of this nihilistic cult in all its perversity and the only way to do that is to let them advertise.
      Only then can we attain a relatively enlightened, rather than a stupidly passive electorate, who will actually pay attention to just who gets installed in office and why.

    • JTC

      Pussies actually, on both sides of the riot line.

      Nice piece Pam, not sure why it is anonymous?

  • Alaska Paul

    Get some bikers in there and trash out the trash people once and for all. The city won’t do it the cops won’t do it. The mayor won’t do it.

    • Henry

      I agree with the non-interventionists, at least for now. Every day this travesty continues is another in-kind campaign donation for Trump, the type you couldn’t otherwise buy. Let the blue pockets of America see exactly the quality of political representation and protection for which they have always voted.

  • interventor

    Trump might speak of public safety, rather than law and order. Attract more voters.

  • PCChaos

    Now youse can’t leave…

  • JTC

    Okay Boomers…

    Hate that, especially from the likes of that twat running New Zealand.

    But face it; if you were born from ’45 to about ’65 you’re a Baby Boomer. Bunch of us here, I’m just about dead center. Always kind of embraced the term as we passed through America like one of our giant pythons in the Everglades swallowing an alligator whole, expanding and altering everything in our path through the years…for better and for worse.

    Our parents, the GG, saved the world for us and sacrificed so our lives would be better and easier. And they were. But along the way we fucked up quite a bit, maybe because of those sacrifices. And right now, as I look at the absolute shit on the streets, I know that they are our spawn. Worse, those who run the show with a very specific agenda, who we consider right now our mortal enemies…are us.

    So Okay Boomers…as someone said here recently, sack up OWG’s, take the blame where it belongs, admit it’s your own fault, and fight to fix it if it ain’t already too late, and taking a good look around, it might be.

  • PCChaos

    My best friend’s dad spent 90 days in combat on Okinawa with 86% casualties in his unit. The cucks in CHAZ couldn’t spend 30 minutes disconnected from their phones. I am not encouraged by this retreat from civil norms our folks fought for.


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