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  • Sam vs Skye, Spy vs Spy? I can dig it!

    • Unca Walt

      I can just see the eagle-eyed folks here wondering about “sleeves”.

      I only noticed becuz I am too dumb to figger out (a-fargin-gain) what is goin’ on.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Spy vs Spy, one of my favorites from the old Mad Magazine days. That, and Spy vs Spy vs Spy, when the Lady in Gray was occasionally introduced. She was a real “knockout” (hehehehe).

  • Shonkin

    OK, the Morse code line starts with “DRINK”, but after that I’m losing it. What gives?

    • epilitimus

      3rd panel? best as I can see it says “tweak tweak tweak” not morse code.

      • Atomic

        Drink More Ovaltine

    • Plasticman

      The dashes joined together on the M and the Os. Took a second to figure it out. Once I saw “valtine” I remembered A Christmas Story and figured out the joined dashes. Damn advertisements.

  • Shonkin

    Never mind. The print quality made it hard to distinguish double dahs from triple ones. “Drink more Ovaltine.”
    According to my mother, who grew up during the 1920’s and ’30’s, all the secret messages on the Little Orphan Annie radio show ended up plugging Ovaltine.
    Well done, Chris!

  • NotYetInACamp

    The archive page shows the whole strip.
    My page shows the weekday sized strip, missing much of the strip as it is off the shown area.
    (Screaming CHANGE!!! etc… soso)

    • PaulS

      Seems that when comments are showing, the comic is clipped.

      “A frikkin commercial?!” 😉

    • Bill G

      It’s the same for my view. I also lack any and all background material I’m accustomed to.

      • Bill G

        Clicking on Home brings the full cartoon, and a very interesting pop-up for Revolution 1776 which is Coming Soon.
        Oh, my!
        Once that’s faded the full comic is there, but clicking to comment results in loss of all but the top panel.

        • Bill G

          Redvolution 1776. My bad.

  • GWB

    OK, Chris, when I use the calendar to navigate, there’s no comments. If I go back to the home page I can click the comments, or if I use the “previous” button on the home page, I will see those comments (which are still open, btw – that’s unusual).
    And, I’ll echo the “only see part of the comic” bit.

    Also, how in the world do I get to that briefly flashed bit? There’s gotta be a way besides watching with bated breath as I reload the home page……

  • GWB

    And, belated Happy Birthday, Pamela!
    (You know we expect a picture of that tat, right? On you? 😉 )

      • Vince

        Nice Phoenix… Nice drop top too.

      • JTC

        Love the firebird, the heart is a great touch.

        And like Vince says, very nice drop-top.

        The car is cool too. 😉

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Nice. We get to see the live Pamela, before ink, and after ink. Your convertible?

        • Pamela

          Glad you all like the tattoo and the car is my husband’s. We did a frame up restoration on it. I have one in pieces in the garage awaiting its turn in being brought back to life.

          • JTC

            Not ‘murcan iron I think but I can’t ID it…body and cockpit wrap make me think early SL, but dash and controls not…help a brother out?

          • JTC

            Better yet before you spill the beans, who think it’s what?

  • Halley

    It would be wrong to suggest that Sam could, instead, have joined Skye in the shower, resulting to two happy endings. So very, very wrong….

    • Grunt_GI

      And yet, it is a very ecologically sound idea. 🙂

      DBD is all about squeaky clean fun. (Snerk).

  • JW

    My morse is a little rusty but I think I got it “Captain”

  • NotYetInACamp

    I like how Spy Sam sabotaged Spy Skye’s hairdryer.
    And to answer Spy Skye’s question: Because she is drawn that way. (Not to mention all of the previous history of provocations and actions leading to such responses.)

  • booch

    I believe it is meant to read “drink more ovaltine”. But the dash characters in the ‘more ovaltine’ wording is poorly spaced, at least on my monitor.

  • Chris Muir

    The comments and clipping of the image will be resolved soon, says my website guru.She’s working on the WordPress template.For now, click home to refresh the site and you’ll get the whole image.

  • Grunt_GI

    Of course, my dumb question is how did Sam get that Yuge hat through the trap door?

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      It’s a cartoon. Lots of imagination.

  • JTC

    The sleeves are back because this is a ‘toon within a ‘toon; Skye is in “reality” still on the straight and narrow and clean (no tats, no envy, and surely no tweakin’…okay maybe still some envy as she learns and grows and emulates). BTW “tokin” would have been the better doper vernacular as while I’m sure the old Skye was into some relatively innocuous weed I’ve never seen signs of the deadly poison meth. There is NO comparison.

    As to the navigation issues, now that’s where Chris will be engaging in a little tweakin’ of a whole ‘nother sort…all of this required jumping around to get the whole page experience does diminish it some but not terribly.

    Well, he has said this is a “beta”. Can’t wait for the “alpha” version to re-emerge. 😉

    • JTC

      edit…I see now it is Sam doing sneaky tweakin’ to the dryer, not Skye doing the deadly kind. Shoulda knowed better.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Skye has all her teeth? Then no meth.

  • Neal White

    If Sam, Skye and Zed wind up in a three-some I might quit reading.
    I’ll keep LOOKING but I might quit reading

  • WayneM

    Is it my imagination or is Skye carrying a tray… as in doing something useful?

    Very much a fan of Spv vs Spy back in the day…

    • Texas is state of Mind

      Sorry but no, that her kindle reader.

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