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  • Epador

    Mansoon Season.

  • Delilah T.

    Storm coming… yeah, there sure is… large, with lots of debris left in its wake.

  • JTC

    Weinstein’s hot wife sold her soul more than a decade ago for instant success of her fashion line Marchesa but she was shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that she was one of dozens of tarts to do the same. And like the rest of them started playing the innocent victim immediately when her new wedding jewelry line (Starlight StarBright or some silly shit like that) with Helzberg Diamonds got yanked by them just as it debuted and her gravy train was coming off the rails…This was my comment in a jewelry trade journal a few weeks ago as others were saying she was just sad collateral damage to this boorish bastid. Link that NPR story at the end too if it still works, talk about turning on your own.

    “Nothing innocent or incidental about the connection of Marchesa to Weinstein; Ms. Chapman’s startup fashion brand was an immediate and unprecedented “success” on the red carpet due to her boyfriend/husband’s coercion of his “stars” to wear her goods. Same thing would have happened with the jewelry line; Marchesa certainly was in on the scam; she and they deserve to suffer the consequences, the likely death of the company.

    Whether Helzberg had prior knowledge of these tactics is arguable, though they definitely knew they were hitching their “Star” to a company with questionable connections…either way they definitely did the right thing to abandon this bride at the altar asap.

    Good breakdown of this crooked and criminal enterprise today on NPR…they hit on the jewelry line at the end of this 4-minute podcast, but don’t mention Helzberg by name, lucky for them:

    • NotYetInACamp

      Starlight / Starbright was the name of the trailer park that the ace Earthling pinball player turned Starfighter lived in with his mother, younger brother, girlfriend and all sorts of lovable people who had no worries or knowledge that the Kodan Armada was about to destroy the free worlds of the Star League, including Earth. The classic 1980’s movie was named The Last Starfighter.
      Such innocent times.

      • Bill M

        I remember that movie. Fun to watch.

      • Swansonic

        Grigg is my pilot…..

    • Bill


  • Let. It. Burn. It is what is best in life. ~But make sure to burn, last.

  • NotYetInACamp

    A new Sarah Conner.

    When continually attacked illogically, when is the response assured to be illogical?

    New England / NYC warning.
    And maybe a new Sandy light storm is going be centered near NYC on Sunday at Midnight / Monday morning. A cold front and Tropical Storm Philippe may hook up around NYC and bring Halloween Horrors. We will see. Also on the maps.

    • Pamela

      I’d like to see her weapons cache. It helps fend off nasty business.

  • Forrest Higgs

    It’s been a LONG time coming. :-/

  • Yeah, that last panel said a lot in just a few words.

  • Dienekes

    WWRBD–What would Rhett Butler do?

    “Frankly, my dear…”

    • Unca Walt

      There It Is.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    “There’s an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared. “

    • Bill G

      I had cut that comment out, ready to paste in. It’s a perfect fit except that I’m not nearly as sanguine as Holmes was about the end result.
      If we do go to serious fighting amongst ourselves there are too many outside enemies waiting to jump in for any of us to win.

  • GWB

    Interesting, but feminists and modernists have always complained about the Salem witch trials – how they were nothing but a frenzy, with lots of “oh, I had something odd happen, too!”

    And. yet, aside from a few like Camille Paglia, they can’t see how this could be much the same.

    While I’m sure there are LOTS of women who have been sexually assaulted/harassed, some number of the #metoo-ers are simply joining in the braying of the pack as they catch the scent of their quarry.

    OTGH, there are a LOT of women out there for whom this IS true. Let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

      • Delilah T.

        That’s the most repressive thing I’ve read in a long time. Faye may have a point, but her point focuses on a very VERY narrow corner of some part of a neo-construct politely termed a “loony bin world”, one rooted in dysphoria instead of reality.
        Faye also ignores the simple fact that the attempts at assassinating the Queen/King’s English are a temporary, but real, symptom of mental illness. A quick look around tells us that newspapers, magazines, online blogs, books, etc., are all currently ignoring this attempt by the Leftards to beat their brains out on the door.
        Perfect separatism, if you ask me. May they continue to be ignored.

  • TJ

    I am confident that, where there is smoke, there is fire.

    I am also confide t that, where there is fire, there are gawkers, looters, and con artists.

    • Merle

      YUP !!! 🙂

  • Grunt GI

    NO ONE is innocent in Hollyweird….the men prey on the women and the women cover it up as THOUSANDS of young girls pour into Hollyweird to be the next mega-star and will do ANYTHING to get a movie or TV part.

    The hypocrisy of these lunatics is simply off the scale.

    I would say literally F*CK them all, they’ve made their bed (so to speak), now they can clean it up…and it’s gonna be ugly.

    Fact of the matter is Damon is right, women adore power and wealth and will sleep their way to the top. Sorry if this offends some people.

    I mean, even the Trumper knows this…seriously, do you think he would be banging a hottie like Melania if he was a Wal-Mart Manager? I don’t think so.

    Power corrupts, but it also attracts and absolute power attracts women who should know better, but don’t care.

  • Poppa_T

    Men have always used their power to acquire sex,
    Women have always used their sex to acquire power,
    Neither way is right, and one way doesn’t excuse the other, it’s just the way it is.

    • PaulS

      There does seem to be another alternative for a great male/female relationship however. Huey Lewis called it out,
      “That’s The Power of Love!”

  • Kafiroon

    For those of you who may remember, High School, University, the bars we went to? So now we have the same old, same old hitting the “news” and nobody noticed this trend? Women still function under their innate drive of “survival of the fittest” in today’s perceived best value males. And their pleasure desires.

    No females were physically harmed in the preceding.
    Chris is innocent the the proceeding mini rant.

    • Kafiroon

      Misspelling due to breaking up granddaughters dominance fight and not rereading before posting.

  • Pamela

    The Left didn’t like getting caught with the perpetration and the aiding and abetting of sex crimes. They now have their thrusters in full reverse and will somehow try to find a way to place blame somewhere else.

    Reality is a real bitch.

    • Delilah T.

      Thrusters in full reverse – outstanding pun, Pamela!

      • Pamela

        Thank you Delilah.

  • JTC

    “Truth is hate” is the most powerful weapon they have.

    Race, sex, ethnicity, religion…as soon as words are out of your mouth that are not the words they want to hear, all of those are co-opted as hateful isms, regardless of truth underlying it.

    The ism I prefer is less easily twisted into hate…Truthism. Of course they tried to pre-emptively denigrate and derogate that before with the “truther” memes, but I like it. And as was discussed yesterday, truth is objective but accepting it is a subjective process, and one that we can righteously promote and hope to see more deniers of it come to accept it as the evidence mounts.

    Yes, the storm is brewing, and I’ve come to believe that is what they want as the scales fall from the eyes of their previously blind adherents like Jan. It’s an all-in kamikaze strategy, the bright side being the history of that is on our side.

  • Alaska Paul

    Reminds me of the old saying:

    They all laughed when I carried in a bucket of S***
    Little did they know I was going to throw it.

  • Halley

    There could be a “metoo” hashtag for male victims of feminism…

    • JTC

      Good idea Halley, but “mentoo” would be more exact and is probably available. As Damon indicates, there absolutely is equal-opportunity harm from this shit. Imagine the heads ‘splodin’ over that campaign!

  • Delilah T.

    So are we setting up to see some real bitch-slapping going on? I may need to get popcorn.

    • Pamela

      I’ve bring the beverages and desserts.