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  • billf

    RIGHT ON,Naomi…what will it take to get some Americans to grow some balls like this Jew (and I mean that with the greatest respect for Jews) .We’re watching our own demise.

  • Really cool with the “Painterly” effect on the backgrounds. Did you do it that way, or some kind of Filter?

    • Chris Muir

      PhotoShop oil paint filter and others.

      • Oliver Heaviside

        you mean…. you don’t actually _paint_ these?


        • Chris Muir

          The backgrounds are filtered and edited photos(except for furniture)The characters are all hand-drawn.

  • @ JTC May 9, 2015, 8:57 pm:

    The word “slavery” does not appear in any of my previous comments, so please don’t impute to me words that you think will advance your argument.

    Lincoln’s “flouting of the portions of the Constitution that he found inconvenient to his purposes” was indeed for his purpose of preserving the Union, which I submit was a more important purpose than even preserving the sanctity of the Constitution. Because the Constitution, which I love and believe to be the greatest social contract known to man, is, nevertheless, not meant to be a suicide contract. That is my entire point in [the previous day’s] discussion.

    I know of no historian who doesn’t rank Abraham Lincoln (together with George Washington) one of the two greatest presidents in American history. To claim that Lincoln was among our worst presidents is not only devoid of any measure of common sense, it is preposterous.

    The Civil War ended 150 years ago. Get a freakin’ grip.

    • billf

      Sorry,jackass,but the historians you claim to know of must be Yankees.The Constitution outweighs any president’s claim to fame.States rights are more important than the union of those states,and to wage a war against several states in order to force said states to agree to be subservient to the union is laughable.
      BTW,Lincoln used to be the worst president until the kenyen took office.He will go down in history as the man who wrecked the union.

      • Chris Muir

        enough.move on.

    • Chris Muir

      enough.move on.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Ha! Ha! funny that those rebz still all voted for blue lips…TWICE!!!
        Yankee song of the civil war:
        Wy, it’s jest ez clear ez figgers,
        Clear ez one an’ one make two,
        Chaps thet make black slaves o’ niggers
        Want to make wite slaves o’ you.8

  • JTC

    Naomi, have you met TheBigHenry? No?
    Naomi, Henry. Henry, Naomi. Ya’ll need to chat.

    • That’s not how you spell “y’all”, y’all. πŸ™‚

      • JTC

        That’s not how YOU spell ya’ll.

        The correct contraction of the Southern ya all is ya’ll, while the Yankee version y’all is a contraction for you all, which you will never hear a Southron say.

        To further correct your regional vernacular, your final y’all, directed at the singular, is something only quasi-southern pretenders on teevee do, never the Real McCoys, as it were.

        Of course I could not expect you to know these things, as I’m sure your knowledge of Southernisms, like your history, is derived from self-appointed and prejudiced “historians”. πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks for that lesson in Southernisms. Do you have any recommendations for a historian who is not self-appointed (and, of course, not prejudiced)?

          • JTC

            Not prejudiced? When recent polls by, for, and of academic historians rank Obama ahead of Reagan, and Bush near the bottom? I’d say do your own ranking, for your own reasons, which after all is exactly what “historians” do.

            Chris has warned off subjective internecine historical arguments, so I’m done with mine, now back to Naomi’s.

          • JTC,

            We are in violent agreement about Obama (the worst), Reagan (one of the best), W (one of the best). We disagree about Lincoln, whom virtually all knowledgeable people consider the greatest President in American history, along with George Washington. You believe that Lincoln was one of the worst, but you are unwilling to offer any justification for such a contrarian view. That’s fine with me. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

            I am also in complete agreement with Naomi’s views.

            Y’all be cool.

          • JTC

            Actually I did present justification for my questioning the ranking of Lincoln when I said he placed his judgement and political needs above the Framers in his failure to uphold his oath to protect and defend and finagling of the Constitution. Further, as the only potus (so far) to wage all out fratricidal war against his own people, he must take his place among the despots of the world who have done so.

            You however, have several times stated that all knowledgable people and all historians rank him the greatest, but have provided no basis for their views or yours other than to say that slavery plays no part in their ranking, while I have never seen anyone discuss the accomplishments of Lincoln without that particular red herring being utmost.

            BTW, I never said he was one of the worst, just that he arguably was, and the facts of a potus who perpetrated the two unforgivable sins mentioned above is very powerful debate material indeed.

            You be cool. Don’t forget ya’ll is never addressed to the singular. And all those other cousin humpers down there are wrong…if I say so it’s so. That’s what subjective vernacular is. πŸ˜‰

          • JTC

            Sorry Chris. I’m really really done now. πŸ™

          • Can we get that notarized? :-{)

        • GWB

          Not sure where you learned your “Southern”, but it ain’t “ya all”. *eyeroll*

        • McChuck

          Y’all – a contraction of you all.
          Ya’ll – a contraction of y’all will.

        • Solaratov

          Well, I grew up in the South, and always spelled it y’all; and I don’t believe that I’ve been wrong for 70 years.
          Frankly, ya’ll isn’t even a word.

          (Even spellcheck recognizes y’all as the correct way to write it.)

      • John M

        You – one person; y’all – small group; all y’all – large group. In North Carolina, at least, it IS a contraction of you all, always has been!

        • MAJ Arkay

          As it is in Texas.

      • For the singular, it is y’all. The plural is all y’all.

        • nonncom

          Sorry….didn’t see yours….

      • nonncom

        Singular….ya’ll…..plural….all ya’ll….

  • Pamela

    Bow only to God and never to Men.

    Time to clear house.
    To that entire group who think they know best in the ruling over others.
    Sod Off you scheming lot of base born wankers and pederasts.

    • The “entire group who think they know best in the ruling over others” are clinically known as psychopaths and psychopath enablers.

      • Pamela

        Might a full Psych Evaluation be required for any seeking Public Office and those seeking employment in any Public service no matter the level.

        Might reduce the hoards trying to suckle at the public teat and weed out those who should never be allowed to screw the People and Nation.

        • JTC

          Careful what you wish for.

          Old cops of the “protect and serve” variety will privately tell you than the young ones are being psych-eval’ed for just the sort of unquestioned jack-booted thuggery that is rampant and spreading. In many cases, rather than evaluating psychopathic tendencies for exclusion, that’s what they’re looking for.

          And remember the DBD ‘toon from a few days ago where it was speculated that the unrest in cities is being funded, orchestrated, and choreographed to excuse federal takeover of all law enforcement.

          The systemic effort to militarize local police has very deep roots, and many believe soldiers are being chosen, trained, and readied to not only defend from insurrection, but to offensively prevent it.

          • Pamela

            So they are weeding out the ones who will hold their Oath to uphold the Constitution sacred…

            No wonder Oath Keepers hide in plain site.

            Pimping and pandering the Useful Idiots in order to rile and rouse the lowest denominators to riot and commit mayhem for fun and profit.

            Still comes down to who profits and follow the money.

  • Blue Quasar

    Be free to do the right thing. Get out of debt and stay out. As Paul wrote, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

    It will make standing up for the right things easier.

  • epador

    Stand or “The Stand”

  • Wayne M

    Meanwhile in Canada, Omar Khadr who made a plea bargain to get outta Gitmo is now out of jail on bail while he appeals his conviction. This is despite the fact Khadr, with the full cooperation of his lawyer, gave a detailed & chilling confession of how he murdered Sgt. Christopher Speer. Khadr is currently required to live with his lawyer who claims Khadr is a victim who has been abused by the military and justice systems… and the lamestream media are fawning over Khadr like he was the lead singer in a boyband.

  • B Woodman

    From Professor George Santayana:
    Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    I would amend that to “Those who CHOOSE NOT TO remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.”

    We have enough examples to go by, that none of this is new to us now. If the leadership and the sheeple choose to go down the path of serfdom through excessive debt, entitlements (FSA – Free Shit Army), and shari’a, we can only do our best to attempt to wake them up to the dangers that await them.
    As for ourselves, after all that we can do to prepare ourselves and attempt to awaken others, is to stand our ground, tall and proud, and continue to acknowledge God as our Father, and Jesus, His son, as our Savior, author of our God given and natural rights. The Constitution and the BoR is the codification of those rights.

    I think two declarative statements will stand us in good stead in the days to come:
    1-A hearty laugh and a “You’re stupid/silly”. Libtards take themselves WAAAAY too seriously, and HATE to be laughed at.
    2-An equally hearty “Fuck you! With a pineapple. Fronds first. Sideways.”

    Saying these won’t be polite. It won’t be kind. But considering that the PC Libtard crowd has gone beyond politeness in their own attempts to stifle speech and actions that “offends” them (and what expression of freedom DOESN’T offend them?), the time has come to push back against the schoolyard bully, hard.

    (latter part deleted. this is not a psychiatrist office)

    • Pamela

      Mr. Woodman

      Good Sir… that is a wasteful use of a decent pineapple.
      Especially since I need to make a new batch of pineapple tequila.

      Might I suggest the peelings of the prickly pear cactus instead?
      Or the remains of a road kill porcupine?

      • capn

        Ooh, ooh, ooh use the porcupine. The prickly pear skins can be boiled and used for green bean substitues (if they are not too old – napalitos) and for chicken and hog feed if they are too old.

        Pineapple tequila now that sounds interesting indeed.

      • John M

        Pineapple margaritas?

  • Ming the Merciless

    Well, Canada being a mobster’s heaven, Khadr spent twice more time inside than most murderers here…Why not instead, on both side of the border, remove citizenship to whoever fight a war on behalf of ennemy countries as terms of naturalization clearly state will happen for Canada or United States. But since the USA is now run by a stealth jihadist and Canada by a “Progressive” Conservative, dont hold your breath on that…I dont know what business his kind of rats are doing in civilized countries except to stir up trouble…KICK THE BUM OUT!

    • McChuck

      According to US law, anyone who joins the enemies of our country in armed conflict automatically renounces his citizenship. It’s why we treated former Americans who defected to Germany to fight for them in both of the big wars last century as POWs, not as Americans. And we didn’t have to get a judge’s permission to shoot them on the battlefield.

    • Andrew Benghazi

      Nope. PM Harper is a Conservative, the Progressive Conservatives were dissolved when they joined with the Reform Party to form the modern Conservatives in 2003. Harper’s government is going to appeal the release of Khadr. Harper is also the very supportive of Israel and the war against ISIS.

  • RegT

    Too late to kick him out, using the political system, anyway. Between the “man-boy” love Boner and McConnell have for Obama, and what going along with “Fast Track” will do to this country, I don’t see any way violence can be avoided.

    Secession would be useful, but the Left – and Obama’s handlers – will no more allow that than that scum Lincoln would, in spite of the fact that the DoI specifically speaks of secession as a natural and acceptable response to a tyrannical, out-of-control government.

    In the time he has left, Obama will wreck this country beyond any repair that could be effected within what is left of _my_ lifetime. You aren’t voting your way out of this, folks.

    • Ming the Merciless

      After three arbustos terms, two Clintoons and two Barry Husseins, the lunatics Trudeau and Chretien up north, democracy is a train that’s pretty hard to derail…if you have any doubts about that, just go visit south of the border and look at the bodies hanging from overpasses…or check in at “Blog del Narcos” and watch the videos of the zetas or nuevo generation chop up each others’ wives with fire axes…

      • Ming the Merciless

        Meaning that south of the US border, there is NO democracy…despite Barry Hussein, we should count our blessings as you got to go all the way to the
        Falklands to find democracy again, all there is are local mafias…It is so rotten down there that in banana republic of Ecuador, to buy bananas, you have to use Dollars, the “Sucre” having disappeared…elsewhere, all these “pesos” are barely good enough for toilet paper…

  • Neil Frandsen

    Ming: Heh. Prime Minister Harper is a professional Economist, who mus drive the Bureaucrats crazy = every time they come up with another progressive good idea, he dismisses it immeditely, seeing it as yet another Bad Idea. folks who do not know the History of the Reform Party, and the Progressive Conservative Party, do not realise the huge change hat the union of he two caused, even unto the name change, to the Conservative Party, in Canadian Federal Poliics.

    • Ming the Merciless

      You cant be too optimistic in Canada, given that the MSM here is far more rabidly marxist…See what happened to Sarah Palin and her public character assassination in the USA…Still, even Liberals have to face economic reality and it is the Arabian Cheikh brain surgeon in Quebec that is making the most drastic cuts overall…between him and Harper, these poor bolsheviks dont know where to hit!
      The Iranian terrorist Muhaehdin-E-Khalk of Amir Khadir(Quebec-Solidaire) make for a pretty lame hero for leftist causes, since even Iranian terrorists consider him to be a terrorist!

  • Bill G

    Stand and Deliver!

  • Kip Allen

    Did Soros really say the happiest time of his life was helping Nazis find Jews?

    • Kip Allen

      I just couldn’t believe he really said that, so I did some research. He really did say that!

    • George Soros is the epitome of the self-loathing Jew. I couldn’t believe it either at first, but such is the burden of my fellow Jewish people. There is just no accounting for the evil that festers among us. Sigh …

  • GWB

    It will probably have to get a LOT worse before it gets better (that is, a large portion of the people standing up). So many people simply don’t feel the boot, yet. But they are beginning to, especially with the SJW mobs and mafia.

  • I must have missed something … which “UN Treaty” did Cruz and Paul vote for?

    • Dastardly Dan

      I’m with you on this one Scott.
      Could someone provide a like to the uninformed among us?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Be careful that we are not picked off one by one, as already has been happening.

  • Ed

    Lincoln was the closest thing to a Ceaser or Tsar that America had till Obama came along. The was nothing sacred about maintaining the Union. The Union was an artificial construct to begin with. Joining was voluntary. Leaving should have been, too, especially given that the North changed the rules.

    • Ming the Merciless

      The point of the southrons’ rebellion was to spread their slavery economic base to imitate the Roman, Greek and the Muslim slavery, where a tiny minority of parasites did live off the misery of a majority worked to death. Millions of Europeans were kidnapped by the Barbary pirates, tens of millions were bought off cannibal tribes on Africa. Once the American Navy wrecked the Bey of Algier’s nightmare system, Islam collapsed until it was revived by the oil of Saudia…Before the civil war, 30% of southrons’ slaves were white due to the systematic rapes of the African slaves by their owners. Plus southerners were raiding, kidnapping and purchasing travellers in northern states and they did set up the Liberia colony to send back their black slaves to Africa and replacing them with indentured(enslaved) WHITE workers…(Irish, Jews, Catholics, Scots…etc…) before the black parasite class, the USA was plagued by the Southron parasite aristocracy.
      Family of mostly white slaves in the south:

    • The Constitution brought forth the Union. Without the Union, the Constitution would become an interesting theoretical concept without any application.

    • capn

      “Lincoln was the closest thing to a Ceaser or Tsar that America had till Obama came along. The was nothing sacred about maintaining the Union. The Union was an artificial construct to begin with. “

      Yep. In spite of the protestations of those who refuse to read anything not approved by the gummint educatrination system.

      I would bet a Real Dollar that most of them don’t know what a Real Dollar actually is or the name of the first President to use US troops against American citizens.

  • Dastardly Dan

    Need some help here,
    3 blacks have been arrested in Mississippi for killing two cops at a traffic stop.
    One cop was white, the other black.
    In today’s America, who is required to riot over this?

    • John Greer

      Perhaps this is a call for MAD.
      The Bomb just doesn’t hack it anymore.

    • KathyP

      No one will riot. The leftists who organize these things know their hypocrisy will be mocked soundly by anyone with half a brain.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    OK, Lincoln did suspend habeus corpus in and around Baltimore. The Constitution says this is permissible in times of civil insurrection, which it surely was. It is a bit vague on exactly who can suspend, etc. Thus the debate will remain endless on whether this was proper; it certainly was necessary.

    • Right you are, Oliver. But that isn’t why they hate Lincoln. It is why they also hate the 50-dollar bill.

    • interventor

      SCOTUS over ruled it.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Now, what’s the UN treaty that Cruz band Paul voted for? I tried Google but couldn’t guess the right search terms.


  • Chris Muir

    Next person who argues the South and Lincoln gets banned.

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