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  • Shonkin

    Well, ($#!+ for short) is one of the names for creamed chipped beef on toast — SOS = $#!+ on a shingle = same old $#!+. I THINK it’s public domain though.

    • WayneM

      The Texas version of SOS uses fried ground beef in white gravy instead of chipped beef. I’ve not had it but my wife spoke of it as being a weekly staple food of her childhood.

      • WayneM

        Synchronicity… This morning, my wife made SOS for Sunday brunch. It was delicious over a thick cut of my homemade bread.

      • MAJ Arkay

        It’s cream gravy, with lots of pepper, and we tend to use sausage more than ground beef these days. We really like it served over biscuits.

    • Old Codger

      Don’t knock SOS. I happen to be quite fond of it though I prefer it over mashed potatoes instead of toast. They published the official recipe in “Airman Magazine” back in the day and Mrs Codger used to make it for me for supper.

      • Brent Dotson

        A local restaurant has something they call SOS; you can get it over biscuits or hash browns etc. It’s got sausage (not hamburger) in it and is different than the gravy they serve with biscuits and gravy. Thicker for one thing. I am a huge fan. Great restaurant, Family run, started by a world war II vet when he got home. They have a picture of him at the arrest of Goring.

    • John M.

      My mother made excellent Creamed Chipped Beef when I was growing up. Never had it with ground beef until I was in the Army, and they put it over toast. THAT was what we called “SOS.”

      Funny incident from my childhood – when she was about two, my “Baby” sister (she’s in her 60’s now) was trying to say Creamed Chipped Beef, and it came out “Cream $#!+ Beep!” That word was not usually used in our household, so all of us got quite a snicker! Dad “lost it” and mom had to retire to the kitchen until she regained her composure…

  • cb

    Not to forget what else they are trying: Breaking — Letter intercepted containing ricin, addressed to Trump White House…

  • Eric Elsam

    Chris: its “namenda”; not “nomendra”. Generic for “memantine”.

    • Chris Muir

      Corrected, thanks all!

  • Pamela


    We suspected he was on medications. Is that the correct spelling for the drug?

    How did you find the

    • Randy

      Easy enough to find stories, problem is its from an “unnamed whistle blower.”

      • Punta Gorda

        And the fun bit, it explains a lot of the oddities of Bidet’s public exposure.

        As rare as they are.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Are they talking about Summer of Love areas where the SOS squishes through ones bare toes like Woodstock Mud, where the needles stick your tootsies like the stickers at Sticker Beach, like at the Democrat Socialist Republic of San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, part of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Other Democrat regime controlled areas. SCAT is the new name of any new autonomous areas. CHAD has stepped in the Human and Democrat SCAT.
    Yup. That last panel shows how they can be the Same Old SCAT, no matter that this is a different day, and a different place. This time they will do it right. (So who made off with the latest Democrat spoils of war loot?)
    Or is the SCAT, the loot and Democrats will forever be and own only SCAT.

  • Bill G

    Jan, don’t worry about the fact that you’re supposed to be working for them. All those politicians are supposed to be working for us. So working against them is working for their employers.

  • My Way Or --->

    Found some videos of state troopers taking down AFs in Portland, from 1st week of this month.
    If these overgrown spoiled brat children want a war, they ought to be careful what they wish for.
    You can’t really copyright a word unless it’s specifically for advertising, BUT – there are dozen of ways to say the same thing: German : scheisse (and scheissvogel adds a bird to it) ; Latin: stercore (stair-coray); Italian: merda; Spanish: mierda; Icelandic: skitt. You get the idea.
    They own nothing, including their souls. Those were sold to the Devil a LONG, long time ago.

    • eon

      BION, Marvel Comics copyrighted the word “superhero” in 1987.

      And in 1981, on the basis of three little cardboard tokens in the Indiana Jones Adventure Game, TSR copyrighted the word “Nazi”.

      There are other, even stupider examples.

      clear ether


  • Kafiroon

    Scat by any person/group/name smells the same.

  • DogByte6RER

    The (alleged) finger rapist Creepy Joe Biden could very well be mistakenly taking his Namenda medication as a suppository rather than orally, which would explain all of the crap spewed daily from his piehole.


    Meanwhile … in the afterlife, the abortionist RBG meets her Maker …

  • JTC

    It’s not about Joe Biden. No shit.

    Can’t link it by phone, but find the new YouTube vid of the true face of the left, the pig AOC “voting for Biden is not about agreeing with him”, and just a few hours ago “we can push Biden into progressivism” by which she means communism of course. As I’ve said until I’m blue in the face (heh), she represents the money wing of the “party”, like Bloomfield, already pledged 100M to buy Florida, Soros untold millions to support and pay the terrorists on the streets and elsewhere, and of course the ChiCom machine to which this bitch and all of her radicalized (can you believe she actually uses that word to stir up the malcontents) brethren and sistren are beholden.

    They may steal/buy the election with Biden as a placeholder and unGodly plans to replace him with…what? One restraint is the Supreme Court with a solid Constitutional majority…lock it in now!

    It’s about money, power, and control on that order. Always follow the money.

    • Pamela

      Three Words… Slavers Never Change

      • JTC

        True, but the motive varies. What doesn’t vary?

        Four words:

        “Always follow the money.”

        • Pamela

          So when do the cuffs get slapped on the various players and I don’t mean for some kinky fun and games.

          • Lyle

            When do they all get arrested? People have been asking this question for all of history. Another way of putting it is, Why doesn’t justice prevail in the world, or, Why does it seem like injustice is in charge of the world?

            Maybe the better question would be, How much proof does it take before we realize that Man’s law, as a concept, is a failed experiment? So far it seems like every generation needs to learn it on its own, never being able to learn it from history. “Ah, but WE weren’t in charge then!” It’s Lord of the Flies all over again, every time you turn around.

            The Biblical answer to your question is, they’ll be arrested at the second coming of Christ. They’ll have every detail of their shenanigans exposed, and they’ll be judged and executed. Eliminated, removed from existence for all time.

            Now, being that we are all guilty of course, the trick is to avoid being executed along with them.

            The forces of evil are now seeing that their time is short. You might be surprised to know it, but they understand scripture and prophesy better than most anyone, and so they’re accelerating their plans. Opportunity doesn’t last forever, and when the time is right they must act, or see centuries of planning go to waste.

            And the forces of evil, reconstituting the old church/state alliance of the Dark Ages, will succeed in achieving dominance over the entire world. That much is clear.

            “…and all the world wondered after the beast.”

            And you know what? The United States will have played a key role in making it happen. So have fun obsessing over the false, right/left political dichotomies and fabricated crises. It won’t make the slightest bit of difference though, except to keep you so distracted that you won’t have seen it coming until after it arrives.

    • cb

      “Soros untold millions to support and pay the terrorists on the streets and elsewhere”

      Meet ‘elsewhere’: “The FBI has found no evidence that the American militant anti-fascist movement Antifa was involved in violence”

    • GregD

      Wow!! That was a good read. I truly didn’t realize that there was so much going on in the Arts World. Post-Modernism, Re-Modernism.

      Very good, positive interview and great replies, Chris. I’m going to save that page for future review.

      Thanks so much for letting me see into your past and how you made your decisions and how Day By Day came about. I really should go back and look at some, if not all, of those early toons of yours. I’m one of your MANY daily readers, and have been doing so for many years now.

      Keep on keeping on, my friend. Life would be a lot less interesting without reading Day By Day and all those great, informed & insightful comments by your many followers. I really feel that I’m part of something larger.

      • Punta Gorda

        I just wish there would be more adventures with the repurposed BMP that Sam likes to drive.

  • Watch it and watch all 28 minutes. It is very informative.

  • “Public Domain” indeed. Too common to copyright.


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